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PAD NA Speed Run Archives

Welcome to Hyperion’s home for all things FAST. Please check the rules for submission below or expand the available categories to jump to a dungeon page in the archives. This page is brand new so bear with us as we add content! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • Have a good, and fast, attitude
  • Have a video link with a clear time that ranks you into the Top 10 of a category as well as a screenshot of your clear history showing the in-game time.
    • “Verified Runners” may be accepted with a screenshot + team composition + floor description.
    • Videos are important to ensure competition is fair.
    • Must be run on the NA server OR be 100% NA friendly at the time of submission.
  • Submit the video in the speedrun_submissions channel of the Hyperion Discord.
    • YouTube is preferred but not required.
    • You’re not required to stay a discord member to stay on this leaderboard.
  • Provide the team composition if it is not in the video.
  • Indicate the dungeon name and type (solo, co-op)
    • co-op disconnect is not allowed
  • Indicate how you want to be credited on the site if your submission is accepted.
    • If you ever want your credit/submission removed for any reason just ask.