Question Time with Mantastic – May 2018


I used to do this type of post series and thought it was time to bring it back. The general gist of Question Time posts are for players to ask various PAD-related questions that do not have a simple/Google-able answer. With that being said, there will be some restrictions on the types of questions I will be answering.

Another reason why I want to revive this type of posting at this point in time is because I am currently suffering from variuos physical health problems which makes it challenging to sit down and write longer articles.

Do’s and Don’t

x The following types of questions will not be answered by me either because it has a simple Google-able answer or shows a lack of effort on the reader’s part:

  • Anything that PADGuide/Padx can answer
  • A link to your entire Monster Box and saying “make me a team”

download For the most part, almost any other question will be answered, even some non-obtrusive Off-Topic ones; however, it is best to ask questions that require explanation/why/my personal opinion. The following examples are Fantastic types of questions to ask:

  • Of these options, what is the best Yusuke team I can make for Arena 3?
  • What direction do you think GH will take with the new 10c awakening?
  • Can row teams be revived and if so, how?


I hope my viewers use this opportunity to ask questions that will hopefully improve their overall game play and progression.

On a side note, hopefully things settle down and I can resume my strange normal life.

Happy Puzzling!

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102 thoughts on “Question Time with Mantastic – May 2018”

  1. Hey Mantastic,
    As a long time twitch sub and follower, I love your content and the streams. Hope your health improves soon, I’m rooting for ya 🙂

    But my question is what type of team do you enjoy playing (ie Row, combo, cheese, rainbow, etc…) and who is your favorite leader of that type?


    1. Thank you for all of your support over the years!

      As for my favourite type of team, I often find myself enjoying Meri’s playstyle. It is still essentially combos, but being forced to think about where to place the row along with managing orbs/HP made her enjoyable to play. Some of my fondest memories of her was farming Colo when it was first released

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    2. Probably should mention that my favorite type is combo leads because that’s where I get the majority of fun out of the game. Anublos was my first true end game team and I love the combo play style to death (rip my boi Shiva)


  2. Dear Mantastic – I love your guides, and have enjoyed your blogs and content for the past few years.

    If there is already a list, could you direct me to it?
    Otherwise, I would love a list of the monsters that can gain a super awakening! Also your thoughts on those monsters worth it to gain a super awakening (spend a +297) I have a few to spare (60 odd +297s, and about 7 that are not attatched to REM).


    1. This may or may not be fully updated but should be a good starting point

      As for notable cards, is better to find the “stronger” SA and chase those. This includes, but not limited to:

      Tape or Cloud Resist
      Full bind immunity
      Team HP/RCV

      I find these to be the stronger options but it all depends on your individual team needs/requirements. Just make sure the target card you plan to use in solo mode


  3. Any advice on comboing (besides 1-2-3 section board)? It’s so hard to combo after switching from Ideal to Yusuke (-6 second move time). Also, what is the best way to farm magic stones? My Yusuke team is starved for good subs. Thanks!


    1. Outside of the 1-2-3 method and understanding cascades, it comes down to practice

      I do not know how much time you spend examining a board before matching, but try taking an extra 10s to simply count out the maximum possible combos along with colour distribution as a given board has 7-8 on average

      As for farming magic stones, it will be tri-monster challenge once everything is cleared. It is hard to really “farm” stones as there is a fixed limit so it comes down to login bonuses and special limited time events


  4. Hey there. I’ve only been following you for about a year, but I really enjoy your content. Thank you for making it all.

    Do you think Gungho will ever shift away from the combo meta? What kind of revised multis should be put on row and tpa awakenings to revive those metas, and do you think that’ll happen? And how much longer do you think the NA server has?


    1. GH is dipping somewhat into the no skyfall + leave xyz number of orbs on the board through Amen/Kaede but that is still a mostly combo play style

      I feel that rows can be powerful but they need a leader who can truly carry them. That leader would need a much higher defensive multiplier (something greater than 2.25x HP/RCV and maybe dmg reduction) to justify their orb hungriness along with possibly boosting the dmg from row awakenings to keep abreast with multiple 7c cards.

      There is just too much power in double/triple 7c cards that it is hard to keep up for anyone else

      As for the NA server, it appears to be going strong with GHNA hiring more people along with increasing their social media presence.


  5. Right now, I’m loving yusuke since I can blast through everything. I was wondering if you could be me some insight on whether I should use indra or orpharion on my team that currently consists of: yusuke, alphonse, tachi, and odindra. If it helps, I’m rank 580 and trying to consistently farm A3. Thanks for your input!


    1. Orpharion does not do much for your team in an Arena 3 setting as the dungeon is long enough that you can safely stall up for actives. The only exception would be if you wanted to bring a specific inherit on someone with a short base cooldown. Orpharion is preferred in shorter dungeons where the 3 (or 4 with Super awakening) Skill Boost can come into play

      On the other hand, running Indra as a sub will enable you to shield on a regular basis and has a similar stat distribution compared to Orpharion


  6. Love your site. I am hoping you could show us how you plan for a dungeon. Perhaps pick a harder and go through the PAD Guide monster by monster to show was you focus on and how you plan to beat them


    1. I wrote this in March 2017 ( and not too much has changed overall

      The main gist is finding what are “problematic” mechanics

      These include but not limited to:

      Preemptives (mostly large damage hits)
      Binds (leader or subs)
      Absorbs/voids (colour or excess damage)
      Skill Delays
      Combo shields
      Orb changers
      High HP or high Defense for the bosses
      Execution zones/Largest reasonable hit

      Once those have been found, it becomes a manner of finding counters to them.

      Top tier leaders like Yusuke already handles most of these on his own which greatly eases team building

      One thing that may help you is watching my various game play clears (Monthly Ch10/Satan campaign) to see my thought process and team building practices


  7. I am mainly using a Tardis-Verdanadi-Dagda-Nees-Puzzdroid-Tardis team.

    How feesible is it for clearing things like arena 2 and the top legendary dungeons. Is there any way to adapt the team to beat M+/Anhillarion.

    Just hoping for advice on power and adjustments.


    1. Tardis teams have one of the easiest 100x damage available and that should be sufficient for a2 content assuming you have access to a burst active for the Kalis

      Main issue is building a team to counter the various dungeon mechanics so that means having FUA (comes from verd), delay (can be on your Tardis as an inherit), and shield. Ofc that is a generalization list but those tend to be what are required for the most part


      1. My current tardis inherit is that 100% shield 2x for Green and dark. My biggest problem besides bind ability was the major damage from verds board changer with no fire elements on my team


  8. Hey mantastic,
    I was wondering how viable you think the new kaede is for current/future content (assuming I’m not using her to farm). I currently have a green cotton for her team but am tempted to change her into a blue or light cotton for yusuke. Personally I find kaede really fun to play but ultimately not very stable. I rather appreciate the short cd orb change cotton provides for the team and I’m not sure if changing her out for Sylvie will cripple my team or not. On my yusuke team I’m using Alphonse for my fua and while his active is sometimes useful it is quite a lot longer to inherit over compared to cotton. Should I change my cotton color?


    1. I would not change your colour of Cotton for Kaede, especially considering you have Yusuke who wants either Light or Blue Cotton. Sylvie is also amazing for her due to the fact that a tri-elemental board changer will almost always result in full activation

      Kaede functions like Amen-lite in that she has a much easier time activating her main source of damage as leaving 6 orbs is quite easy (an 8c board already does that) along with being able to match any number of combos

      Sadly, the double wood combo aspect is problematic but clearing a given board results in wood orbs falling down most of the time

      Main issue with Kaede is no defensive multiplier so stalling or surviving is problematic.


  9. I was also wondering where you think gung-ho can push the meta in the future. With combo shields and 7c/10c awakenings being so dominant in the meta currently, what new mechanic do you think could be introduced to freshen things up? Rows and tpa seem quite dead and even if new content removes combo shields from being a dominant mechanic, they still lose out in terms of consistency. Shape matching (ie cross teams) are the only thing I can think of atm, but given that it’s my least favorite mechanic in the game I’m wondering what other directions you can think of for the game. (does anyone else miss just popping ronia+kingbaddie to win?)


    1. In order for rows to be revived (which I want as I do enjoy that playstyle) is releasing a leader who has both durability and damage

      With that being said, durability is the most important aspect as row teams must stall for orbs and by having something that is better than 2.25x HP/RCV would be needed imo

      Also, rows cannot use FUA which makes it more problematic so there needs to be something better than the FUA2 which is pretty horrible overall. If FUA2 was a different shape maybe things could work out


  10. Hey Mantastic! I have actually been reading your articles for I believe well over a year now and I absolutely love all of your opinions as it helps me consider form my teams and strategies in a dungeon.

    My question revolves around my favorite card which is Okuninushi. His Revo form recently came out I believe a month ago here in NA and I couldn’t have been happier. I wanted to know your thoughts on him and how would exactly would you build your team around him? I focus as much on the 7C awakening as I got him a second for his super awakening. Thanks so much for taking the time for this!!


    1. Main issue with Oku is that he is a combo leader with a conditional damage reduction/defensive multiplier.

      This makes him fall behind other flashier options as a large part of his multiplier is also tied to forming two dark combos.

      This colour restriction also somewhat limits his team building options as you will be favouring dark orb changers. In addition, I feel his active is a bit lackluster as the additional damage burst is so low already and makes his cd longer than it should. The SA do help close the gap but you can only have 1 and both unbindable and 7c are desirable


  11. Hello Mantastic. Ever since i got Anubis I’ve been able to clear much more content but sometimes i get worried by the lack of skill boost of my team. Do you think the rise of 7c cards has replaced subs/teams needing a comfortable number of SB? Especially when tackling longer dungeons where trickier spawns appear earlier.


    1. The need for SB is basically done on a dungeon by dungeon basis but with longer content like A4/AA, they are less important as you will have at worst one active ready by the second turn. With that being said, a lack of SB is a large problem for Anubis teams

      High SB cards like Whaledor, Orpharion, and Nohime tend to play a larger role in the shorter challenges we have such as the Eternal Jail of the Devil King. For those I tend to customize the team for the dungeon. Anubis can def run through those but you will have to have a high SB card ready to counter the various mechanics


  12. Hi Mantastic! Do you have a Fantastic prediction about the future of Ranking Dungeon frequency? Also, will there be an option to trade/buy GFEs in the future? Thanks.


    1. I sadly do not have any prediction/info about future ranking dungeons

      Looking at JP, their Collabs will feature cards that can be traded for so if you already have Yusuke, it would be wise to save 6* GFE

      As for buying, JP has not has any instance where you could buy a special GFE since their Yog event


  13. Hi Mantastic! Love your works.

    I have a tough decision to make. I can trade for Yusuke but it requires giving my only copies of Dmeta, Raijin, Sylvie, and Sensui. I already have an optimal Rikuu team (Rikuu, Ideal, Odindra, Cotton, Ragdra) and very decent Gronia team; but I don’t have the best sub for Yusuke except Ideal and maybe You Yu (is his ult a good sub?). Do you think it’s worth it? Thanks.


    1. Unless you own Paimon, Light cotton, Tachibana, or other light cards, I’d say you shouldn’t, as those cards mentioned are pretty valuable GFE, also no, You Yu is a bad Yusuke sub since not being a light card would mean he wouldn’t get 1.5x stats, meaning he’s only gonna hit with a 100x multiplier


      1. Thanks for the advice. I can change my Cotton to blue or light, other than that my only light 7c cards are my 3 Sarias.


    2. Well Odin Dragon is an invaluable sub for late game content so you are only missing 2. As for your Cotton, what colour is she?

      If you have Blue or Yellow cotton, your Yusuke team is pretty set overall and I would trade those above listed cards


      1. My Cotton is green now for Gronia team but I’m planning to change her to blue when i finish Ragdra.


  14. Can you foresee Gung-Ho possibly adding in a seasonal Anubis card with 7c or 10c awoken skills? (and also, of these options for a new seasonal Anubis card, which would you prefer to see come true?)
    Wedding Anubis
    Beach Anubis
    Halloween Anubis
    Christmas Anubis
    Valentine Anubis


    1. I laugh at the thought of Beach Anubis! However, if I were to choose one, he would most likely be Halloween as it is most fitting for his lore

      Anubis does not need 7c/10c awakenings himself as the multiplier deals so much damage (and a single sub or two can carry) that he needs more Skill Boosts

      Running Tardis and Anubis results in 1 SB for 2/6 cards and places constraints on what kind of inherits can be brought


  15. can i defeat arena 3 with yu yusuke without fujin , or is it not worth wasting stamina yet becuz there is not other way to clear hera dragon or vishnu?


    1. You can always run it and pray neither spawns. Its a 1/4 and 1/5 chance =)

      With that being said, you can always take a friend Yusuke with a Fujin-style inherit which makes your chances of losing only 1/20 (as both need to spawn)


    1. Assuming you use that inherit often it is worthwhile to give them +297 even though the stat gain is small since every bit helps when pushing into new end game content

      Also, we should have a surplus of pluses after the last event =)


  16. I recently ready your comboing guides and realized you are at least an order of magnitude faster at moving orbs than me. So a few questions on catching up:
    *Is a stylus a must?
    *What level of pre planning do you have before you start to move? Ie. do you plan your full path ahead of time? or do you recognize patterns and adjust? Or do you choose which groupings will end up where ahead of time and adjust how to get them there as you move?
    *playing on a full-sized iPad, is it too big to move effectively?


    1. Good questions and I’m an average combo player, so I would love to hear Mantastic’s take on those questions. I can say that my combo-ing skills increased greatly when I used a stylus. Now I can’t really play without one. If you do decide to use a stylus, make sure it has a mesh fiber tip, not just rubber, as it will glide much easier.


    2. I used to use my finger but it became damage/injured and never healed despite not using it for months at a time. Both finger and stylus work and is a manner of personal preference overall

      In regards to planning, I tend to examine the board and prethink where and what colours section 1 and some of section 2 are (the outermost section 2 combo) and simply fill in the blanks from there. Being able to move fast helps compensate as i can correct mistakes as needed or even pause mid combo to think

      In the cases where I need to play perfectly, I will mentally count out the combos available and their distribution (eg. 2 fire, 1 water, etc.) and then figure out where they belong

      Simply taking the time to count them out and plan at least section 1 makes a world of a difference

      As for playing on a full sized iPad, I feel that is too big and my personal preference is the iPad mini (or something of that size)


      1. I often like to do the move around fast with no real planning when doing 7×6 boards. Just make the next match you see. Good practice for getting those last match’s when they really count if you know what I mean. Fun too


  17. What would you say is the half life of a difficult dungeon (difficult meaning hard for a casual player, not like PAD gods like you)? Example, I remember like 3(?) years ago when Awoken evos first came out, I spent like 8 stones on continues to get that red and white dragon from the Normal dungeons for my Kagutsuchi, and now, I can finish that dungeon with my eyes closed


    1. Well I guess a more appropriate question to ask is “from your experience, how often the best leader skills and subs become the norm?”


      1. Leaders tend to have less staying power compared to subs due to the fact that the awakenings meta has not changed much

        For example, Cotton will be one of the best subs for a long time to come (unless GH directly makes a card better than her) as she covers so many key aspects at this point in time. On the flipside, making a FUA card with 3 7c is far too strong/big jump and will probably not happen for the foreseeable future

        By comparison, a leader tends to be powercreeped out as it is easier for GH to simply increase the number values by small amounts (eg going from 64 -> 81x ATK) but going from two 7c to three is a massive jump


  18. Hi there!

    In your opinion who is the best leader, between Haku, Yog and Kaede and why.

    Also, is the no skyfalls a better option to go for end game content?


    1. Haku is a poor leader overall due to a very low multiplier

      Yog fulfills the role of easy to activate and explosive damage for what are generally short and predictable dungeons

      Kaede has more damage output and functions like a lesser Amen

      Both Kaede and Yog are strong for certain content and are well worth investing in

      As for no skyfalls, they used to be helpful for damage control, but with the release of FUA, VDP, and Fujin style actives, having no skyfalls caps your damage output and is less helpful at the moment


    1. It was just announced in JP and will essentially have your pluses stored in a bank where you can withdraw and fuse as needed

      Will save box space and time fusing/prepping them


  19. probably a dumb question but recently got a ragnarok dragon from the May event, and an odin dragon after reading your Yusuke article! I’m finding farming for generate earth dragon and the mech generals really difficult, I look up where their predecessors drop and farm but isn’t dropping. So, is there a place to find out what the frequency of drops for monsters like green dragons and golems are?


  20. Do you think that the new evolution for Myr will be as game breaking as she originally was? Since she keeps the 75% resist and has a much higher attack multiplier, combined with having an RCV Boost. she seems on par with a lot of the most viable leaders today


    1. Main issue is the orb hungry nature of heart cross leaders along with the fact that stalling is tied to having hearts present (which you need for damage)

      She will be stronger, but no where near the same level she once was. With that in mind, I highly doubt GH will ever release a farmable of that caliber again


  21. Do you think the new yog evolution could be a potential sub for yusuke? I understand the skill may not match, but I feel like the stats and awakenings are still very potent. Opinions?


    1. Despite gaining a FUA, his active skill does not synergize with Yusuke and the long base cooldown makes it challenging to inherit over

      I wouldn’t recommend using Yog as a FUA option unless nothing else exists


    1. She will still waltz through Arena 3 content but she only gained a slight boost in damage which will make it challenging to use her in newer content

      With that being said, she is still a valuable sub/inherit in shorter dungeons


  22. Hi Mantastic! I have been following you for a year now and I love your guides and explanations!

    I have an entry level team for Yusuke and Kaede respectively with a cotton between them, I was wondering which cotton i should evolve towards. If it helps I also use Kush and Anubis sometimes too. Thanks!


  23. Can you beat Sopdet in Arena 3 with a Yusuke team without having to use a Fujin-style active?

    Thanks and hope you are feeling better.


    1. Sopdet is definitely doable, just match blue/light without getting to 7c and you should be good. Vishnu and the radar dragons are a lot more difficult tho


    2. You can provided you do not match more than 7c and do not have God Killers/latents on your team

      I have done it many times in Alt Arena but I had to use a delay


  24. Hi, I’m a relatively new player with a relatively small box. I seem to hit walls every once in a while which I can only overcome through better REM pulls. Is there any other way you recommend for being able to get through content besides better REM monsters?


    1. Improving your comboing skills can open the door to new team compositions that have higher multipliers

      There are some farmables that are potent but those tend to be hard to acquire

      Who do you currently use?


  25. Hey Mantastic, I’m a long time follower and recent BFF (Adonalsium). I was wondering what your thoughts are on Blue Hunter Male team composition. Especially with the new Awoken forms on the Wise King pantheon. I’m really hoping for a good one for Kundali. I’m hoping for a good Wt/Gr especially with all the fingers on Acala (have x4) and Green Sheen.




    1. Generally speaking, Blue Hunter teams are quite flexible and do not require specific colours to function

      For the most part, they simply want 7c, sufficient TE, and bind clearing along with any specific counter needed for the dungeon

      As such, I am not quite sure what your question is


      1. I guess my question is, what do you think of double Multi Boost over 7c for Blue Hunter? Specifically Awoken Acala with fingers, double multi boost, +combo count and haste seems like an ideal sub and kinda has the equivalent of a 7c. Mostly trading a little burst for better sustain. Hunter/acala/acala/odindra/fujin/hunter something like that maybe?


        1. Double coop boost is just a bit more than a single 7c from a damage POV and BH needs cards with 2 or 3 to deal sufficient damage. The added bulk from multiboost is nice but BH already has enough bulk for the most part


  26. Hi Mantastic, hope you feel better soon I’ve been following for years now and your guides have helped me catch back up after a break. Sadly during my break I missed out on a good FUA card. I’m trying to imitate your a4 anubis x diablos team and I have anubis, yusuke, odin dragon, tardis, but am missing a solid FUA option. The other team I have is a standard yusuke team.

    Currently I’m using Aten for my FUA on both of those teams. My other options are aten, norn skuld, ryune, and norn vernandi. My question for you is what card do you think I should be going for to round out my team. I’ve missed amatsu and cotton in the past but don’t mind purchasing rolls for the right opportunity. Saria or cotton maybe? The rates just look very disheartening but if those are my best bets in your opinion I would go for them.

    Thanks for all your content over the years!


    1. Cotton is the next best FUA option after Amatsu in the vast majority of cases but it would be best to wait for a Super Godfest or equivalent to pursue

      You have Skuld and she is actually quite a strong FUA option due to double 7c and generous HP. As such, you should be fine for the meantime.

      Putting Skuld on your Anubis/Diablos team will lose out on the guard break but is a pretty well rounded team otherwise

      For those high def spawns, popping Skuld’s board changer and making TPA may pierce through those high def spawns


  27. Hi Mantastic. I am looking for some help regarding the evolution of my Cotton.

    I mostly play 2-player, using Blue Hunter. However, both my accounts recently got Yusuke, so I plan to main that team. When I play solo, I mostly play Anubis/Diablos. I recently evolved Gronia, Blonia and Kaede so those are also options (only for solo because I do not have for my sub account).

    My Cotton is currently Green Cotton. I made this Cotton because I got evolved Gronia before getting my Yusuke. I am struggling between changing her to Light Cotton or Blue Cotton for Yusuke. I know your Yusuke team building article says that Light is stronger. But I was also trying to consider the evolution that would give the most value for as many of my other teams as possible.

    My team builds are the following:

    Yusuke Main: Yusuke/Yuna (Indra Inherit)/Odindra/Blue Tachi/Cotton (Nene Inherit)
    Yusuke Sub: Yusuke/Odindra/Aife/Blue Cotton (Ivory Ice Inherit)/FLEX

    The Cotton in question is for my main account. Alternatively, I can keep my Cotton green, in which case I would be using Paimon or Momiji for FUA.

    Gronia: Gronia/Odindra/Ragdra/Ragdra/Cotton

    Without Green Cotton, my best FUA is Rushana.

    Blonia: Blonia/Blonia/Karin/Revo Andro/FLEX

    Without Blue Cotton, I do not have an on point FUA.

    I think that Light Cotton’s RCV would be beneficial for both Blue Hunter and Yusuke. Blue Cotton, however, would also help Blonia and if I wanted to use Cotton on Anubis (which generally needs HP).

    My priorities for teams are Yusuke, Blue Hunter and Anubis/Diablos. I would love to hear how you would approach this.

    Thanks so much and thank you for all your great content.


    1. You have pretty much named all the pros and cons for all your cottons. But with that being said, your Yusuke team is easily your strongest option and the fact that you can play with both your main and alt is a huge selling point. Furthermore, your Yusuke team is still amazing in solo mode for the various challenges (eg Satan campaign) so I would honestly focus there

      This does mean losing out on your Gronia team (which is quite solid) but she has far less potential overall compared to Yusuke

      My main question is, what kind of content do you currently clear and how much HP do your Yusuke team have in solo and coop (you can pseudo math/guess it a team building app) as I am curious if you can hit any specific HP threshold for AA.

      Lastly, why is Momiji being used on your alt? Can you use anything else? Perhaps an Orpharion for both the HP and better base active. See if an Orpharion can push your HP high enough as well and also see if inherits make it high enough, even for DQ Hera


      1. Hi Mantastic. Thank you for the response. I agree that my focus should be on the Yusuke team.

        The highest content that I have cleared is A3. I have been procrastinating on the higher dungeons but would like to attempt them in the near future.

        The team stats you asked for are the following:

        Main Team:

        Light Cotton Version: Yusuke/Odindra/Blue Tachi/Light Cotton/Yuna/Yusuke
        (Inherits: Zeus Verse/Odin Weapon/None/Unevolved Nene/Indra/Zeus Verse)
        HP: 71,729 / RCV: 11,845

        Blue Cotton Version: Yusuke/Odindra/Blue Tachi/Blue Cotton/Yuna/Yusuke
        (Inherits: Zeus Verse/Odin Weapon/None/Unevolved Nene/Indra/Zeus Verse)
        HP: 77,613 / RCV: 9,939

        The actual stats for both versions will be slightly higher because they do not reflect some of the inherits, which I am still working on. The numbers do not reflect any badge modifier.

        Sub Team (this one is pretty much set):

        Yusuke/Odindra/Aife/Momiji/Blue Cotton/Yusuke
        (Inherits: Zeus Verse/Odin Weapon/None/Ivory Ice/None)
        HP: 71,169 / RCV 9,147

        I have been going around and around on whether to make Blue Cotton or Light Cotton. With Light Cotton, both my Blue Hunter team and Yusuke team will have an easier time recovering from a large gravity (sometimes this has been a pain when there are not a lot of hearts on the board). With Blue Cotton, I get more HP and it would be a better fit for other teams like Blonia and possibly my other main solo team, Anubis/Diablos.

        Based on these numbers, is there a specific HP or RCV threshold you would favor? If it comes down to preference, which would you choose if you were in my shoes and why? I am just curious how you would think about it and come to a conclusion.

        I really, really appreciate all your help!



        1. RCV is the most important stat assuming you can survive the largest reasonable hit

          In A4 no such thing really exists for Yusuke teams as the preemptives are small enough to tank naturally

          On the other hand, Alt Arena has stupidly large preemptives and being able to survive either of them saves a shielding active skill

          The two are:
          Goemon (f13) 145,185
          DQ Hera (f18) 136,440

          If using Blue Cotton on your Yusuke team and are able to survive either of these, it is worth going for that evolution. Otherwise, Light Cotton is a superior choice for Yusuke teams

          With that being said, Blue Cotton is much better universally, esp for your Blonia and Anubis/Diablos teams

          Check the HP in coop with your two teams and see if the Blue Cotton makes enough of a difference


      1. Yog, Yusuke, Saria, Light cotton, holy nigh ilmina, friend yog.
        Assists are apoullo, Superman, Wild wind, solblade gaurd.

        All hyper maxed and max skilled. I juggle a few different assists for the last slot.

        My assist are all hyper maxed.

        Yes, I may be a whale. I am ashamed. 🙂


        1. The main idea with Yog is that you can match more easily as two Light combos is easier than matching 7c

          With that being said, Yusuke is much safer and can recover from bad situations more easily


  28. Hey mantastic!
    I’ve been having fun with some bicolor leads recently, especially Ney. That said, why is blue ney considered the most viable lead out of everyone? Isn’t it the same multiplier? Is it solely based on blues having lots of 7c? Does that mean if I have more light 7c then I should run light ney instead of blue ney? Thanks!


      1. You once used blue ney for a one shot challenge. Also, for your review on the neys, it was the only one you put as a possible leader.


        1. Oh I just had blue Ney as I used her for a bit as a sub. Perhaps a while ago there was skuld as the primary FUA option but with cotton all colours can do well.


  29. Hey mantubular

    I was wondering what type of subs go on a madoo team. Some examples would be nice. She’s hella fun, but my red cards aren’t that good. Much thanks


    1. Her evolved form is what you should be using and any fire card with 7c is ideal as that is the best way to boost damage

      Just remember, you can match any connected 5 and fully activate


  30. I am puzzled at the moment, I have a 3768 Yearning Blue Dragonbound Ryune, and I can’t seem to unevolve her to get to mega awoken Ryune….. puzzledragonx is confusing as well. Any ideas?


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