Skill Inheritance: Advanced Strategies

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In my previous post where I thoroughly analyse Skill Inheritance and its uses, I give a large disclaimer at the bottom that reads as follows:

What do I do with this/how do I choose what to inherit?

This is a horribly loaded question and is probably on the forefront of most player's minds. Sadly, there is no perfect answer as skill inheritance will be used to fill the voids in your team when facing specific dungeons/mechanics. If you need a bind clearing active, you select a bind immune card, go to the list of bind removing actives, and inherit. If you need a board changer, same logic applies, but you can choose your least valuable active to use as a base. You need to systematically go through the list of assistance subs I provided above and find what you have at your disposal and determine if you need to bring those for that specific encounter.

And this is true for the most part as it is very challenging to give specific examples of what to do as everyone has a different team with varying shortcomings. Skill transfer is deigned to help address holes/flaws in your team’s roster as a means to tackle harder content without sacrificing subs who provide ideal awakenings, typing, or colour coverage. However, after more digging and research, I came across three helpful links (here, here, and here) which are all in Japanese, but the pictures help me gain a general understanding of the current meta in JP. As such, If anyone can link me to other sites such as these, it would be greatly appreciated as I have no idea how to navigate around. I will use these as a rough template paired with my own knowledge/point of view to give some specific examples of how to make the most of your active skills.

Video and Example Inheritance Options

Stand out assistance monsters

There are of course all the popular options you are very familiar with, but these are less common and immensely powerful cards you may have idling away in your monster box.

Jewel Princesses

The Jewel Princesses are fantastic for skill inheritance due to their amazingly high multiplier for damage enhancement. They grant  enhancement based on unique criteria such as specific awakenings so do not let their colours deceive you. Unlike the Norse Gods, they only boost damage for a single turn, but their enhancement is far greater.

 Silk Carat  Cameo Facet  Sheen
Enhnaced Fire Orb +light orb +heart
Skill Boost
Wood Row Dark row
Time Extend


The Swordsmen series is also a fantastic option for a 3 turn bind clear and orb generation. They all break hearts and convert them into their respective colour on only a 6-turn cooldown:

Fire Dragon Knight Water Dragon Knight Earth Dragon Knight Shining Dragon Knight Shadow Dragon Knight

Elemental Series

These cards have often been dismissed as troll gold eggs due a seemingly pointless kit. However, with Skill Inheritance, they have found new found power as they can completely resist damage from a particular colour. Most importantly, Genie Genie can completely void dark damage for 3 turns and will be a critical skill for dealing with powerful dark bosses.

Shaitan Undine Sylph Genie Thanatos

Armour Knights

The Armoured Knights offer a powerful 2.5x damage enhancement for various type of monsters and can be max skilled to a 10-turn cooldown. Another great way to add damage to your teams.

Nim Muse Delgado arcline Creuse


Remember this guy? Probably has been rotting away in your monster box as he had a tough time finding a home on your various teams. However, he is one of the best candidates for assistance for dark teams due to the fact he also produces heart and light orbs (and haste). Furthermore, you can combo him with countless orb changers to produce a 2/3 dark board.


Reference chart
Gravity Sakuya Awoken Hades Hathor Chibi Hera
Susano Indra Kush Valen Ganesha Raphael dtron Isis Cursed Dragon

 Undine Sylph Genie Thanatos
Full board
 Kali Dark Kali
Mori Motanari Ryune Saria Sylvie Famiel Awoken Leilan Awoken Karin MeiMei Haku
Typhon Gadius Urd Skuld ult evo Verd Ilm Apocalypse Red Sonia Blue Sonia
Green Sonia Zuoh Lumiel Avalon Drake
True damage
/ poison
 Neptune Awoken Archdemon Lucifer rodin Ra Cerebrus Rider Chibi Lilith
Freyr I&I Thor Awoken Freyja Awoken Loki Nim Muse Delgado arcline
Creuse Awoken Yomi Izanagi Oku Nephthys Set Durga Lu Bu Kanna
Silk Carat Cameo Facet Sheen 
Delay  Awoken Oorochi Oku Cao Cao Sun Quan Zeta Hydra ForestBahn Wee Jas Green wee jas Kenpachi
Bind clearing Ame Amate Awoken Ceres Sakuya Metatron Green Odin Isis Fire Dragon Knight Water Dragon Knight
Earth Dragon Knight Shining Dragon Knight Shadow Dragon Knight Guan Yu Red Guan Yu Red Riding Hood Snow White Thumbelina
Sleeping Beauty

Countering Skill Delay & Upgrading Actives

Another fantastic component of skill inheritance is your ability to counteract skill delay attacks. Because an inherited skill is essentially an extension of your base cooldown, you are able to protect yourself via assistant monsters who have a similar active. For example, you may need to use Claire Dark Valk for her god/devil typing or awakenings, but wish to improve her capabilities.

jjBasejj jjjUpgradejjj Notes 
Dark Valk Castor
Awoken Persephone
Claire (or any heart breaker) has a wonderful active, but can be improved upon through stronger heart breaking options who may not be allowed due to the wrong typing etc.
 Dark Kali Lightning
Dark Kali is fantastic, but by inheriting another board change, you protect yourself against delays while adding a new layer of utility.
 Diza Indra
Dark Izanami is still the best option for dark teams when it comes to shielding and you can improve her via inheriting other damage reduction abilities. This may seem excessive, but it does protect you against delays and I wanted to showcase that you can use a farmable monster as a base.

Popular Leaders

As part of my previous post, I listed various high end/popular leaders who have powerful leader skills, but a poor active that could greatly benefit from an inherited skill. A large key to success is finding an active that offers similar features to your base, but provides some sort of enhanced feature. For example, if your base leader has haste, it is ideal to find an assistant monster who also provides haste. If they enhance fire orbs, find a monster who can grant a fire orb change and enhance at the same time. You are also able to inherit actives as a means to drop what would normally be a staple sub from your team roster in favour of someone else who has better stats/awakenings/synergy etc. Furthermore, you usually wish to choose more powerful/longer cooldown or one that can be used in conjunction with another sub. Due to the extended cooldown of base + inherited, you may only be able to use them once per encounter and should try to get the most bang for your figurative buck.

This list is by no means the only options, but instead can help provide specific examples for inspiration. These are mostly offensive options and you should bring shields/bind clearing/defensive utility as needed. Lastly, you may still enjoy your original active and may elect to choose a friend who has no inherited skill. This is because you may only wish to have only one of your leader’s base actives as two is sometimes redundant.

Base Active 
  Awoken Archdemon Lucifer Awoken Lucifer 150k True Damage
Spawn 3 dark orbs
8 turn CD
Inheritance Options
Red Sonia Apocalypse Haku Akechi Baby Satsuki Armoured Batman Awoken Persephone Awoken Loki I&I Cameo

Awoken Karin MeiMei (if you run Pandora Awoken Pandora)

 Awoken Lucifer is a powerful leader, but for the most part has a lacklustre active. All the board change actives are logical choices and Haku is mentioned due to the synergistic pairing with Akechi who is most likely a sub. This also allows you to drop Haku from your team roster if you own someone like Eschamali Eschamali as a means to counter poison. If you already run Haku as a sub, Satsuki is a great pairing due to the opportunity to form a 2/3 dark board.
Base Active 
Shiva Awoken Shiva 75% armour break
Enhance fire & heart
7 turn CD
Inheritance Options
Sanada Saria Verd Red Sonia Urd Bankai Yamato Uriel Set Freyr
Awoken Shiva is still a very popular leader who will greatly benefit from skill inheritance. He is for the most part an offensive, TPA oriented leader who greatly benefits from orb changers. Sanada Sanada is one of the stronger options for Shiva as he generates fire and heart orbs while enhancing fire orbs. This is quite similar to Shiva and is what I am encouraging my Mom to do with hers (I put Saria onto mine). In addition, I also like the double orb changers who manufacture heart orbs as being able to heal and deal damage is critical. Lastly, utilizing a damage enhancer is great as it saves you a sub slot and is a more powerful form of Shiva’s original active.
Base Active 
Awoken Lakshimi Awoken Lakshimi Spawn 4 heart orbs
Heal a large amount of HP
8 turn CD
Inheritance Options
Urd Ryune Skuld ult evo Typhon Bankai Andro Gabriel Awoken Oorochi Y'shtola I&I
Almost any active is stronger than Lakshimi’s and of course you give priority to cards who can generate heart and water orbs. Urd deserves special mentioning as you are almost always using Andromeda on your team and the ability to combo into a 2/3 water, 1/3 heart board spells certain doom for any opposing boss. Damage enhancement is probably overkill for most content, but is worthwhile for content such as Arena.
Base Active 
Awoken Parv Awoken Parvati Water to hearts
Enahnce wood & hearts
5 turn CD
Inheritance Options
Sylvie Verd Bankai Perseus Michael Awoken Freyja Facet Susano Awoken Oorochi
plus any bind clearer
Parvati received a modest buff to her active that now allows her to enhance wood orbs. This is quite powerful as its a built in damage enhancement along with heart generation. However, you can still benefit from an active that manufactures wood and heart orbs. The damage enhancement is mostly for high tier content, but is worth considering. Due to her bind immunity, you can also inherit a bind clear to make your life easier.
Base Active 
Horus Awoken Horus Enhance fire orbs
+2s movement time
4 turn CD
Inheritance Options
Kali Dark Kali Keiji Lightning Ichigo Freyr Set Susano Awoken Oorochi
Awoken Horus does have a large portion of his leader skill damage tied active skill usage and his 4-turn cooldown is ideal. However, you may wish to inherit board refreshes in order to actually trigger your full multiplier as that is the main crux of rainbow teams. Freyr  and Set are included as a means to generate burst damage. However, due to Horus’s naturally short cooldown, you have more flexibility than most other leaders when selecting an assistant monster.
Base Active 
Bastet Awoken Bastet Mass attack for 3 turns
+2s movement time
5 turn CD
Inheritance Options
Green Sonia Australis Sylvie Ult Zuoh Skuld ult evo Verd Bankai Perseus Michael MeiMei Ishida Bartz
Facet Awoken Freyja Susano Awoken Oorochi
Awoken Bastet is a powerful wood TPA combo leader who is reliant on a steady supply of wood orbs to deal damage. Many of the powerful double orb changers lack a TPA awakening, but by inheriting their active, you can benefit from their power. Furthermore, you can also bring a damage enhancing active as a means to clear high end content as you wish to have subs who bring quick charging orb changers.
Base Active 
Ra Awoken Ra 77,777 true damage
+3s movement time
7 turn CD
Inheritance Options
Kali Dark Kali Keiji Ichigo Thor Awoken Loki Izanagi Kanna Susano Awoken Oorochi
Awoken Ra is ironically desired as an assitant for other teams due to his true damage component. However, in this scenario, he is the leader and his active is underirable in most instances. As such, he could greatly benefit from any form of board refresh, but also damage enhance. Yes, 100x is a lot, but as you are rainbow and without rows, you may need something extra to push you over the top. Susano and Orochi are overall solid choices in most cases.
Base Active 
Awoken Anubis Awoken Anubis Jammer, Poison, & Wood to Dark
Small counterattack
8 turn CD
Inheritance Options
Dark Kali Typhon Ryune Red Sonia Eschamali Apocalypse Haku Awoken Karin MeiMei Susano Awoken Oorochi
Awoken Anubis is heavily reliant on making 9+ combos and you mainly wish to inherit any active that condenses the board to fewer colours while retaining dark orbs. Of course you can attach any other form of utility/survivability to help you withstand uncomboable boards.
Base Active 
Amate Awoken Amaterasu 40% max HP heal
4 turn bind recover
1 turn haste
8 turn CD
Inheritance Options
Apocalypse Saria Sylvie MeiMei Awoken Leilan Thor Awoken Loki arcline Facet Susano Awoken Oorochi
Awoken Amaterasu does have a useful active to ensure she stays at full health for her leader skill, but you can inherit a light orb generator or damage enhancement as you may require a bit more oomph to deal lethal damage.
Base Active 
Awoken Yomi Awoken Yomi Enhance all orbs
+5s movement time
8 turn CD
Inheritance Options
Apocalypse Awoken Karin Haku MeiMei Typhon Akechi Nephthys I&I
Awoken Loki Susano Awoken Oorochi Sheen
Awoken Yomi still a powerful lead, but suffers from a lack of survivability and utility as their active is somewhat underwhelming. With skill inheritance, you are able address these short comings while tailoring your active to the dungeon. Akechi and Nephthys are both able to enhance dark orbs while providing extra utility.
Base Active 
Sakuya Awoken Sakuya 20% gravity
3 turn bind clear
10 turn CD
Inheritance Options
Kali Dark Kali Keiji Lightning Ichigo Sun Quan Awoken Apollo Pollux
Thor Awoken Loki Susano Awoken Oorochi Sheen
Awoken Sakuya is a powerful leader who does have issues with consistency due to a scaling multiplier that is unreliable. Furthermore, your heavy dependancy perfect boards makes board refreshes an ideal choice for inheritance.
Ra Dragon Ra Dragon +5s movement time
2 turns haste
13 turn CD
Inheritance Options
Dark Kali Keiji Lightning Ichigo Thor Awoken Loki Susano Carat Facet
Ra Dragon is still considered one of the best leaders in Puzzle and Dragons and is used to tackle the hardest content available. The main hurdles Ra Dragon has to overcome is unactivatable boards and by inheritting a board change, you can help ensure you sweep every floor. One notable board change is Lightning Lightning as she can deal true damage and kill PreDRAs Fire PreDRA.
Shiva D Shiva Dragon 2 turns haste
12 turn CD
Inheritance Options
Mori Motanari Red Sonia Saria Verd Urd Awoken Ares Bankai Yamato Uriel
Cao Cao Set Freyr Fire Dragon Knight Red Guan Yu
Shiva Dragon is the supreme farming lead and has an active that only gives two turns of haste. That’s nice for helping cycle your skills, but it can be helpful to have a real active to use as needed. Mori Mori Motanari is a popular option and does have one of the most powerful actives; however, he has a 14 turn cooldown and this can cause issues when paired with Shiva Dragon’s 12 turns. You need to think carefully when selecting a skill to inherit and whether you can benefit from them in your dungeon encounter.
Neptune Dragon Neptune Dragon 100x ATK poison
2 turns haste
16 turn CD
Inheritance Options
Mori Motanari Blue Sonia Ryune A Hermes I&I Thor Awoken Oorochi Water Dragon Knight Susano
Neptune Dragon is the horniest of all the dragons and has an active that gives two turns of haste along with a large poison component. However, it is largely underwhelming and having one on each leader can hinder your overall potential. Mori Mori Motanari deserves special mentioning again as he grants a dual board changer with two turns haste. This way, you can still cycle your other actives, but have an extra board changer.
dtron Dark Metatron 35% damage reduction
Enhance dark orbs
5 turn CD
Inheritance Options
Akechi Blue Sonia Ryune Apocalypse Castor Awoken Persephone I&I Awoken Loki Carat Susano Shadow Dragon Knight
Bind clearing cards
Dark Metatron does have a reasonably synergistic active for her leader skill due to the quick access to the shield. However, you may wish to inherit a more powerful active that generates dark orbs. Due to her being on a 5-turn cooldown, you have more flexibility in your choices as you do not have to wait as long for her to charge up.
Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon Spawn 4 hearts & dark orbs
1 turn haste
9 turn CD
Inheritance Options
Akechi Ryune Apocalypse Goetia I&I Awoken Loki Sheen Carat Shadow Dragon Knight Muse
Now this may seem a bit unusual, but Yomi Dragon can be used as a base for skill inheritance. Her active is powerful, but due to the restriction on God type subs, your team building may be challenging. Hurdles Yomi Dragon needs to overcome are a lack of burst damage options and dark orb enhancement. Akechi Akechi and Goetia Goetia are both capable of enhancing dark orbs and spawning them.

Xiang Mei Xiang Mei Spawn 6 hearts
1 turn haste
7 turn CD
Inheritance Options
Saria Ra arcline Genie Awoken Oorochi Sanada Bankai Yamato Uriel Gadius Urd
Xiang Mei is the newest 300k MP monster and is horribly reliant on skill inheritance to fill in the massive voids in her team utility due to being restricted to only fire healers. You need to determine the level of content you plan on challenging and inherit accordingly. I strongly recommend you read my Xiang Mei Article for more detailed information.


Skill inheritance is an incredible mechanic added to Puzzle and Dragons as a means to customize your teams. Your options for active pairing are limitless and you are mostly hindered by your imagination. Just remember that skill inheritance is not mandatory and you do not need to use it on every monster on your team.

I hope this post has provided some inspiration in tackling the newest feature PAD has to offer. Let me know what pairings you plan to do.

Happy Puzzling!

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