55 Million Downloads 5x GFE Review and Analysis

I will continue to update this page as I write the additional monster reviews and have been quite busy with all the newly released content and real life issues. I posted this well knowing I am missing some monsters as I want to give you some information now or at least the handy reference chart for what rolls out on each day. Your patience is appreciated!

Godfest basics

When making the decision to roll or save your magic stones, you need to determine if the featured pantheons can benefit or compliment your teams. Chasing for one specific monster is unwise as you will most likely be disappointed and should ideally have Godfests that overlap with many target cards. Remember all monsters that come out of the REM will qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty when selling dupes. For a more detailed team building help, please refer to my full list Popular Leader’s and their Full Sub List Post. If you are wondering which Four Gentlemen 300k card you should purchase, please read my Comparison Post.  Lastly, to find more information about a specific pantheon or monster, refer to my Master List to better refine your search.


The 55 Million Downloads Godfest makes a special occasion for both GungHo and players. There are not many games that can claim to have as widespread of a following as Puzzle and Dragons and the players are being wonderfully rewarded with a NA first of 5x Godfest Exclusives. A typical Godfest has these hard to obtain cards at a 3x rate and these increased values should help players secure some of their favourite cards. In the distant past, we were fortunate enough to have 4x GFE that was paired alongside various pantheons; however, during the 55 Million Godfest, there will be no accompanying pantheon alongside and we will only have the Gala of Tides. It is uncertain how this will influence the roll rates and GungHo will never disclose this information so we are still at the mercy of RNGesus.

When deciding to roll for either day 1 or 2, you have to take a look at the featured GFE as there is some overlap and the decision ultimately lies in your unique box and situation. North America may never receive the 10-stone GFE REM and if you are like me, and have been hoarding stones for months, it may be time to shake the Golden Dragon’s arm as this will probably be the best opportunity to acquire Godfest Exclusives and Monster Points. Sitting on hundreds of Magic Stones can put a damper on your progression and there is a certain degree of opportunity cost and benefiting from cards before powercreep reduces their value. I will be rolling and recording my conquest with as few tears as possible in a subsequent posting.


Another thing to consider is every roll will come out with a +50 to a single stat. This is a wonderful collateral benefit and if you are having troubles deciding to sell or fuse, I encourage you to read my post HERE discussing the matter.

Water Gala of Tides Carat
Day 1 Red Sonia Blue Sonia Green Sonia rodin Blodin Green Odin
Kali Dark Kali Metatron dtron
Day 2 Urd Skuld ult evo Verd Ult Zuoh Ilm Baby Satsuki
Kanna Eschamali Scheat Australis Fenrir Viz Fenrir
Overlap Gadius Typhon Ryune Saria Sylvie Ult Tsubaki
Ult Sumire Ult Kaede Sherias Baldin Sherias Roots Balboa

Day 1:

Day 1 has the lovely Sonias who despite their best efforts, are starting to fall behind due to powercreep as leads. As subs, they are wonderful on their respective mono-colour teams or assistants for Skill Inheritance. The Odins are more luxury based or niche in comparison. Dark Kali Dark Kali is the big prize of the day and is a vital sub on Ra Dragon Ra Dragon. Finally, the Metatrons are falling behind due to powercreep.

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
Red Sonia
Red Sonia
Dragon  / Devil
Fire Row Dark row Bind Clear awakening
Skill Boost Skill Boost Time Extend
All  Arrow Fire Dark
12 turn CD
Red Sonia (aka Ronia) was once the most popular leader in Puzzle and Dragons as she could be successfully paired with Lu Bu Lu Bu to form a 1.35x HP / 9x ATK / 2.5x RCV devil team that was capable of clearing all the content PAD had to offer. Then came the rise of rainbow teams and numerous shifts in the meta to find Red Sonia outclassed by other tank leads who grant a larger health and attack multiplier. Furthermore, Red Sonia is off colour when paired with Lu Bu and this hurts your overall damage in the long run. Don’t get me wrong, Red Sonia is still powerful and capable of clearing all the early/mid game content and even has a chance at some harder dungeons, but you will eventually gain better options. She will mostly be used to help you acquire the materials needed for your various awoken evolutions. Sonia has now been buffed to 3.75x ATK (thus Lu Bu plus Sonia is now 11.25x), but this probably not enough to tackle high end content.

Team building Red Sonia is quite straight forward as you have numerous options for devils from both a farmable and REM point of view and your teams may look similar to Awoken Pandora Awoken Pandora.

As a sub, Red Sonia has potential on Raoh Raoh as he utilizes fire rows and devils. Otherwise, she can make appearances on other mono fire teams and on dark based devil teams as her active does generate numerous dark orbs.

Overall, Red Sonia is a useful roll and will be an asset for those starting out as she makes the game quite easy.

Blue Sonia
Blue Sonia
Dragon / Physical
Water Row blue + orb Dark row
Bind Clear awakening Skill Boost Skill Boost
Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Water Row
All  Arrow Water Dark
12 turn CD
Blue Sonia (aka Blonia) has gone through various waves of popularity since her release as her main diminishing factor was a shallow sub pool. However, her ultimate evolution proved to be a splashing success as she is able to utilize physical and dragon subs along with an increasing her attack multiplier to 14.06x. You also benefit from 6.25x RCV which means you can essentially heal back to full health from minimal heart matching and combos. Furthermore, Blue Sonia has an incredible amount of base HP (5,780 at max level) and her teams will surpass 30k health with proper investment. You should also use your HP Latent Tamadras Imp HP on her as they will yield a significant amount of bonus health.

Blue Sonia teams are essentially a tank team that has the highest recovery multiplier and are somewhat immortal provided you can survive each attack. This is further amplified in coop where your naturally high health is further augmented and your sky-high recovery (my team has ~18k from a single heart orb match) allows for easy stalling. If you wish to check out some of my gameplay in coop with Blue Sonia, refer to my previous post in challenge dungeons or Mythic Plus Scarlet. Viable sub options for her team include, but not limited to I&I I&I, Ryune Ryune, Blue Odin Blodin, Andromeda Bankai Andro, B/L Hermes BL Hermes, Karin Awoken Karin, Orochi Awoken Oorochi, and Mori  Mori Motanari.

Blonia teams are capable of clearing almost all the content in Puzzle and Dragons and she is starting to regain popularity as players realize her potential. Looking at Blonia as a sub, she can find a home on I&I I&I / Ryune Ryune as a massive HP stick and powerful board changer. She is less effective on other mono water teams due to no god typing or heart generation, but can still be used in a pinch.

Overall, Blue Sonia is a fantastic monster to own and I hope she continues to gain popularity as a leader. Do not sell for 50k Monster Points.

Sidenote, I am in love with her art as she combines the colour blue, dragons, and a pretty girl.

Green Sonia
Green Sonia
Dragon / Balance
Wood Row Enhanced Wood Orb Dark row
Bind Clear awakening Skill Boost Skill Boost
Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Wood Row
 All Arrow Green Dark
12 turn CD
Green Sonia (Gronia) received the same buffs as her prettier and stronger cousin, Blue Sonia and has an amazing 899 weighted stats. Gronia now forms a 14.06x ATK / 6.25x RCV team for both Dragons and Balance types, which should increase her sub pool potential. Unfortunately, her options are less diverse than Blonia as she has less access to rows and fewer damage enhancement options aside from Delgado Delgado who only helps balance types (and has poor stats and awakenings) and the new Jewel Princess Cameo Cameo. Cameo is a much stronger option as she enhances 1.3x based on the number of wood and dark row enhancements. This can lead to spectacular damage and she has respectable awakenings. In addition, Gronia has a healthy access to bind clearing options as she can use Odin Green Odin and Ceres Awoken Ceres. However, many players do not lead with Green Sonia as her team building is quite frustrating unless you have multiple Perseus Bankai Perseus as he is your best access to wood row Wood Row awakenings.

Green Sonia has powerful sub potential on Sylvie Sylvie Freyja Awoken Freyja teams as her powerful and diverse awakenings combined with her amazing active can help your team achieve new levels of prowess.

Overall, Green Sonia still feels lacking as her leadership potential is marred by a shallow sub pool and does not seem very exciting for a 6-star godfest exclusive.

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
Red Odin
God / Attacker
Skill Boost Fire Row Fire Row
Skill Boost Skill Boost Fire Row
Bind Immune Bind Immune Fire Row
50x Dark damage to all enemies. 10x ATK poison
15 turn CD
Red Odin (Rodin) is considered by many to be a staple sub on push button teams. However, with the introduction of skill inheritance, his dependency is slightly lowered if you are willing to invest in a high skill boost base monster. However, Red Odin performs the job so well and can make farming a breeze. Unfortunately, his uses beyond a farming sub are slim as his active will only be situationally useful to bypass high defence monsters via poison. You can also inherit his skill which does make him one of the few poison cards that can be used as an assistant.

In an effort to increase his viability, Red Odin has received various buffs to his leader skill and now provides 2x HP and 3.75x ATK. This is reasonable and can make as a pseudo tank team lead. Unfortunately, his active is relatively weak and would require an inheritance to have more viability.

Overall, Red Odin is a luxury card who will not see much use for the average player. Just remember, being able to farm an easy dungeon fast does not increase the drop rates, only the speed in which you can clear (and burn stones).

Blue Odin
God / Physical
Skill Boost Water Row Water Row
Skill Boost Skill Boost Water Row
50x ATK damage & 15% heal. Enhance water & dark orbs
6  turn CD
Blue Odin (Blodin) has outrageously sculpted thighs that are threatening to burst through his skin-tight pants. Looks aside, the magical spear Odin posses an outstanding 894 weighed stats along with a wonderful mix of offensive awakenings to satisfy any mono water team. Granted you rarely wish to mix rows with TPA awakenings and thus he only has six valid awakenings. Unfortunately, he lacks any form of utility and skill bind resistance Skill Lock Resist which could place constraints on team building to help achieve 100% immunity.

Blue Odin’s active has undergone numerous micro-buffs with a reduction to 6 turns with latest patch. Unfortunately, the dual enhancement for water and dark goes mostly to waste and only adds additional turns to the cooldown. However, at only 6 turns, you can use Odin as a base for skill inheritance as his awakenings and base stats are quite strong. Furthermore, you should not discredit the healing component tied to his active. At max level and +297, he will restore 13,395 health and has functioned as an emergency heal on my Blue Sonia Blue Sonia team.

Blue Odin can have an appearance on any mono water team due to his God and Physical typing which includes, but not limited to Blue Sonia, Neptune Dragon Neptune Dragon, I&I I&I / Ryune Ryune, Lakshmi Awoken Lakshimi, and Rukia Rukai Kuchiki. As stated above, you can use Blue Odin as your base for skill inheritance as he has a low base cooldown along with high stats and 3 skill boost Skill Boost awakenings.

Overall, Blue Odin is regaining favour as a 6-star GFE due to numerous active buffs and skill inheritance.

 Green Odin
Green Odin
God / Balance
Skill Boost Bind Immune Bind Immune
Skill Boost Auto heal Auto heal
Auto heal Auto heal
50x ATK damage & 15% heal. 5 turns bind clear
9  turn CD
Like Blue Odin Blodin, Green Odin (Grodin) has been receiving numerous micro-buffs to his active and is finally blessed with a truly powerful bind clear. If full leveled and +297, he will restore just under 14k health along with removing 5 turns of binds. This is quite potent and although you will rarely need to remove 5 turns, it is a helpful option to have available for skill inheritance. The main reason Odin is not selected as a sub on most teams is his lack of offensive awakenings and no SBR Skill Lock Resist or recover bind Bind Clear awakening utility. Thus, his only purpose would be bind clearing which is becoming less important due to unbindable leads.

In addition to his active skill receiving improvements, Grodin’s leader skill has also been upgraded to grant up to 3.5x ATK when clearing 4-8 connected wood orbs and an 80% damage reduction shield on the first attack when HP is full. This is not game-breaking, but at least allows for modestly faster clears if tackling a descend with no multi-hit components. His favourite pairing would be Awoken Ama Amate who also has an ATK multiplier in addition to large autohealing component to her leader skill.

Overall, Green Odin is still a lacklustre 5-star GFE as the dependency on bind clearing is at an all time low and will most likely be regulated to being an assistant through skill inheritance.

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
 Light Kali
God / Healer
TPA Skill Boost Time Extend
TPA Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost
All  Arrow Fire Water Green Light Dark
7 turn CD
Light Kali is one of the prettiest and most desired monsters in Puzzle and Dragons. She combines style and grace along with powerful awakenings and one of the strongest actives in the game. Her leadership potential is modest and will be augmented to 56.25x with a future buff in the near future at 6 combos and fire, water, light, and dark matches. What sets her apart from other rainbow leads is her ability to create an ideal board with her active and gives you the opportunity to utilize other subs to counter the various dungeon mechanics. Light Kali’s main downside as a lead is her vulnerability to binds and even with 56.26x ATK, her damage is not that spectacular in today’s meta (but much more consistent than Awoken Sakuya Sakuya if unable to achieve 8+ combos every turn). For a more detailed discussion, please read my Light Kali Team Building Guide.

Leadership potential aside, Light Kali is one of the most coveted subs due to her invaluable board change. Being able to change the board every 7 turns is amazing for rainbow teams and is the safest way to prevent orb troll and premature death. Light Kali can be found on both Awoken Ra Ra, Sakuya Sakuya, and DQXQ Awoken DQXQ teams for both the board refresh and fire coverage. In fact, many players will run 2 Light Kalis due to her synergistic awakenings and light as her primary attribute.

Kali’s main diminishing factor is a lack of bind immunity and inability to spawn heart orbs. This prevents her from being used on Ra Dragon Ra Dragon teams. Furthermore, there will be situations where you need to refresh the board, heal, and deal lethal damage and this cannot be done via Light Kali’s active.

Overall an amazing card to own and do not sell away any dupes as she is fantastic for Skill Inheritance.

Dark Kali
Dark Kali
God / Dragon
Skill Boost Bind Immune Time Extend
Bind Immune Skill Boost Time Extend
TPA Skill Lock Resist Bind Clear awakening
All  Arrow Fire Water Green Light Dark Heart
7 turn CD
Blazing Goddess of Power, Kali is one of the most coveted monsters in the game and shines brightest on rainbow teams. Her ability create at least 3 of each element and heart orbs allows for a guaranteed activation on all rainbow teams. There will be times where you need to refresh the board, heal, and deal lethal damage on the same turn, and Dark Kali allows you to do this. Furthermore, you can use her active in conjunction with another orb changer to create a more favourable board for certain rainbow teams who do not requires all 6 elements.

Dark Kali has become somewhat a staple sub on Ra Dragon Ra Dragon teams and many players run two. She provides both dark and fire coverage while providing bind immunity, skill bind resist Skill Lock Resistand recover bind Bind Clear awakening awakening. Through the recover bind awakening, Dark Kali can act as a pseudo bind clearer and her active may generate 6 heart orbs. Other teams she can make an appearance are Awoken Ra Ra, Sakuya Sakuya, Sephiroth Sephiroth (even without ideal typing), Light Kali Kali, and essentially any other rainbow team.

The main drawbacks of Dark Kali is that she is one of the rarest monsters in PAD as she is a 6-star GFE. This can prove challenging for most players to acquire one, let alone two for your favourite rainbow team. Your best bet is to wait for a 4x GFE event and pray you get lucky.


Day 2

Day 2 has the lovely Norns who double as wonderful mono-colour subs and assistants through Skill Inheritance. Zuoh and Ilm are powerful subs and can be found on their respective end game teams as pivotal cards. Satsuki and Kanna are somewhat on the decline as there are better options to run; however, Satsuki is still a powerful assistant for skill Inheritance as their active can be combo-ed with Haku. Australis is finding more relevance with Awoken Liu Bei and Eschamali is always desired on mono dark teams. The Fenrirs are lackluster due to a floundering jammer meta but make powerful bases for Skill Inheritance.

God / Attacker
TPA Skill Boost Enhnaced Fire Orb
Skill Lock Resist Enhnaced Fire Orb Skill Boost
+heart Enhnaced Fire Orb Time Extend
All Arrow Fire Water Heart
9 turn CD
A sexy Librarian? Perhaps a seductive secretary. Regardless, Urd is enticing with her glasses and only her power/viability can rival her charm and good looks. Urd brings a lot of enhancement to the party through her triple fire and heart orb awakenings. This helps add additional damage and increases your healing potential. Row teams (including Raoh Raoh) can benefit from the enhanced awakenings as you start to see increased damage returns after achieving 10 row enhances. Due to the fact that many cards bring 2+ fire rows, you should be able to hit that magic number 10 and begin prioritising enhanced orbs. As such, Urd can find a place on all high end fire teams including Awoken Shiva Shiva, Shiva Dragon Shiva D, Gadius Gadius, and Raoh. This flexibility makes her an ideal target for plus egg investment as she can be used between so many different teams.

Looking at Urd’s active, she has one of the most desirable board changers as she generates both fire and heart orbs. This allows you to heal and deal damage or be combo-ed with another orb changer to create a 2/3 fire board. Furthermore, you are able to use her active as an assistant for skill inheritance on both fire and water teams. Most notable combo with water is with Andromeda Bankai Andro to create a 2/3 water. 1/3 heart board.

As a leader, Urd is okay as she grants 3.3x ATK for fire types and boosting HP and RCV by 1.35x if they have the water sub type. This can be problematic as most cards will not benefit from the additional bonuses. Many players will thus pair up with Awoken Shiva as his playstyle is quite similar to Urd’s.

Overall, Urd is a highly desired card for both a sub and as an assistant for skill inheritance.

Skuld ult evo
God / Physical
TPA Skill Boost blue + orb
Skill Lock Resist Enhanced Wood Orb blue + orb
+heart TPA Time Extend
All Arrow Water Green Heart
9 turn CD
Skuld has received a resurgence in popularity the past few months due to her leader skill receiving a buff and new monsters coming into power. With both her Physical typing, she can find a home on Blue Sonia Blue Sonia teams if you lack a heart maker. Furthermore, her heart generating active allows her to be utilised by Lakshmi Awoken Lakshimi while her TPA and orb enhance awakenings give her a position as a Rukia Rukai Kuchiki. Finally, her overall utility grants Skuld a spot on I&I I&I / Ryune Ryune and future Sumire Ult Sumire teams. The God typing does allow her to be used on Neptune Dragon Neptune Dragon teams; however, it may be challenging to have sufficient water orbs and there are better options. In short, her versatility is unrivaled and makes a great addition to any water box. Looking forward, Skuld will be very desired for You Yu You Yu teams.

Even without any row enhance awakenings, her dual orb blue + orb enhance and utility based awakenings provide damage diversity and her active can be used in conjunction with any heart breaker to form a 2/3 water board.

As a leader, Skuld forms a modest 27.56x team as a 5o1e playstyle and should be able to clear modest content due to your enhanced RCV for water/wood types.

Overall, Skuld is a versatile water card who should be a splashing success to your monster box. Lastly, her tri-colour board changer is powerful for skill inheritance as it allows you to heal and deal damage at the same time for water and wood teams.

God / Balance
TPA Skill Boost Enhanced Wood Orb
Skill Lock Resist Enhanced Wood Orb +heart
Skill Boost Enhanced Wood Orb Time Extend
All Arrow Fire Green Heart
9 turn CD
Verdandi is the last of the Norns and is one of the strongest board changers available for mono wood teams. Generally speaking, any tri-colour board changer than can generate hearts is superior to those who  cannot. This is because you are creating 2 valuable orbs and heart breakers are the most common orb changer to wombo combo for a 2/3 primary colour board. As such, Verdandi is a Fantastic option for your Awoken Bastet Bastet and future Kaede Ult Kaede teams when you wish to focus on TPA. Even though Verdandi does not possess any rows Wood Row, she can still be effectively used on their teams as you wish to prioritise orb enhances after achieving 10 row awakenings and can be used on Sylvie Sylvie Freyja Awoken Freyja.

Looking at Verdandi’s awakenings, the three wood orb enhances ensure 60% of all wood orbs appear with a plus while the enhanced heart provide a modest increase to your healing output. They may not be as flashy as rows or multiple Two Prong Attacks, but they contribute to your overall output.

As a leader, Verdandi forms a 10.89x ATK team for wood monsters while providing 2.25x HP for fire cards. However, you may be hard pressed to find numerous wood cards with the fire sub attribute and a 10.89x TPA team is lackluster in today’s meta. Wood (would, couldn’t resist) mostly be used as an early game lead.

Overall, Verdandi is a solid mono wood sub who provides a healthy mix of enhancement and utility to your team. She will become even more valuable on the future Ultimate Kaede teams.

Devil / Attacker
TPA Skill Boost Time Extend
Light Row Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist
All Arrow Fire Light
12 turn CD
Ilm is essentially a Light/Fire Sonia without an ultimate evolution. This automatically diminishes their value as they only have 6 awakenings (which is low for a 6-star GFE) and I was somewhat surprised to see them in the PCGF. However, it just shows how popular Saria Saria / Thor Thor  and Machine Zeus Awoken Zeus teams are as Ilm can almost always produce 2+ rows through their active. You are of course running the risk of a horrible orb-trolled board which cannot correct via orb changers due to only light and fire orbs being generated. I would prefer to run a tri-colour board changer as you can combo with another sub to pretty much guarantee a burst heavy board. Regardless, you can still effectively utilise Ilm on your mono light row teams and the promise of a future ultimate evolution should address their lack of awakenings.

Ilm’s leadership potential is for the most part impractical as a 36x lead is not game breaking considering you have to match two different colours and have no HP or RCV multiplier. However, you can use Ilm as a fantastic Tsubaki Tsubaki sub (if you can find friends who use them) as you generate their two needed colours and can achieve a higher multiplier.

Overall, Ilm is a potent mono light sub and their active can be transferred to both fire and light teams.

Ult Zuoh
Devil / Physical
TPA Skill Boost Dark row
Wood Row Time Extend Skill Lock Resist
Dark row Dragon Killer
All  Arrow Fire Green Dark
8 turn CD
Zuoh has fantastic artwork that truly captures the demonic beast within. He has a relatively new ultimate evolution that gave him a significant boost to his damage output through an additional row and Dragon Killer Dark row awakening. The Dragon Killer is exceptionally valuable in Ultimate Arena when facing the Dark Kali as it helps you push her out of the >65% danger zone. In addition to his offensive capabilities, he has a healthy mix of defensive utility and is a boon to all dark row-based/devil teams. You can find Zuoh making an appearance on Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer, Pandora Awoken Pandora, and Dark Metatron dtron as they all focus on dark rows and Zuoh can be beautifully combo-ed with Akechi Akechi, Hanzo Hanzo, and Pandora to form a 2/3 dark board for explosive damage.

The main drawback of using Zuoh as a sub is his 0 base RCV that can place constraints on recovering when stalling. Awoken Pandora teams already have naturally low RCV due to their two leaders and Zuoh can further complicate the problem unless you have heavy plus egg investment.

Zuoh can also be used as a leader and form a “Meimei System” by using multiple Awoken Meimeis MeiMei to continuously chain his leader skill activation. However, the team is fragile as there is no HP or RCV multiplier and you have no defensive utility.

Overall, Zuoh is a powerful dark row team sub and his offensive capabilities and his active allows for incredible burst damage when combo-ed with another orb changer.

Machine / God
Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance
Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance
Dark Orb Enhance Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost
Green Jammer Poison
Heart Arrow Dark
4 turn skyfall
10 turn CD
GH Employee: How many Dark Orb Enhance should we give Eschamali ?
GH Boss: Yes
No, the 7 dark orb enhance Dark Orb Enhance awakenings are not a typo and those make Eschamali one of the best dark monsters in the game. She can single handedly ensure every dark orb that appears is already enhanced and her active pushes the envelope of power creep as she combines both a double orb changer, poison/jammer removal, and enhanced skyfall on only a 10 turn cooldown. Furthermore, the enhanced skyfalls synergize perfectly with her dark orb awakenings to ensure massive additional damage. Eschamali can act as a pseudo board refresh when faced with numerous poison and jammer orbs as she will convert all of them into dark and arguably replaces Haku Haku on mono dark teams.Due to her power and utility, Eschamali can be found on every mono dark including, but not limited to Awoken Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer, Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon, Dark Metatron dtron, Awoken Haku Haku, and Awoken Yomi Awoken Yomi. The only mainstream team she is not used on is Awoken Pandora Awoken Pandora due to no devil typing. Even without any row enhance Dark row awakenings, Eschamli can still be used on row based teams due to diminishing returns when having 10+ row awakenings. At that point, you begin to prioritize orb enhance.Overall an incredible monster to own and will be popular for years to come. The only real fault you can find in Eschamali is that she is a new 6-star godfest exclusive and thus very rare and hard to obtain. However, if you are lucky enough to pull her, your dark box potential will sky-rocket immensely. I want need her….GH please.
Machine / God
TPA TPA Skill Boost
Light Jammer Poison
Heart Arrow Water
4 turn skyfall
10 turn CD
Holy Scheat, 5 two prong attack TPA awakenings! Scheat is another 6-star Godfest Exlusive and offers very high base stats, incredibly powerful active, combined with insane burst potential through two prong attacks. Her active converts light, hearts, jammer, and poison orbs to water orbs as well as increasing the skyfall chance of water orbs by 15% for 4 turns on a 10 turn cooldown. She essentially combines the actives of several monsters into one and greatly eases team building strain in terms of active management. By removing jammer and poison orbs, you can save a full board active and the enhanced skyfall mechanic can overwrite other skyfall abilities created by certain bosses.

Scheat‘s base stats are powerful when matching two prong attacks, but her 653 attack falls flat when matching rows. However, she is still a great candidate for the attack latent Imp ATK Tamadras as a means to further augment her TPA potential.

Water two prong attack teams are still not as popular as their row based cousin, and perhaps the best team fit for Scheat is Rukia Rukai Kuchiki.  As a side note, a lack of skill bind resist Skill Lock Resist can impose restrictions in team building if you wish to achieve 100% immunity.

Overall, Scheat is a fun card to own, but may remain a sleeping powerhouse due to a lack of viable teams she can sub on.

Machine / God
Wood Row Wood Row Wood Row
Wood Row Wood Row
Light Jammer Poison
Heart Arrow Green
4 turn skyfall
10 turn CD
Upon first inspection, I thought Australis was a girl. Maybe it was those thighs, but regardless, Australis is pushing the idea that wood row based teams are viable by bringing a walloping 5 Wood Row and no other awakenings.  Currently the only team he can function on is a Sylvie Sylvie / Freyja Awoken Freyja as Awoken Astaroth Astaroth cannot use machine or god types. Row based teams benefit heavily from large scale orb changers as you want to make at least 2 rows when trying to burst a boss down and Australis will almost guarantee 2 unique rows worth of wood orbs.

Stat distribution wise, he is quite evenly spread and has 780 weighted when max level. Unfortunately, you need to be careful using him as a sub because she offers no SBR Skill Lock Resist, skill boosts Skill Boost , or time extend Time Extend awakenings. This forces you to bring subs who provide these awakenings as you do not wish to become skill locked nor have to stall for too long for actives.

A new opportunity has arisen for Australis through Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei. He can make a comparable leader pairing for those who are not fortunate enough to roll Liu Bei.

Overall, Australis is a valuable sub for wood row teams, but will require planning to safely accommodate on teams due to a lack of diverse awakenings.

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
Fenrir Viz
Fenrir Viz
Devil / Physical
6 star base
Time Extend Time Extend Skill Lock Resist
Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost God Killer
Fire Heart Arrow Jammer
3 turn CD

4x ATK clearing 3 connected Jammers. Max 10x at 9 Jammers. 1.5x RCV Devils
100x ATK / 2.25x RCV
Jammer Meta Intensifies. Actually, GungHo seems to have somewhat abandoned that idea in favour of pursuing the much more populated heart-cross leaders such as Miru Miru, Sumire Ult Sumire, and Kaede Ult Kaede. Regardless, Venrir Viz is a relatively easy to activate 100x lead who is able to proc their damage for two turns, then wait for actives to begin killing things again. This is due to the amazingly short 3 turn cooldown. If you bring another sub who can manufacture jammers or produces haste, you could have a significantly higher uptime. Unfortunately, Fenrir Viz is fragile and is somewhat unable to heal (despite the RCV boost) or use fire subs due to the removal of hearts and jammers. Furthermore, there is no HP multiplier and you would either have to rely on coop or damage mitigation subs to survive. I have never been a fan of the Jammer meta, but at least this is a feasible leader to use. Here is a link to an Arena 1 Solo clear.

Looking beyond a leader, Fenrir Viz can be wonderfully utilized as a base for Skill Inheritance. With fantastic base stats, awakenings, and a 3 turn cooldown, you are able to successfully transfer an active of your choice. The double SBR and Time Extend along with God Killer provide a wonderful mix of utility and damage.

Perhaps if GungHo remembers they started a Jammer meta and start making more subs will Fenrir Viz become more viable/popular.


These Godfest Exclusives are available both days are should not influence your rolling decision as you can acquire them on either day 1 or 2.

Dragon / Healer
Fire Row Bind Clear awakening Enhnaced Fire Orb
Time Extend Fire Row Bind Immune
Bind Immune Devil killer
All Arrow Fire Light Dark Heart
+ 1 turn haste
10 turn CD
Gadius has been propelled back into the spotlight with the introduction of Xiang Mei Xiang Mei who is the first of the Four Gentlemen series 300k MP monsters. Xiang Mei has an incredibly restrictive sub pool as she can only use fire healers who do not remove heart orbs. As such, Gadius is an irreplaceable sub due to his powerful active and healer typing. Gadius can also make appearances on other mono fire teams including Awoken Shiva Shiva and Yamato Bankai Yamato due to his heart generating active and ability to combo well with numerous other monsters. However, Uriel Uriel has the greatest potential for active pairing as you will create a 50% board of fire and 50% enhanced heart orbs. Gadius can also be utilized as a pseudo bind clearer due to his bind immunity, bind recovery Bind Clear awakening awakening, and active that has a chance to spawn 6+ heart orbs. This is fantastic as you do not need to sacrifice an entire sub slot to a dedicated bind clearer and have access to more firepower. Furthermore, his devil killer Devil killer awakening is a powerful means to deal 3x more damage to devil type bosses.

Moving away from a sub role, Gadius will become a powerful (and fun to play) leader when his leader skill is buffed to 42.25x ATK as he can capitalize upon numerous fire rows Fire RowGranted you need to sacrifice some board space for heart orbs, but his output will be tremendous and will feel like a budget/fragile Xiang Mei with a deeper sub pool.

The main downsides to Gadius as a whole are a lack of both skill boost Skill Boost and skill bind resist Skill Lock Resist awakenings. This can cause issues with having actives ready by turn 1 or achieving 100% bind immunity. These problems become less dangerous in coop as you have a partner to help provide those awakenings, but restricts using more than one per team.

Overall, Gadius is mandatory if you plan on using Xiang Mei, but outside of that, he is more of a novelty/option for mono fire teams. His leadership potential is respectable, but not game breaking in today’s meta.

Dragon / Balance
TPA Bind Clear awakening Skill Boost
Time Extend Skill Lock Resist Dark row
Bind Immune Bind Immune Devil killer
All Arrow Fire Water Dark Heart
+ 1 turn haste
10 turn CD
Typhon is an often forgotten 6-star godfest exclusive as he does not have a clearly defined role in today’s meta. From a leadership perspective, he is similar to Gadius as he is heart orb reliant and can scale up to 42.25x ATK. However, without a survivability component to his leader skill, he will falter in higher end content. Regardless, he can still form an competent team due to the depth of dark subs available and the synergy they bring. Fantastic subs include, but are not limited to Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon, Pandora Awoken Pandora, Akechi Akechi, and any other orb changer that does not remove heart orbs. By stacking numerous dark rows Dark rowyou can unleash spectacular damage (just think of how hard Pandora hits at 25x). Furthermore, both your leaders are bind immune and this helps alleviate some constraints when team building.

Moving away from a leadership role, you would think Typhon could be a stellar sub as his active is essentially like Haku Haku with heart orbs (which is great) and has a healthy mixture of awakenings including the valuable recover bind Bind Clear awakeningUnfortunately, Typhon has the bizarre Dragon and Balance typing which excludes him from the top tier dark teams such as Pandora Awoken Pandora, Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer, and Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon. This leaves him for Awoken Yomi Awoken Yomi and Anubis Awoken Anubis who are both strong, but have issues with consistency. However, with the eventual release of Awoken Persephone Awoken Persephone, Typhon may gain more usage as he is a favourable board change for her dark / water requirements. Finally, some argue that with the release of Xin Hua Xin Hua, Typhon’s balance typing comes into play, but her team is even more outrageous than Xiang Mei Xiang Mei and will probably see few players running her.

It is disappointing that 6-star godfest exclusive has limited uses as a sub simply because his typing is wrong and prevents Typhon from being used on the various top tier teams. Hopefully he will either gain a third typing or a new powerful dark leader will emerge. You can still use him as a leader as his scaling multiplier allows for easier activation. But for the most part, just be patient and admire his sculpted abs.

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
 Sherias Roots
Sherias Roots
Dragon / Devil
6 star base
Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend
Time Extend TPA God Killer
All  Arrow Fire Water Green Light Dark Heart
999 true damage to 1 enemy
8 turn CD

2x ATK match 4 elemnts. Max 7x all 6 elements. 1.5x ATK & RCV Dragons
110.25x ATK / 2.2
In my mind, it is firmly rooted that Sherias Roots is a majestic werewolf wearing a magical wizards hat. Alas, GungHo insists they are a ferocious and demonic dragon; however, they will always be a silly dog to me. Regardless, Sherias Roots is the first of three new GFE to be released and they are easily one of the strongest to be released in recent memory. They rival the power of Ra Dragon Ra Dragon from a multiplier perspective, but have several key differences.

Sherias Roots is able to cover the dark element while having a scaling multiplier that is more forgiving due to the ability to match various elements to trigger damage. In addition, Sherias Roots has an incredible active that is able to execute a single PreDRA Fire PreDRA or other high defense monster and spawn 3 orbs of each element on an 8-turn cooldown. This rivals Dark Kali Dark Kali and gives you more flexibility in team building as you already provide a full board change from each leader. in addition, the God Killer God Killer awakening provides 3x damage to God type enemies and is a significant damage boost. However, Sherias Roots does have some downsides with no bind immunity and preference for dragons being the most inhibiting. This forces you to bring a bind clearing sub (best option is Awoken Sakuya Sakuya for both her dragon typing and water coverage) if there are preemptive leader binds. If you choose to not bring a dragon sub, they will only be receiving 49x ATK with all 6 elements matched. Some other noteworthy Dragon subs include, but not limited to: Ragnarok Dragon Ragnarok, Awoken Indra Awoken Indra, Awoken Susano Susano, Baldin Baldin, Orochi Awoken Oorochi. You can also YouTube the search term 滅翼の龍帝王・シェリアス=ルーツ to find more inspiration from the JP player base. However, with the introduction of Skill Inheritance, you are able to simply use a Dragon as a base and inherit an active of your choice. Thus, you should fully populate your roster with all the elements and pick and choose actives as required.

I am glad GungHo was Sherias about creating a rainbow lead that could rival Ra Dragon that did not cost 300k MP. Granted it may be challenging to roll a 6-star GFE, but there is at least hope. The main hurdles you will have to overcome with Sherias Roots is navigating binds, using strong dragons, and finding friends due to how new and rare they are.

Physical / Dragon
5 star base
Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist
37 God Killer
Void enemy defence for 1 turn. Reduce damage by 50% for 1 turn
11 turn CD

2x ATK & RCV for Wood. 2x ATK when Wood and Water attack at same time.
16x ATK / 4x RCV
Balboa is the final GFE to be released with the Hel’s Kitchen Godfest and is another colour remake of an existing card, Baldin Baldin. Like Baldin, Balboa has a dual purpose active along with dual killer awakenings, but is only a 5 star base and has less value by comparison in terms of awakenings and base stats. However, Balboa is also more common to pull and has the capability to compliment Awoken Artemis Awoken Artemis. Both leaders rely on matching water and wood orbs, but Balboa improves the teams RCV to form a 2x HP / 16x ATK / 2x RCV team. This is quite respectable as you have a wonderful mixture of damage and survivability.

Even with a favourable pairing, Balboa / Artemis teams are not that desired in today’s meta due to the pace of powercreep and the relatively low damage 16x is without rows from your leaders.

As a sub, Balboa will be very niche as the times when you want both full damage void and defensive shield are slim to nil. However, in longer dungeons such as Arena 2, you can use Balboa to void the PreDRA Fire PreDRA defenses and also to shield yourself from large Preemptives. Furthermore, the God and Attacker Killer Awakenings add significant damage.

Overall, Balboa will be a niche card to lead or sub as and may have some value as an assistant for skill inheritance.

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
Dragon / God
Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend
Healer Killer Devil killer
All  Arrow Fire Water Green Light Dark + 1 turn haste
9 turn CD
Putting the Dragons back into Puzzle and Dragons is the newest Godfest Exclusive, Sherias! Featuring some incredible art work, this 5-star GFE comes equipped with double killer awakenings along with the staple utility of skill boost, skill bind resist, and time extend. Healer Healer Killer and Devil Devil killer Killer are quite powerful as it allows you to deal 3x damage against bosses with those typings and an incredible 9x if they have both. Sherias features another Light Kali Kali style active, but grants a single turn of haste for an additional 2 turns of cooldown. Whether the haste component is worthwhile will depend on how much haste you have on your other cards. The more haste you have at your disposal, the faster you can chain skills and cycle your actives.

Sherias is regarded as one of the strongest starting rolls for a new account due to their scaling leader skill. Dual Sherias leaders produce 4x damage for a 2 colour match and scales up to 5x for 5 colours. However, they also grant 2.5x ATK  for up to 7 connected water orbs. Thus, you are able to achieve 56.25x ATK with the ability to capitalise on water row Water Row subs. This will not make Sherias a top tier leader, but you have to potential to clear a reasonable amount of content. One thing you have to keep in mind is the only orb changers you can bring are heart breakers. Otherwise, you will not be able to fully proc your leader skill.

Outside of a leadership role, Sherias is valued for their board refresh active. Granted the only water-based rainbow leader is Umisachi & Yamasachi U&Y, Sherias can still make appearances on Sakuya Sakuya, Awoken Ra Ra, and Light Kali teams. However, with the introduction of Skill Inheritance, you can utilise Sherias’s active anyway you please.

I doubt GungHo is Sherias about creating more dragons over pretty girls, but Sherias is a fantastic monster to own for their leadership potential, sub utility, and skill inheritance flexibility. Just don’t call them Shirley.

Dragon / Machine
Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist
Skill Lock Resist physical killer God Killer
50% damage reduction for 2 turns. 2x ATK for Dragon & Machine types for 2 turns
15  turn CD
At first there was Grodin, then the introduction of Blodin, and Rodin. Now we have come full circle with Baldin. Baldin may not have sculpted abs, but there is definitely something funky going on in their abdomen region. Regardless, Baldin is a new 6-star Godfest Exclusive that appears to have less relevancy with the current cards available today. Baldin’s awakenings are powerful as he features the rarely seen two Skill Bind Resistance Skill Lock Resist and if used as a leader, you only need to bring a single sub to achieve 100% immunity. Furthermore, the Physical physical killer and God God Killer killer awakenings allow him to deal 3x damage to those respective bosses.

Looking at the bald dragon’s active skill, he reduces damage taken by 50% for two turns along with 2 turns of 2x enhancement for Dragon and Machine types. This feels somewhat unusual as they are polar opposite style actives. When using a shield, you are trying to survive/stall through a difficult phase. Conversely, damage enhancement is used to sweep a stage.  As such, I am trying to think of any specific scenario where you need the two together. Thus, you will have to pay for an increased cooldown as you are able given the flexibility to use either component as needed.

Baldin forms a 2.25x HP / 14.06x ATK / 2.25x RCV team for fire attribute cards when you match both fire and dark orbs. This results in a very durable team that has some flexibility as all fire types benefit from the leader skill. You still wish to prioritise Dragons and Machines to capitalise on the 2x active burst. Thankfully, there are some options for viable fire cards with both Dragon and Machine types. Some examples include, but not limited to: Red Sonia Red Sonia, Gadius Gadius, Yamato Bankai Yamato, Tsukabki Tsubaki, Denebola Denebola, Antares Antares, Uriel Uriel, and Pure Red Puppeteer, Just be aware of actives that remove dark orbs. A sample team and clear using Baldin on the JP server can be found HERE.  In essence, the teams plays like a tank team and can stall through even the most challenging of floors.

As a sub, Baldin will most likely be used as a fire-type shielding option, but his enhancement component will largely go to waste.

Overall, Baldin has some uses, but will be challenging to construct an ideal team. Does he feel worthy of a 6-star GFE title? Maybe? We may need more options or possibly some more clears showcasing their potential. However, with tank teams such as Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer or I&I I&I / Ryune Ryune who have a much wider sub pool, Baldin may be overlooked for easier options.


The 55 Million Downloads Godfest features a North America’s first 5x GFE and is sure to bring some of the rarest monsters in Puzzle and Dragons to your monster box. Despite the fact that there is no pantheon in conjunction may be worrisome as the silver rate may be very high. Regardless, this is the best opportunity to acquire GFE North America has ever had it would be worth rolling for which ever day could benefit you the most. I have a collective 365+ stones across my two accounts and plan to be quite liberal in my spending after months of hoarding.

Let me know what you hope to roll this Godfest and how many stones you have saved up/budgeting.

Happy Puzzling!

35 thoughts on “55 Million Downloads 5x GFE Review and Analysis”

  1. I can feel it, the voices of innumerable Water cards calling out to me. Compelling me to forget about the GFE REM and drown in a sea of dupes. Seriously though, as a Blue main, this is pretty darn tempting. Probably going to end up rolling some on Day 2. Good luck to everyone else!


      1. Results were a bit of a mixed bag but, not enough to make me regret it. My only 6*s were a dupe Silvi and questionable Baldin. Water Gala didn’t really come through as it only netted me Neptune and Acubens. Other notable pulls were Tsubaki, Hanzo, Sherias, and a dupe Satsuki for SI. Sold the other half of my pulls. I hope they announce PAD Island’s renewal soon. I really want to buy Charite with all this MP but, I’d hate to miss out if they replace Claire with a new 300K card.


  2. I think the game is trying to tell me something first three rolls: Blue sonia, blue dragonbound, hermes, none of which I had lol.


  3. Though once again I am so tired of pulling green odin when either of the other ones have been one of my most desired monsters for going on 3 years now. I should not complain since my other rolls were fairly good I just get sick of the trolling every godfest exclusive.


    1. You secretly want his abs 😉

      In all seriousness, I feel your pain. I do not have much diversity with my pulls, just numerous dupes of the same one lol


  4. Leaving my long-time lurker status to thank you for making these posts – very curious as to what you got since you had so many stones saved up?

    I’m planning on rolling liberally both days (getting close to 300k MP, and hoping for inspiration as to what to purchase!). Wanted Blonia, Blodin, or DKali from Day 1, Zuoh from 2 – so far, got Sherias Roots, Ronia, and Meta, so can’t complain too much!


    1. I am glad you broke your silent streak and thankful for the kind words =D

      Sherias Roots is pretty magical imo and any other GFE is helpful in the long run.

      I am planning on rolling Day 2 on both accounts and will make a video recording/do it live on my stream!


  5. To roll or not to roll?

    I really want that Eschamali, but the other cards are not useful for the teams I’m using (DMeta, APandora and now ALucifer), plus Gala of Tides isn’t really useful for me (I own Sarasvati, Andromeda, I&I, Sumire, Hermes etc. but none of them whith any awakening, so a blue team is a very long term plan, and ADQXQ is the next priority).

    So, goodbye +50, no rolls for me this time 🙂


      1. Changed my mind, can’t resist pulling that arm 🙂

        First roll: Gadius! O_o it’s a fantastic roll, but I’m far from an ideal team, I own only Cao Cao and Tsubaki… My box is very lacking red cards 😦
        Second roll: Ars Nova, I wonder how to use her (skill inheritance?)
        Third roll: Sherias

        I felt lucky, none of these is of any use now, but I think they are all useful and… Wow, I got a Gadius 😀

        Another 30 stones stocked, but I’m keeping them for the summer beach egg machine.


        1. It’s hard to resist eh =P

          And even if you cannot use the GFE today, you will have a use in the future. They are very powerful as subs, leaders, and assistants via SI

          End game you will be requiring GFE more than pantheon gods so you are positioning yourself well =)

          As for Ars Nova, not too many uses atm as active is too random and ruins rainbow team boards


          1. Yeah, the call from that golden REM is irresistible and now I’m very interested in Gadius playstile. 🙂

            Coming to Ars Nova, 5000 mp without repent? It’s nice to have a +50, but I’m not in a hurry, in fact I’m doing Mechdragon Massive Fortress a lot: about 3 assured + per run (well, I’got even 8-9) and I’m not too far from 300k mp…


            1. I would still keep a single Ars Nova (sell if it is a dupe). Generally I would not sell a card you do not have a backup for.

              Who do you plan to use your MP on?


              1. It’s hard to say which MP monster to buy, Beach Valk would be very useful but doubt I will have 300k MP when she returns 😦

                My options are:
                – Yomi Dragon, but I would try DMeta SI SDK or Bankai Lu Bu as bind clearers in my three dark main teams (DMeta, APandora and ALuci), like her playstile
                – Xiu Min, I love glass cannons and I’ve got some useful subs: Wukong, ADQXQ (which I’m working on), Raphael, Wedding Akechi, Pollux, Baal, Alcyone, that Ars Nova thing and an Attacker Amaterasu

                Do you suggest to keep my MP and wait for the next bunch of MP cards that will eventually come in future? 🙂


                1. Xiu Min has no real value considering you own DQXQ who is much more flexible and can actually recover.

                  Yomi Dragon is very versatile as both a lead and sub. What else do you have in your dark box?

                  Beach Valk is more of a collectors item and is not needed, especially if this is your first MP card/IAP-light


                  1. Regarding Xiu Min, that’s a good point, saving my MP 🙂

                    My dark box is: DMeta (SI SDK), AHaku, D/DHaku, APandora, Bankai Pandora, Zuoh, ALucifer, Satsuki, Lu Bu, Lumiel, 2x Hanzo, Hamal, Okuninushi, Playful Star Gods T&S, Dill Sirius, Thanatos and Basilisk plus some farmable monsters like Dark Knight, DInazami etc.

                    Well, as non IAP palyer (I do buy packs only when there are sales) I’m focusing on a few colors: dark > light > blue > green > red, so I’m looking for really useful dark cards. Thought BValk could be useful as a superior version of DValk (which I don’t have) and fast orb changer. I’m thinking in very short term (ADQXQ > USarasvati > Gadius are very long term projects) 🙂

                    GungHo is adding a lot of new PAD Island cards, I’m changing my mind on saving stones for that REM machine, there are some interesting cards, but none of immediate use for me… Can’t wait for your review ! 🙂


                    1. I will get to my review of the beach collab soon =) However, it looks promising as they have some very powerful 4-star cards. I would still not buy Beach Valk, especially if you are non IAP

                      As for your dark box, you can create a formidable Lucifer or Pandora team with a healthy mix of inherit options.

                      ADQXQ is more consistent than Sarasvati but will deal less damage overall, but can heal and tank hits better. You will clear more content with DQXQ imo


  6. I rolled 5x and got Saria and 2nd Cao Cao. The other 3 are trash with a troll gold in the mix. I have neglected my light box for awhile now so I’m a bit excited about Saria. I’m disappointed though because I wanted to nab any of the blue GFEs or even some gala cards. Not a single one.

    Going to roll my remainder 15 stones tomorrow with the same hopes.

    Also, it seems the rates for this GFE are pretty terrible based on what I’ve seen on various forums.


    1. I feel that people who post their rolls are on the extreme end of the spectrums and mostly in the negative side as a way to vent etc. It would be better to see how IAP friendly players do who roll multiple packs. From what I have seen, it is much better rates than a normal Godfest if chasing GFE (which I am)


      1. It went really well IMO. Got Durga, Australis, Hermes, U&Y, Lakshmi, Typhon and Kraken Rider that I didn’t had. For the trolls I got Cinderella, Thumbelina, WoodBahn and Lemon Dragon. Lastly one Hatsume dupe. Way better than my last PCGF. Durga was a missing key for my Dtron team, the other have place in my other teams.


  7. honestly this is such a struggle…i’ve been saving my stones for the 10 stone gfe rem but with this……………………………goddammit. plus kenshin collab coming soon


    1. We may never get the 10-stone REM as it was for the GH festival. I have been saving for ~6 months and I will be shaking that dragon’s hand a lot today on my stream =D


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