[Videos] 55 Million Downloads Godfest Pulls


As promised tonight on my Twitch Stream, here are the video records from my 55 Million Downloads 5x GFE Godfest. I had to split it into 2 videos as my stream decided to take a break and restart and the highlight cropping feature needs a live stream to work. Despite my rolls, I still have my Pretty Pancaaake


Part 1 
Part 2

My rolls

As many of you may be reading on your commute or in non-wifi zones, here is a compilation of my rolls prior to selling/evolving.

Mantastic, 42 rolls:

GF rolls combined

What I am happy about:
  • Gadius Gadius if I did not already own 2 (4 now) as he is a great assistant for Miru Miru
  • Vitra Vritra who will be my first step towards a push-button team
  • Ryune Ryune x2 is not something I should complain about as it is a very powerful SI card or 50k MP (I already have a penta-max one so this makes 3…)
  • Typhon Typhon is my 8th lifetime 6-star and is new for me so that is something to be happy about. If his special Cross evolution comes to North America, he may gain more uses; however, I still do not own Akechi so my options are still limited.
  • Ult Sumire Sumire #3 allows me to complete the haste system if I chose to run him over Myr Miru as Fantastic also managed to roll their first Sumire
  • Zeta Hydra Zeta-Hydra is the best silver egg I could ever hope for as they provide 5 turns of delay on a 20-turn cooldown. Potential for Skill Inheritance
  • Balboa Balboa is a sometimes desired sub on Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei team (another card I do not have) for his 100% damage void. I may find a way to use him as an inherit or if I run my Australis Australis with Liu Bei from Fantastic. Niche at best
  • Sun Quan Sun Quan is another potential delay I could inherit as prior to this Godfest I was lacking any
  • Sherias Sherias may not be Sherias Roots Sherias Roots; however, it is another Light Kali Kali style delay that may give me more options for SI.
  • Urd Verd Urd & Verdandi complete my Norn collection and they are also amazing assistants for Inheritance.
  • Saria Saria is perhaps the ONLY card I will be using for my Myr team (as the third best option for board changer behind my non-existant Wedding Gadius W Gadius and Apocalypse Uevo Apoc) and at least helps round out my team better. I have already Penta-maxed her with HP latents.

What I am sad about:

The horrifying lack of Godfest Exclusives and useable cards. From 42 rolls I only gained three 6* GFE with the two Ryunes being dupes to an already existing one. Thus, my total tally for 6-stars is a sad eight for my 1,000+ day account. I know my luck has always been bad, but this godfest only adds salt to the injury. It has sometimes been hard to continously write reviews about cards/teams I will probably never have as I was hoping to gain more diversity to my box after 210 stones and 6+ months of saving. From all of this I essentially gained a Saria and some very marginal SI assistants.

The trend of PAD is to make 6-stars and MP cards the best leaders and outside of the farmable Myr, I have not a single lead who is considered top tier which has always limited my own progression. Granted my own creativity and puzzling skills help offset my REM-handicap, it would be nice to finally have something strong.

210 stones, three 6*, nine 5* GFE. A lot of tears.

Fantastic, 31 rolls:

Fan roll 1 combine

What I am happy about:

Fantastic had a much better Godfest with significantly less rolls. I managed to walk away with four more 6* GFE (bringing their total to 10) along with eleven 5-star GFE out of 30 rolls (there is a Saria that is obstructed at the top). I actually have a lot to work with on this account by comparison to Mantastic.

  • Eschamali Eschamali or Ess-Calimari as I so lovingly say in my videos, is still one of the best dark sub available. She single-handedly adds the most damage of any sub and has an unbelievable active. Granted we are in a period where there is no top-tier dark leader (outside of future Gremory Gremory) so she will not be used as much today. However, I am positioned well for the future.
  • Ult Zuoh Zuoh is one of the most desired board changers for dark teams and combos beautifully with my harem of Pandoras (have 3 in total) to form a 2/3 dark board. I just wish one of the three I rolled could have gone to Mantastic who is still lacking a Akechia, Eschamali, or Zuoh.
  • Ult Sumire Sumire is the first for Fantastic and may allow me to begin running her team as both accounts finally have one along with a heavily plussed water box.
  • I&I I&I is one of the most powerful mono-water subs available and having the option to use her as both a sub or inheritance on dark teams makes me happy. Plus they are pretty and promise to double my fun
  • Ryune Ryune is one of the strongest water subs and will only become even more powerful with a future ultimate evolution. They grant my Blue Sonia Blue Sonia the ability to generate heart orbs as well as combo-ing with my B/L Hermes BL Hermes for 2/3 water boards.
  • Ult Kaede Kaede is considered one of the best leaders in the game and at least by pulling her I may be able to start making a team. Regardless, I always enjoy something rare that I did not own before
  • Fenrir Fenrir x3. Jammer lol
  • Baldin Baldin is another 6-star GFE that I did not own. Granted his uses are niche, but having options is always wonderful
  • Sherias Sherias may have value if Awoken Umisachi & Yamasachi U&Y are  powerful (if that ever happens) as it was this account’s previous main leader


I am quite saddened by my lack of GFE luck on Mantastic. It can be frusterating to wait so patiently only to be horribly dissappointed. I do not even expect countless 6-stars, just a few to give my account some sort of push in the right direction. Considering I rolled 210 stones worth and got virtually nothing that can benefit my REM lacking account is disheartening. All I can do is soldier on and hope I can re-save stones for the next “good” event.

On the bright side, Fantastic did extremely well (but probably average) by comparison so I at least have something to do with my alternate account

How did you do this 5x GFE?

Happy Puzzling!

35 thoughts on “[Videos] 55 Million Downloads Godfest Pulls”

  1. Hey man, at least you were able to share the tears with over 100 viewers on your stream, that’s pretty cool 🙂 My box is really strong, but I’ve spent waaaay too much money, and -still- don’t have everything I want (gimme your Typhon and one of your Ryunes!) Also, I have to live with fact that I’m not even half the puzzler you are!


    1. Yeah I did peak to 150 at one point which was pretty Fantastic =)

      I will gladly trade away 1 of my 3 Ryune….And I am certain you have a strong monster box =P And as for puzzling skills, your fingering will improve in time!


  2. with my 16 rolls i got Gad, tsubaki x2 , sadalmelik (wtf),Famiel , I and I , Muse, sun quan, karin, verdandi, australis, uniocorn rider,thanatos ( which is a good sivler to inhert so a win here) lakshmi (Sherias ) a win here , Gryps rider


    1. Well you have the makings of a strong Tsubaki team! Sadly not too many GFE for you either =( I wish we could know if the 10-stone GFE REM is coming or not sigh


  3. Why do you prefer apocalypse to saria? Nearly identical stats and skill. I’d say ult apocalypse is better than saria on awoken skills but saria isn’t ulted yet. I would think it will eventually be stronger, probably quite a bit stronger? Just curious.


  4. Vritra as a start to a push button team … Does that mean now you’ll lay off my Liu Bae?! Ha!! It’s funny though, how the luck seems to run between main & alt. My nearly 1,000 day old main box is average, but not stellar. My 4,00 day old alt outclasses it by far! All the cards I’m missing from my main are to be found in the alt. At least with co-op a thing now, I can still make decent use of them. 😛


    1. Well, Mantastic has neither Ra nor Rodin so Vritra is a start after using Goemon’s active =P

      I completely agree that main and alts have strange variance in luck. I will roll numerous dupes on one account (Zuoh this time) while the other one has none. Thankfully, I am able to coop with a few strong leaders so I do get by =D


  5. Hi Mantastic, Ducksauce Here. My x5 GF gave me 3 5star GFE, (sumire, sumire and sherias) out of 1-85 pack. Made a sumire team and I’m really digging it so far (Sumire, Sumire, Ryune, A.Isis, Andromeda). You have me as a best friend so you know if you go the Sumire route that she’ll always be up and waiting for you! Overall I’m satisfied with my rolls, however I’m hoping my next pack (I usually roll every 2/3 godfests) will give me a 6 star. Later bro!


    1. How do you prepare your duck oO

      That is a pretty strong team and you are able to use a Sumire active nearly every turn. I enjoy Miru more than Sumire as the 5o1e clause is problematic and I am more used to rows. With that being said, I may start using her more once Fantastic has theirs up and running (along with the other 2 from Mantastic)

      Glad to have you commenting on here and hope your next godfest goes well!


  6. Hi! I got Sasuke, Gamble Mage and Wee Jas for my three rolls. Only one that could work is Wee Jas for Gaduis (only strong leader). I did hit rank 150 during the event and got Lucifer. I feel less punked then I do on the collabs so there is that.


      1. Archangel Lucifer. I spent all of the rest of my stones in the Christmas REM in hopes of another good leader. I ate the Gamble Mage for the +RCV, since I will be makings heart matches mostly anyway.


          1. Just the Healer girls and a couple of Paulinas. Also I was wanting to know what you think about the Dragon Knight girls. Himiko and Cleopatra seem useful, for the Dragon/Healer typing and shield and the better poison respectively. Almost up to them in my technicals and I wonder if it would be a good investment. Current team is Gadius/Kiriko/Sun Quan/Wedding Izanami/Depends with mostly a Wedding Gadius/Xiang Mei Friend Leader.


            1. Most farmable cards are not worth the investment outside of a select few (with none of those being strong enough to warrant investment)

              Poison value is largely irrelevant as it is mostly used to kill high defense monsters who have very little HP to begin with


              1. Any suggestions on what to keep? I was able to get the first 5 Challenge descends done this week. I have been playing for 2 months now. I just thought since they were farmable they would have some value to get skill ups quicker. I saw Goemon in the Beach Collab and I hope to save a couple of stones for him. My wife and Dad play as well so maybe that is worth us all trying to pull for one? I read your best farmable monsters page and I haven’t had a chance to get most or can do the higher descends needed yet.


                1. Only Valkyrie has value as a farmable monster (athena has diminished significantly) as Goemon has his skill change once he evolves.

                  I will get to a review on the beach collab soon, but it is looking very strong thus far


  7. first time commenter – even though i wasn’t able to watch live, i ended up watching your YouTube uploads in full.. very awesome. i’ve been non-iap pad’ing for close to 1200 days and have felt your pain of not pulling many 6* gfe cards. but hang in there, it does get better..

    my one question to you is.. what did you personally end up doing with all the extra non-gfe dupe cards? sell for mp points or hoard pluses?


    1. Glad you came out of the shadows Herman =)

      I am planning to sell them for MP as plus eggs are more readily available. I can acquire +50 from Star Den for 125 stamina and under 10 minutes of effort (that is probably going slow). On the other hand, it takes 150 stamina for 3,000 MP and significantly more time as I lack a button team for rogue descends

      I also have ~5 +297 holders with nothing to use them on =(


  8. You called Sumire a him :p I’m pretty sure she’s female

    Lakshmi is a great lead capable of doing stuff like Arena 3 and Mech Zeus solo with the right subs.. so you could try and make a team for her? What other water subs do you have?


    1. They sometimes look like a guy!

      And already own an Awoken Lakshmi who I use from time to time. The Urd may help the team as it can be combo-ed with Andromeda for a nice 2/3 water, 1/3 heart board

      Unfortunately, Fantastic has less than fantastic subs (no gabriel, andromeda, etc) while Mantastic lacks Orochi so I will see what I can do =)


      1. I’d say with her new ult Sumire has very obvious female parts

        And Urd is definitely a nice addition for Lakshmi. Almost everyone has her inherited these days which is great. You actually don’t need Orochi, I have found Arena 2 to be just fine with Sun Quan (plus a 3 turn shield and you can tank out the predras!)


        1. But that is still 2 actives =P But the key for me is making a team that can compete with my DQXQ / Myr team for clearing content. I know Lakshmi is strong, but I am less inclined in investing resources if I cannot make a stronger team or one that can clear similar content (to have variety and benefiting from unique strengths etc)

          I will need to develop Fantastic’s Lakshmi and see if they even have a workable team as they are missing quite a few things


  9. Hmm… My godfest went surprisingly very well. I rolled on Day 1 because I still want some of the older units. All I can say is wow, this was easily the best godfest I had in 1103 days.

    1. Typhon! (Really wanted him and excited to get a 6* exclusive)
    2. Ronia (3rd sold right away)
    3. Alfecca (nope)
    4. Grape Dragon 5* (uhh… Seriously?)
    5. Barbarossa (WUT? Never saw him before but he looks decent)
    6. DMETA!! (Huge shock for me and always wanted her)
    7. BLUE SONIAAAA!!!!! (One of my top wanted 6* exclusive I thought I’d never get)
    8. ISIS!!! (Wow my last missing piece for Ra Dragon! Chased her forever as well!)

    Well I went from 3 6* exclusive to 6 in one godfest! Still in shock that even happened. To be fair I haven’t rolled a new card in forever as I always get trolled with silvers and knights.


      1. Actually I was leaning more towards her as a sub on my future Sarasvati team although I suppose I can make a team for her. While I don’t own other staple subs like Blodin and Ryune, I can still make a decent team such as Blonia/Andromeda/Karin/Skuld/Hermes(B/L of course)

        The only problem I see with the team is there is no quick orb changer nor is there any haste (except A. Karin if I choose that over B/G).

        But I think I’m more of a water glass cannon team user as I’m very used to Sarasvati’s play style. Now with rows, Blonia is a great sub for her so I’d imagine my new team would look similar to this:


        Uses similar subs but I may swap out occasionally Isis in there because of binds or say an Orochi for delay. Maybe even other orb changers like Alrescha (after her Uvos are announced) for converting Jammers/Poison or Barbarossa for a combination of Delay and Water orbs. So many options. Blue is probably my second strongest element after Light.

        As a side note, your blogs help me out a lot and I love reading them! I really appreciate your work here and I can tell you’re very dedicated to this! 🙂 And my condolences on saving all those gems and amounting them to a single Saria 😦 I can only imagine the pain of saving up that much and getting the “rewards.”


        1. I do not run any quick orb changers for Blonia as they are not impactful enough, B/L Hermes is my shortest cd and with her insane RCV, you can stall forever provided you have heart orbs. With all that being said, your Blonia team is strong and can clear plenty of content

          As for you Sarasvati team, a variety of orb changers is ideal as your stalling potential is slim to nil. You can also inherit Alreshcha onto BValk as a way to upgrade her active while retaining her body =)

          And thank you for the kind words and condolences =) It is rewarding helping others and I am thrilled you enjoy my work!


          1. I guess a burst-heavy team is indeed better than quick orb changers. Like I said, I guess I’m too used to Sara teams lol :p. I’m glad my Blonia team is viable though.

            After calculations, I realized that if I were to use my Blonia team according to the list above, I’m hovering about 31k HP and with plus egging Karin, Skuld, and Andro would bump that up to a 34k which sounds amazing without any HP increasing leaders AT ALL.

            It’s also pretty insane to see that RCV is not even an issue and you can practically heal to full hp after three heart orbs and combos. And even her damage output isn’t bad at all! I can see why she can favorable to a glass cannon like Sara although I’ll still be trying her out with her new evo. Thanks for all the suggestions! ^^


            1. Yeah, Blonia is all about controlled burst and more impactful orb changers do that =P

              And 34k HP is pretty standard for Blonia team and that is enough to survive nearly all regular attacks and be able to heal up to full with ease. I actually have used Blonia to clear M+ Rogue Descends (its how I farmed my Scarlet System a long time ago), Ch10s, and other high end content. She is simply very safe to use.

              Hopefully Sarasvati will prove to be fun, but will have issues with damage control and stalling


  10. Hi,
    I rolled on the first day. I did 3 rolls with the free stones I had accumulated. I got
    1. Earth dragon swordsman. New card but already have Wee Jas as green unbinder. Not sure if this one is better. Maybe skill inheritance assistant.
    2. Alfecca. Dupe. Don’t have any use for water tpa cards.
    3. Orochi. Good new card once I get enough subs for my rainbow leaders.

    Later in the day, I bought some stones and got
    4. Baldin. New card but don’t have any use yet.
    5. Sumire. New card. Haven’t had time to check how these 5o,1e teams are setup.
    6. Sylvie. New card. I wanted this one. I now have a good leader for the green row cards I have.
    7. Beast rider. Second dupe. The second REM card I rolled when I started. Not used in any current team.
    8. Ryune. New card. Probably the one I wanted the most. It’ll go on my Andromeda healer team, unless I decide to shake up my water team.

    Currently I have
    Andromeda / sun Quan / Andromeda / Gabriel / Hatsume / ally
    I’ll probably want to replace one of them with ryune (2nd Andromeda or sun quan?) and I also have blonia, motonari, siegfreid, u&y in case I go with a physical or just regular water row team.

    I’m very happy with my rolls. I’m glad I bought stones.


    1. Well I must say, those purchased stone rolls are some of the most Myraculous I have ever seen

      You should strongly consider using a Ryune + I&I team with the strong water box you have. You can use Andromeda, Andromeda, Blonia, Hatsume as subs and you would be pretty set. However, a Blonia team with Andro, Andro, Ryune, and Motonari/Seigfried (swap for B/L Hermes) is also very powerful


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