Puzzle and Dragons Coaching


One on one coaching is a popular learning method across other video games such as League of Legends or Overwatch and I wish to expand this to Puzzle and Dragons.

Each session will take approximately 1 hour to complete and will feature:

  • A thorough box review
  • Detailed breakdown on which teams to use
  • Advice on which cards to work on first
  • A combo tutorial done together in coop
  • Team usage and general strategies
  • An opportunity to ask any PAD related questions

Furthermore, all of the above points will be saved and presented to you afterwards as a take-home report. Finally, I will also upload an unlisted YouTube video of our coaching session that can be rewatched at your leisure. An unlisted video will be only viewable if you have the website link and will not be for public consumption.

A sample report can be found below and will be adjusted/customized to your individual needs.

Coaching will mostly be geared towards early/mid game players or those trying to min/max their team building potential.


You must present your Monster box through an Imgur album sorted in the following manner:

Your other two folders must not contain any relevant monsters and you have all REM cards favourited. This will allow me to view your box in the most efficient manner possible while also removing unneeded fodder.

In addition, you must have access to discord Discord and while you do retain the option to not use a microphone, it is highly recommended.

Finally, you must be able to set aside about an hour’s worth of your time for the session.


My coaching sessions will be built into my $25 download Patreon tier and will renew on a monthly basis. This allows us to see your level of progression every month as well as adjusting your goals/needs as required. Thus, it would be ideal if you could keep your older PAD boxes on Imgur to see the progression levels.

However, if Patreon is not an ideal medium, please feel free to message me through FB icon Facebook or discord Discord and I can provide a link to my PayPal.

Sample report

The following report will provide an idea of what kind of content you can expect to be covered as well as the level of customization involved. All of the following information will be based on your own Monster Box. Results will vary

Report for XYZ

Box Link: ___________
Date: ____________
Rank: ___________
IAP-tendencies: _____________
Highest difficulty cleared: _____________

Teams to use

Solo Dark Athena Arena 3
Card 3193 3193
Inherit Zeta Hydra Lumiel 3387 Ryune Carat 3414
Latent physical killerphysical killer
Wood resistWood resist
Dragon KillerWood resist
Wood resist
Dragon KillerSkill delay resist
Dark ReductionDark Reduction
Dragon KillerSkill delay resist
Skill delay resist
Skill delay resistSkill delay resistSkill delay resist
Wood resistWood resist
physical killerphysical killer
Skill delay resist
Solo Kushinadahime Arena 3
Card Dark Valk
Inherit 2983 Cross Typhon Zeta Hydra Lumiel Indra
Latent Dragon KillerDark Reduction
Skill delay resistWood resist
Dragon KillerWood resist
Wood resist
Dragon KillerSkill delay resist
Dark ReductionDark Reduction
Dragon KillerSkill delay resist
Skill delay resist
Dragon KillerDark Reduction
Dark ReductionDark Reduction
Dragon KillerDark Reduction
Skill delay resistWood resist

Cards to work on/develop



Max skill




Combo/board optimization strategies

Needs to work on developing Elevator and Staircasing cascades. Already comfortable/confident in Line cascades.

Multiple Staircasing

Elevator shown below

Needs to focus on forming Section 2 when trying to optimize a combo-heavy board.

Team usage and strategies

Dark Athena 3193 requires a patient mindset when playing through challenging content. Try to not heal until absolutely needed as you are unable to effectively stall due to matching water and dark orbs. Use her delay liberally as you have two and try your best to set up the board and squeeze every single turn out of it to maximize your stalling potential.

If struggling with combos, try to use the Time Extend Badge, otherwise HP tends to be the superior choice.

Kushinadahime  will require you to begin to master the 1, 2, 3 sectional method. You can form section 1 and 2 in any order, but the main idea is to try and adhere to the final pattern as best as possible. When stalling, it is best to try and set up your board and leverage your augmented health pool and naturally high RCV. This means you may need to take a few hits, but bank on healing back to full when maximizing your combos from a kill board.

Happy Puzzling!

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Puzzling those Dragons

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