Monster Point Dragons: Analysis and Comparisons

The topic of which Monster Point Dragon to buy is on the forefront of many player’s minds as it is a large investment. Furthermore, as the game progresses and we accumulate more duplicates to sell, new players will be reaching the elusive 300k MP needed to make their first purchase. However, one should not be rash in decimating their monster box as these powerful dragons need the right subs to function properly. If you are having second thoughts or doubts about selling a particular monster, the answer is probably no and you must exercise patience and simply wait. Furthermore, your MP Dragon team does need an investment in levels, skill ups, and pluses to be truly powerful. Lastly, they require 10 million experience to max level, 99 team cost, and have challenging evolution materials.

I have omitted any farmable subs as those can be acquired over time. If you are missing many key subs required to run their team effectively, it may be wise to to delay purchasing as you may be running a sub-par line up otherwise. For a more expansive list that includes farmable monsters, refer HERE.

jjjjjjjjjjjjjjj  Shiva D
About  Shiva D is perhaps the king of farming leads as he offers an unconditional 25x multiplier to fire gods. Shiva D can either focus on rows Fire Row or two prong attacks TPA to quickly mow down bosses. However, he somewhat falters in the highest level content due to a less dynamic sub pool, no bind immunity, and a weak active that places heavy emphasis on strong subs. Lastly, Shiva D is an easy way to score in the top 10% (or even 1%) of ranking dungeons.
  • Fastest farming lead in the game
  • Unconditional 25x ATK multiplier for fire gods
  • 2.25x RCV for fire gods
  • Capable of scoring in the top 10% of ranking tournaments with ease
  • 2-turn haste active places higher demand on ideal subs
  • Subs should almost always be orb changers as you effectively only have 4 actives
  • Can be bound (which is becoming more of an issue with pre-emptive leader binds)
  • Very REM dependent
Key Subs to Own Yamato Uriel Red Valk Set Ares Ares Ares Antares Ame Sanada Urd

Fire rows Fire Row are critical for large burst and the 3 Ares Ares are not a typo as you can run up to 3 with success.

Uses as a Sub  None

Neptune DRAGON
About  Neptune Dragon is the king of water rows Water Row with dual leaders providing 8 Water Row . He scales up to 36x damage when erasing 11+ connected orbs while granting 1.5x RCV for god type monsters. Neptune Dragon is similar to Blue Sonia Blue Sonia and Andromeda Andro in terms of playstyle. As such, you require most of their key subs to excel and purchasing may not be necessary as you can pair Andro with Neptune Dragon and yield similar results (especially when Andro receives her ultimate evolution). The 100x poison can be situationally useful, but for the most part, will go to waste and simply adds extra turns to his active. Having a weak active places further demand on key subs as you will require their orb changers to deal damage.
  • Controlled and gigantic burst damage potential
  • 2.25x RCV for god type monsters
  • Capable of clearing the hardest dungeons in the game with the right team and investment
  • Can use poison to bypass high defence monsters such as PreDRAs Fire PreDRA
  • 2-turn haste active places higher demand on ideal subs
  • Poison has niche, but seldom common uses
  • Subs should almost always be orb changers with  Water Row awakenings as you effectively only have 4 actives
  • Can be bound (which is becoming more of an issue with pre-emptive leader binds)
  • Very REM dependent
Key Subs to Own Blue Sonia Gabriel Blue Valk Hermes Hermes Hermes I&I Awoken Karin Awoken Oorochi Ryune Andro

Water rows Water Row are critical for large burst and the 3 Hermes Hermes are not a typo as you can run up to 3 with success. If you own a lot of these monsters, you may just be better off running their respective teams or Awoken Lakshimi Awoken Lakshimi

Uses as a Sub  Can be used to poison dangerous high defence monsters
About  Odin Dragon is arguably the least useful of all the MP Dragons  as he has no leadership potential. This should not be your first purchase and should only be made if you really want a trophy or love your green box to death. Rant aside, Odin Dragon has an amazing 880 weighted stats and an incredible 900 base recovery. His active provides 50% heal based on your maximum hit points, full bind clear, and 1 turn haste on a 10 turn cooldown. Furthermore, Odin Dragon is unbindable and provides 3,000 auto heal (Auto heal x 6) every turn.
  • One of the best bind clearers in the game
  • 3,000 auto heal and massive RCV allow for easy stalling
  • Unbindable
  • 50% base heal is powerful on high HP teams
  • No leadership potential
  • Overpriced, glorified bind clearer
  • Has lower relevance in current meta as many top leads are already bind immune
Key Cards to Own Sylvie Awoken Freyja Michael Astaroth Perseus Verd Spica

Odin Dragon ‘s most ideal fit is on a Sylvie Sylvie / Freyja Awoken Freyja mono wood 2x HP / 10.5x ATK / 2.5x RCV team as a luxury bind clear. Also can make appearances on Spica Spica and Linthia Linthia teams. Awoken Ceres Awoken Ceres can fulfil the bind clearing role and it is a matter of wanting a more luxurious sub.

Uses as a Sub  Is almost exclusively a sub
About  Ra Dragon provides a near game breaking 144x multiplier for gods when matching fire, water, wood, light, dark, and heal orbs at the same time. This does not mean you auto win the game (although it does help a lot) as Ra Dragon has a very high chance to be orb trolled. In addition, players must possess certain amount orb matching skill as it may be challenging to match 6 specific elements. However, if you are fortunate enough to own at least 1 Dark Kali Dark Kali and enjoy the playstyle,  Ra Dragon may be the MP Dragon for you! Ra Dragon does to a certain extent trivialize boss mechanics as you almost no longer need to worry about dealing enough damage provided you have an activate-able board.

In terms of Power Creep, Ra Dragon is way ahead of his time and is akin to Awoken Ra Ra upon his release. Ra Dragon will stay relevant (and possibly as the top lead) for the foreseeable future.

  • 144x ATK multiplier for god types for a relatively “easy” leader skill (compared to other 100x leads)
  • 2.25x RCV for god types
  • Ample time extend Time Extend awakenings
  • TPA awakenings to further augment your amazing damage
  • Unbindable
  • Your friends will envy your damage output
  • Only MP dragon to lack a skill lock resist Skill Lock Resist awakening
  • Sub pool is very restrictive for competative play and does to a certain extent rely heavily on 2 Dark Kali Dark Kali
  • Highest chance of any lead to be orb trolled
  • Active is a bit lackluster as it is mostly a 2 turn haste
Key Subs to Own Dark Kali Dark Kali Indra Isis is the standard dream team that has a fantastic Arena 1 clear rate and is 100% skill lock immune

Awoken Oorochi Sun Quan Kanna Keiji Fat Chocobo Awoken Loki

With the free gift of Chocobo Fat Chocobo , most players have access to 1 (albeit not guaranteed) Ra Dragon board refresh. It is highly recommended you have at least 2 different board changers to prevent orb troll. Loki Awoken Loki and Kanna Kanna are mostly for those players who wish to clear Arena and lack an Indra Indra . Orochi Awoken Oorochi and Sun Quan Sun Quan provide utility through delays and over the niche water/wood sub and allows for more sub flexibility.

Uses as a Sub None
About  Yomi Dragon is the most flexible of all the MP Dragons. He may not have the speed clears of Shiva Dragon Shiva D nor the amazing damage potential of Ra Dragon Ra Dragon , but instead strikes a balance between the 2. Furthermore, Yomi Dragon makes an amazing sub on virtually every dark team. As a lead, Yomi Dragon forms a 36x ATK / 2.25x RCV for god type monsters when clearing exactly 5 connected orbs with at least 1 being enhanced. This leads to high burst potential as well as the ability to control your damage as it is quite difficult to accidentally match 5 connected dark orbs.

Another defining feature of Yomi Dragon is a powerful active. Unlike the rest of the MP Dragon, Yomi Dragon ‘s active is powerful and synergetic. He randomly spawns 4 dark and heal orbs and can overwrite poison and jammers along with providing 1 turn of haste. The heal orbs can be used in an emergency or linked in a horizonal line to trigger the recover bind Bind Clear awakening awakening. In addition, many powerful dark monsters provide haste through their active and this can lead to more frequent access to actives.

  •  Unbindable along with bind recovery Recovery Bind awakening
    • This completely removes the need to bring a bind clear sub as Yomi Dragon ‘s active can generate 4 heal orbs and a single row of hearts will remove 6 turns of binds when used as a lead
  • Powerful and synergetic active
  • 2.25x recovery for god type monsters
  • Easy to activate 36x damage with only restriction is having 5 (dark) orbs
  • Can create teams with numerous haste actives and thus chaining skills
  • 2 time extend Time Extend awakenings
  • Team building is flexible and only restricts you to using god type dark monsters
  • Makes a great sub on nearly every dark team
  • Less ugly than Ra Dragon Ra Dragon
  • Has lowish damage when only matching 5 dark orbs so actives may be necessary for tougher floors
  • Cannot be used in no awakening dungeons
Key Subs to Own Eschamali Akechi Haku Pandora Awoken Loki Oku Dark Valk Castor

Truth be told, you can bring almost any dark god as a sub for most dungeons as your team building is quite flexible. It is worth noting that the farmable Dark Izanami Diza can be successfully used and the multiple haste actives can ensure you have very high uptime on her shield.

Uses as a Sub Yomi Dragon has amazing sub potential and can be used on nearly any dark team as he provides haste, dark and heart orb generation, pseudo bind clearing, and huge base stats.

Ragnarok Ragnarok is still a work in progress as he has not been released and have not formulated a formalized opinion at this time.

Ragnarok mecha dragon
About  Ragnarok is the 6th MP Dragon to be released and features the new god killer God Killer awakening as well as lead and sub potential. My initial analysis upon his announcement was perhaps too critical (can be found HERE) as our machine pool was quite limited and undervaluing the power of the God Killer awakening. God Killer grants 3x damage to god type enemies for the owning monster and this significantly skyrockets your damage output.

At this point, Ragnarok still feels inferior compared to other options as he feels lackluster compared to Ra Dragon and is significantly more restrictive as to which subs he can use while having less damage output. Granted his active is very powerful, but you probably are better off not purchasing yet until we have a deeper sub pool to draw from.

However, when used as a sub, Ragnarok can be desired for his amazing health pool as this can free up latent slots for defensive purposes on end game teams. Granted he does not fully benefit from Ra Dragon Ra Dragon and Awoken Ra Ra ‘s entire leader skill, but is at least an option as he can be reliably acquired.

  • Amazing base health, this leads to latent awakening flexibility as teams can now survive hits they couldn’t before
  • Unbindable, 2 Time Extend , TPA , Skill Lock Resist awakenings
  • God Killer God Killer awakening
  • Board refresh (that generates hearts) and 1 turn haste
  • 45.5x damage for machine types (6.75 * 6.75)
  • 136.5x damage versus god type bosses
  • 2.25x recovery for machine types to balance out their low base recovery
  • Sub and leader potential
  • Is a cyborg and killer robot “dragon”
  • 0 base recovery
  • Machine types are still rare and hard to build a synergetic team
  • As a sub, feels inferior to Dark Kali except when facing gods on rainbow teams (provided you do not need the health boost)
  • Does not fully benefit from Ra Dragon Ra Dragon ‘s entire multiplier (or Awoken Ra Ra )
  • Is outclassed by virtually every other green board changer on mono wood teams
  • Hardest evolution materials of all the MP Dragons
  • Not a pretty girl and barely looks like a dragon (Puzzle and Cyborgs?)
Key Subs to Own Antares Alrescha Spica Pollux Castor Australis Scheat Eschamali

I am kind of fumbling as to what are ideal machine subs as your pool to draw from is still very small and the above are heart breakers (the GFE do remove 1 other colour, but perhaps the skyfalls compensate).

As a sub, Ragnarok can be used in in place of Dark Dkali or Light Kali Kali as a modest sub on rainbow teams, but he is not ideal in most cases unless you must hit a specific health threshold to survive particular mechanics. From the feedback I have garnered, it appears that Ragnarok plays a vital role in Arena 2.0 for highly specialized Ra Dragon Ra Dragon teams.

Uses as a Sub Ragnarok has great sub potential on rainbow teams and can be used in lieu of Dark Dkali or Light Kali Kali as well as meeting higher health thresholds.

Xiang Mei Analysis of her limited sub pool

Xiang Mei


I am the proud owner of a Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon on both my accounts, but I tried to not let that fact cause any bias in my analysis. I chose to purchase Yomi Dragon due to his inherit flexibility and uses as both a sub and lead. I also do not foresee myself rolling 1 Dark Kali Dark Kali and wanted to divert away from rainbow teams as a way to spice up my PAD life. For full reading for my logic, feel free to check out my earlier post HERE.

Happy Puzzling!

25 thoughts on “Monster Point Dragons: Analysis and Comparisons”

    1. Glad it helped you chose the best dragon! Yomi Dragon is by far the most flexible and can be used on essentially every dark team so he should never go out of style.

      Also, thank you for the encouragement =D


  1. Which one is better for their respective element? Neptune Dragon, or Yomi Dragon, because I have a great pool of subs for light, water, and dark, but Ra Dragon does not concentrate on light.


    1. Yomi Dragon is the best outside of Ra Dragon and is scheduled for a new evo soon. However, I would wait to see what the others receive as a super ultimate evolution before purchasing


  2. With the new evolutions of MP dragons in the near future, would you be writing another similar post?

    And perhaps rank the MP dragons, as you have done for the four gentlemen? I really enjoyed your in depth analysis and valuable suggestions in both the four gentlemen post, as well as this post. 🙂

    Much appreciated


  3. I am at 210000 MP and am already almost decided on Yomi Dragon. He does seem the best as I own Dark Metatron, Eschamali, Akechi, and AHaku. My all of the above are max skilled and DMeta is inherited with Oda Nobunaga who is also max skilled. I’m about to inherit Kaioh on Haku as Kaioh creates two sets of already connected 5 dark orbs. However, I’m still stuck on what latents to feed my future Yomi Dragon. His RCV seems relatively low and so far, I have only found one person with a matching Yomi Dragon.


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