New Content Preview – GungHo Festival 2018


The GungHo Festival in Japan is a large event that also comes with numerous exciting changes for Puzzle and Dragons. When there are exciting updates/news in JP, I tend to do a First Impressions video for YouTube and due to the size/level of excitement for this upcoming update, I decided it would be best to share it on my website as well.

Video commentary

Notable highlights

  • Red Starter Dragon becomes viable/amazing (Wood to a lesser degree)
  • Archangel Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer becomes a viable sub and God Killer
  • Myr becomes younger and viable
  • Weapon assist 5* GFE receive huge stat buff & +1 awakening
  • Vajrayaksas 3204 3206  become amazing button bases due to double Coop Boost and 3 SB
  • Plus Bank (saves box space)
  • Tamadra and latent Tamadra stacking
  • QoL changes to fusing pluses/awakenings
  • Evo materials changed to Rare Stones (can be exchanged for)


North America will be gaining access to all of these exciting changes/buffs in approximately 2-3 months time. This downtime is the only major problem I currently have with Puzzle and Dragons as some of the hype inevitably dies down. Regardless, this is an incredibly exciting update and players should not need to purchase additional Monster Box space along with NA gaining Evo material stacking this Tuesday.

Happy Puzzling!

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18 thoughts on “New Content Preview – GungHo Festival 2018”

  1. Tbh, the starter dragons are actually extremely hard to Evo, considering that the dungeon the evomat comes from (element kings) is way out of normal persons reach and that these evomats are also taken from padr, which means that we may not have it for a while. Also, the lead that can clear these dungeons is probably better as a lead than the starter evolutions.


    1. Perhaps the leader used to clear the dungeon may be stronger, but if some players rely on Blue Hunter, having an evo starter can be a big deal for solo

      Also, the red one is a great alternative for players who lack the DBDC Killer cards

      Lastly, the fact that they are farmable is pretty amazing and we cannot expect too much out of them and they do come as a pleasant surprise


  2. Totally agree with your take on Dark Athena…. what a disappointment.
    Her evolution was the most anticipated update that I was looking forward to in this event. Given the fact that she cost 750k MP, and when comparing to farmable Meri, and starter dragons…. her evolution is…. just…. nothing. >___<

    I feel GH really shifted the power to Collab cards (as you accurately pointed out in your other articles), or new God Fest Exclusive 7, 8 stars cards, to force players to roll….
    Oh well… it’s business, I understand… but still disappointed. =(


    1. Yeah it is becoming an unhealthy trend that GH is only making the top prizes the most valued. Even the new evos of the 5* pantheons are still weaker than other options currently available (thus not powercreeping)

      Giving players the chance to gain a powerful leader (at a 750k cost) is a fair thing to do. Players can begin to clear more content but will still need to chase valuable subs to work out for super end game content


  3. New Dathena is dissapointing, new Myr is cute and viable.
    I really like the Revo Raphael, potential 1024x glass cannon. My biggest disappointments go to Yog’s new Evos and how a lot of “buffed” cards are losing their OE in favor of 7c.


    1. I agree new Dark Athena is a little disappointment when some of us might expect Dark Athena might reclaim her lost throne during the meta tier. However, if you pair with some traditional dark sub (revo form) still able to make some pretty good damage out put.


  4. Overall, the GH Fest 2018 is pretty good after all, what get me excited is new ultra evo of Myr that i am fortunate enough to get through REMDra Descend or whatever that it was officially called in NA server, along with most REM in Angle and Demon 1.0’s revo is out. I am disappointed with Dark Athena’s ultra form (still no sdr), not as much as disappointed as other’s Dark Athena. However, i have noticed Ultra Dark Athena still manage to crate some pretty good damage out put with the new revo form of her preferred sub.It might letting the Dark Athena’s master to adjust the changes, but it is manageable and worth the work.


    1. The new DA evo will still suffer from a lack of overall damage, but she can still clear the same level of content and a bit more due to the ATK increase

      With that being said, Myr’s new evo is surprisingly strong and I did not expect GH to actually make her relevant again


  5. If I have 255 and 270 on random latent tamadra, do I sell them prior, for the 10kmp, and lose the plusses, or can I wait for plus eggbank and stacking, and sell them to bank the eggs while still getting more sale points? I.e. is it safe to wait for bank, or will stacking collapse them and lose the pluses anyway?

    Since I’d rather have the 10k than the eggs, I’m currently going to wait and just see/hope, would merely be nice to know.


    1. Even with stacking, you can still sell multiple copies of the same card

      As such, waiting for the Plus Bank is the best way to go in terms of not losing out on anything


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