Streaming my 5x GFE Rolls Monday at 5:30PM PST!

Let the Good Times Roll!

Come join me at 5:30pm PST for some Mantastic and glorious Day 2 Godfest rolls. I have been (im)patiently waiting for a worthy Godfest to roll around and the 55 Million Downloads 5x GFE promises wonderful cards and ideally as few tears as possible after months of saving.

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I will also be recording my rolls and posting them on YouTube so everyone can enjoy my happiness!

Happy Puzzling!

6 thoughts on “Streaming my 5x GFE Rolls Monday at 5:30PM PST!”

  1. Good luck! I rolled about a pack, and did not get fabulous results. I got my first Kanna and Sherias though, so it could have been worse. At least I got a lot of plus eggs which I can use to build up my Myr team!


  2. Send picture of your results please… Good Luck!
    Btw I rolled yesterday and got decent rolls ronia and ….. lucifer.. 🙂

    May the rem gods be with u


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