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Version 12.6.1 Update – Super Awakenings


Version 12.6.1 comes with the highly anticipated Super Awakenings mechanic. These awakenings are a new way to add additional power onto some of your favourite monsters. However, you must first Limit Break your card, sacrifice a +297, and these special Awakenings only works in solo mode.

This article will explain the process, when to use it, and which awakenings tend to be more favourable.

As a forewarning, not every card can be Limit Broken and not every Limit Broken card can receive a Super Awakening.

Video commentary

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Super Awakenings will only be available to certain cards and those particular monsters must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be Limit Broken (does not need to be level 110)
    • Not all cards can be Limit Broken
      • Not all Limit Broken cards can receive a Super Awakening
  • Already be +297
  • Sacrifice a +297 for a random Super Awakening
    • Can be any combination of pluses as long as it adds up to 297
  • Works only in solo mode

Continue reading Version 12.6.1 Update – Super Awakenings


Assist Evolution Overview


The latest patch for Puzzle and Dragons has introduced us to the new Assist Evolution mechanic. This mechanic enables your assisting card to not only provide their active skill, but to also grant additional awakenings. As a result, monsters are now able to surpass 9 awakenings. The current roster of Assist Evolutions is small for the mean time, but future options can spice up your team building options.

Just be aware that once a monster achieves Assist Evolution status it cannot be reversed so choose wisely.

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How to determine if you should make an Assist Evolution

The most important question to ask yourself before committing to an Assist evolution is to determine if it is your only copy of the card and how likely are you to use them as a sub/leader. This is important as the process cannot be reversed and you do not want to waste your resources and base card.

Points to consider when determining if you plan to use the card as a sub is mostly if they have valuable Killer awakenings. For the most part, subs are chosen for their awakenings and correct typing/base stats. This is because with Skill Inheritance, base actives are less important as they can be overwritten. Thus, the most potentially powerful awakening a card could have is Killers, especially if they have 2 or more (Killers mostly apply to more niche farming situations or Ch10’s etc.). Continue reading Assist Evolution Overview

Meta Trends in Puzzle and Dragons


Meta is an abbreviation for Most Efficient Team Available and is essentially a term used to indicate if a card is currently strong in this day and age. However, the meta is not fixed and is ever evolving and changing. Thus, what may have been strong 6 months ago may have fallen out of favour due to new evolutions, awakenings, or new dungeon requirements.

This article will be examining the current state of affairs in Puzzle and Dragons and the direction I foresee the game heading.

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PAD is a Puzzling game at heart

No matter how long or how much Puzzle and Dragons develops, it will still be at core a puzzling/matching game. Thus, there are only so many boards one can solve/match before it can become tiresome. As a result, GungHo has introduced new matching requirements and larger board sizes.

New matching requirements constitutes anything that goes beyond matching a vanilla set of 3. At first we had mass attack and then awakenings were introduced along with a wide variety of leader skills.

However, there are only so many different twists you can impose on matching and there is a certain degree of recycling older styles over time. As a result, it is not uncommon to see similarities over the years in terms of the matching strategy. Continue reading Meta Trends in Puzzle and Dragons

Tamadra PEM Carnival – Thoughts


The Tamadra Carnival is in full swing and offers players a guaranteed chance at either a Baby or Adult Tamadra. Each pull will cost 500 Pal Points and may be contesting with the Plus Egg Pal Egg Machine in terms of appeal and value.

This article will quickly look at the stamina value/efficacy for using this special PEM along with some sample rolling.

Video commentary/rolling

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Stamina value

The purpose of the Pal Egg Machine is to save players time and stamina as the rewards are often found in tedious dungeons or those that do not have collateral benefits. At this present time, the strongest events are the Plus Eggs and now Tamadras as both have amazing and direct stamina savings (there will be a future PEM that features rare boss drops such as Orpharion parts but that is not for the average player). Continue reading Tamadra PEM Carnival – Thoughts

7×6 Combo Guide and Strategies


7×6 teams are the way of the future and even though I was first against them, I cannot deny the sheer power and potency they bring. Dungeons are designed with a 6×5 board in mind and having an additional 12 orbs (or 4 potential combos) to work with can trivialize various encounters.

This article will illustrate how I approach a 7×6 board along with the tips and strategies I utilize. I want to stress that this is not the only way to approach a given board and is simply the method I employ. Thus, you can use one or up to all the listed points and incorporate them as you deem fit.

Video commentary

This video may be of more help due to it showcasing combos in real time

6×5 strategies

I am well aware that this is a 7×6 board guide, but we still need to understand how a 6×5 board works, how it differs, and what strategies we can carry over. You can read more about it HERE.

Section 1, 2, 3 method

This is how I personally solve 6×5 boards and while your own experience may vary, I will be using this method for the purpose of this article. Continue reading 7×6 Combo Guide and Strategies

Quick Thoughts on Final Fantasy and Void Damage Penetration Awakening


I have been dealing with a lot of real life stuff including a problematic PC so content has been delayed/put on hold. Regardless, I wanted to share my thoughts on the new Final Fantasy evolutions but mostly the brand new Void Damage Penetration  awakening.

The Void Damage Penetration awakening will grant players new and efficient ways to deal with troublesome encounters and will join the ranks of my Holy Trinity of awakenings by replacing Guard Break .

Video commentary

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Void Damage Penetration

Void Damage Penetration is often referred to as the Box awakening as it requires you to form a 3×3 box of that card’s colour to activate (must be exactly 3×3 of that entire colour, no more, no less). When activated, you will ignore damage void shields as well as provide 2.5x ATK to the Box awakening owner. This damage buff can stack with multiple boxes and will occur even without a Damage Void to break. Thus, you can utilize this as a way for a specific card to burst even higher against high defense spawns. Just be aware that this will not have an effect against absorbs, thus Sopdet. Parvati, Hera Dragon, and Vishnu will not be countered. Continue reading Quick Thoughts on Final Fantasy and Void Damage Penetration Awakening

Farm Your Kingtans and Extra Latent Tamadras


The upcoming Monster Bootcamp event features several new aspects that provide incentive to take part in the new bonuses. While there are less Magic Stones being given out via login bonus, the chance at snagging Kingtans and Extra Latent Tamadras are almost too good to pass up on.

Full notes can be found HERE.

Video commentary

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Kingtans enable guaranteed skill ups with the appropriate fodder when fused to an on-colour Monster. This is a wonderful alternative to Pys Shynpy for cards that have farmable skill up materials. Granted Pys are easier to acquire through Arena 1, you are taking a 1/5 chance to acquire the correct colour.

However, Kingtans do have a innate drawback: they require a total of 6-same colour Tans to form (1 for the base and 5 for evolution). Granted you can play Tan Infestation, you are still taking a gamble on which colour Tan drops and it is quite possible to have a poor distribution for the colour you actually want/need. Furthermore, Tan Infestation costs 25 stamina (in coop) for 4 Tans and offers almost no gold or rank experience so it can be somewhat viewed as a liability from a collateral benefits perspective.

For myself, I mostly use Tan Infestation as a stamina dump before a rank up as it is a bit too much of a gamble unless I need most of the colours. Continue reading Farm Your Kingtans and Extra Latent Tamadras