Chuan is Fantastic


With the return of the Dragonbound & Dragon Caller event, Chuan will be made available once again through the Monster Exchange system. Since her debut, Chuan has gone through various hurdles of viability and at this point in time, she has never been better.

This is because she has both a powerful Weapon Assist and leader/sub form. As such, I encourage all players to actively pursue her during the next two weeks.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Weapon Assist

Awakenings:  Dark row Dark row Dark row Dark row
Active: Reduce HP by 20%; Deal 50x Dark damage to an enemy; Change the top row to Dark orbs (34 -> 4 turn CD)

  • Provides Bind Immunity
  • Four Dark Rows Dark row
  • Long or short CD
  • Farmable

Chuan’s Base form has now been transformed into a Weapon Assist which means she will transfer over awakenings when used as inherit. Thus, this could be many player’s first Full Bind Immune Weapon that also provides sizable Passive damage via Rows Dark row

In fact, there are only two other Weapons that can provide this many rows with one of them being Yugi which is rare to say the least and the other being Eris’s Apple who will reduce your card’s ATK by 2,000.

With this in mind, I am inclined to simply use her for the Passive Damage on my mono Dark teams. One other valuable aspect to Chuan’s Weapon Assist is the 34 -> 4 turn cooldown. If left unskilled, it is highly unlikely to ever charge up by accident but if fully skilled up, you can have access to a fast charging Dark row maker. For example, if inherited on Diaochan , you solve her vulnerability to Binds along with having a 6-turn row maker.

Evolved form

Active: Reduce HP by 20%; Deal 50x Dark damage to an enemy; Change the top row to Dark orbs (34 -> 4 turn CD)

Leader Skill: [Fixed 4 second movetime][No skyfall] 2x ATK for Dark Att.; 2x ATK when 3 or more combos up to 20x at 9 combos [1/1600/1]

Awakenings:  Dark row Dark row Dark row Dark row Dark row Dark row Dark row Dark row
Super Awakenings: Dark row 45
Dragon / Devil
Available Killers: God Killer Machine Killer Healer Killer
Weighted Stats (Limit Break): 1004 (1205)
HP 5035 (6042) / ATK 2123 (2548) / RCV 228 (274)

  • 8-9 Dark Rows Dark row
  • 4 turn CD
    • Generates a row of Dark orbs
  • Skill-based Leader Skill
    • Potential for massive multipliers with combos
  • LS is fixed 4s of orb movement time
  • Only provides Rows, no other awakenings
  • Requires 30 skill ups
    • Must use Pys

Chuan’s Evolved form comes with an outrageous number of Dark Rows Dark row which heavily favours her being used as a Farming sub. This is because her Passive Damage combined with fast charging active ensures tanky spawns die with relative ease. Of course, players must be aware the Chuan does not provide any Skill Boosts Skill Boost or Skill Bind Resist Skill Lock Resist so one must ensure those metrics are properly addressed.

On the other hand, Chuan can function as a high skill leader provided players can match numerous combos within 4 seconds. This fixed 4 seconds of orb movement time can be difficult to work with but can be a way to show of your Puzzling skills or for some Ranking Dungeons where speed, high damage, and too many preemptives for Zeus Verse are required (see this video HERE)


Chuan is such an amazing farmable card that there should be no reason why players are not acquiring her. For myself, I have mostly used her as a Weapon Assist as of late due to the sizable Passive Damage offered but have used her on occasion in her Evolved form.

Due to having value in two distinct forms, it is still best to acquire as many as possible and for the cost of 5 Rainbow Event Tokens, it is well worth the effort.

Let me know what you think about Chuan in the comments below and how you have been using her.

Happy Puzzling!

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17 thoughts on “Chuan is Fantastic”

  1. I’m liking Chuan as an inherit for Bakura (because I only got two Bakuras so I have no Bakura equips). Makes him unbindable, adds some damage, and won’t every replace his awesome active with a crappy one because of the extremely long base cd.


  2. Maybe I’m missing something obvious here, but is there any way to skill up Chuan besides dumping a bunch of Pis on her?


  3. Mantastic, her combination of a 4-second time fix & no sky fall makes her useless to me as a leader. Do you suggest using her as a sub on a team led by someone like Red Sonia? Anybody else?


  4. A questions for you, if you’d be so kind:

    Yami Yugi teams add a boost to devil types. If I took Dolq (4 skill boosts, but not a devil) and gave him Chuan as a Weapon Assist, does he also get her Devil typing and the devil stat boost?


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