Monster Exchange / Trading Post Guide


Version 14.0 comes with numerous exciting features with the Monster Exchange / Trading Post leading the way. This new mechanic will allow players to trade in various cards for something of potentially greater value.

At this point in time, there are only farmable materials available but will eventually include rare Collab cards.

This article can trade will explain the process, when to use it, and how to use it effectively.

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Monster Exchange / Trading Post

The Monster Exchange system acts like a form of trading in which players exchange several cards with GungHo in order to receive something more valuable.

This is quite a wonderful mechanic as it can enable players with excessive dupes of a particular card the opportunity to change them into something more meaningful.

How it works

At this point in time, players are only able to trade in for non-REM cards; however, future Collabs may feature their top-prize cards in the Trading Post. This means players can potentially acquire the top card without actually having to roll in the Collab.

Once players have gone to Shop -> Monster Exchange, they will be greeted by several tabs for potential trading.

The first 3 tabs are all non-REM cards and include basic evolution materials, rare evolution materials, and enhance materials. While these are farmable for the most part, having the option of trading up for something they may be lacking is valuable.

All Monster Exchanges will require players to offer several cards and can be any combination of the pool of available monsters. Thus, from the above example, players could exchange three Blue Ogres for the Indigo Demon Mask.

Efficiently using the Monster Exchange

For the most part, the Evo tab is quite lackluster due to the various changes made to the Weekday Dungeons that better guarantee a spawn of the rainbow-cards. As such, it is far more stamina efficient to simply play those respective dungeons instead of trying to find the required monsters. The Monster Exchange would have been amazing 4 years ago for the Evo cards.

With that being said, the Evo tab can be used to acquire a common material after the respective day has already passed. Eg. trading in for a Keeper of Rainbow on Wednesday.

Rare Evo

Presently speaking, the Rare Evo tab only features a Jewel of Creation which is not as farmable compared to other materials. As such, players who are in desperate need for a Jewel of Creation may find great value in trading for one.


Enhance Material is another lackluster tab due to the fact that it primarily features Kings/Super Kings which have become easily farmable. Furthermore, the trading ratio is an actual net loss in monster experience and generally should not be pursued. Despite the fact that a Super Snow Globe is possible to acquire, being forced to trade 5 regular Snow Globes feels far too expensive overall.


The Event tab is currently inactive; however, this tab will be the main focus of the Monster Exchange system as it will enable players to acquire valuable Collab-REM cards without actually having to roll in them.

Event Exchange

The Event Exchange will work on a limited time basis and will rotate to reflect whatever event is currently going on. This means that there is a certain level of urgency as the featured cards will rotate out.

Event trades include, but are not limited to:

  • Collab REM Diamonds
  • Collab Skill Up materials
  • Latent Tamadras
  • Various other cards

In the Event tab, the required cards for trading can be expanded via the + symbol and mostly applies to Collab-Rem exchanges.

Collab REM Exchanges

The Exchange System provides another medium for duplicate 6* GFE as players will be able to trade in four of them for a Collab REM of their choice. Furthermore, this also applies to the same rarity Collab cards. For example, if Full Metal Alchemist were to return, players could use their 6* GFE and King Bradleys  for an Edward .

Due to the potential to gain an invaluable card, it is vital to save duplicate 6* GFE in order to trade them in for an ideal chase card. For the most part, it is better to try and acquire a new and powerful leader. This is because a new leader will help you push into more challenging content along with subs being more readily available/replaceable overall.

Just be aware that these trades are a 4:1 ratio so be mindful of what you plan to trade in. As with the MP Survey for Cotton , players should not be liquidating their box for the Monster Exchange. 6* GFE are currently being buffed by GungHo through new evolutions and it is uncertain who will become the next meta defining card.


The Monster Exchange / Trading Post is an amazing update as will enable players to trade duplicate cards with GungHo in order to acquire something of value.

For the most part, the Monster Exchange will be used for the Event tab as the other options are underwhelming but may still find some merit for certain players.

Let me know what you think about the Monster Exchange system in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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19 thoughts on “Monster Exchange / Trading Post Guide”

  1. I find super kings needed for evos (like Threedia) to be a giant ass pain, so this option seems like it might be kind of handy. Looking forward to getting some rare cards for dupe 6* GFEs though, that’s going to make me happy 🙂


    1. Those evo are certainly annoying but I just fav 1-2 super kings to avoid it

      Regardless, I am sure you will be saving yourself a lot of frustration with Collab trading =D


  2. So is it only worth trading if you have dupes? I’m also on a new account so I only have 3 6* GFE rn lol


  3. Yusuke is worth a special mention as the collaboration is possibly coming to NA soon, and he’s a 10/10 card that every endgame player should trade for


  4. I was far more excited about this before I realized how few true 6* cards I have rolled. A fujin active and yusuke will essentially bankrupt me from interacting with the system for a year.


  5. Ot
    Hi! What do you think about this new feature of (low chance) for skill up and (little) exp in dungeon (only in solo player mode)?


  6. Can we choose what monsters to trade in or are there certain monsters we need in order to trade for the event cards? Thanks!


  7. The super snow globe trade units welcome for those of us near max exp on most cards. We could sink globes into level 100-110, but cards gradually level up now anyway from okay, and unlocking more cards with super globes is a good use of the semisuperfluous snow globes. Best feature of the trading post so far.


  8. I really feel that all three of the non-event tabs are a complete joke. Unless you’ve been stockpiling a random selection of ogres, etc., it is much more stamina-efficient to just wait and run the relevant dungeon. Even the rarer Jewels require a terrible collection of evolved monsters that especially waste your time.

    It would seem much more reasonable to trade off-color materials for the one you want, like 3 or 4 red evo masks for one blue one.


  9. Hello PAD Community!

    So maybe I am missing something here with the new Monster Exchange option introduced. Let me give you an example. I want to Awaken Mori Motonari,. I like the water row awakens this card has for my rainbow team. In order to awaken this card I need one medium water gem, Demon Leader Shuten-doji gem, two jewels of water, and one jewel of Fire. Which means I then need to awaken Demon Leader Shuten-doji. Which requires 13 other cards in order to awaken (2 large fire gems = 2 Theurgia, 2 Sphinx, 2 Zhu Bajie, 2 awoken Surtr, 2 Awoken Hephaestus, 1 mask, 1 rubylit and one devlit..shwew). Not to mention all the other cards needed to awaken Sphinx, Surtr, and Hephaestus. Before this new system I needed to only awaken one Sphinx, and another card (forgot which) in order to get Demon Leader Shuten-doji, and then proceed to awaken Mori Motonari. How is gathering 13 cards compared to the 5-8 cards a good thing? Anyone else see what I getting at here? You now have to spend almost double the number of cards to awaken the cards you really want. Dragon Caller Sonia Gran took 5 cards to awaken, now this card takes a whopping 25 cards in order to awaken!!. To me it seems like instead of simply running the descended dungeons to get the cards, you now have to run many many “farming” dungeons in order to get you awaken materials.


    1. You are slightly wrong about the new Evolution Gem system as you only need to trade in one evolved card for the respective gem. eg. a large fire gem can use any one of theurgia, sphinx, zhu bajie, surtr, heph. By trading in one of those, you can acquire a large fire gem

      As such, you can farm a dungeon of your choice for the respective drop and it actually opens up what you can use to evolve your Mori.

      You still use the same number of cards to evolve, it is just the gem aspect can be done via several different paths =)


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