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[Videos] 55 Million Downloads Godfest Pulls


As promised tonight on my Twitch Stream, here are the video records from my 55 Million Downloads 5x GFE Godfest. I had to split it into 2 videos as my stream decided to take a break and restart and the highlight cropping feature needs a live stream to work. Despite my rolls, I still have my Pretty Pancaaake


Part 1 
Part 2

My rolls

As many of you may be reading on your commute or in non-wifi zones, here is a compilation of my rolls prior to selling/evolving.

Mantastic, 42 rolls:

GF rolls combined

What I am happy about:
  • Gadius Gadius if I did not already own 2 (4 now) as he is a great assistant for Miru Miru
  • Vitra Vritra who will be my first step towards a push-button team
  • Ryune Ryune x2 is not something I should complain about as it is a very powerful SI card or 50k MP (I already have a penta-max one so this makes 3…)
  • Typhon Typhon is my 8th lifetime 6-star and is new for me so that is something to be happy about. If his special Cross evolution comes to North America, he may gain more uses; however, I still do not own Akechi so my options are still limited.
  • Ult Sumire Sumire #3 allows me to complete the haste system if I chose to run him over Myr Miru as Fantastic also managed to roll their first Sumire
  • Zeta Hydra Zeta-Hydra is the best silver egg I could ever hope for as they provide 5 turns of delay on a 20-turn cooldown. Potential for Skill Inheritance
  • Balboa Balboa is a sometimes desired sub on Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei team (another card I do not have) for his 100% damage void. I may find a way to use him as an inherit or if I run my Australis Australis with Liu Bei from Fantastic. Niche at best
  • Sun Quan Sun Quan is another potential delay I could inherit as prior to this Godfest I was lacking any
  • Sherias Sherias may not be Sherias Roots Sherias Roots; however, it is another Light Kali Kali style delay that may give me more options for SI.
  • Urd Verd Urd & Verdandi complete my Norn collection and they are also amazing assistants for Inheritance.
  • Saria Saria is perhaps the ONLY card I will be using for my Myr team (as the third best option for board changer behind my non-existant Wedding Gadius W Gadius and Apocalypse Uevo Apoc) and at least helps round out my team better. I have already Penta-maxed her with HP latents.

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Streaming my 5x GFE Rolls Monday at 5:30PM PST!

Let the Good Times Roll!

Come join me at 5:30pm PST for some Mantastic and glorious Day 2 Godfest rolls. I have been (im)patiently waiting for a worthy Godfest to roll around and the 55 Million Downloads 5x GFE promises wonderful cards and ideally as few tears as possible after months of saving.


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I will also be recording my rolls and posting them on YouTube so everyone can enjoy my happiness!

Happy Puzzling!