Greco Roman 1 Pantheon Analysis

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Keep in mind all of the following monsters qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty in selling dupes.

The Greco Roman 1 pantheon are some of the oldest monsters in Puzzle and Dragons and were some of the first to receive the coveted awoken evolution. This propelled the pantheon into some of the strongest cards at the time as it was the first wave of a new type of powercreep. However, they have once again fallen into mediocrity and are once again in need of an overhaul/buff. They all have situational uses, but only somewhat shine in their awoken form.

Greco Roman 1

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
Dragon / Devil
Bind Immune Jammer Resist Jammer Resist
Bind Immune Fire Row Enhnaced Fire Orb
Skill Boost Fire resist Skill Lock Resist

Dark Arrow Fire & reduce defence by 50% for 2 turns
5 turn CD
Awoken Minerva can make apperances on Awoken Shiva Shiva , Raoh Raoh , and Gadius Gadius teams as her 5-turn orb changer can be used to add extra firepower. Unfortunately, that mostly what you will treat her as until you find a more exciting sub to replace her. Perhaps she needs a buff/rework to take her out of mediocrity and push her back into a higher tier of usefulness.

As a leader, Minerva forms a 6.25x team that reduces all Fire, Light, and Dark damage by 75%. Niche uses but worth mentioning as she is one of the stronger lead potentials in the Greco-Roman 1 pantheon due to the abundance of fire row Fire Row subs.

Attacker / Devil
Bind Immune Poison resist Poison resist
Bind Immune Skill Boost blue + orb
Water Red Water Row Skill Lock Resist

10x ATK poison, 2.5x ATK Attacker & Devils
15 turn CD
I want to write something positive about Awoken Neptune, but keep getting drowned in his lack of uses. Even the puns are not a splashing success. I guess he has a mini-me form hiding in the scary blue waters so that is something interesting to look at.

Bad jokes aside, the main problem with Awoken Neptune is a lack of viable uses and the fact his active combines 2 different components diminishes his potential as the cooldown is excessively long. If he only had a poison effect, he could be used for Skill Inheritance, but at 15 turns, he will most likely be passed over for better options.

As a leader, Neptune forms a 6.25x team that reduces all Water, Light, and Dark damage by 75%. Niche uses but worth mentioning.

Awoken Ceres
Balance / Devil
Bind Clear awakening Auto heal Bind Immune
Bind Immune +heart Skill Boost
Wood Row Enhanced Wood Orb Skill Lock Resist
Recover 30% max HP & clear 3 turns of monster binds
10 turn CD
Awoken Ceres is an often overlooked bind clearing sub. Her awakenings offer a healthy mixture of utility and some offensive capabilities. However, with the introduction of more leaders being bind immune, the dependency on bind immune-bind clearers is at an all time low. However, Ceres can still find a home on Sylvie Sylvie / Awoken Freyja Awoken Freyja teams where the 30% base health heal will have even more potency due to the augmented health pool.

Unfortunately, Cere’s use on rainbow teams is diminished due to her only covering a single colour.

As a leader, Ceres forms a 6.25x team that reduces all Wood, Light, and Dark damage by 75%. Niche uses but worth mentioning.

Devil / Healer
Auto heal Skill Boost
Light Row
Light Row Auto heal
Light Row +light orb Skill Lock Resist
Light  Arrow +light orb & 2+ seconds to move orbs
4 turn CD
Awoken Venus received some tweaks to her active skill in JP and will be using that information as the changes will take place in NA soon. A 4-turn orb enhance active combined with 2 additional seconds to move orbs ensure you will deal explosive burst damage. Looking at her awakenings, Venus finds herself most at home on light row Light Row based teams with special mention going to Saria Saria / Thor Thor . You can abuse the low cooldown to trigger the additional damage from the leader skill more often should you wish to conserve your other abilities.

Looking at her healer typing, Venus can excel on Awoken Ama Amate , Light Metatron Metatron , and Light Zhuge Liang Light Zhuge Liang teams. You can also combo Venus’s active with Valkyrie valkpad every 5 turns for wonderful burst damage.

However, Venus’s main appeal comes through Skill Inheritance as her base stats, awakenings, and short cooldown make her one of the most desired cards on various mono-light teams.

As a leader, Venus forms a 6.25x team that reduces all Water, Light, and Dark damage by 75%. Niche uses but worth mentioning.

Awoken Hades
Devil / Attacker
Dark Orb Enhance Blind Resist Skill Boost
Dark row TPA TPA
Enhanced Wood Orb Blind Resist Skill Lock Resist
25% gravity & +5s movement time
12 turn CD
Gravity is starting to come back into style as many of the strongest monsters in the game have resolve or gigantic health pools. Gravity works by instantly removing a percentage (in this case 25%) of the boss’s current health. This can be used to push them into specific health percentages to avoid dangerous mechanics or to move below 50% to change them into a more favourable colour. Regardless, Hades is one of the few gravity options for Skill Inheritance and this makes him more valuable in the future.

Awoken Hades has one the most useful awakenings of any gravity sub for dark teams and the double TPA and high base attack can be used to pierce through high defence bosses. The dual blind resist Blind Resist awakenings provide a 40% chance to resist blind attacks may have niche uses. The 5 additional seconds to move orbs will also guarantee perfectly matched boards for maximum damage. Hade’s devil typing allows him to be used on both Awoken Pandora Awoken Pandora and Awoken Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer teams.

As a leader, Awoken Hades forms a 6.25x team that reduces all Wood, Light, and Dark damage by 75%. Niche uses but worth mentioning.

Happy Puzzling!

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