Japanese 2 Pantheon Analysis

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Take a look at my Popular Leaders and their Full Sub List post for inspiration on team building ideas. If contemplating on purchasing a MP Dragon, please check out my Monster Point Dragon Purchasing Check-list Guide.

Keep in mind all of the following monsters qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty in selling dupes.

The Japanese 2 Pantheon was once heralded for their sheer power and dominance upon initial release. Their ultimate evolutions brought forth the next wave of powercreep, but have now fallen behind due to the advent of awoken evolutions and MP Dragons. However, they are still powerful in their own right and should be receiving their own set of awoken evolutions soon which will hopefully restore them to the top of the meta list.

Japanese 2

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
 Ame no Uzume
Physical / Devil
Enhnaced Fire Orb Auto heal Auto heal
Fire Row Fire Row Bind Immune
Bind Immune Skill Boost
2x RCV for 4 turns and 4 turns bind clear
8 turn CD

2.25x HP / 56.25x ATK when over 80% HP
Awoken Ame No Uzume can be summed up in one word: disappointing. I say disappointing because she gained very little in terms of awakenings and active upgrading. She went from a 1.5x RCV boost to 2x and that is not very helpful in most cases. Her leader skill was upgraded to 2.25x HP / 56.25x ATK for Physical/Devil fire cards, but you have to be above 80% HP. This is problematic as she will simply be regulated to a farming leader. If her active had restored HP instead of an RCV buff, she may be more potent. It feels very lackluster when compared to Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei who can heal, bind clear, and make his primary colour orbs.

Regardless, Ame no Uzume is one of the few options fire teams have for bind clearing as most only have the bind recover Bind Clear awakening awakening which is less reliable and also means you will spend a turn unable to utilize those monsters/actives. she still lacks a skill lock resist Skill Lock Resist which can place constraints on your team building.  Looking at her active in the best light possible, the 2x RCV for 4 turns means you are able to heal 50% more from each heart or match. This allows you to stall longer and helps alleviate fire’s tendency of low base recovery.

With all that being said, many players may find more value in keeping their Ame No Uzume in her Fire/Water Ame form as it retains her God typing and covers two challenging colour for rainbow teams. In fact, she acts as a less offensive Rozuel Rozuel on Ronove Ronove teams.

Overall Ame no Uzume is still a  situationally sub on fire teams for bind clearing, but may have more value in her Fire/Water form. Her leadership potential will mostly be regulated to easy/mid tier content farming as 56.25x ATK is still strong.

 Umi Yama
Balance / Devil
blue + orb TPA TPA
Blind Resist Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost
Time ExtendSkill Boost Blind Resist
Fire  Arrow Water
Heart Arrow Dark
Jammer Poison  Arrow Green
8 turn CD

196x ATK with B/G/L/D and 3 total water combos
Awoken Umisachi & Yamasachi took a surprising turn due their leader skill being buffed all the way to 400x ATK when matching wood, light, dark, and 3 sets of water combos. This is a tall feet to achieve; however, it does have a scaling component as 1 water combo yields 16x and 2 is 144x. This is quite powerful as you even have dual TPA awakenings on your leaders. However, you are still a glass cannon and have no HP or RCV multiplier and may struggle to restore your HP when you take a hit or need to stall. However, 144x should be sufficient for clearing most content with 400x being relative overkill.

In addition to their leader skill upgrade, they also received an overhaul to their active skill which somewhat feels like a slight nerf. Instead of converting hearts to wood, you now produce dark and all jammer and poison is changed to wood. However, you gain this at the expense of 1 additional turn of cooldown. As such, it may be highly advantageous to run a Uuevo U&Y U&Y for both the original active and wood coverage (as Awoken is B/D).

Overall, Awoken U&Y is a powerful glass cannon, but do we really need another one in today’s meta?

Healer / Dragon
Enhanced Wood Orb Bind Clear awakening +heart
Time Extend Wood Row Skill Boost
Bind Immune Bind Immune
75% damage reduction for 1 turn.
Add 1 combo for 1 turn
10 turn CD
Awoken Kushinadahime has now been transformed into a powerful combo leader who is completely skill based. This is because she can scale up to 169x ATK with 10 combos, but is unable to benefit from skyfalls. This may sound strange as skyfalls have always been a part of Puzzle and Dragons and by removing them means there will no longer be any surprises. Your combos will be solely based on your given 30 orbs and you can still do cascades, but will be unable to get lucky. This also means it is possible to have orbs fall down that do connect for a match, but will not trigger.

The no skyfalls has some positive upsides such as guaranteed damage control as you will no longer be blessed by surprises any more. Furthermore, it presents a unique challenge for veteran players as it is a true test of skill.

All that aside, Awoken Kush is a reasonably strong leader as you can almost always make at least 7 combos on a given board (which results in 49x ATK) and this should be sufficient for sweeping a given floor. In addition, you can use Kush’s active to grant an additional combo to help deal enough damage while simultaneously surviving most hits. However, as a word of caution, you are unable to make full use of TPA or row awakenings as it is almost always better to generate more combos and can cause you to deal insufficient damage in certain dungeons.

Outside of a leadership role, Awoken Kush has finally gained bind immunity along with retaining the recover bind awakening. This makes her a more utility based sub and may see more gameplay as a sub.

Awoken Izanagi
God / Balance
+light orb TPA +heart
Skill Lock Resist +light orb Skill Boost
TPA Time Extend
2x ATK God & Balance types. Reduce HP by 50%
6 turn CD

7x ATK & 50% Damage reduction for Heart Cross. 2x RCV for God/ Balance
49x ATK / 4x RCV / 75% Damage Red.
Awoken Izanagi has some fancy artwork and was magically transformed into a heart-cross leader that rivals Myr’s Miru leader skill. However, you are trading 2 additional seconds to move orbs for 2x RCV for God/Balance cards and that is where problems may arise. Heart Crosses are challenging to form as they require a lot of practice/experience along with confidence in moving diagonally. The additional time from Myr helps bridge this gap and with 1.5s less time, it may be too difficult for Izanagi. Thus, it may be wise to pair your Izanagi with a Myr instead. This is great for players who are unable to farm their own Myr and can begin using Heart Cross leaders much sooner.

Outside of a strong (albeit time constricted leadership role), Izanagi can act as a quick charging damage enhance. At only 6 turns, it is one of the fastest ways to add damage to your team and with the inclusion of Balance types, you are even less restricted. The HP reduction can be seen as a blessing or curse (blessing for HP sensitive teams as well as lowering your cooldown, curse as you hurt yourself).

Overall Izanagi feels more powerful and impactful with his future Awoken Evolution and we may see more players starting to use him when paired with Myr.

Dragon / Devil
Dark Orb Enhance Time Extend Skill Boost
Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost
TPA Time Extend
2 turn delay and 1.5x ATK for dark
11 turn CD

4x 6 combos, up to 6x at 10. 2x ATK with 3 dark combos
144x ATK
Okuninushi is a name I fail to pronounce correctly and he received a very powerful evolution as it dramatically upgraded his active skill in regards to the delay component. You are trading 3 turns of cooldown for an additional turn of delay and this could be crucial for certain teams/dungeons. However, the loss of his God typing means he can no longer be used as a Yomi Dragon sub Yomi Dragon. In addition, the loss of his second TPA means he will no longer be that burst sub you use to pierce through high defense bosses. Thankfully, Oku gained Devil typing which means he can now be used on Pandora Awoken Pandora or Nobunaga Nobunaga teams.

As a leader, Oku forms a combo based team that has the potential for explosive damage. However, without any form of a defensive multiplier, his potential will be diminished compared to other high end leads. That withstanding, Awoken Oku will feel similar to Ace Bastet as he requires 3 dark combos along with 10 in total to achieve 144x. This is naturally a tall order, but is feasible and he has the benefit of being able to draw from the massive pool of dark subs to bring all the utility he needs.

Overall, players have a nice option of using either D/B Oku or his awoken form to better cater to their team compositions and playstyles.

Happy Puzzling!

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