[Videos] Eternal Jail of the Devil King – Level 7-10


Today marks the debut of the new Satan Campaign which gives players the opportunity to gain 10 Magic Stones along with various other rewards. Overall, this campaign felt less stressful compared to previous ones as the final boss did not have as many wonky/obnoxious mechanics to deal with. As such, I was able to quickly clear all the floors on natural stamina with only one fail on Level 9 (due to poor matching).

The sheer power of Yusuke  did make for a significantly easier time in clearing the variuos levels so I decided to mix it up a bit by using Kaede  for level 10.

Level 10

There are two main strategies to clear level 10: doing 0 combos on the final floor and then one-shotting or using Void Damage Penetration  and bursts. Both are effective and I will try to upload Fantastic’s clear using the VDP route.

Level 9

Level 9 is reasonably straight forward and I enjoyed using the Fenrir  to completely cancel out the Poison Skyfalls from Floor 1.

Level 8

Level 8 has quite a few hurdles to overcome due to it being no RCV; however, using a shield for floor 2’s preemptive and a delay for the Puppeteer made it much more manageable.

Level 7

Level 7 is all about pure combos but can be somewhat cheesed via 7×6 and leaders who provide bonus movement time as awakenings are disabled.


The Satan campaign was quite enjoyable but did feel much more relaxing compared to the previous Hera and Zeus series. Let me know what you used to clear these dungeons along with what is currently giving you trouble.

Happy Puzzling!

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20 thoughts on “[Videos] Eternal Jail of the Devil King – Level 7-10”

  1. Any tips on level seven for the 7×6, your screenshot of the you tamadra is great, but what if people don’t have that?


    1. If you have Yusuke, any level before 6 is really easy to clear, at least I didn’t encountered any problem. About the tamadra, you can just pair with a friend. I used the dark ideal to pair with a yomi tamadra, and moving time is about 30 sec, that’s long enough to match more than 9 combs on any 7*6 board.


      1. Thank you! Unfortunately none of my friends have one either, or have the yomi tamadra up. Anyone kind enough to hit me up on here who has one and friendspace, it would be appreciated. ❤


    2. Just pairing with a friend Yomi Tamadra will result in more than enough movement time plus 7×6 =) By going in with two simply shows how ridiculous the movement time can be


  2. I’m actually stuck on level 6 😦
    Even with a decent amount of bind resist (I don’t usually run into many problems) I keep getting destroyed on the last encounter.


    1. The key is the stage before the boss on lvl 6.
      One shot kill her but with a follow up attack.
      It will kill her yet you won’t get the disable on awokens.

      Then use ordindrag or anything that can clear binds from the boss.


  3. I actually have an unrelated question to the article. I was curious about players choice Godfest. Doesn’t it usually happen around this time? I’ve been saving some stones in anticipation but if it’s not happening for some reason I’ll pull as much as I can to try to get Yusuke.


  4. What other cards has the leadership skill that extends time? Besides dark ideal and this tamadra which I don’t have.


    1. I used Mel (+3s) paired with a friend’s DIdeal for almost 20s of movement on a 5×6. After playing Edward so much lately, I was actually more comfortable getting the needed combos on the smaller board…


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