Xiang Mei – New 300k MP Monster Review and Analysis


Xiang Mei, or Orchid, is the first of the Four Gentlemen series 300k MP monsters to be released and brings a new play style, a dramatic increase in powercreep, and a somewhat dependency on Skill Inheritance. She is easily the most REM heavy of the MP Dragons to date and should only be purchased if you have the luxury of owning multiple copies of her and the few keys subs.

Xiang Mei
Xiang Mei
2,812 HP / 1.903 ATK / 1,001 RCV
995 Total
Skill Boost Skill Boost Time Extend Skill Lock Resist Fire Row 37

Active Skill:
Question Orb  Arrow Heart
1 turn haste
8 turn CD

Leader Skill:
1.5x HP / 2x ATK for Healer type. 3x ATK when 2 heal combo, 4.5x ATK with 3+ heal combos

2.25x HP / 81x ATK healer types

 # heal combos 1 2 3
 Multiplier 4x 36x 81x

Xiang Mei lacks dual typing and does not have a sub attribute. This seems bizarre for a 300k MP Monster; however, her leadership potential is unrivalled provided you have the right subs, duplicate Xiang Mei’s, and Skill Inheritance. The following video is mostly to illustrate the play style of Xiang Mei without skill inheritance to give you an idea of her capabilities.


  • 2.25x HP and 81x multiplier combine both survivability and damage potential on healers who have naturally high RCV
  • 1,001 base RCV on Xiang Mei and incredible weighted stats
  • Able to control damage through heart combos and electing to form a fire row
  • Active skill allows for a system like team due to haste
  • Considered a top tier leader with the right support
  • Attacker Killer 37 awakening grants 3x damage to attacker type bosses
  • Did I mention the outrageous damage potential?!
  • Puts the Waifu back into Puzzle and Waifus


  • Horribly restrictive sub pool as fire healers who do not remove heart orbs is very limited
  • Ideal teams require multiple Xiang Mei’s to be effective
  • Skill Inheritance reliant for full optimization
  • Vulnerable to binds and is dependant on subs to remove them.
  • Virtually no uses as a sub
  • Out of reach for the average player in terms of MP investment
  • Is not a dragon

How many fire rows is enough?

Many people have asked what is the ideal number of Fire Row awakenings to have and it comes down to a bit of math:

  • Each Fire Row awakening adds 10% damage
  • Every matched combo adds 25% more damage
  • However, a connected 6 match deals 1.75x your base attack value while 2 separate combos is 2x base attack
  • Thus you need 4.2 Fire Row to “break even” (instead of matching 2 unique sets of 3 fire orbs)

You should keep in mind that you have an unbelievable 81x damage multiplier and rows are somewhat overkill at this point as most row leaders have 10.5-25x damage. Granted you need to have 9 heart orbs, but your output is amazing already.

Team Building Options

Xiang Mei is placed out of reach due to her nearly non-existent sub pool as she can only utilize fire healers. Furthermore, you cannot use heart breakers as you require heart orb matches to trigger your damage multiplier. This can force players into purchasing multiple Xiang Mei’s in order to fill out their sub roster and to better abuse the haste component of her active. With Xiang Mei’s as subs, we need to have access to skill inheritance to bring utility to your team.

Staple subs:

  • Uriel Uriel is an essential sub who possess a double orb changer to spawn fire and heal orbs. Has perfect synergy with Gadius’s to form a 50% fire and 50% heal orb board. Many teams will run 1-3 Uriels and can be used in lieu of additional Xiang Meis.
  • Gadius Gadius is unbindable and provides heart and fire orb generation with his full board changer and recover bind Bind Clear awakening awakening. This enables him to be your best counter against binds and his active has incredible synergy with Uriel to unleash explosive damage. Just be careful as he lacks a skill bind resist Skill Lock Resist awakenings. You should not use more than one on your team.
  • Xiang Mei Xiang Mei can be used as a sub on her own team to help round out your team roster and becomes reliant on Skill Inheritance to shine. Her incredible base stats along with haste and heart orb generation are vital for stalling. Having 1-2 as subs is mostly needed when challenging the hardest dungeons and is not mandatory for the majority of the content.

Viable subs:

  • 1973 Kiriko is a rare pull from the Shinarabansho Choco Collab and provides a full board changer into fire, light, and heart orbs. Due to her rarity, many players would not have her, but she should be used if you are fortunate enough to own one.
  • Valen Valen provides a 30% damage reduction shield for 4 turns on a 6-turn cooldown should you require damage mitigation. With Xiang Mei’s haste component, you an have nearly 100% uptime.
  • Laila Laila produces full horizontal line of fire orbs at the bottom row of the board. This enables you to automatically form a row, just be careful you have sufficient heart orbs present.
  • Red Riding Hood Red Riding Hood has a water to heart orb active along a 3-turn bind clear.
  • Christmas Echidna Christmas Echidna (or regular Echidna Echidna) provides 3 turns of delay which becomes vital when dealing with dangerous bosses who have either resolve/perseverance or dangerous kill mechanics
  • 2574 Party Fox, Mitsuki (NY REM) promises a festive time with her double orb to heart active and 1 turn haste. Can also use the regular Mitsuki 1511 from the REM.
  • 1875 Mamiya comes from the Fist of the North Star Collab and features a jammer and water to fire orb changer along with 20% reduction to dark damage via 4 Dark Reduction awakenings.

The limited sub pool is the main reason why Xiang Mei is heavily dependant on Skill Inheritance.

Sample teams

The core of the team is running a single Gadius and multiple Uriels or Xiang Mei dupes with appropriate skills inherited to counteract various dungeon mechanics. Duplicate Xiang Meis grant your team a higher success rate when challenging the hardest content Puzzle and Dragons has to offer.

Xiang Mei Gadius Uriel Xiang Mei Xiang Mei Xiang Mei
The most expensive and luxurious team

Xiang Mei Gadius Uriel Uriel 1973 Xiang Mei

Xiang Mei Gadius Uriel Uriel Uriel Xiang Mei
More budget friendly and access to plenty of fire orb generation

Xiang Mei Gadius Uriel Laila Red Riding Hood Xiang Mei

There is not much diversification when team building Xiang Mei and you must heavily rely on Skill Inheritance to provide the much needed utility her sub pool lacks.

Can I use non-healer fire subs?

If you are asking this question, you should probably reconsider purchasing Xiang Mei as you will not be running an optimized team. Xiang Mei is designed to clear end game content and by using a less optimized team essentially defeats the purpose. This will definately be a point of controversy and the reason I say this is because you can utilize the other Monster Point Dragons to clear plenty of content. Furthermore, they have a wider range of viable subs and will be less restrictive when team building.

With that being said, you could possibly get away with one sub not having the healer type, but just be aware they will only be receiving 20.25x ATK from 3 heart orb matches and no additional HP contribution.

Skill Inheritance in action:

Arena 2 clear heavily utilizing Skill Inheritance and a rich discussion on Reddit:

  • Xiang Mei 1 Xiang Mei inherits Arcline arcline
  • Xiang Mei 2 Xiang Mei inherits Awoken Ra Ra
  • Xiang Mei 3 Xiang Mei inherits Saria Saria
  • Gadius Gadius inherits Fencer Fencer (JP exclusive)
  • Uriel Uriel inherits Zeta Hydra Zeta Hydra / Orochi Awoken Oorochi

However, not everyone has the perfect monster box for inheritance and here is my compilation of other options for Skill inheritance:

 Xiang Mei Xiang Mei Spawn 6 hearts
1 turn haste
7 turn CD
 Inheritance Options
Damage Enhance arcline Sun Quan Freyr Carat
True Damage /
Neptune Awoken Archdemon Lucifer rodin Ra Cerebrus Rider Chibi Lilith
Board Changer Saria Gadius Urd Verd
Genie Susano Indra Kush Valen Ganesha Raphael
Delay Awoken Oorochi Sun Quan Zeta Hydra Oku Cao Cao  ForestBahn Wee Jas
Green wee jas KenpachiSagirinokami
Orb Changer Sanada Bankai Yamato Uriel

What you choose to use will depend on the cards you have at your disposal along with the requirements of the dungeon. Following the template used in that Arena 2 clear, you require a damage enhancement, true damage/poison, a full board changer, damage mitigation/void, and a delay. You may not need all of those components in every scenario, but is something to keep in mind when selling duplicate monsters. Bind clearing should not be a hard requirement as Gadius is bind immune and his recover bind Bind Clear awakening should be sufficient in most cases.

I highly recommend you read my Skill Inheritance: Advanced Strategies article as it will provide you with a wealth of information on how to make the most of your actives.

Latent Awakening set-up

Xiang Mei is by nature a tank team and does not require a specific line up of awakenings to shine. Outside of a single rainbow resist (as a means to survive 100% gravities by having 1% of each colour), you are quite free to do as you please. However, due to Xiang Mei’s incredible base recovery and no RCV multiplier, she can greatly benefit from the recovery latent Tamadras Imp RCV as each one provides 50 RCV. This is significant as you are required to stall throughout a dungeon to recharge your actives.

The viability of skill delay resists Skill delay resist has been somewhat diminished through skill inheritance as you are able to protect yourself by using the additional cooldown timer as a “shield” against delays. However, if you are trying to cycle your actives through Xiang Mei’s base active, you may benefit with 1-2 delay resists. The decision is up to you, but it is less important if you heavily utilize skill inheritance.


Xiang Mei is a fierce violin-wielding powerhouse leader who is capable of explosive damage while retaining the option of controlling their output. Her 2.25x HP multiplier allows you to construct durable teams while the healer’s naturally high RCV allows for stalling. However, only players who have an exceptional amount of Monster Points to spend along with very specific subs can use Xiang Mei to her fullest potential. Xiang Mei is designed to clear end game content and you should not have to settle for an unideal team as you are defeating her purpose. Skill Inheritance will alleviate some of the team building constraints, but will still remain out of reach for the average player.

However, with all that being said, if you have a single Gadius and 1+ Uriel(s), you can still use Xiang Mei to clear most content as having dupes of herself is only needed when trying to push the newest and hardest content. The key is owning a Gadius and Uriel.

Happy Puzzling!

76 thoughts on “Xiang Mei – New 300k MP Monster Review and Analysis”

    1. They are for the most part weaker version of their REM equivalent and have worse awakenings. New players will find a use for them, but transitioning into mid/late game will see them fall off. Skill Inheritance is always a viable option, but the REM versions do the same thing. The most notable chibi for Skill Inheritance is Chibi DQ Hera as you can have a 30% gravity


  1. The fact I have a Uriel and 2 Gadius and that’s not enough for her makes me a little sad. Here’s to rolling more duplicate Uriels.


    1. Your name feels appropriate for your situation. I feel your pains as I have the same situation of 2 gadius and Uriel and will simply forgo purchasing her as I lack both the MP and there is no point if I do not have the ideal team as she is only for end game content


    1. Thanks for letting me know! When I reposted and updated that article, it broke all the links and I have been trying to remember all the places I had one. Fixed now =D


  2. I have 2 Uriel, 1 Gadius, 1 Phoenix Rider and 1 NY Mitsuki. I know ideal team is 3 XM, but I want buy only 1 XM because non-iap struggle and no interest in Shivadra (even thou I have all his subs ),I’m not planning to do high stuff like Arena. Is it a good choice to buy her?.


    1. Once you said 2 uriel and 1 gadius I was pretty much sold on the idea of you buying one! You also can utilize skill inheritance on your flex sub and Xiang Mei to further customize your team =)

      I would go for her if you enjoy the heart playstyle (test with gadius as a lead first)


  3. Who would have thought the elementals, especially Genie would become so valuable? Granted, they have a long CD (10 in a future update), but the enhance light orbs and void dark dmg for 3 turns works so well with Uriel…Kicking myself for selling my max skilled genie from Kapibarasan Collab last year, away…but I have 2 max skilled so far…


  4. Was there any discussion of what latents should go on this team? Or are they even necessary? Also, what would be an adequate replacement for Fencer in NA? Is the Dark damage negation more important, or the Armor Reduction?


    1. I added in a section on latents (idk how I forgot), but they are largely unnecessary. Fencer is replaced by Genie who voids dark damage for 3 turns. You can also use other shielding options such as Indra who provide 75% reduction for 3 turns. Pick and choose what helps you the most =)


  5. Heya, manly one. Dunno if you still look at this, but in your opinion, should I buy Xiang Mei? I have 1 Uriel and 2 Gadius, but I do have enough MP to buy a 2nd Xiang Mei. Of her other viable subs I have: Mamiya, NY Mitsuki, and Valen. Or should I buy Radra instead, since I have 2 DKali, Indra, and Awoken Orochi/Awoken Isis? OR should I buy You Yu when he comes out since his sub pool is immense and the only blue sub of consequence I’m missing is Scheat? I hope to hear from you soon. I’m at a bit of a loss as to what I do!


    1. I try to look and reply to all my comments =)

      Well for XM, your team could look like Uriel, Gadius, Mamiya, and NY Mitsuki. Running a second Gadius only works if you don’t care about having less than 100% skill bind resistance.

      In regards to who you should buy, the determining factor should be who do you enjoy playing the most? Just because XYZ is strong, if you do not enjoy that play style, it is not for you. You can test XM out by using Gadius as a leader to see if the heart play style is enjoyable.


  6. Hi All,
    Could Xiang Mei work with a non-Fire-based Healer Team? I’m thinking of how Sakuya can work with all Dark subs – just wondering if we could potentially see Xiang-Mei leading an all Water or Light Healer team.


    1. Hmm, that is an interesting point. You do lose out on the fire rows from your leaders, but if your sub pool is significantly stronger in a different colour, maybe it could work. If you (or anyone else) does try it, let me know how it goes


  7. Just rolled two Uriels and have two gadius, I also just rolled my second Dkali. Should I buy RaDragon or Xiang Mei.I enjoy both the play styles and have the cards for both it is more of which one has a higher ceiling. I also only have MP for one?


    1. Both can clear similar content provided you have the right teams. The main question for XM is having the right cards for skill inheritance to cover her lack of diversification. Running 2 gadius won’t give you 100% SBR so what else do you have for fire-healer options?


            1. That’s alright. For some reason, no matter how many times I approve you, it still sometimes asks for verification. Or you are just really excited =P

              Use the second Uriel please! Laila is good too. Your team would look like XM, Uriel, Uriel, Gadius, Laila. Thats pretty solid and should be able to clear lots of content =)


              1. I just rolled a third Uriel and was wondering if that would be better than the Laila, also thanks for all the quick respons. I feel very welcome here and you have a great community built!!!!


                  1. One last question(thanks for being patient and answering mine) in your option which card will most likely be relevant the longest, XM or RaDra, RaDra has been out longer so naturally XM should theretically be better but he has held #1 for so long I can’t decide which one to use. I don’t want to have another Neptune Dragon mistake and buy a card that becomes irrelevant at the highest tier a month after the purchase.


                    1. XM brings new meaning to tank teams and with skill inheritance she is nearly unstoppable with the right subs/skills. However she is expensive to invest in. She can survive essentially every mechanic through skill inheritance and only downside is preemptive leader binds as she has more than enough damage to burst anything.

                      If you have the right cards for either, you should be immune to power creep for a very long time. If you can field both, choose which playstyle you enjoy most


  8. Id like to know your opinion on XM vs Plum as a 4 gentlemen lead for arena 2 level of challenge. Assume i have about every sub that isn’t a collab (heavy IAP here ) Not sure which of the 2 is the most viable, tending to think XM might be it…

    Thank you for your insightful articles btw, very interesting!


    1. If Xiang Mei had a restrictive sub pool, Plum is even worse. Her team is nearly only her self several times over and typhon and a few other subs. I haven’t done a full analysis, but from what I’ve seen she’s less viable overall. Also, no hp multiplier hurts compared to XM

      XM is fantastic if you have multiple Uriel (with a single Gadius) and don’t want to take the full MP plunge


      1. Wondering if Plum with typhon, balanced lucifer, sleeping beauty (school edition preferably coming to NA soon) and perhaps a second Plum is a more potent choice(jp getting her LS increased might also factor in). That being said, you do bring a good point with the HP boost.

        I have 3 Uriels, so if I go with a single Xiang Mei, for now, would you recommend Gadius, and 3x Uriels? I haven’t ventured far from Alucifer Radra and Yomidra yet so I am inexperienced with red / heart teams, but I am looking for a new team to max as I work on Arena2. Sounds like going for XM over Plum may be my calling…


        1. Uriel x3 with Gadius will be capable of clearing Arena 1 with the right SI support. Having additional XM only increases your consistency.

          Plum is still hard to deal with as she is like Yomi Dragon in terms of fragility (need full dark resist latents or shields inherited), but with far less utility and those subs listed do work, but you are far better of with XM

          I would get the single XM and try her and that team out. See if you enjoy the playstyle and commit to more XM as you deem necessary. You could even test out by running Gadius as a lead to get a feel for the fire/heart playstyle


  9. Man this is definitely the most MP I’ve dropped in one sitting. Made the plunge and purchased 2 XM. Play style is very different from what I’m used to, but still fun. Usually running A.Shiva or Yomi dragon. In any case, glad you write these in depth posts so we don’t have to read through the PAD FB group for info. Especially for SI. Keep up the great work!


    1. Congrats on the double Xiang Mei! Hopefully she allows you to push through even more content =D

      And I’m glad to write these and help out my fellow puzzle and dragon-ers. Hope you continue to read my content and comment along the way 🙂


  10. The new GFE Balboa (2945) functions similarly to Fencer and at a much lower cooldown. I will be inheriting him onto my team in lieu of Fencer.


    1. I presume you are ace boogie and I replied to them, but it’s a 50% shield and defence void for 11 turn cd. It’s more so being able to combine two types of actives into one that’s appealing


  11. Have you considered the new GFE Balboa (2945) yet? He works like Fencer and on a much shorter CD. I will be using him instead as I don’t have a Fencer.


    1. It’s only 50% damage reduction for a single turn on an 11 turn cd. They doesn’t seem very good value and is more so for the damage void. That way you can have both a pseudo Pierce damage and shield on a single card


  12. How do you think Kiriko would fare as a SI onto one of the Xiang Mei on a 2x XM 2x Uriel and Gadius team? The other inherits I’m planning to do are sun quan, ra, genie and kushi.


    1. Kiriko products a more condensed uriel combo board than gadius and is similar to Saira. So you can definitely utilize Kiriko on one of your XM.

      In regards to your other inherits, do you really need kush if you already have genie? Your hp should be high enough to withstand any reasonable hit. The others are a great set up for arena =)


  13. If we don’t buy Xiang Mei during this time frame will there be other opportunities to buy her in the future (this is so i have time to buy a second if i decide to get her)?, also if I do purchase her, who do you think i should have as a 4th sub i have 1 uriel 3 gadius, but not really planning on using all 3 if I can use someone better, but I feel like i might have to use him because i don’t have any of the other subs you said up top besides normal echidna


  14. Will there be a future time to purchase her in the MP shop, like will the gentlemen series rotate like the dragons? (I ask because I don’t have the MP to purchase two right now, but in the future i will want to). Also do you think that a team with 2 gadius and a uriel as well as the 2 XM is sufficient?


    1. XM will go into the normal 300k MP Monster rotation and she will return =)

      In regards to your team, using 2 Gadius is risky because he has no SBR (or skill boost) and can hinder your team building potential. His active also need to be combo-ed with Uriel as its a random distribution of orbs and you may not have sufficient fire or heart orbs.

      A team of XM, XM, Uriel, Gadius, Gaidus is reasonable, just be aware that you are not fully SBR immune


  15. Currently running a Gadius, Uriel, Uriel, NY Mitsuki core. Is it worth using a third Uriel over Mitsuki? I’d appreciate the 7th skill boost but I’m hesitant about 3 identical actives (even though skill inheritance is a thing now).


    1. Mitsuki doesnt generate fire orbs and I can understand your concern about orb fatigue from the same active, but you would be in theory clearing 9 hearts + 6 read orbs and probably more after using Uriel which should reset your board enough.

      I would throw in the third Uriel =)


    1. You have the core of Gadius + Uriel and Kiriko is a great runner up. Leila is also a great addition and can be used to correct bad Kiriko boards if insufficient fire, but you will probably need to combo with XM active to ensure enough hearts.

      Overall, that team should be viable for almost all the content =)


    1. XM = Xiang Mei

      It’s hard to improve upon your team unless you add in another XM or pull a second Uriel. She is very restrictive in her team building =(


  16. As someone who does not have the MP for XM or a perfect sub pool, I was thinking of running XM with my Gadius lead because it sounded like it might be fun if I could make it work – your thoughts on viability? Right now my team would be Gadius/Uriel/Mitsuki/Red Riding Hood/LKali/XM . . . and I was considering subbing in Urd instead of RRH or LKali for the board change even though she’s not a healer. I normally run a Lakshmi team, so I am used to making heart-combos. Thanks in advance!


    1. You do have subs for a XM team with Gad, Uriel, RRH, and Mitsuki. Granted not the best, but does work

      Answering your Gadius+XM paring, your team does work, but I would drop Kali for Urd as her board change is much stronger and better awakenings. That team should be pretty solid and probably fun to play =D


      1. Then I am definitely going to play with it – thanks for the advice on Urd! A bunch of my red friends are playing XM as their lead, and I was hoping this would be a way to capitalize on that. I’m kind of excited to have a new team to try out. I’ve learned a lot from your site and appreciate the input.


        1. You are very welcome and glad I can be of help =D You should create your own WordPress account so I can put a figurative face to a name and then I wont have to approve all your comments -)


  17. Hi, after using XM for awhile, I always lack of fire orb as sometimes 3 red orb with X81 can’t kill some high Def water monster. My current XM team I am using Uriel, Uriel, Gadius, NY Mitsuki. All of them is hypermax except NY mitsuki. So is Laila worth using after adding her new awakening. Or is there other sub worth using as i am not buying another XM. I have Urd, Laila, Xmas Echidna, Valen, (regret selling RRH). Should i Hypermax NY Mitsuki or other sub is better? Thanks


    1. NY Mitsuki only generates more heart orbs and does not address the lack of firepower. On the other hand, Laila spawns a guarenteed fire row (make sure you still have enough heart orbs) and this should be sufficient to burst down essentially any boss.

      I would give Laila a few attempts and see how you feel after several tough dungeon clears.

      Sidenote, what kind of content are you currently doing?

      Liked by 1 person

  18. Hey Mantastic-

    I have one Xiang Mei, and am planning on snagging a second when she rotates back into the MP shop. My current team for XM looks like this:

    XM1 / -Place XM2 Here- / Gadius / Uriel / Red Riding Hood

    However, I’ve got 600k MP saved up. How much better would my XM team potentially be improved by purchasing a third XM to replace Red Riding Hood? Even though I could make a competent Ra Dragon team, I do not like/am the absolute worst at playing rainbow teams. On the other hand, I really do enjoy the tanky, row-based gameplay that XM and Awoken Archdemon Lucifer (my main lead currently) offer. Thoughts? Suggestions? All your help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!


    1. Hey Souen!

      What kind of content do you wish to farm with your XM team and how important is chasing the current meta? Those are the main questions as she is more than capable of handling essentially any dungeon in the game and each additional XM just adds consistency. I was having this conversation with my friend recently and simply put, the more XM you have, the more consistent your clears will be even though you can still clear essentially the same content with 2 XM

      To quote my friend: “Optimal teams aren’t built so that they can simply clear the content, but are intended to clear it as consistently and efficiently as possible. Saying that you can clear the same content with a different team doesn’t prove that the optimal team isn’t worth it, because that isn’t the reason behind its existence. I can claim that my radra team which uses god ichigo instead of dkali #2 can clear arenas/mzeus, but that doesn’t mean the people rolling for a second dkali are wasting their resources because the radra dkali x2 team is just objectively more consistent than mine, regardless of any personal experience. So I could potentially clear a dungeon with 2 xm, but I would always be running at 95% rather than 100%”

      If you truly enjoy XM, having the third will make a difference in the long run


      1. That makes a LOT of sense! I really do want to keep up with the metagame, so I think I will be purchasing the third XM as well. Which stinks, because I *just* finished skilling-up Red Riding Hood last night. Oh well! Thanks once again for your input!


  19. Thank you always for your analyses!

    I’m aiming for a first clear in Arena 1. Are there any recommendations for SI specifically targeting Arena 1? I’m building a XM, XM, Uriel, Uriel, Gadius and my options for SI are A.Orochi, A.Ra, Sanada and A.Minerva. Unfortunately no Arcline 😦


    1. You can run the same inherit ideas minus the Awoken Ra as there are no PreDRAs in Arena 1. Your team looks solid sub wise and for inherits, I would suggest using Orochi and Sanada as you deem fit. They are not mandatory, but could help for A1


  20. Heya Fantastic Mantastic!

    First of all, AMAZING guide. The specificity and overviews made for quite an informative analysis and definitely helped shaped my team comp!
    I know you’re likely very busy with all the new UEvo releases and upcoming event commentary, but I was wondering if you could write a similar monster analysis for the upcoming dark Xiang Mei as part of the Halloween REM. While many people argue back and forth on the “best” team comp, I was wondering what your take on her is, like whether dupe dark XMei’s would be as important in the team as dupe Fire XMei’s are in her own team.

    Thanks again for always informing the community with your astute insight!


    1. You are right about lots of new things to write about =P

      However, I always do a Collab review and will most likely do a dark XM review once the final details are released as it is a very important card.

      Stay tuned!


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