50 Plus Eggs or 3,000 Monster Points: A Comparison


To fuse, or not to fuse-that is the question. And that is probably the question of the week with the introduction of +50 eggs rolling out of the Rare Egg Machine during the 55 Million Downloads 5x GFE Godfest. We are now faced with the tough decision of whether it is better to fuse for the 50 pluses or sell for the 3,000+ Monster Points. Now, before you do anything hasty and start liquefying your monster box out of rage or frustration, please ask yourself if this card has any value. Can you use them on your teams or for Skill Inheritance. Dupes are now becoming more valuable and you do not want vendor’s remorse. If the monster in question has no true value. then continue reading. If not, please hit favourite on their character screen and read anyway!

Monster Points Overview

With the implementation of the Monster Point (MP) system, we are now able to save up to 300,000 MP to purchase a powerful card who is capable of leading our monster box into new content and territory. Now, 300,000 is a tall order and one of the fastest methods to acquire is selling various REM monsters for 3,000-50,000 MP. However, you are able to farm for Monster Points through PreDRA Infestation and the Rogue Descends.

Rogue descends on Mythical-Plus difficulty always award a 500 MP PreDRA Fire PreDRA along with additional drops for 25 stamina in coop. Rogue descends include Scarlet, Zaerog Infinity, and the other dungeons where your monsters start at level 1. Let’s say you only receive the 500 MP and no additional drops (or wish to try and skill up the boss) would net you 20 MP per stamina spent. HOWEVER, the meta has shifted into plus egg events almost every day and the single plus outweighs the MP sell for bosses and trash drops. Thus, Rogue Descends now become 500 MP and several plus eggs. Conversely, PreDra Infestaion yields on average 433.3 MP per 50 stamina run or 8.67 MP per stamina. Both have different benefits outside of Monster Points so the decision is up to you as your situation / skill level / box requirements differ from your peers. If you want more information, please read my PreDRA Infestation Post. We have only had one event where descend bosses could be sold for 10x their regular MP value (10 -> 100), but it provided some important data for how we can collect Monster Points:

 MP / Stamina 20 8.67 10

Plus Eggs Overview

Plus Eggs contribute bonus stats to your monster’s health, attack, and recovery. It is a way to further augment the strength of your cards beyond level 99. Every non-evolution and enhance material drop has a small chance of dropping with a +1 and you need a total of 297 to max out a monster. This is a lot of plus eggs and is part of the reason why PAD is such a grind-intensive game.

  • HP plus eggs contribute +10 health (max +990)
  • ATK plus eggs contribute +5 attack (max +495)
  • RCV plus eggs contribute +3 recovery (max +297)

+ egg stats

Plus eggs not only increase the power of your monsters, but also increase the likelihood of you having a large friend base and best friend tokens as +297 monsters appear higher up on the friend list selection screen.

Thankfully, with the introduction of 10x Plus Eggs in descends, we now have a reliable and easy access to these wonderful eggs. These descends cost 50 stamina to enter and the amount dropped can vary, but Kanetsugu drops on average 6 pluses per run.

However, with the introduction of the revamped Star Den, we are now able to acquire 10 plus eggs for 50 (25 in coop) stamina and can take seconds to clear. Plus eggs have never been more abundant or easy to acquire.

50 Plus Eggs or 3,000+ Monster Points

This is still the golden question and is a very challenging one to answer. Over time, we have experienced a positive powercreep for dungeon rewards/stamina efficacy as we can now do far more on a daily basis compared to a year ago. We are constantly gaining new ways to acquire both plus eggs and Monster Points which gives our refill value significant more bang for our magic stone. In addition, as our maximum stamina capacity increases, so does our efficiency for farming as we can restore more dungeon runs. However, the efficacy of a Rare Egg Machine (REM) will always be the same and somewhat limiting factor in our progression.

Spending magic stones via the Rare Egg Machine will always seem “wasteful” if you are looking at the reward rate versus how much you can garner from 5 refills. However, we NEED to pull the REM to acquire new cards to work on and to propel us forward. It’s a painful double-edged sword, but you have to shake the golden dragon’s hand no matter what.

Just how efficient is a stamina refill when comparing Monster Points versus Plus Eggs? Well that all depends on how much content you are capable of clearing and your maximum stamina. For example, if you have 150 stamina, you can obtain 30 Plus Eggs from Star Den or ~1,300 MP from PreDRA Infestation. Multiplying those by 5 to equal a REM pull comes to 150 pluses or 6,500 MP (double all these values in coop). These numbers only go up as your maximum stamina increases. As such, this makes rolling the REM seem horrible by comparison, but it must be done in order to continue progressing through the game.

And progression is what Puzzle and Dragons is all about: you need to do what will help you now as a means to unlock new content. What is gate-keeping you will depend on your own personal situation. Whether it is plus eggs to complete your primary team or a few more Monster Points to finally acquire your first Monster Point Dragon, you need to decide what can benefit you the most. You also need to factor in the sheer time commitment to acquire either Plus Eggs or MP. Would you rather have a +297 monster or 18,000 MP? You already lost the 30 magic stones, choose the better consolation prize.

Remember, Monster Points are a long term investment, you will get to the 300,000 for a dragon/Gentlemen, but it will take time. On the flip side, Plus Eggs can benefit you right now and may be vital in helping you clear the next level of challenge dungeons (for an additional Py reward), more Best Friend tokens, and being able to challenge Rogue Descends for more efficient MP farming.

Furthermore, we may not have another Godfest that awards this many plus eggs as a consolation prize for the foreseeable future. Finally, you also need to ask yourself how much time you are able to dedicate to playing PAD and would the 50 pluses save your time and sanity.


Rolling something lousy from the Rare Egg Machine is always disappointing, but at least we now have ways to soften the blow. I used to have Godfests where I would roll straight 3-star eggs which had no collateral value. What you choose to do with your +50 silver eggs is your decision. I have laid out all the information, but it is hard to put a quantitative value on the time saved and the advancement in progression made by having a new +297 card. Lastly, we will always have new (and more efficient) ways to either acquire Plus Eggs or Monster Points as Puzzle and Dragons continues to evolve. Therefore, choose the option that benefits you the most now as in 6 months things will be different and that most future Godfests will only produce a +1 roll.

Comparing Star Den to Rogue Descends, you are able to acquire 50 plus eggs for 125 stamina. By comparison, you require 150 for 3,000 MP (assuming both coop) and Star Den is much faster to complete.

What are you going to do with your sad 55 Million Download rolls? Will you fuse for the 50 pluses or vendor for the 3,000 Monster Points? Let me know your position and decision in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!


28 thoughts on “50 Plus Eggs or 3,000 Monster Points: A Comparison”

  1. I recently bought RaDra, and have enough MP saved up for Bamboo, so I actually fused a bunch of my GF dupes for the +eggs to save my time. RaDra and a DKali got +297’d, and my new Akechi got a bunch too. Sad how many stones it cost me, but I just decided I’d rather fast track my new team.


    1. Well those stones are lost one way or another and it now becomes a matter of what consolation prize helps soften the blow. At least your Ra Dragon team is ready to crush some dungeons =)


  2. Is there an updated list for the best place to farm plus eggs? There have been a lot of normal/technical dungeons outside of descends that have been getting 20x plus egg rates and etc.


    1. There might be one floating around reddit comparing the technicals at I only have my own plus egg chart for descends. I know that mech dragon averages 5 pluses per run


  3. I fused them to make a +297 mech hera arena 1 farm team. When Arena 1 coop comes out next NA patch (we hope), I will never farm another skill up fodder dungeon again.


  4. Very helpful and insightful article! Seems like you put a lot of time and effort into writing these posts! Keep up the good work! Also love the organization and humor in yoir posts, haha c:


  5. Good shieeet. However you left out one key factor. Time consumption. For me I just dont have the patience to grind all those plus eggs even with 10x descended. Maybe when I’m bored here and there. Fusing the 3k silver eggs with +50 saves an incredible amount of time and I personally would rather have the plus eggs with the saved time over the mp. Just another way to look at it^


    1. That is very true! Time is a very important factor for many of less GungHo players. Not everyone has the time/motivation to play as much as I do and if it helps you significantly now, it is worthwhile =)


  6. Thankfully I’ve been able to make a decent Pandora team on my alt account so I’ve been able to blast through older content I haven’t been able to before. My main account I’m running awoken luci. None of the monsters on either account have squat for +’s. So I’ll be burning my gf rolls for +’s to my teams. And to be honest with the upcoming monsters with the match crosses coming is it really necessary to aim for the mp monsters now? I think about it quite a bit. your take on that sir mantastic?


    1. Well, Ra Dragon/XM are still very powerful leaders and will remain so for a while to come. However, they are only as strong as the subs you can bring and if you have better teams for heart cross leaders, they will prove to be more worthwhile.

      Futhermore, JP will release new MP cards in the future who should be at least stronger than the Four Gentlemen. If pluses are the main gatekeeper to you clearing higher content, then Plus Eggs is what you should be doing with your bad GF rolls


  7. When +50 GF first appeared in June, I pulled 5 dups. Decided to sell them for about 20K MP, reasoning that farming +250 would take just a few days. In the most recent challenge dungeon, I fed the +99 rewards to Sarasvati, which made her very unbalanced (99, 3, 99). This GF, I pulled 4 dups (1 silver, 3 gold). The silver egg had +50 attack which went nicely on Sarasvati. She is still unbalanced but it is not as bad.

    Until SI arrived, I generally sold dups unless the dup was a good sub (ronia, l-kali) or could be part of a system (mei mei) or had multiple good uvos. Have not regretted it. Now, if I don’t plan on ever using a mon except for SI (e.g sticker girls, fairy tale girls), I lean toward selling. Plus eggs are dime-a-dozen now.

    Thinking about my other three dup gold pulls: zuoh (#3), neptune, creuse. I think selling creuse is a no-brainer. Don’t think 3 zuohs will ever be useful. Neptune might be ok to keep for a while.

    All this to say that sell, keep, feed is very situational.


    1. I completely agree that whether to sell, fuse, or keep is very situational and is based on your own unique monster box and a variety of other factors. You are right that plus eggs are wonderfully abundant (Star Den) so it is less dramatic selling +50 than it was before.

      As for your rolls, Neptune has some uses for both poison and devil enhance. Zuoh (why do you have him when I don’t ><) is less helpful as he does not make hearts and makes a less ideal assistant than the Norns.

      Finally, congrats on the Sarasvati!


      1. This is a good case study of never selling REM monsters. I have had Sara for a long time. My first good REM monster was Ronia, so I focused on red/dark. A few months later, I pulled Sara (about the 30th pull) but none of my friends were running blue and I ignored her. A bit over a year ago, I pulled Verdandi and focused on green. About 4 months ago, I pulled Thor and now have a lot of strong light mons. Sara’s uuvo looks really good, so depending on when it appears in NA, it could be 2 years later that I get to use her.


        1. I would never sell away a single REM card that has no dupe as a back up. Even selling a second is sometimes dodgy, especially if you use one as a sub on your team (indicates they have value and probably a strong active)


  8. Any uses for a third Sun Quan? I’m keeping him but don’t know what to do with him lol. Where is he useful as a skill inherit?

    My rolls were Yomi, Acubens, and Sun Quan. I’m not going to complain but the rates just don’t feel right.


    1. Do you own I&I? You should keep 1 Sun Quan for the healer enhance and the other for water enhance (although it competes with I&I)

      The third one is hard to use if you already cover those bases


  9. I fused 3 in my Machine Zeus and now I’m not sure if was a good idea. He’s is nice… but the full HP requirement remember my LZL days (who I hyper maxed too btw)

    Anyway… is done and I lost 11k MP, but as i co-op a lot, more options to play with other people isn’t a bad think, but probably the eggs was a bad call.


  10. Hi Mantastic, I would need clarification on the mp farming. I’ve been doing Zaerog mythical plus for a while in coop and realize that my total mp only increase by 25 for every clear. Pad guide mention 580mp or (11.60/stamina). Is 580 mp what I get if I sale all the monster that drop during that run or I’m I missing something here.

    Great article again


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