Question Time with Mantastic – February 2019


The general gist of Question Time posts are for players to ask various PAD-related questions that do not have a simple/Google-able answer or related article on my website. I do play other games and have often found myself having specific/unique questions about it but have no where to go and can imagine this may hold true for some of my readers.

With that being said, there will be some restrictions on the types of questions I will be answering.

If planning on commenting on a regular basis, it is advantageous to create a WordPress account to both receive notifications as well as giving me a point of reference as to who I am responding to.

Do’s and Don’t

download For the most part, almost any question will be answered, even some non-invasive Off-Topic ones; however, it is best to ask questions that require explanation/why/my personal opinion. The following examples are Fantastic types of questions to ask:

  • Of these options, what is the best Yusuke team I can make for Arena 3?
  • What direction do you think GungHo will take with the 4x HP leads?
  • Can Heart Cross teams be revived and if so, how?

x The following types of questions will not be answered by me either because it has a simple Google-able answer or shows a lack of effort on the reader’s part:

  • Anything that Google/Padx can answer
  • A link to your entire Monster Box and saying “make me a team”


I hope my readers use this opportunity to ask questions that will hopefully improve their overall game play and progression.

Happy Puzzling!

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82 thoughts on “Question Time with Mantastic – February 2019”

  1. hi mantastic i have two questions (pardon my noob):
    1. i have dmeta/ryune but im kinda bad so i dont always clear arena 3. do you think its worth investing in amen? does amen make arena 4 easy as well? you’ve mentioned hes a great farm lead and i am not sure how much easier it would make my life
    2. what is a consistent way to farm diamond dragon fruits? aside from spamming thursday mythical and achievements, i dont know a consistent way to farm them. nowadays, a lot of meta leads require it as an evo mat, and its kinda aggravating
    i have been lurking for a long time but i had to comment since it was question time 😛 love your content and wish you the best!


    1. if you can’t use dmeta easily, amen is gonna be a nightmare. he’s a pure glass cannon lead so that means he has no hp multiplier or shield. he also requires exactly 7 combos and certain amount of orbs left on board for max damage. for arena he is not good because he is not a tanky lead and has a very difficult leader skill.


      1. Amen is not used for playing through Arenas, he is used for fast and efficient farming due to his huge ATK multiplier. Amen has no defensive components and must precisely match 7 combos and leave 3 or less orbs (can swipe a full mono board to leave 0 orbs for 100x)

      This set up often requires coop and careful planning for the dungeon in question

      1. You are doing the right thing for Diamond Dragon Fruit and the only other place would be Arena 4 =)


    1. If it keep players spending $, means more free content and a stronger game overall. I do not buy them but it gives those with disposable income the means to get something they want


  2. Do you think that this game is following the wrong route? In the early/older days it was a success to have another hypermaxed card. This was a goal everyone was happy about. Now you get hypered gfe for free.
    More and more goodies, EU Server is down I think. It feels like this game is loosing its player base.
    Is this proveable?


    1. As a long time off and on player things seem more dynamic than ever, things right now are really good for new and or casual players, and that is good for the health of the game, the stalwart long time players may look around and not recognize the game they are currently in, but the old game was a insane grueling slog that most people would hit a wall get annoyed/bored and then walk away.

      As things are now everyone can feel like they are getting places.


    2. Compared to when I first started playing (1900 days ago) PAD is much more user friendly and less grindy.

      We have more stamina and more varied content and while hypermaxing a card is no longer an accomplishment, grinding before was not the best overall.

      PAD was one of the first games of its kind and if I draw comparisons to WoW both were huge grind fests. Over time, players came to want more instant gratification and did not want to mindlessly grind KoG over and over again for maybe 1 plus egg

      If my website traffic is any indication of player base, it is increasing (not as high compared to my peak views) compared to several months ago. I feel we are getting more new players and the goodies helps draw people in


    1. Maeda’s Awoken/Reincarnated form’s skill is not as good as it’s normal form. 1 turn skill charge is a lot more useful than enhanced orbs skyfall. Unless you need him to fill a type/color for you team, always go with the normal form.


  3. Any new info from the JP stream? I have stones saved up for the Samurai Super Godfest or do I wait a bit longer? Thanks for all your insights. They’ve definitely gotten me further in this game!


  4. Hey mantastic, I rolled an emiya and currently have emiya/R. ilmina/R. Cotton/Elena/Ed as a team. When running dungeons tho I seem to have a big issue with awoken binds and not having enough heart orbs (none of the actives make heart orbs either). What inherits would you make on which cards? And are there replacement cards you could recommend? Thanks


    1. The biggest issue I can see on your team is that your cards have very long base CD. As such, it may be challenging to have an inherit come up in time.

      As such, R Cotton would be the target base for your awoken bind clearing. What options do you have


      1. In terms of awoken skill clears, I have grodin, yomi, ren amamiya, yuuki (considering making her weapon assist) and Trojan horse.

        For other fire/light cards I also have tohsaka rin that has a super short cd, but her awakenings seem really lackluster, is she worth running?



        1. Tohsaka is not worth running over other options at your disposal unless desperate for a short CD skill

          As for your Awoken Bind Clearing cards, it comes down to what counters the dungeon at hand. Do you need a 3 turn + time buff? Use Yomi etc

          Either way, placing on Red Cotton is your best bet


  5. I’ve had a lot of bad and dumb experiences with getting dupes such as rolling 3 ganeshas in a row during a godfest even though I already had 2 and a saline, what is your most infuriating or memorable moment rolling duplicates if you’ve had any that stick out


  6. JP is currently voting for the one time trade from one of Godfest exclusives. Which monster do you think will be voted #1 and which monster do you prefer to get voted?


  7. Hi mantastic, do u think that GH will ever let us exchange trash pulls from REM? I have sooo many dupes in my box, mostly 5 or 6 star based, and selling them for just 5k mp seems meaningless nowadays tbh, I got plenty of room left but still it’s hard to manage box with them sitting around.


    1. Highly doubt that will occur and the best we could hope for is that old pantheons gain Weapon Assists so they can provide some value. I wouldn’t sell any at this point in time


  8. Heyo. This might sound like a stupid question, but do you think there is any reason to grind the hardest content in the game right now, such as the Arenas and the Annihilation difficulty special descended dungeons? Besides bragging rights, of course? Same for crowns. Since around october, we have been swimming in free goodies to the point where grinding these feel like a waste of time and effort to me, even during a lull when there is no big event going on.


    1. It all depends on how much resources you have stockpiled (eg. how many pluses to roll for SA) and how much these interest you

      The new arenas present a significant jump in difficulty which may be fun as a challenge

      As for Crowns, they are limited and while only cosmetic, are important for some players


  9. Hi Mantastic. We have seen a ton of meta teams over the years, from the good old days of Ra’s “OP” 6x Atk multiplier to today’s DMeta/B&J/Edward triumvirate. Which was your favorite meta of all?


    1. I feel that the leaders I have had the most fun was the original Sakuya (first real leader I had) and then Meridionalis

      Both helped me clear more content and still carried that element of risk/thrill of failing


  10. What have been the highest & lowest times of your website traffic in the last year? Or, if it’s been a pretty solid increase, when were the biggest spikes and dips?

    Also, I know you probably hear this all the time, but thank you so much for your incredible contributions to the PAD community — I personally have been reading your pages for >3 years, and your guides have allowed me to actually understand the underlying concepts of team building instead of just throwing box screenshots at people and asking them to build a team for me lol. I hope you continue to find success in all future enterprises 🙂


    1. Reflecting on what Max said, I too want to thank you Mantastic for guiding me into the game….

      I have followed your blog from the beginning of my Pad journey, when Echidna was a must have, and having a Gadius team (2 Uriels, 2 Sanada) means beating the game….

      And now seeing many other old monsters becoming new Godfest exclusive…. just want to thank you for all your time, effort, passion and love that you put in this PAD community. ❤

      Much love!


    2. My peak month was May 2017 but then started to decline until early/mid 2018 where it plateued.

      Thankfully, it started to pick up again in October 2018 as that is when GH started to become more generous and inject more content. Amusingly, my highest all time day for website traffic occurred in Oct 2018 when we had those Super Godfests (was over 5x higher than the year average day)

      Finally, thank you for your kind words Max =) It is always nice to hear encouragement from my readers and it helps give me motivation to continue producing content


  11. What do you think future of PAD is shaping to become? How much harder can content become until it’s inhumanely hard to beat? Is there future for older pantheon cards? Could there be situation in which those cards become so outdated that they lose all worth just like the cards that got removed from REM?


      1. I am not sure when we will get to the point where content becomes impossible to clear, but we are starting to see bosses with silly mechanics (eg. void + resolve + huge hits) so we are starting to need more perfect teams

        As for pantheon cards, I feel that they will gain relevancy if they gain weapon assists


  12. I’m not sure if this is a good kind of question to ask, but everything I’ve found is extremely conflicting and I’m confused.

    Are Diamond Dragon Fruits a drop in Thursday Dungeon: Cave of Dreaming – Mythical?

    Some say yes and some say no, and I don’t know.


  13. Hey love your site and all the articles you write, it definitely has made the game more fun now that I understand the mechanics better. Still getting the handle on how best to use assist monster which leads me to my question. I am running a Suoh team, with Re. Indunn and Idunna, Enra Ren, Amamiya and Re. Isis. Right now I have Awoken Uranus assisting Isis because of the low cool down, would it be more optimal to have Uranus assist Ren for the stat bonus?


    1. Glad you enjoy my content =)

      In regards to your question, do you want to use Uranus’s active more? If yes, inheriting on Isis helps as she charges up much faster. On the other hand, what role is isis playing on your team? Is she for bind clearing or just as a low cd base?

      The stat transfer is nice, but you have to ask yourself which active do you want to use etc


  14. Hi there, one of my favorite collabs in the history of pad was the final fantasy collab, at least the first time around. The 6 stars like tifa, lightning, Sephoroth, and noctis were all powerful leaders at the time but have not really aged well at all. Then the second time around we got the introduction of VDP on the pixel evolutions, but we have better options now then the pixel evos. The only card I actively use from this collab is yuna. My question is do you think they will bring back the final fantasy collab as it does not really fit the collab structure Gung-ho has been moving towards?(it’s been like 15-16 months since we last saw it) and if they do bring it back would they bring significant buffs to the cards to make them meta relevant or dare I say meta defining? Thanks so much for the content I really enjoy it.


    1. I think FF is very likely to return since they already got the license and FF franchise is not going away anytime soon. They will do probably do something like what they just did in JP Shinrabansho Choco Collab where they upgraded the 4 stars cards to 5 stars so you can use them for assist.


  15. Hello Mantastic and Fantastic,

    Way off any topic but just curious to know your actual first name?

    So to be formal,

    My name is Scott, what’s yours?


  16. Hey mantastic, your opinion on Shiro Edward pairing? Saw someone run in in multi arena and to me it doesn’t sound that bad as Shiro inflates your teams hp pool and Edward provides a little bit of damage reduction. Is this hedging too much?

    P.S. love the content and the work you put in, its was got me back into this game after years of on and off playing! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would not mix them because Edward will no longer gain access to Skill Charge along with gravities being more likely to push you below 50% (eg 99% grav)

      Also, glad to hear you love my content =D


  17. Hi Mantastic,
    First things first, I rolled two scheats and with her new Mega awoken, I’m wondering what’s the best way to use her to her full potential, if there’s anything she does really well.

    On that note, with mega awakenings and super awakenings and new egos and upgrades, what kind of unique monster do you want to see/think we need? I, for example, think there’s a terrible lack of Bicolour+haste board changers and red VDP.

    And lastly, just for kicks, what new pantheon do you want to see in pad?

    Thanks! Love the content.


    1. Scheat is a wonderful leader due to her 2.25x HP / 43.75% Damage Reduction while also bein gable to match any 5 orbs (which is always doable)

      In terms of new cards, I would rather see old pantheons become relevant which could be done by giving them weapon assists

      Also, the L Heart awakenings should be buffed as it is almost irrelevant

      In terms of new pantheon, I have no idea as I am not too well versed with lore/mythology but give me Weapon Assists =P


      1. Awesome! Thanks a bunch. It’s a bummer tho cause I’m kind of lacking in good Fire+Water subs :/ but hopefully with all these free GF rolls I’ll roll a more motonari or I&I or andromeda or something. Still working on building better teams, never been my strong suit lol.


        1. And yeah, I’m hoping to get an L heart inherent awakening. Nobody in their right mind wants to shell out 297 plus points for that lol.


  18. Hi Mantastic,
    I just rolled my fourth Athena non for my greatest pleasure, I was wondering what should I do with them, will I be able to trade 3 of them later like other godfest exclusives? Or should I keep them for a possible future purpose?

    Thank you very much, and keep up the good work!


  19. I’m in a bit of a dilemma here. I’d like to preface the situation by saying that I only have 1 cotton, and it’s in the light form. I am currently using the cotton in my ed/yusuke team. However, I have just rolled a shirou, and I was wondering if I should change my light cotton into red cotton for a big damage boost/vdp. Referring back to my ed/yusuke teams, I have an alphonse which may suffice as a fua (unless this is too severe a downgrade, not quite sure). My current shirou team looks like this: shirou, rin, ed, elena, and leilan, and it is missing a VDP. Additionally, do you think the rin on my team should have a tape or 7c SA? Lots of questions packed in this one, thanks for the response. Keep it up.


    1. Alphonse is a perfectly strong sub on Ed/Yusuke teams compared to Light Cotton (if anything, it should be Blue Cotton for more HP).

      Who else is on your Ed/Yusuke teams?

      As for your potential Shirou team, it would become significantly stronger with Red Cotton as you can replace Leilan (Keep Rin for 2 turn base CD to inherit utility)

      As for Rin’s SA, 7C is more universally reliable as Shirou should be able to wait out Tape due to 4x HP/RCV


  20. Hello, You talked about how to spend your magic stones and when to save them in your recent post, Was just curious as too how often you buy packs or magic stones in general compared to whales or non-whales and if the strategy for saving should differ.


    1. I only purchase stones/iap when I receive a gift/donation as my current situation does not have the disposable income to do so otherwise

      With that being said, the 6* bundle packs or GFE packs recently released are the best way to IAP at this point in time

      As for saving stones as non-iap, I follow the ideas in that article =)


  21. Hi Mantastic,
    I wanted to get advice on how to build a dmeta team that can handle at least arena 3 consistently. I may not have everything you would suggest, but you can go ahead. I ll try to list all my possible subs though. For now, I usually bring 2nd dmeta (Hakuryu), Izanagi (Durga), Kamimusubi (for FUA), and either Eir or Kuroyuri for RCV. I have multiple fujin style cards, and usually Kami carries it. One problem I usually have is to kill a floor that has void and res. Do I need to bring a card to add combo count? I’m aware that I maybe better off bringing a Lucifer instead of 2nd dmeta, but it does not always solve my problem. Maybe I’m just not skilled enough. If you see any other problem of my team, I’m all ears. Thanks!


    1. For A3, there is less need to bring resist weapon assists so I would bring board changers with hearts instead along with Izanagi either having Fujin or another tri elemental board

      I would always bring Eir over Kuroyuri

      If paranoid about combo count and hitting 7+ combos on VDP boards, pair with a Dark Metatron friend who has King Bradley inherit

      As for Lucifer vs second dark meta, do you need the movement time?

      I would use:
      Dark Metatron
      Izanagi (Fujin or board changer
      Kami (Fujin)
      Luci/Dark Meta (board changer)


  22. Hi Mantastic,

    I’ve just rolled my seventh Haku, was 200 points away from a crown, and died to the pys on my (would be) first AA clear
    How do you deal with tilt in this game?

    p.s. your content helped get me back into the game after I quit for a few years, I love all the effort you put into your posts, keep up the great stuff!!! 😀


    1. For myself, my main source of tilt comes from bad rolling luck which is beyond my control

      In your case for AA and Ranking, you need to understand why you failed to meet those goals and what can be done to improve for next time. Eg. could you have matched better or built the team better. Otherwise, the best thing to do is take a break for the day and play a different game you enjoy as your “break” and you should come back refreshed =)

      Also, glad you enjoy my content!


  23. Hello good sir!
    I’m 1207 days into PaD now, and I’m pretty sure I’ve only made it this far due to your advice. And I don’t know why but I love watching videos of people rolling Gacha games, so please keep those coming as well . Pancake is a trip. Thanks for all of your hard work.

    My question is, how focused should I be on what leader I leave up for other players to use? I found myself pulling cards like Roche and being unable to really try them out. Like, no one on the friends list running them for one (although I know I can ask for friends on Reddit). And for two, since I see no one on my list running them I end up thinking that I should not inconvenience all the people who have friended me for other cards. Like a bait and switch. Am I overthinking this?

    Best wishes to you and the fam 🙂


    1. I feel that there are two main approaches to showing leaders: have those that help as many people as possible or showing niche but powerful ones

      In your case I feel you should still use /show Roche but also find more friends who have her. Also, many players pair Roche with diablos who should be relatively common

      Finally, thank you for your kind words and I plan to do all my Feb free gf rolls at the end of the month =)


  24. I rolled the Fate/Stay blah blah egg machine and got Gilgamesh. I don’t have Dmeta but just out of curiosity, is he a good sub for her? Considering he is Light/Dark, God/Balanced, unbindable, 3 TE, Guard Break, and 10c SA?


    1. I have always enjoyed Dark Metatron (even before her Mega Awoken) as having to juggle HP and match accordingly adds an extra zest of excitement. Furthermore, the HP clause tends to make the LS more rewarding and it clearly shows now


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