3 Minute Stamina and the Implications for PAD

Japan has just announced they will be reducing the stamina recharge rate from 5 minutes to 3. This will allow for 20 stamina per hour and thus 480 stamina per day (instead of 288). This is a sizeable increase and first impressions are of course jumping for joy. I remember when stamina took 10 minutes to refill and was simply a nightmare as you could barely accomplish anything on a day to day basis. The change from 10 to 5 was badly needed and allowed players to enjoy all the content that was being released. However, when changing from 5 to 3, the implications go beyond simple quality of life improvements. Continue reading 3 Minute Stamina and the Implications for PAD

Dragon Caller Leader Skill Buffs and Impressions

The Dragon Caller series of Tsubaki Tsubaki , Sumire Sumire , and Kaede Kaede all received varying buffs to their leader skills along with a previous update with additional awakening skills. As neither of these buffs have come to North America, it is worth analysing the changes as a whole and how they will impact their usage.

Tsubaki Tsubaki: The red Dragon Caller is the most offensive of the three and is currently capped at 36x multiplier. However, with the buff, Tsubaki is increased to 39x. Is that significant? Not really as you are only going to be adding tiny amounts of damage. Perhaps the strongest points are the additional enhanced Continue reading Dragon Caller Leader Skill Buffs and Impressions

Ragnarok, The 6th MP Dragon

Ragnarok Ragnarok Mecha Dragon will be the 6th featured Monster Point Dragon and he comes as a bit of a surprise. For starters, he caps out at only 8 star rarity (compared to 9 stars for the rest) and as such, his value already feels decreased. However, what sets him apart will be the new God Killer God Killer awakening that boosts his own damage against god type enemies by 3x. In addition, Ragnarok will have lead or sub potential so he gains bonus points for flexibility. Continue reading Ragnarok, The 6th MP Dragon

Yomi or Ra Dragon with my first 300k Monster Points?

I have almost completely made my mind up what I should do with my first 300k Monster Points as I was lucky with the 4x GFE rates this past godfest. I am actually very excited and have been researching both Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon and Ra Dragon Ra Dragon to try and determine who would be the best fit for my box and playstyle. I am only 1 skill up away from hypermaxing Elia Elia and completing my Awoken Sakuya Sakuya team pictured below. It is rare to be able to complete a team in PAD and the satisfaction I will have with the final skill up will be a glorious thing. As such, I wish to expand and branch out to a different team as Sakuya will most likely not have any roster changes any time soon.

Sakuya Dream Team

My goal is to develop another end game team who is capable to clearing current content should my Sakuya encounter issues. Both  Yomi Dragon and  Ra Dragon are rated as top tier leads who both have the capacity to clear all the content PAD has to offer and I wish to weigh the pros and cons of using either along with my suitability based on my monster box.

Yomi D stats
Not mine XD

Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon has a playstyle similiar to Awoken Yomi Awoken Yomi as both leads require you to match 5 connected orbs with at least one being enhanced. Yomi Dragon is vastly superior due to consistency because Awoken Yomi requires 7 combos to reach maximum damage potential. I have an Awoken Yomi team and enjoy the playstyle, but feel constricted by the lack of consistency and low recovery. As such, I am very tempted to purchase Yomi Dragon as it will allow me to develop and learn a new team.


  • Unbindable along with bind recovery Recovery Bind awakening
    • This completely removes the need to bring a bind clear sub as Yomi Dragon ‘s active can generate 4 heal orbs and a single row of hearts will remove 6 turns of binds
  • Powerful and synergetic active
  • 2.25x recovery for god type monsters
  • Easy to activate 36x damage with only restriction is having 5 dark orbs
  • Can create teams with numerous haste actives and thus spamming skills
  • 2 time extend Time Extend and 1 Skill Lock Resist awakenings
  • Team building is flexible and only restricts you to using god type dark monsters
  • Less ugly than Ra Dragon Ra Dragon


  • Lowish damage? Really would not be an issue when you have 9+ dark orbs so there may be some reliance on actives
  • Kind of ugly and does not fit the Puzzle and Waifus theme

Ra D stats

Ra Dragon Ra Dragon is the king of rainbow leads as he offers an unbelievable 144x  damage to god types when matching red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and heart orbs. Everything will essentially fall over and you will most likely overkill anything when proc-ing your leading skill. Unfortunately, Ra Dragon comes with a high skill cap along with specific and restrictive subs


  • 144x damage for a relatively easy to active leader skill (“easy” when compared to other 100x leads)
  • 2.25x recovery along with very high base stats
  • 2 two prong TPA awakenings push your damage even higher
  • Time Extend awakenings to help ensure you match your 6 elements
  • Unbindable


  • Lacks a Skill Lock Resist awakening and puts a strain on team building in order to achieve 100% resistance
  • Sub pool is very constricted and relies heavily on having 2 Dark Kalis Dark Kali for constant board refreshes
  • Highest chance of any lead to be orb trolled
  • Even uglier than Yomi Dragon

MP shop

So now the big question is what am I going to purchase? When deciding which MP Dragon to invest in, you should look at your potential sub pool. A leader, no matter how powerful, is going to falter without ideal subs. For myself, I already have a powerful rainbow leader in Awoken Sakuya Sakuya along with 0 Dark Kalis Dark Kali . Therefore, if I were to buy Ra Dragon , I would be missing all of the important subs with the exception of Awoken Isis Isis along with not being able to branch out and experience different team playstyles. As such, I will purchase Yomi Dragon because I have a stronger sub pool along with wanting to experience a new type of team and gameplay.

Purchasing Yomi D
Here we go!
My Yomi D
Ahhhh *screaming in Japanese*

Okay, that gave me quite the adrenaline rush! My first MP dragon and I now have a new project to work on. It will mostly be trying to 297 everything I can and here are some tentative teams I may try to run. I am open to team building feedback as my experience here is more limited when deciding on ideal subs.

Dark Box
Any input is greatly appreciated!
Yomi D 1
Z8 isnt a god, but is max skilled
Yomi D 2
25 percent gravity may be useful?
Yomi D 3
Shield and board refresh all day
Yomi D 4
Too many orb changers?
Yomi D 5
Haste all day?

Light Kali Team Building and Discussion Guide

Light Kali Kali is one of the most well rounded monsters in the game as she can fulfil both a top tier sub role and an amazing leader role. 36x damage is still significant and should be enough damage to clear nearly all the content available. In addition, she has one of the best active skills and excels when compared to other high end leads who usually have lackluster actives. Kali ‘s playstyle revolves around two prong attacks TPA along with matching red, blue, yellow, and purple orbs. Triggering 6+ matches grants the full 36x damage and should therefore plan your moves carefully. The full board change active lowers the chance of orb troll (although you can be given a board with only 3 light orbs) which is the leading cause of death for rainbow teams. All of her awakenings are relevant and synergetic to her playstyle and the only real fault to be found is that 36x is somewhat considered “low” with the advent of awoken cards and MP Dragons. Continue reading Light Kali Team Building and Discussion Guide

Mantastic PAD 2.5 Months Later

I received an email from WordPress informing me that my blog’s 2015 annual report was ready for viewing. I was curious as to what this report could contain as I have only been blogging since mid October and follow the site stats to see what posts are popular and where my clicks are coming from. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this annual report summarized the information in an easy to read format along with fancy pictures =D

The report was released a few days earlier and I managed to surpass 20,000 views since starting Mantastic PAD. I thoroughly enjoy writing for Continue reading Mantastic PAD 2.5 Months Later

My Perspective on IAP


IAP or In App Purchases is a short hand way to describe purchasing magic stones with real life money. This can become a touchy subject for many people as the range of players vary from non-IAP to those who spend large amounts of money. For the record, I do not work for GungHo and have an average life in terms of income and expenditures. In essence, going IAP is a means to make your PAD journey go faster. It is a way to save time for those who do not wish to wait for the trickle of free stones given out every event.

Reasons to IAP

What people need to understand is that purchasing stones is a form of entertainment. Most people set aside money every month to spend on something they enjoy Continue reading My Perspective on IAP

Puzzling those Dragons