Elemental Brawl Tournament Strategy


The Elemental Brawl Tournament brings back the loved/dreaded preset teams. With a preset team, if helps even the playing field as no one can gain an advantage via specific cards or combos. However, it does dramatically cut down on creativity and also results in more “luck” when trying to min-max your score as skyfalls/bad boards will play a massive role in determining how well you place. With this post, I will try my best to help give my readers a slight competitive edge based on my own experience running the dungeon.

In these ranking dungeons, we are scored based on 3 criteria:

  1. Average combos made: 5,000 points per combo
  2. Time Remaining: 500 points per second remaining
  3. Maximum damage: up to 10,000 points if you hit 40 million.

JP Clears

Clears from JP from players that truly Myraculous

—second video may go here—-

Mantastic commentary

Your team

Everyone will be using the same team (max skill and max awoken) and it is important to understand how your leader skill functions along with any combo synergy you may have.

Leader skill

Shining Sea Diety Isis

3x ATK when matching and 3 elements. 0.5x for each additionmal orb type. Max 4.5x ATK for all 6

Isis’s Scaling Leader Skill
# elements 3 4 5 6
Multiplier  9x 12.25x 16x 20.25x

This is quite a forgiving leader skill as it will allow you to always activate to some degree and depending on the floor spawn, you can time spent provided you can still sweep the floor

Cards and relevant damage awakenings

The only thing that matters in this tournament is your damage output so I will only be highlighting their relevant awakenings along with their total attack value.

Elemental Brawl Tournament Team
blue + orb
Dark Kali
blue + orb Imp ATK
Enhanced Wood Orb Imp ATK
blue + orb

Based on the above table, it becomes apparent that water is your strongest attribute followed by dark and then wood. Thus, most of your damage will come from water orb combos that are ideally formed in a TPA fashion as Awoken I&I has the highest base attack dual awakenings. Dark Kali with a TPA may be able to mow down some floors on her own if water orbs are not present and you are able to hit 16x.

Do note that the entire team only possesses 2 time extend Time Extend awakenings. This means that you will only have 5 seconds to move orbs. Despite only having 3 skill boosts, you actually start the dungeon with all actives ready.

Awoken I&I can be used to help sweep two floors as provides two turns of damage enhancement for both water and dark cards.

In an ideal world, you do not use your heart-breakers as they will reduce your max damage down to 16x so only do so if absolutely needed. This also applies to Dark Kali, do not use her unless needed.

Dungeon Strategies

Due to the preset team and the relatively lackluster actives across the board, there is not too much advice I can offer outside of trying your best to sweep every floor in one go.

Using an active skill will drain your time as you have to go through the animation. Furthermore, Dark Kali will produce a random board that will cause you to lose additional time due to having to re-plan along with the heartbreakers resulting in a 16x multiplier. However, if not using an active would result in you not sweeping the floor, please use them.

Awoken I&I’s two turns of damage enhancement is the most helpful and should be used every attempt. Where you choose to use her will come down to a matter of personal preference; however, two places I suggest are on the third floor to deal with Earth Dragon and Bowmore (floor 3 and 4) as they tend to be troublesome floors and having double damage will improve your consistency. The other place to use I&I is Hanzo on floor 6 which would also allow you to easily deal with him and help manage the the final floor. Both options are viable, but I was using I&I on floor 3 to improve consistency as it allows for a more guaranteed kill on two hard floors instead of one.

Floor by floor break down:

Using a water TPA will allow you to make less combos to kill a floor and you do not have to go for the full multiplier on every floor.

  • Floor 1: sweep, do not need full multiplier
  • Floor 2: water TPA, do not need full multiplier
  • Floor 3692 if needed. Otherwise aim for full multiplier
  • Floor 4: Full multiplier with Dark or Water TPA or 2 wood combos will kill
  • Floor 5: Pray water orbs are not removed. a dark TPA and 5/6 match will kill
  • Floor 6I&I and can kill without full multiplier
  • Floor 7: Aim for full multiplier or 692 if needed. TPA water

Only use Dark Kali if absolutely needed.

Additional advice

Also, remember to turn off the skill confirmation animations through Others -> Options -> Dungeon -> Skills Off to save a couple extra seconds!

Skill Disable.jpg

 My current placings

I do not know if I possess the skill to match fast enough or the magic stones/patience to refill for that perfect run as there is a degree of luck involved when chasing the top 1%. Currently, I am in the top 3% on Fantastic, Mantastic, and MOMtastic so I know I am at least consistent. I will get Pancaaake her top 10% when she gets home. Below is my current best score which is sitting at 1.4% and does have room for improvement as I could have made an extra combo here or there along with being forced to use several actives including Dark Kali which all slow down my time/lower my score as I am only 1,170 away from 1% which is equivalent to 2.2 seconds.




Hopefully this overview will help shed some light on how to better approach this ranking dungeon. Many players are thrilled to have a preset team, but it does cut down on the creativity along with forcing players to use a playstyle that is possibly foreign to them.

One last pro tip is to use the same team I used 😉

Happy puzzling!

16 thoughts on “Elemental Brawl Tournament Strategy”

  1. Using your guide, I managed 117,920 in maybe ten tries. I didn’t think about the dark and water tpas, or using I&I on an earlier floor, it definitely helped a lot.


  2. 2 things: wouldn’t it be more efficient to use the green Cu on the floor becuase you would one shot the monster without much effort or high damage output, if no heart orbs or green orbs on board either use dark kali or do your strategy of getting a high water/dark damage.

    Also, you forgot to add one more joke to the puzzle and dragon humor page. When the writers of puzzledragonx.com put Hey, the schedule might not be be updated because we are to busy searching for pidgies

    Love your work. 🙂


    1. Using actives is always bad if chasing top top score.

      Cu can work as well, but usually the prongs do as well.

      As for the PokemonNo joke, it has passed and I didnt take the screenshot XD


  3. Landed at 19.5% my first run and I’ve got no interest in trying to improve it. I already hate Rainbow teams. An absolute garbage Rainbow team like this makes me “nope” right the heck out.


  4. Was very lucky to get 5.3% on my 5th or 6th try considering I lost a few times due on floor 4. Won’t even bother trying to get into the top 1% as it looks insanely hard. Since was able to accomplish my goal below 10%.


  5. Hey there =)
    So I’ve been lurking on your page for quite some time now, and I just wanted to say that your guides are extremely helpful =)
    I think I’ve been following you since the first ranking dungeon? I can’t recall.
    Your guides help me do decently, although not as good as you haha.
    I’m currently sitting at 108,674 and couldn’t be happier.
    Thank you!
    PS. I should’ve used the same team as you! Then I probably would’ve done better. 😆


    1. Well I am glad you came out of lurking Karen =)

      I am thrilled to hear my guides have helped you achieve higher scores and I am certain if you used the same team as me you could have done better 😉


      1. I spent 5 stones to try and beat my old score but always ended up having a bad board in the 3 first floor… not lucky this time


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