Super Godfest is Coming to North America!


Super Godfest is making a triumphant return to Puzzle and Dragons and will also feature several seasonal cards to help spice things up. As a whole, a Super Godfest is the best time to roll the Rare Egg Machine as it has the highest total chance of rolling a 6/7* GFE. These cards have become invaluable as both powerful monsters and fodder for trading in via the Monster Exchange system.

This article will further elaborate why a Super Godfest is a wonderful time to spend your Magic Stones along with the anticipated rolling rates.

The Super Godfest occurs for 24 hours
7/31 (Tue), 8:00 PM – 8/1 (Wed), 7:59 PM (UTC-8)

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Super Godfest vs Godfest

The Rare Egg Machine Renewal has dramatically changed how Godfests function and will no longer feature all of the 6/7* GFE each time. As a result, the overall rolling rates for any of these cards will naturally be lower as several cards are missing.

Based on the past few Godfests, North America features 15-20 6* GFE and 1-2 7* GFE and usually gives a  bit over 12% chance to roll any of these rare cards.

By comparison, a Super Godfest will feature all of the 6/7* GFE at an increased rate. As such, it tends to be around 24%. Thus, if a player’s goal is to acquire 6* GFE to use as Monster Exchange Fodder, a Super Godfest is the best time to do so.

Value of 6* GFE & Monster Exchange

The Monster Exchange System (can read more HERE) is a wonderful addition to Puzzle and Dragons as it allows players to trade in various cards for a specific monster of their choice. Presently speaking, the 6* GFE are able to be traded in at a 4:1 ratio for a 6* Collab card. This is amazing as it can dramatically save Magic Stones overall as players can simply skip Collabs.

This practice was most common for trading in for Yusuke  during the YYH Collab.

For comparisons sake, a typical 5-Stone Collab has a 2.5% chance of rolling a 6* card. While this is higher than any single GFE, there is the strong possibility that the Collab features lackluster cards overall.

Thus, by abusing the Super Godfest and the approximate 20% chance of rolling a 6* GFE, one should be able to save Magic Stones in the long run along with having the chance at acquiring valuable cards as well.

Featured line up

There is a strong likelihood that North America will mirror the Super Godfest experienced in JP, but always check the official rolling rates in game to confirm.

The below information and rolling rates are what was used in JP and should be the same for the NA Super Godfest:

8* – 0.50% (2.0% total)
7* – Heroine/DBDC 0.25%
GFE – 0.50% (2.25% total)
6* GFE – 0.65% (20.15% total)
 3233      3236   3370
Misc Pantheons / Former 5* GFE – 1.30% (75.40% total)
(Check in game for full roster)

All rolls will come out as a Diamond Egg but that also means the Pantheon/Former 5* GFE will come evolved.

Tier list/ranking

Below is a compiled version of my own personal tier list for the featured rare cards in terms of their overall value as a leader, sub, or inherit. This will also include the seasonal/non-GFE. With that being said, there is no “bad” card to be rolled when looking at the 6/7* GFE and seasonal cards.

Take this list with a grain of salt as this is my own personal opinion and should be the basis for a conversation starter or generic guideline as an individual card may have more or less value depending on your Monster Box and needs.

Cards appear in no particular order within a tier.

Super Godfest Tier List – July 30, 2018
 2991   3268   3236 3233 


The upcoming Super Godfest is an exciting time for North American PAD players as it is the best time to acquire any 6* GFE for Monster Exchanging purposes. In addition, having the slight chance at acquiring a rare event card only sweetens the deal overall.

For the average player, I would strongly encourage you to liberally roll in this event as it if far superior to any vanilla Godfest.

I plan to stream and upload my rolls when the Godfest goes live on Tuesday.

Happy Puzzling!

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50 thoughts on “Super Godfest is Coming to North America!”

  1. Oh boy I’ve been waiting a long time for this.. I’ve been pretty much saving all my stones for a year and I have 825 ready to go lol.


  2. I really hope to get Lajoa. I scored an Ideal when DBDC came around but I was yanking for Lajoa so I’m excited to have another shot. I also really want Jade Sonia. Got 327 ready for this.


    1. Lol I used to spend stones as soon as I got them until I got tired of missing events like this and forced myself to save up and look more closely at rates and lineups so I could avoid trash rolls.


        1. Oh wait, I misunderstood – you just reviewed the ones with increased rates. I can’t read, my apologies 😐


  3. 20 pulls: Sylvia, Sherias Roots, Enkidu x2, Aife, Kanna, Krishna, Ideal, Vajrayaksa, Gan Jiang/Mo Ye, Dantalion, Vishnu, Amon, Zela, Kagutsuchi, Arondight, Baldin, Micahel, Gremory, Astaroth. Im happy with these results.


  4. I am a non IAP player and haven’t rolled for a long time. I’m off meta in the sense that my current team is AShiva. Do you think I should roll all of my 774 stones? Is there a stopping condition, in the sense that I should stop rolling after receiving X, Y, and Z card? I’m looking to get back in the game and clear C9 and C10 for the first time. (Are there good teams to be made entirely from this godfest roster?)



    1. That is an inedible amount of stones

      In an ideal world, you would be at least fishing for a strong leader but with that being said, having a healthy stock pile of 6* GFE may be your best bet.

      This is because you can then trade them in during a future collab for something that is Yusuke level

      Statistically speaking, 1/4 rolls are going to be the “good” ones so I would at least put in 40 rolls and see where that leaves you


      1. Thanks for your advice. I rolled all 135 that I could. Here are my roll results: Do any obvious teams come to mind? I’ve been out of the meta for so long. My friends tell me Yog + Valentine’s Ney + Uruka may be a good start.

        8 stars (expected 2.7, got 4)
        0 NY Kanna
        2 NY Yomi
        1 NY Kamimusubi
        1 Valentine’s Ney

        7 stars (expected 3.0375, got 4)
        1 Ideal
        0 Lajoa
        1 Ilmina
        1 Uruka
        1 Planar
        0 Zela
        0 Reeche

        Others of note (expected 5.265, got 5)
        0 Fujin
        1 Yog-sothoth
        1 Cotton
        0 Macha
        0 Green Sonia
        3 Kaede


        1. You did incredibly well!

          If lacking any super top tier leader, Dark Ideal can be a strong option initially (you can always convert back to Light later on)

          Her team building is mostly 7c cards with a FUA (cotton tends to be the best option)


  5. 34 pulls.

    Aife, Cotton x2, Lakshmi x2 (had 1), Sarasvati x2 (had 1), Sherias Roots, Dantalion, Sakuya, Ea x2, Vaj x2, Uriel (had 1), Escamali, Baal (had 2), Lajoa, Alrescha, kundali x2, Castor (had 2), Dagda, Ma Chao x2, Zhuge Liang, Krishna, Metatron, Gronia (FINALLY), Kanna (had 1), Kaede, Blodin (FINALLY), Michael (had 1), Raphael (had 1)

    So if statistically 1/4 of pulls are good how well did I fare?

    Any suggestions on dupes welcomed.

    Also I have 364 stones left, I hardly ever roll, I save for great events and this seems like one but not sure if I should continue dumping into it, or if it is going to be a 6 month recurring event or something like that where maybe a 10 stone event with better odds might be coming before. Worth it to keep pulling?


  6. So on 2 accounts at 14 pulls i got typhon, ny yomi, , and Dark Metatron. only good pantheon card was a Ganesha because i didn’t have one yet. I was blessed to get Lucifer on both accounts 🙂


    1. Broke down and spent 10 dollars to get 2 more rolls. Never a good idea started out with Vajra and then to close. Out the event…. my first Yog.!!!!


  7. Broke down and spent 10 dollars to get 2 more rolls. Never a good idea started out with Vajra and then to close. Out the event…. my first Yog.!!!!


    1. Just a lack of viability compared to the better options, 4 elemental board changer is a bit awkward considering the bonus effect is only haste. My next article has numerous shifts and explanations


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