August 18-19 Godfest Review Plus Madoo Commentary & Updated Tier List

Godfest Basics

The format for Godfests has been dramatically changed through their REM Renewal along with Full Disclosure of Rolling Rates. These changes dramatically improve your chances of rolling a specific card as the pool of available monsters is significantly smaller as only a portion of the all possible monsters are featured at a given time. This is great news for players as you are better able to focus your Magic Stones on key cards.

Godfests no longer advertise “rate increases” and instead Highlighted specific cards along with 6/7* Godfest Exclusives being available. As such, these events are the best time to roll the REM as the current meta is heavily favouring these rare and elusive monsters.

Rolling rates may change or vary with each Godfest event and some 6/7* GFE may have higher rolling rates. Always check the rolling rates before proceeding.


Saturday marks the debut of Madoo  /  during our bi-monthly Godfest and is an interesting card overall. Sadly, this Godfest comes on the heels of a Super Godfest in NA which means most players are out of Magic Stones along with this event being lackluster by comparison.

Furthermore, JP had a special 7-themed Super Godfest that was not tied to a specific date/anniversary which means there is a strong likelihood NA will receive something similar in 2-3 months (no confirmation, just speculation). As such, it would be wise to skip this Godfest in favour of saving Stones for more promising events.

With that being said, this article will summerize this Godfest, review Madoo, along with providing some insight on future JP GFE evolutions that just came out.

Official announcement can be found HERE.

Video commentary

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Godfest overview

Unlike Godfests of the past, only some 6/7* GFE will be featured. If they are listed as unavailable, you will be unable to roll them during the event.

August 18-19 Godfest
6/7* GFE available


6/7* GFE not available

  3370 3236  2991      3233

You ideally wish to line up a Godfest that overlaps with several key targets to improve your overall chances of success. Thus, it may be advantageous to wait for a more opportune Godfest if the current one does not feature enough key targets.

Based on the revealed rolling rates of previous Godfests, 6* GFE will have 0.6% hit rate whereas the 7* had 0.5%. With that being said, some GFE may feature an increased rate and you simply have to check the displayed rolling rates each time.

Looking at the past few Godfests, it appears that the trend is now to include two 7* and fifteen 6* GFE which is significantly lower compared to before. We used to have twenty 6* and one 7* which makes the overall rolling rates for hitting any 6/7* GFE lower. Continue reading August 18-19 Godfest Review Plus Madoo Commentary & Updated Tier List


Sonia Elle Ranking Dungeon Guide & Strategies


The Sonia Elle Tournament is now live and gives players the opportunity to chase a crown along with Sonia Elle by achieving a high score. Players are ranked based on Combo Count, Time Remaining, Max Damage, and Skill Only Defeat with the top 6% earning a Crown and top 26% earning Sonia Elle.

This article will explain my thought process for earning a crown along with strategies for maximizing your score.

Dungeon information can be found HERE.

Video commentary

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138,504 score

Skyfalls were quite friendly

No assists

No assists means players will have to use subs that bring a healthy mix of Skill Boosts Skill Boost, Skill Bind Resist Skill Lock Resist, and relevant active skills to succeed. Continue reading Sonia Elle Ranking Dungeon Guide & Strategies

Sub Carnival is a Trap


The Sub Carnival is a promoted event by GHNA and is absolutely terrifying. Players should stay as far away as possible from this event as it features a horrible roster of what are the “top 15 subs.”

This article will try and explain the featured list along with providing insight on potential high-profile events that could come to North America.

Regardless of whether or not you read the entire article, DO NOT ROLL IN SUB CARNIVAL.

Video commentary

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This is not a Godfest

The Sub Carnival is not a Godfest and this alone should be a large red flag as players will not be able to roll any 6/7-star Godfest Exclusives.

Generally speaking, 6/7-star Godfest Exclusives are some of the strongest cards available and the 6-star ones have become invaluable as trade fodder via the Monster Exchange. Players are able to trade in four 6-star GFE for a single Collab card (5-stone machine) and this removes the need to actually roll in the event. As such, it is highly advantageous to try and stock up on these cards as it will enable one to acquire a top tier monster. Continue reading Sub Carnival is a Trap

June Bride REM Review and Analysis – August 2018


I once told a girl I wanted to get married in June when in fact I really meant August. As such, you would not believe my surprise when I found myself single in August and had no one to give my bouquet to. Regardless, the August June Bride REM comes at an awkward time due to the recent passing of a Super Godfest.

The Super Godfest has left most players without any Magic Stones and may be challenging to justify rolling here as it would be more for Pretty Girls as opposed to progression value. On the bright side, three of the 4-star cards have been removed from the REM lineup.

This article will summarize each card’s strengths and weaknesses to provide a better picture of what to expect in this event.

Video commentary

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June Bride REM
 8 Star base  W Gadius   
 7 Star base W Satsilo 
 6 Star base W Ra W Bastet
 5 Star base W Akechi W Ruka W Kano F
 4 Star base W Sopdet W Iza
June Bride REM Rankings – August 4, 2018
C W Gadius W Satsilo  W Ra W Bastet W Akechi
D W Ruka W Kano F W Sopdet W Iza

All 8-star cards are available for trade within the Monster Exchange.

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking.

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them.

Continue reading June Bride REM Review and Analysis – August 2018

Organizing My Monster Box


Numerous Quality of Life changes have occurred since my previous article detailing the Monster Box Folder System. As such, I wish to review how I now sort my Monster Box now that we have the Plus Bank, Evolution Gems, and various material stacking.

While you may have your own methods for sorting your Monster Box, it does not hurt to see how other players go about this. There is no “correct” way to manage your Box, but being exposed to new ideas may be of value.

Video commentary

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Monster Box Folders

The default Monster Box has the folders turned off and it is highly advisable to turn them on right away. The Folders provide additional levels of customization and can greatly ease in finding cards within.

To turn Folders on simply follow these steps: Continue reading Organizing My Monster Box

[PSA] August Quests – Rainbow Medals


The August Monthly Quests are the first inception of a new in game currency: the Rainbow Event Medal :eventmedal:. These Medals differ from those acquired via Ganesha’s Treasure Trove and cannot be acquire via trading in the Bronze/Silver/Gold Medals.

As such, these Rainbow Event Medals should be cherished as JP has only given out a limited amount (9) and will be used for trading in via the Monster Exchange system.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Rainbow Event Medals

Evolution Gems

The JP server is several months ahead of North America and they have only received 9 Rainbow Event Medals thus far; however, the two gained from the August Quests will not be sufficient to purchase anything of value (along with not being available). Continue reading [PSA] August Quests – Rainbow Medals

[Video] Super Godfest Rolling!

As soon as Super Godfest went live, i streamed all my rolls on my Twitch Twitch stream but also uploaded all of my rolls onto YT YouTube along with a rolling progression tracker.


Let me know who you managed to roll in the comments below and whether or not this was a Super Godfest for you too.

Happy Puzzling!

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