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New Content Preview – GungHo Festival 2018


The GungHo Festival in Japan is a large event that also comes with numerous exciting changes for Puzzle and Dragons. When there are exciting updates/news in JP, I tend to do a First Impressions video for YouTube and due to the size/level of excitement for this upcoming update, I decided it would be best to share it on my website as well.

Video commentary

Notable highlights

  • Red Starter Dragon becomes viable/amazing (Wood to a lesser degree)
  • Archangel Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer becomes a viable sub and God Killer
  • Myr becomes younger and viable
  • Weapon assist 5* GFE receive huge stat buff & +1 awakening
  • Vajrayaksas 3204 3206  become amazing button bases due to double Coop Boost and 3 SB
  • Plus Bank (saves box space)
  • Tamadra and latent Tamadra stacking
  • QoL changes to fusing pluses/awakenings
  • Evo materials changed to Rare Stones (can be exchanged for)


North America will be gaining access to all of these exciting changes/buffs in approximately 2-3 months time. This downtime is the only major problem I currently have with Puzzle and Dragons as some of the hype inevitably dies down. Regardless, this is an incredibly exciting update and players should not need to purchase additional Monster Box space along with NA gaining Evo material stacking this Tuesday.

Happy Puzzling!

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