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Debut GFE Tier List & Extreme Event Rush I Godfest Review and Analysis

Godfest basics

When making the decision to roll or save your magic stones, you need to determine if the featured pantheons can benefit or compliment your teams. Chasing for one specific monster is unwise as you will most likely be disappointed and should ideally have Godfests that overlap with many target cards. Remember all monsters that come out of the REM will qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty when selling dupes. For a more detailed team building help, please refer to my full list Popular Leader’s and their Full Sub List Post. Lastly, to find more information about a specific pantheon or monster, refer to my Master List to better refine your search. If you are considering to purchase a Four Gentlemen card, please read my Review and Comparison HERE.


This is a bad Godfest. If I ended my review here, it would technically be informative, but probably not very helpful as it does not explain why. As such, I wish to experiment with a new addition to Godfests by creating a tier/hierarchy list for the Godfest Exclusives. I have tended to stay away from ranking cards as it is subjective and simply duplicating/reposting JP leader tier lists is redundant. Thus, I will be creating a quick reference chart to help categorize the GFE from all points of view: leader, sub, inherit, and niche roles. Remember, this is a subjective list and your opinions may differ so I encourage you to voice your opinions in a constructive manner.

Video commentary

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The actual Godfest

This Godfest will feature all the Godfest Exclusive (GFE) cards at a mere 4x rates and no pantheon cards alongside. 4x may have been amazing a year ago, but it is my understanding that with the numerous additional cards in the REM, the actual rate of rolling a particular card has gone down. Thus, the 4x rates is simply to keep abreast with the older 3x rates.

The Midnight Gala will be occurring along with all GFE appearing in their evolved form at level 50 as well as +50 to a random stat. Coming out evolved may drive some players crazy as it will result in a void in their monster book.

My advice is to not roll and simply save stones and recover from the Heroine REM. Continue reading Debut GFE Tier List & Extreme Event Rush I Godfest Review and Analysis


New Split GFE Evolutions – Which Path to Take


In a surprise mini patch, GungHo ninja released several new split evolutions for various Godfest Exclusive monsters. This article will help weigh the pros and cons when deciding which path to take.

The idea with a split evolution path is to provide players with more options for customization as well as trying to push them more into a “leader” or”sub” role. You should also be aware that some of these evolutions lose their sub attribute.

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Implications for split evolutions

Having a split evolution tree appears to be the norm/trend for Godfest Exclusive cards. For the most part, it is beneficial as you are able to better customize the card to your box needs, but it can also put pressure on players to roll more of what are already the most rare cards in Puzzle and Dragons. However, these new evolutions have breathed new life into the aging Odins while providing Baldin and Balboa more viability so these are positive overall.

Do note that the active skill does not change regardless of which evolution path you choose. Continue reading New Split GFE Evolutions – Which Path to Take

Another Less than Mantastic Health Update


I have shared my diverse health problems last year when I was about to undergo surgery to remove what is presumed to be a cancerous lump inside my right eyeball along with sharing my inability to function normally due to a serious back and neck injury that was sustained in July 2014. Needless to say, the surgery did not go well as they were unsuccessful in removing the lump and my back/neck issues are reaching a somewhat critical moment next week along with a follow up with the cancer specialist at the end of February.

If you wish to read about these in my previous posting, feel free to read my previous post HERE.

Video commentary

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Eye problems

During my last regular eye check up in late 2015, my optometrist found an unusual lump on the inside of my right eyeball. I was sent to a specialist who then referred me to a cancer specialist as it was out of his scope. After further probing and examination, we agreed to remove the lump via surgery as it is most likely cancerous and testing cannot be performed without a biopsy and that cannot be done as it is inside my eye and inaccessible.

I went through with the surgery under general anesthesia and was later informed it was unsuccessful as the surgeon had difficulty pin-pointing the exact location as she did not want to make an excessive cut through my eyeball or pierce the lump (it is very small and in an awkward location). As such, I am to be monitored every few months in case it does grow and surgery needs to be reattempted.

While this is not an ideal situation and my last checkup showed no signs of growth (thus lowering the chances of it being malignant), it is only one of many health problems I face.

Back and neck problems

I have been on Long Term Disability (LTD) since July 2014 and Continue reading Another Less than Mantastic Health Update

A Very Meri Day


I was fortunate to roll Meridionalis 3276 on Mantastic at the beginning of the Heroine REM event and was able to take her for a spin in a solo Arena 3 attempt. Needless to say, she is  an amazingly fun leader to use and I am overjoyed by the fact that I have another viable end game leader to use.

Solo Arena 3 clear

Fantastic rolls

Due to the success with Meri, I was highly motivated to try and acquire her on my Fantastic account in order to take advantage of coop and a playstyle I enjoy. Thankfully, I have some supportive viewers (0apie) and was able to IAP a pack and test my luck.

Continued success

My gamble paid off and I am excited to begin a new era or PAD gameplay with Meridionalis as the no skyfall clause is incredible for stalling/hoarding orbs and damage control. I did a couple of test coop runs of Arena 3 today and was thrilled to have been able to complete both within 45 minutes with one of the runs taking around 15-16 minutes due to the water skyfalls on floor 1.

Arena 3 Meridionalis
Inherit Ryune 2993 3162 Skuld ult evo Susano

3276 Blue Sonia Blue Sonia Bankai Andro 3069
Blue Sonia 3103 Bankai Andro 3069 3276
Inherit Skuld ult evo Indra Awoken Oorochi

Acquiring Meridionalis on both accounts has re-injected a sense of excitement into my PAD life as I now have a new and powerful team to play with. It will also motivate me to try and min-max my team as best as possible to write a comprehensive team building guide for her after they announce her buff/evo in next week’s JP stream.


Now I need to decide if I should start saying MERaculous instead of MYRaculous.

Happy Puzzling!

Question time with Mantastic


This is an idea that has been floating around in my head for a long time: a post dedicated to answering the various PAD and Off-Topic questions my readers may have. My hope for this and subsequent posts in this format is to encourage my readers to ask questions they may have. My hope for this is to answer these questions in a subsequent post along with a complimenting video. However, there will be some restrictions and I may not be able to answer every question.

This is also a good way to help compensate for my Suggestion Box always emailing things to the wrong place.

Video commentary

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How this works

The idea with this and the subsequent answer post is to allow people to ask questions that are not covered by other articles. You In order to ask a question, you simply need to leave a comment and I will potentially answer it in the subsequent  posting. I have opened up my website to accept comments from anyone, including those without a WordPress account. However, I request you leave some sort of signature/name at the end of your question if you choose to do this or if you would rather have a different name than your WordPress account. Continue reading Question time with Mantastic

GungHo Collab Pal Egg Machine and +9 Eggs per Roll

Reposting this as the +9 PEM is returning. In addition to the other rolls, we will also have access to Colouring Book Sakuya


Beginning on Friday, February 10th, North American PAD players will be able to farm plus eggs from the Pal Egg Machine (PEM). Each roll will produce a +9 monster (+3 HP, +3 ATK, +3 RCV) and becomes the most efficient way to acquire plus eggs provided you have numerous Best Friends. In addition the wonderful plus eggs, we also have the opportunity to acquire the special Colouring Book Kali 3246, Colouring Book Sakuya 3247, and Arthur 2121.

From my own personal experience, Colouring Book Kali had about a 1% roll rate so be prepared to roll numerous times before acquiring her. I presume Sakuya will also be around the same.

If you wish to read more about Pal Points and Best Friends, please refer to my other article HERE.

Video commentary

I will be posting a rolling video of several hundred PEM rolls in the very near future to help give a better idea of the chances of acquiring the three coveted cards.

Plus egg farming

Star Den is the most efficient dungeon and place to farm plus eggs as it provides a guaranteed 10 per run at the cost of 25 stamina in coop. There are numerous button teams available that allows you to quickly breeze through the dungeon and many players are able to easily acquire 297 pluses within their hourly time frame.

However, with the introduction of the +9 PEM, we now have an even more efficient medium for farming plus eggs provided you have numerous Best Friends. Every time you use a Best Friend, you will receive 100 Pal Points and each spin costs 500. This means you can enter the 2 stamina dungeons (in the Normal dungeon section) and simply quit to save time. This results in a 10 stamina cost to acquire 9 plus eggs. Granted you lose out on the small rank experience from Star Den, but it was insignificant to begin with. The entering and quitting process does take up more time than a Star Den button team, but it is significantly more stamina efficient.

The following table compares the two mediums and assumes the most efficient stamina usage possible when completing 1 Star Den run or 1 pull of the +9 PEM. Continue reading GungHo Collab Pal Egg Machine and +9 Eggs per Roll

Arena 3 Guide and Radar Dragons Strategies


I have played an excessive amount of Arena 3 and, I have over 130 clears along with 43 Radar Dragons at the time of this posting. Arena 3 is by no means an easy dungeon, but with more end game teams available and half stamina cost, more players are able to start their journey.

This post will cover the general strategies when approaching Arena 3, but will not cover specific teams. If you wish to view all the teams I have used to clear Arena 3 and their respective inherits and latents, feels free to check out my previous guide HERE.

When entering Arena 3, you will have to accept the fact that you will not have a 100% chance to win as any number of deadly spawn combinations along with certain Radar Dragons will counter various teams. You can do your best to mitigate the risk through fully invest cards, research, experience, and coop.

Video commentary

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Background on Arena 1 & 2

Ultimate Arena (Bipolar Goddess) is designed to be the final test of a player’s skill. The first incarnation, Arena 1, was a hellish 21 floor dungeon that featured a 30 million HP boss at the end along with each floor drawing from a pool of random spawns to cause even more heartache and randomness. It is the randomness that keeps Arena exciting as you will always have a different path leading into the final floors and makes it harder to counter every single mechanic that could appear. Over time, Arena 1 became significantly easier with the advent of Powercreep, Coop, and Skill Inheritance. As such, many players (including myself) have began to use it as a fun way to dump stamina and acquire Py Shynpy along with using more niche leaders to up the excitement factor. Continue reading Arena 3 Guide and Radar Dragons Strategies