Xmas Xiahou Dun ShivaDra MD2 Farming Guide


WetTheSystem inspired me to make this, as he doesn’t have Ultraman Leo. He made me realize Xmas Xiahou Dun is actually “copium” Leo. After a few tries at the team he conceded, “NO THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE” so I was like, “IS THAT A CHALLENGE? >:)”

Thus, I stumbled upon Shin Ultraman’s wild mechanic coverage and decent damage output which tied everything together. I made the team and both of us tested it until completion on WetTheSystem’s stream. Inspiration taken from the usual Leo ShivaDra MD2 template.

PADDB layout of the Xmas Xiahou Dun/Leo Team

Stream VOD demonstrating the team, by WetTheSystem:

Team Breakdown:

General Notes:

  • You want at least 17 SB to have ShivaDras ready immediately
  • You want at least 61206+ HP (1,506,600 eHP w. 35% shield on BMille)
  • Most of the equips are flexible, but untested, so it’s listed as “potential”
  • Stack as much team HP/RCVs as possible for consistency

Lead/Sub/Helper Notes:

Xiahou Dun: Brick SA, Leaderswap Latent. Basically a slightly worse Leo leader skill but with more utility, covers VDP pierce, unmatchable, and blind res. In a regular Leo x Leo MD2 teams, Hans does most of this with the addition of attribute absorb, but Hans lacks damage.

Shin Ultraman: SB+ SA, DDC Latent. SA doesn’t really matter as long as you hit 17 SB. Used for the base active to delay F1 to avoid the unmatchable, and the evo active for the low cd attribute absorb.

ShivaDra x3: Brick SA, DDC & SDRs Latents. Most Leo MD2 builds use Fujin Latent but DDC is just better so you can one shot Eschamali/Paimon. You can potentially use Blue Resist Latents if you’re lacking some eHP for BMille, but we haven’t tested.

Ultraman Leo Kick: SB+ SA, DDC Latent. Self explanatory. Find friend helper if you don’t have.

Equips & Potential Replacements:

Mebius Brace (Morbius): Used mostly to make F2 consistent as well as being a good active for Nut’s haste mechanics. Also covers Tape and team HPs. Can potentially be replaced with Silverfang’s Costume, and you can also put it on helper Leo if you don’t have it, team will just be slightly slower as you’ll need to skill charge up Xiahou for F7.

Aura Timepiece: Mainly for the long lasting shield active to tank L/GMille 50% hits, as well as surviving BMille. Can potentially be replaced by Crusader, RKyori, GH Lakshmi, and other “shield loop” style low cd equips.

NY Baal Card: for Team HPs and 20% jammer resist.

XD Liuyedao: for 80% Jammer res, Team HP/RCV, and extra 7c damage. Replacable, just need to cover jammer res and get enough eHP/RCV.

Maam Gun: for Team HPs/RCV and extra fire row damage.

Ryoma Article: Mainly for a 2t+ Fujin active for F3-F4, as well as providing team HP/RCVs. Can be replaced with Geed Riser, and other potential 2-3t fujin actives that cover other mechanics

MD2 Floor Guide

(Heal as needed to not die)

F1: Shin > Shivadra #1 > #2 > Shin > Swipe or 0c x3 > ShivaDra #1 > Swipe
F2: Mebius > Shivadra #1 or #2 > Swipe (x2 if dark)
F3: Ryoma > Shivadra #3 > Swipe
F4: Shivadra > Swipe
Laila/Sharon – 0c x3 > Shivadra > Swipe
Leeza – Xiahou > 1c x2 > 0c > Shivadra > Swipe
F6: Shivadra > Leo > Match heals & Swipe > Shivadra > 10c
Tethys – Xiahou > Shivadra > Leo > Wait for heals & swipe
Astraea – 0c > Xiahou > Shivadra > Leo > Swipe
Orochi – Shin > Shivadra > 10c > Leo > Shivadra > 10c
Yomi – Shin > Shivadra > 10c
Nut – Shivadra > Swipe > Ryoma > Shivadra > Mebius > Swipe
Osiris – Shivadra > Swipe
Nephthys – Shivadra > Swipe
F10: Shin > Shivadra > Swipe (If Nut > Vritra, take the extra turn)
LWee Jas – Xiahou > Shivadra > Brick + Row (If Nut stall 2-3 turns)
GWee Jas – Shivadra > Swipe
Metatron – Shivadra > Stall 3t (avoid Baby Mille preempt) (Don’t let Shin overcharge) > Shivadra > Swipe
Paimon/Eschamali – Shivadra > Leo > 10c/Double Row
Urd – Shin > Shivadra > Swipe
Skuld – Shivadra > Swipe x2
Verdandi – Shin > Shivadra > Swipe
F14: Shivadra > Leo > Match Heal > Shivadra > Match Heals
F15: Shivadra > Brick no row > Shivadra > Leo > Combo (If screwed up & she puts up VDP you will die to BMille)
F16: (Use Shin whenever needed after Aura) (Full send every turn)
LMille/GMille – Aura > Knock to 50%
BMille – Aura ASAP but you can wait until the blue unmatchable phase


One thought on “Xmas Xiahou Dun ShivaDra MD2 Farming Guide”

  1. Does anyone know where you can find information on latent awakenings. Specifically what monsters can you which latents, and how to trigger the latent. Latents like damage void piercer, damage limit break etc.


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