January 21st Ultimate Evolutions (Awoken Astaroth, Nephthys, and Rozuel)

Even after an unprecedented 9 new evolutions a week ago, GungHo is still pumping out more content so kudos to them! Keeping the theme of the previous post, I want to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of these new monsters and if we will see a shift in the meta as a result. Awoken Astaroth Astaroth , Nephthys Nephthys , and Rozuel Rozuel all received significant buffs with their ultimate evolutions along with significantly improved art! Continue reading January 21st Ultimate Evolutions (Awoken Astaroth, Nephthys, and Rozuel)

Challenge Dungeon 19 – Level 9 Cleared

Normally Level 9 is quite straight forward; however, the inclusion of Ilsix Ilsix as the boss floor with his 30% resolve provides an awkward challenge to overcome. In addition, the 6th floor has 50% wood and light resistance and would make my Awoken Sakuya Sakuya hard pressed to deal 10 million damage while attempting to survive 20k hits or a 27k execute. With all these factors in mind, I decided to use my new Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon team as dark damage is most favourable for the dungeon along with rapid access to haste and shields to allow for easy stalling and safe clears on every floor. Continue reading Challenge Dungeon 19 – Level 9 Cleared

Challenge Dungeon 19 – Level 10 Clear

With a week to go for this challenge dungeon set, I felt it would be helpful to post my level 10 clear to hopefully aide those who are still struggling. The dungeon is quite unforgiving in terms of the sheer HP of the bosses along with near lethal attacks and large pre-emptive strikes. In addition, the enhanced skyfall for jammer orbs play havoc with orb management and required 2 Light Kalis Kali for board refreshes. Continue reading Challenge Dungeon 19 – Level 10 Clear

January 14 Ultimate Evolutions

The latest patch brought fourth 9 new ultimate evolutions and I want to explore their viability and if they will become a must have card or quickly forgotten the next day. The 9 monsters to receive new ultimate evolutions are Hathor Hathor , Awoken Freyja Awoken Freyja , Famiel Famiel , Ruel Ruel , Ariel Ariel , Lumiel Lumiel , Uriel Uriel , Gabriel Gabriel , Michael Michael , and Raphael Raphael . Continue reading January 14 Ultimate Evolutions

Izanami Tournament Ranking Dungeon Strategies

The second ranking dungeon is now live and brings forth new challenges and team building strategies. I have been very busy with life at the moment and have been putting PAD and my blog a bit on hold and wanted to post something at least. Comparing my initial results with the previous ranking dungeon, I did significantly worse and still fiddling around with team compositions and strategies. Continue reading Izanami Tournament Ranking Dungeon Strategies

10x Plus Egg Descends Afterthoughts

With 10x Descends drawing to a close, players are still combing through their box to sort out whether they got their last few RCV pluses and admiring all the shiny new +297s, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what this means for the state of PAD.

First off, the end result is amazing. 7 plus eggs from 50 stamina on an easy to clear dungeon? How would you resist? I farmed so many plus eggs with minimal refilling and am now the proud owner of 15 +297s. Continue reading 10x Plus Egg Descends Afterthoughts

Puzzling those Dragons