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Hello Fellow Puzzle and Dragoners!

I am Mantastic & Fantastic and have been playing Puzzle and Dragons for over two years and currently play my 2 North American accounts and I am IAP light. I initially got into the world of blogging as a result of being asked the same questions by my friends who I got into PAD and instead of trying to answer the same question to each person, I put my thoughts down on this blog. After the first few posts, I realized I thoroughly enjoyed the writing experience as well as sharing my knowledge and love for Puzzle and Dragons.

My goal with this site is to provide a valuable resource for all PAD players, in the form of guides, opinions, and strategies that are not IAP intensive. I strive create content that is accessible to all players ranging from the elite veteran as well as players who are just embarking on their Puzzle and Dragons journey. The topics displayed at the top of this blog will be more “timeless” articles and will try to keep them updated as new content is released. I have published numerous team building guides along with sharing my random thoughts, strategies, and opinions on new content being released.

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PAD box chr
The PAD side of me:

Plus Eggs

Mantastic is my main account and I never knew about rerolling and started with countless 3 & 4 star things and sorting by CHR looks quite distressing and would have looked worse if I had not fed away numerous plus egg mistakes. My first real REM god (I am excluding Gabriel as he was the first REM god, but not helpful) came around 3-4 months into my PAD life and was Kirin Sakuya Sakuya! I had up to that point cleared Purple Hera, Two Heros, The tricolour Takemikata, as well as legendary Thief Descended. But once I  acquired Sakuya, my pad life skyrocketed in terms of fun and excitement. I used a farmable Sakuya team and surprisingly cleared a lot of content including True Endless Corridors and the Zeus Vulcan when it was current content.

TEC First Clear
My first True Endless Corridor clear

Old Kirin Team

Zeus Vulcan Clear
My first Zeus Vulcan clear =)

 Fast forwarding I now have 15 +297s as well as a full 300 friend list. As such, I tend to clear out in active players on a regular basis and apologize in advance if I cannot accept everyone. If I am ever allowed to expand my friend list again, I will fill it back up to max capacity. My friends list is vastly populated with Sakuya Sakuya and Kali Kali players and that probably helped with gaining best friend tokens as I have consistently run Sakuya for almost 2 years. The MOMtastic account is my mom, and is one of the ways I am able to connect with my mom and has vastly improved our relationship.

Updated Friend list
Mantastic ID

My alt account (Fantastic) was inherited from a friend who quit around rank 200. It had a hypermaxed U&Y Umi Yami and essentially no other plus eggs. Now it has 6 hypermaxes and I am mostly looking to populate their friends list with Awoken Shiva Shiva and  U&Y .

Fantastic Box
Fantastic ID

I am pretty much love the play style of the match 4 colours -> 25x dmg and I am trying to branch out to other top tier leads that I have acquired over time with only Shiva providing a competitive alternative to U&Y with minimal plus eggs. Currently, my most played teams are Sakuya and Kali for Mantastic, while Fantastic uses U&Y and Shiva . I switch teams based on the dungeon requirements as each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

May the skyfalls be with you and Happy Puzzling!


14 thoughts on “About Mantastic”

  1. Hey mantastic, this is bluewolf19, you said to contact you thru your website about creating a co-op team to go against myr next time she comes up. Check out my pad herder account and lets see if we can create a good co-op team to take her down, and see what I need to work on till then.


  2. Hey Mantastic, long time luker first time commenter. I love your blog and positive attitude!

    My in game name is edk

    Quick request, would you mind friending me with fantastic? I would like to best friend them to get access to myr with light akechi.

    My most common lead is pentamax myr with saria inherit (always on) as well as the usual a liu bei, acc, sarasvati, etc.




    1. Hello Ed! Glad you came out of lurking and into the glorious world of comments =)

      I sent you a friend request from Fantastic so you can start taking advantage of the wonderful Akechi inherit =)


  3. Just saw ur UBC shirt on ur youtube videos and as a fellow UBC student I’m glad I have someone in my sch who also plays PAD. Keep up the good content!


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