Anime Expo 2017 Godfest Review and New Cards Analysis

Godfest basics

When making the decision to roll or save your magic stones, you need to determine if the featured pantheons can benefit or complement your teams. Chasing for one specific monster is unwise as you will most likely be disappointed and should ideally have Godfests that overlap with many target cards. Remember all monsters that come out of the REM will qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty when selling dupes. For a more detailed team building help, please refer to my Popular Leader’s and their Full Sub List Post which is in the process of being updated. Lastly, to find more information about a specific pantheon or monster, refer to my Master List to better refine your search. If you are considering to purchase any of the Monster Point cards, please refer to my updated Tier List for help and advice.

I also encourage you to visit my discord Discord server as it is full of knowledgeable and friendly people.


The Anime Expo Godfest comes this Friday to NA/EU and will also be debuting a brand new pantheon and GFE. Furthermore, all featured cards will be available at 5x rates along with +25 to each stat (+75 total) to every roll.

However, the only pantheon featured will be the new Samurai Series 2 who have 6-star base values which will inevitably lower their overall rates. In addition, non-featured GFE will not appear on those respective days.

Video commentary

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Rolls at a glance

Anime Expo Godfest

Day 1

Fenrir Fenrir Viz   Ult Tsubaki Ult Sumire Ult Kaede 3233
 Sherias Roots Sherias 3372 3371 Gremory Ronove 2991 2993
2997 3414 3416  3268

Day 2

  3390 3391 3392   Kali
Dark Kali Gadius Cross Typhon Ryune Saria Sylvie Ult Zuoh 3236 3414
3416  Eschamali Scheat Australis

Ranking the cards – Pantheons & GFE

These rankings I assign cards are my own and take into consideration the card’s value as a leader, sub, inherit, and possibly any niche role they fulfill. In order to rank in the highest tier, the card has to excel in their respective role and cannot feasibly be replaced by anyone else. This can also be thought of as a Best in Slot card and tends to have applications on the top tier teams.

Despite my best to remain neutral, there is always the potential for bias and you need to be able to examine a card and determine if it can benefit your unique Monster Box and situation. Continue reading Anime Expo 2017 Godfest Review and New Cards Analysis


Combos and Spatial Planning Guide


The Puzzle and Dragons meta is shifting towards a more combo-oriented playstyle through new leader skill and the 7 combo 45 awakening. Furthermore, with Sunken Serpent Labyrinth arriving on Monday, players will need to push their puzzling skills to the limits.

This article will be focusing how I approach combo-ing a board when the raw number of combos is the main goal. My method works for me and is just one of many ways to tackle a given board and is not the only way possible.

Video commentary & sample boards

—video coming soon—

Understanding combos

A standard board in Puzzle and Dragons is 6×5 which yields 30 orbs and a maximum of 10 combos. However, it is very unlikely you will actually have perfect board distribution to hit those 10 and will more than often settle for 7-8 maximum combos. Continue reading Combos and Spatial Planning Guide

PAD Academy Review and Quick Analysis


The PAD Academy REM is returning the Puzzle and Dragons along with several new cards and evolutions to existing Monsters. For the most part, this Collab is on the luxurious side as it offers modest value for the most part and is more for the collecting/pretty girl aspect. However, based on community feedback, Collab Reviews are important and Academy is more interesting than the Waferman Collab and deserves a quick overview.

With that being said, Monster Hunter Collab is coming to NA/EU soon (when, I do not know so don’t ask) along with new 6-star GFE so there is fierce competition for your Magic Stones.

Video commentary

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PAD Academy REM
 8 Star base  Summer Sakuya 
 7 Star base  Summer Lucifer Summer Isis Summer Athena
 6 Star base  
 5 Star base  Summer Theurgia Summer Sasuke
 4 Star base  2816 Summer Snowwhite Summer Thumbelina Summer Cinderella Summer Sleeping Beauty
PAD Academy Collab Rankings – June 25, 2017
A   Summer Athena 
B Summer Isis Summer Sasuke Summer Theurgia Summer Lucifer 
2816 Summer Snowwhite Summer Thumbelina Summer Cinderella Summer Sleeping Beauty Summer Sakuya

Order shown is not reflective of ranking and you should only look at the tiers

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them

Continue reading PAD Academy Review and Quick Analysis

Creature Quest Content has Moved

Based on the feedback received from my posting a few weeks ago, I have decided to port over all my Creature Quest content to a sister WordPress site (which can be found HERE).

This will help streamline both games in a more efficient manner as well as enabling players to find the Creature Quest content more easily as I do not post there as often.

The transfer still has the Creature Quest content on this site, but no more will appear in the news feed moving forward. However, I will not be creating a separate YouTube/Twitter account.

If you have not tried it out already, I highly encourage you to download Creature Quest and give it a shot as it is incredibly fun and rewarding to play and occupies a large portion of my video gaming time. Creature Quest has 3 unique gameplay modes that are both rewarding and generous with their Magic Stone equivalent currency. You will often find yourself rolling at a fast-paced rate along with a vital dependency on using farmable Creatures to advance in the game instead of solely relying on REM-equivalent cards to progress.

In addition, the developers are responsive to user feedback and have made tremendous strides in improving the overall experience through the various updates I have experienced in my 100 days of playing. Finally, all new content is released immediately (no server disparity) along with rich in-game flavour text and animated Creatures with sometimes amusing audio death-lines.

If you ever have any questions, I do have a bumpin’ Discord channel that is full of helpful players.

Happy Puzzling/Questing!

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How to Keep up with Powercreep


Puzzle and Dragons is a massive game that has unrivaled depth in the mobile game industry. In fact, it really does not feel like you are playing a mobile game and are instead playing a complex RPG that would not be playable without third party websites/databases as there are thousands of monsters and hundreds of different dungeons with diverse spawns and mechanics. This is partially why this website can exist as there is simply so much content to potentially write about.

As such, it can sometimes be overwhelming to stay “meta” or keep up with the rate of new content being released, especially if you are newer to the game and/or non-IAP.

However, these past few months have really felt like a period of catch-up due to the lack of new content actually being released from a gameplay perspective (outside of 3-Player Coop). We have been given an excessive number of stones, 5-coin cost coin dungeons, unlimited rank ups through Legendary Earth, and climaxing with one of the best Player’s Choice Godfests to date (full review can be found HERE).

This article will examine what exactly is Powercreep/meta, how to try and stay abreast or current with the changing landscape, as well as suggestions for fighting off boredom.

Do note that this was in my drafts for a month or two so forgive any dated content as 3P was not released then. I somehow forgot about this and ideally should have been published a few weeks ago.

Video commentary

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What is Powercreep

Powercreep can be best defined as progressively advancing rate of mechanics from both a monster collection and dungeon difficulty perspective. This is important for any longstanding game as it would quickly grow stale if content did not evolve over time as you would run out of things to actually play. Continue reading How to Keep up with Powercreep

Thoughts on New 3-Player Coop Dungeons


3-Player Coop is in full swing and with it comes a flurry of highs and lows, excitement paired with despair, along with a new hurdles of challenges to overcome. I have been able to play a modest amount of 3-Player since the release on Monday and was able to clear all the non-Endless Corridor levels through pre-made teams as well as random-matchmaking.

This article will simply summarize my thoughts and impressions thus far as well as some advice moving forward. If you wish to read a more detailed article on preparing yourself for 3-Player Coop, you can find it HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon—

Random matchmaking

One of the best aspects of 3-Player Coop is the built in matchmaking system. A large barrier to the enjoyment of 2P mode was the difficulty in finding partner who had synergistic teams. As such, 3P being both a more solo-oriented experience by comparison helps you quickly find a match and actually get to playing.

While random matchmaking can be exciting and possibly amusing, it also has the tendency for troll-oriented teams (although I have managed to dodge all of those). This is because you are matched with two random players and do not see their teams until you actually enter the dungeon so you cannot preemptively dodge the match. Continue reading Thoughts on New 3-Player Coop Dungeons

10-Stone GFE Rare Egg Machine Review Plus New Split Evolutions


The 10-Stone Godfest Exclusive Machine is returning to NA/EU and it offers players the chance to spent 10 Magic Stones for a guaranteed GFE. This means no filler silvers or troll golds and every roll will be at least 15,000 Monster Points. As such, this is the highest per roll if you are purely chasing Monster Points along with potentially the best chance at acquiring 6-Stars.

Puzzle and Dragons has been decreasing the dependency of solely using 6-star GFE through the current top tier leaders being more forgiving and utilizing pantheon cards. However, there are many active skill that cannot be replicated any other way. Furthermore, JP has released brand new split evolutions for 7 GFE cards which dramatically improve their viability and uses.

This article will present my tier list that includes the new JP evolutions along with a small write up for each card.

Video commentary

–video coming soon—

GFE tier list

All tier lists will have a certain degree of bias whether it is accidental or by design and mine is no exception. I try my best to evaluate each card based on their value as a leader, sub, inherit, or niche applications. It also does it’s best to take into consideration the newly announced/released evolutions in JP. Thus, you should take them with a grain of salt and use them as a beginning reference point.

If a card has a split evolution, both are taken into consideration as they have different merits/strengths. Ney  is not included but will be an easy S once she does debut (really should have a tier all to herself due to the sheer power, but that is for another post).

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of power in any way. Continue reading 10-Stone GFE Rare Egg Machine Review Plus New Split Evolutions