Duplicate Monsters: To Keep or not to Keep. That is the Question


That is one of the few verses from Shakespeare that I have retained from my High School days so that hopefully appeases my former English teachers. Regardless, which duplicate monster to keep or sell is quickly becoming a topic of interest, especially after the most recent 5x GFE event. Years ago, most duplicate monsters had very little meaning. However, with the introduction of Skill Inheritance and the Monster Point system, those extra Urd’s are starting to have more value.

Other resources

If you have not already, I strongly encourage you to read my various other articles that I will be making reference to throughout this discussion:

Duplicate checklist

It can be challenging to go through a card-by-card basis of what to sell or keep and is somewhat redundant due to Reddit already covering that. As such, I wish to go through my own thought process when determining if I should keep these extra duplicate monsters. Your situation will differ from mine as well as Reddit so still use your own judgement.

Do I already own one?

This may seem redundant when having a discussion about duplicate monsters, but it is imperative to never sell away a card that you only have a single copy of as they may have uses in the future with buffs/evos or in future godfests where you gain more cards to work with.

Am I using them as a sub?

Does the monster in question have a dedicated spot on any of the teams you run?  If the answer is yes, it means they have either a fantastic body, strong active, ideal awakenings, or heavy investment. As such, your team may falter if you were to only have a single copy if using as an assistant for Skill Inheritance. For example, Urd Urd is a staple sub on your Awoken Shiva Shiva team. As such, you could not replace her if you were to being using her as an assistant on a water-based team. This section is subjective and is based on your own box requirements/needs.

What type of active does the duplicate monster have?

This question is directed to their benefits as an assistant for Skill Inheritance. Certain actives are more desired than others and you have to determine how they can benefit your teams.

  • Push Button potential? If you pulled another Ra Ra, you should immediately think “Push-button potential” or “PreDRA Fire PreDRA execution.” As a means to cut down on the grinding aspect, push button teams have seen a surge in popularity and having additional buttons is always desired.
  • Rainbow Board Changereither produce the 5 elements or 5 elements plus hearts. These cards are invaluable to rainbow teams and can be used as both subs or assistants for those teams.
  • Other Board Changers are those that produce bi or tri-colour boards. They are invaluable for those respective mono-colour teams and you are not limited to the original colour of the duplicate monster. For example, Awoken Meimei’s MeiMei active is amazingly powerful on both light and dark teams. In addition, you should keep in mind if they also produce heart orbs or have haste.
  • Delays are crucial in high level content due to the ability to either stall out dangerous floors, recharge actives, or bypass resolve mechanics. However, not all delay cards can be accommodated onto every team and having the option to inherit as you please is valuable
  • Shields or damage mitigation plays another important role in high end content and like delays, may not have the best body to use as a sub.
Can I upgrade an existing sub’s active?

This was quite a large topic of discussion in my Skill Inheritance: Advanced Strategies article and upgrading an active allows you to improve an existing sub’s active with a stronger version. For example, I use Wedding Izanami W Iza on my Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ team due to her fantastic awakenings and quick charging shield. However, I can upgrade her active with Awoken Susano Susano to grant me a stronger shield if I am able to wait for the cooldown as well as helping protect myself against skill delays. Another example is upgrading Claire’s Dark Valk active with Castor Castor as a means to use her body while gaining the ability to remove poison and jammer orbs along with a single turn of haste.

Is the duplicate monster lacking a new/awoken evolution?

This is a very important question to ask yourself as new evolutions can bring significant changes to lackluster cards. For example, Sarasvati 3069 was mostly neglected prior to her Uuevo evolution; however, she is now a force to be reckoned with and we will have to wait to see if the rest of the pantheon follows suit. Cards that this is most applicable to include Godfest Exclusives without an ultimate evolution and regular pantheon Gods that lack a a Uuevo or Awoken evolution.

How badly do you need the Monster Points?

Or plus eggs if it was a special event? One key factor to succeeding in Puzzling and Dragons is trying to stay as close to the current meta as possible. The top tier teams today will still be strong in a few months; however, they may fall victim to powercreep and begin to lag behind. As such, would selling/fusing this dupe propel you forward by a significant margin? Will this enable you to clear the next set of Challenge Dungeons or begin farming Arena? If you are being gatekeepered from the next tier of content by your inability to purchase that MP Card or a hypermaxed team, relinquishing said dupe may be worthwhile. Just be sure you will not have seller’s remorse.


Duplicate monsters have amazing collateral value whether it be as Monster Points, Skill Inheritance, or a large chunk of Plus Eggs. How you decide to use them is based upon your own box’s needs and resources. If you are ever in doubt, it is best to simply be patient and see how the meta and your box develops. The last thing you want is seller’s remorse from selling a 50k MP card you will most likely never get back.

What cards have you been keeping numerous dupes of and how do you decide what to keep or sell?

Happy Puzzling!


19 thoughts on “Duplicate Monsters: To Keep or not to Keep. That is the Question”

  1. Thanks for the analysis, buddy! With MP so easy to come by, sometimes I might have the urge to feed a +50 dupe silver as I can just farm Scarlet to get my 3K mp back. Plusses don’t come in batches of 50 from six Myth Plus runs. Should I sell, feed, or keep these dupe silvers? (I have a dupe Water Dragon Swordsman, not MSed yet)


    1. Considering you can get both plus eggs and mp easily. It only depends on a skill or whether it gets awesome later on.
      Two examples red riding silver is going to have buff of four rows when evolved
      Fafnir is going to have evolution with four rows also.
      Also if you can eventually add its skill to something else if its good then do it.
      Mantastic is beteer at replying then me so I wait for him to.

      Thank you


      1. @lewis1138 your decision should be based on how easily either pluses or MP is for you to acquire. If you are being gatekeeped from the next tier of content due to a lack of pluses, then those will provide more value as you can unlock more rewards etc. Myth Plus runs give up to 5 pluses and the 500 MP but are much harder to clear. The dupe swordsmen should be safe to sell/fuse

        @Bob buffs may happen, but those silvers are still going to be silvers and may still have major shortcomings. Red Riding Hood/Fafnir is a strange exeption, but only niche uses still imo. However, if their skill is strong like Zeta Hydra, then they are still a valuable card regardless if buffed


  2. I have 4 Nuts now (I know, I’m giggling while typing that.) Someone on one of the Facebook groups mentioned a Nut system team. is that a thing? her active doesn’t seem that great, and she has no SBR nor skill ups.

    mind you I love her and think she is a great base for SI, just not sure about a Nut System.


    1. Setsu got in the top 10 in Satan tournament with YY – Nut x4 – YY if that’s worth anything. Nut is an EXCELLENT skill inheritance base, so she’s very popular on YY/Sumire teams for that reason. Her own active is very quick and so reliable, and you can inherit actives such as shields and burst or other orb conversions onto her and suffer a minimal +4 cooldown.

      I would say keep at least 3 simply because we don’t know if she’s going to get a split/bankai ult and don’t forget her Awoken far far down the line. I sold my second one when I pulled two consecutively during E2’s debut in 2015 out of rage and I deeply regret doing so.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Essnetially everything Foxwaffles said =) One extra thing I would add is you create a nut system as you can use 1 nut every turn and it will loop back by the time you get to turn 5 =)

          I only have a single nut but two in real life 😉

          Liked by 1 person

          1. would the upcoming Sarasvati evolution with 4 Nuts be a possible ridiculous team. constant sky fall and near constant left column blue orbs.

            I mean it would have no SBR nor a way to deal with pre-emptive bind attacks, but it seems like it would be fun in the right dungeons.


            1. Maybe fun, but your lack of rows and the clause of needing numerous water combos diminishes that value. Nut systems work better on teams with unconditional multipliers as you can simply form the column and swipe right to deal TPA dmg

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  3. Thanks for the useful analysis.

    I sold some cards, kept others…
    But I’ll Definitively keep my Cerberus Rider, 2 turns Lol. Is the host my Ronia was waiting for.


  4. Are you going to do an analysis on Blue Myr some time soonish? Like, based on everything we know (which is everything but pullrate, I think)?

    I was considering selling stuff to get her, since she would probably give me a considerable boost in power because I´m mostly playing blue anyway, the thing is I´d sell a couple of cards that might hurt a bit if they actually get decent Uevos in the long run (a third copy of Ryune and Saria, a third Australis of which 2 would be Inherits on my GKali team and the third a base card to play on the team and a dupe Skuld for that matter).
    After selling pretty much all I can take at the moment, I´d end with 280k and I´m pretty sure I´m not going to spend more than 1-2, maybe 3 packs next month if I can cover the rest of the missing MP that way (rolling GF then to get more MP).

    Would farming rogues realistically get me there if I did that most of the time for the month that we´re away from getting her?

    My sub list is YY (not really sub, just mentioning), 2 Skuld (would preferably sell one to get her), Scheat, 3 Ryune, Gabriel, 2 Andromeda, BValk, I&I, Sumire, 2Isis, ALakshmi, 2 Orochi, SQ, Barbarossa, Alrescha, Academy Snowwhite and Neptune.
    I can also inherit 2 Urd, would also sell one to get to the 280k MP though.


    1. I plan on doing a full write up of the Summer REM when it gets closer to NA (probably the end of the month if they time it with their monthly stream)

      What kind of light box do you have? Myr is farmable afterall and water is comparable to her light form (I will probs do a comparison soonish). How feasible is it for you to farm her?

      500k MP is a steep investment for something that is essentially farmable and we don’t know what the next wave of MP cards will be

      *How fast can you farm rogues/how patient are you?*

      Your numerous 50k GFE can ofc be liquidated, but I would still exercise caution as Ryune is a powerful SI card for both water and dark boxes (Skuld not as much as its harder to combo as you cannot use Hermes)

      Finally, do you enjoy the heart cross playstyle?


      1. My light box is probably equally good (Wu Kong, Xiu Min, Apocalypse, Baal, 2 LAkechi, 3 Saria (part of my to be sold list), raphael, Ariel, Kanna, Amaterasu, Sakuya, Ilm, Venus, 2 Polux, Ra and Ars Nova) and I enjoy the heart cross playstyle right now, I can also clear lMyr using Kaede, got the stone for M+ a couple of minutes ago.

        I’d also guess I’m pretty patient, the only thing I’ll have to use stamina on right now are a couple of Ryune skillups (1 lvl 4 and the other two unskilled), if the next dragonbound skillup is Sylvie I can use my stamina freely since I still don’t have one.


        1. I would stick with Light Myr as you have Wedding Akechi which water has no equivalent to. Furthermore, it has perfect synergy with Saria for 2/3 enhanced light, 1/3 light board.I would keep farming Myr Descended (on whichever difficulty suits you) and save your MP for a future MP card (new ones will be released who should be more powerful)

          You can use Venus as a base for 1 Akechi, Saria as a sub, WK, Apoc (do you have DQXQ?) and inherit your second akechi onto your Myr


          1. I’ve also got a last DQXQ left (used to have four, sold one and fused the other two I got at pcgf for pluses ^^;

            I’m still looking at a crap ton of work because I only just started playing a light team when I bought Xiu Min, my Blue box is pretty much playready from the get go since I played mostly blue for months


            1. Well your Light Myr team will be just as effective, if not more efficient than a water Myr team based on the subs at your disposal. Apoc combos with DQXQ, Saria with Akechi. Unlike Water, I feel light has better board changer synergy and Akechi is the premier sub with the enhanced light orbs.

              Once you have your light box up to par with levels/awakenings/pluses, it will be stronger than a water Myr imo


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