Farmable Monster Points and PreDRA Infestation

Mythical-Plus coop dungeons grant us the opportunity to farm a guaranteed PreDRA Fire PreDRA (aka 500 MP) for 50 stamina opens up the potential to slowly reach the 300k Monster Point goal needed to buy a MP Dragon. Furthermore, with the introduction of PreDRA Infestation, all players have the chance to acquire Latent Tamadras and modest amounts of Monster Points. As such, I want to analyse these 2 mediums separately to better explain my thoughts. I am going to make the assumption that your average REM roll is worth 5,000 MP (thus each stone = 1,000).

PreDRA Infestation is a new hourly dungeon that gives players an easy way to farm Latent Tamadras and Monster Points. The dungeon is split into 99 and 50 stamina difficulties and both have their pros and cons.

 50 stamina (2 runs)  99 stamina (1 run)
Floors  8  5
PreDRAs Fire PreDRA  6  3
Tamadras Dark Resist
 2  2
from Latent
 7,080  10,370
Ideal team
 14,160+  20,740+

The ideal team health refers to how much is required to survive 2 consecutive hits from the Latent Tamadra with out healing. Do note each auto heal Auto heal awakenings provides 500 “health” as it will heal you even without matching heart orbs. However, from a pure stamina efficacy point of view, it is superior to run the 50 stamina difficulty as you will have 3 more floors of PreDRAs and 300 MP. Therefore, every 50 stamina spent can yield 300 or 700 MP and your average run will yield 433.3 MP (1,300/3). Therefore, you need to complete 3 runs successfully to surpass the REM value of 1k MP per stone. The collateral benefits of PreDRA Infestation is a random Latent Tamadra that can range in usefulness of the weak auto heal Imp Auto Heal to the highly coveted dark resist Dark Resist . For further reading of Latent Tamadras, feel free to refer to my Latent Tamadra 101 Guide.

PreDRA results

The result of 11x 50 stamina and a single 99 stamina run. Thus, 650 stamina yielded me 5,200 MP (the baby PreDras were sold to show the highlights) for the price of 2 refills and some natural stamina. I was also quite fortunate in the number (albeit excessive 5 fire) 1% resist Tamadras. Overall a much more efficient method of MP farming provided you have at least 125 stamina and plan to refill as to benefit from overflow. 2 stones would yield 5 runs and 433*5 = 2,165 MP and this outweighs the 1,000 per stone spent at the REM.

Mythical-Plus coop dungeons consist of Nordis Nordis, Zaerog Infinity Z8 , Scarlet Scarlet Icon,  Volsung Volsung, and Linthia Linthia Descended with an additional floor of 3 Fire PreDRA whom have 10 million defence and must be eliminated via poison or true damage. Solo mode is being phased out in Japan (to be replaced with lower stamina entry fee, appears to be 25 instead of 50) and forcing players to pair up. This is great news for players who have a reliable partner as the reduced stamina cost means you can nearly perma-rank up as the rank experience per stamina expended is incredible. This is where I am fortunate in having the dynamic duo of Mantastic and Fantastic and being able to play with myself in the most harrowing of dungeons (there is a video HERE for anyone interested of Mythical Nordis). With 480 natural stamina per day, you can in theory complete 19 runs (9 pre stamina reduction) per day along with countless rank experience and collateral drops. Therefore, you can in theory farm 9,500 MP per day (4,500 currently). With your average REM roll yielding 5,000 MP (or 1 stone = 1k), farming Mythic-Plus coop dungeons will get you to your target MP for less stones provided you can clear 3 runs per full stamina refill. Granted this will take a large amount of work and powerful team (and partner) to do so, but it can be done.

5k MP sell

Overall, PreDra Infestation and Mythical Coop Rogue Descends are viable alternatives to Monster Point farming. They do take more effort and time, but at least have collateral benefits in farming. Granted gambling in godfest rolls can yield certain monsters you have been chasing, but should you be unlucky, you have no collateral perks to be comforted by.

Best of luck in farming Monster Points and Happy Puzzling!


9 thoughts on “Farmable Monster Points and PreDRA Infestation”

  1. Gungho is more and more generous these days. Soon we will not need to worry about evolutions or Descended dungeons…The monsters are poping up already evolved and powerful from REM & monster shop!! (Ama,Sandalphon)
    I believe the Predra symbolizes a bit this kind of shortcut…

    Okay, I’m being sarcastic here, just got a little upset to see Mystic Mask & Extreme King Metal Dragon available for 3K after all I went through to get them early in the game.

    I’m proud of my Valks, Shespada and other monsters that i ult.evo without relying on Monster Points, but Predras are cute….

    Now, the Tamas… this is awesome news man!
    I love it.


    1. To be honest, the evolution materials in the MP shop are just traps for people to waste their MP on. With 3 minute stamina, you can easily farm your desired mats on their respective day.

      I am glad you are able to progress through the game without reliance on the MP shop as it gives you a much stronger sense of accomplishment!

      Lastly, the new latent tamadras are amazing as they give you a slight edge once your monsters are already maxed out.


  2. Hey!
    As a newb player (110 days rank 270) i have a dilema. PreDRAs r very occasional and rare and with my Blonia team im unable to think about legend plus (not to mention Mythical). Im at the point where i have to 297 and skillup all my monsters in my first few blue teams (Blonia, Skuld, Sumire, Ryune). I also try to lvl and awoken some monsters like Luci for Cecil team or Apollo for ADQXQ.

    I it wise to sell predras and baby predras for me? About 1/5 of my box space (855 now and still running out of space… please dont judge ;p) is filled with those + monday metalits + queen metal/gold dragons just in case next skill rotation will cover my subs.

    What do u suggest?


    1. You should always sell the PreDRAs instead of using them for skill up chances (with possible exception for the 100 MP one). They will rotate to something else eventually. Also, you should just fuse away the Monday Metalits as you are probably going to be playing Monday on a regular basis for a long time (due to coop)

      And don’t worry, I have 50+ light jewels doing nothing in my box =P

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for your answer! After today’s infestation i sit on 112 baby predras 😉 but I’ll sell them as soon as I’ll skillup my Zuoh.

        Did I understood good? Sell every PreDRA besides sometimes baby predras?

        About those color predras (water, wood etc) – they doesn’t seems to drop to often. I was running whole hour of less stamina infestation and dropped only 7 color predras. So how am I suppose to skillup monsters when I sell everything? It will be hard to skillup anything that way even if I keep those color predras every time there is a predra infestation. To get a chance for Mythical plus coops I have to skillup my cards.

        Sry for my English and newb questions 😉 regards


        1. Well if you look at the maintenance and skill up rotation, you will notice that the PreDRAs have rotated onto a different card. This will be the trend moving forward as all of the various materials will rotate between all the GFE cards

          Therefore, I would feed all of the PreDRAs to give yourself box space and MP =)


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