Lucky 7’s Tournament Guide


The Lucky 7’s Tournament is another Ranking Dungeon that will test player’s skill in order to receive valuable rewards. What makes this tournament special is that the top 17% will be able to earn Sleipnir . Sleipnir has wonderful weighted stats along with attribute absorb void. Furthermore, the top 7% of players will also receive a Crown.

In regards to the dungeon itself, it is a fixed team that has No Skyfalls along with a rainbow and leave X number of orbs on the board clause. This can lead to some issues of orb troll but it is possible to sweep several floors without full activation.

This article will outline strategies for improving your score along with combo tips.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Leader skill

Reincarnated Raphael  has an interesting leader skill as it is comprised of two distinct components: rainbow activation and leaving 5 or less orbs on the board along with No Skyfalls.

  • 4/5 colours = 16x ATK
  • 5 or less orbs remaining = 64x ATK
  • Full activation = 1,024x ATK

Due to the scaling component of his Leader Skill, one does not always have to full activate every single floor and it is possible to clear several with only 1 component.

You also have 10.5 seconds to move orbs but it is ideal to not actually use up the entire time in order to further bolster your score.


The No Skyfall clause puts a soft cap on combo count as an average board has 7-8 combos. Furthermore, cascading your combos (placing orbs to strategically fall into place after others are matched) is slower overall unless it would save time matching as the delayed animation can be costly overall.

Activating 5 or less orbs

On a 6×5 board there are 30 orbs present and if one matches 8 combos (3×8) there will be 6 orbs remaining. As such, if one wishes to trigger the 5 or less orbs clause, a connect 4 must be made assuming there was no 9/10 combo available.

This can be tricky as a whole to find a place to slot in the connected 4 orbs, but by placing them in the outermost column, one can still have a board to puzzle in:


The above pattern shows the location of the 4 connected and can easily be mirrored around. This strategy tries to preserve my Section 1-2-3 method (more can be read HERE).

Of course, not every board has 8 available combos and in the case where one has 7, more blobbing (connected 5 orbs) must take place. This blobbing is often a result of 5 orbs of a single element (or 8, 11) as it is more efficient to match two sets of 3 if 6 orbs are present.

For myself, I prefer to blob my combos on the outermost or the same side columns:



By matching 2 columns, the board has 20 orbs remaining and by simply matching 5 combos, there will be 5 orbs remaining.

Full multiplier is not always required

The Lucky 7 Tournament does not require full activation for several floors and this means one can just brute force combo their way through (hitting 7 or 8 combos with no additional connected orbs). This is important as players do not have to connect additional orbs and should help hasten their clear time.

Colour = max combo but only need 4 colours to sweep floor (eg. 7 combos)

X orbs = by leaving 5 or less orbs on the board, the 64x can sweep the floor; however, usually leaving X orbs results in full activation

Full activation = match 4 colours and leave 5 or less orbs

Lucky 7’s Tournament Overview
Floor 1  34,650 Colour
Floor 2  823,839 Colour
Floor 3  3,649,490 X orbs
Can be Colour if many Light present
Usually use Kali Kali
Floor 4  1,697,067 X orbs
Possibly Colour if many Light
Floor 5  5,565,047 X orbs
Floor 6  50,000,000 Full activation
8 Combos
Use Valkyrie  or Kali if needed

It is always ideal to go for as many combos as possible on a given board.

Score break down

In Ranking Dungeons, players are scored based on the following:

  • Each Combo is worth 5,000 points
  • Each second remaining is worth 500 points
  • Hitting 40 Million damage is 10,000 points

In the Lucky 7’s Tournament, players will always achieve the damage cap of 40 million so it then comes down to Combos and Time.

Due to the fact that there are 6 floors, each Combo formed is worth 5,000/6 = 833.33 points.

Thus, if you can form an additional Combo within 1.67 seconds, it is worth doing.

Sleipnir prize

Sleipnir  is a wonderful prize from this Ranking Dungeon as he provides a colour attribute absorb void (negates spawns that absorb a specific colour) and 75% damage reduction shield. In addition, he has massive base stats but can also be converted into a Weapon Assist .

This Weapon Assist provides +5% Team HP  and + 10% Team RCV . This can help teams hit specific HP thresholds for tanking a large preemptive along with additional healing. If opting for this route, it is best to leave Sleipnir unskilled to prolong the cooldown if the Colour Attribute Absorb Void and 75% shield is undesired.

JP Scores/cutoffs

Due to the fact that we are receiving this dungeon after the JP server, we are able to see their cutoffs and rankings:

7% border: 139,700

17% border: 135,417

It is quite shocking that the difference between 7 and 17% is only 4,300 points (less than a single combo) and this is because of the No Skyfall clause that plateaus out total combo count.

On the bright side, NA has historically performed worse than JP so it is possible (not guaranteed) our cutoffs will be lower overall.


The Lucky 7’s Ranking Tournament is an exciting event as it forces players to test their Combo skills for the chance at Sleipnir and a 7% Crown.

Let me know how you find this Ranking Dungeon in the comments below and what % you hope to achieve.

Happy Puzzling!

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16 thoughts on “Lucky 7’s Tournament Guide”

  1. hey i might recommend hexa on the last floor to at least give you 2x time extend and make the right board, obv not using the whole 20 secs tho


        1. Myr is great, main issue is having enough HP to tank without a shield

          Yog generally does well as FUA (but pair with the opposite as a leader)

          Red n green starters are stronger, blue is lackluster


  2. I am now 139302 at 2.6%. Maybe I can claim my second crown?
    Time to share:
    1 st floor 4 color with light is enough. If there is no enought light orb, 1 dark tpa will punch through.

    2nd floor, 1 light tpa, 4 color and 5 comb.

    3rd floor, use kali. Any given borad can kill when achieve 5 orb or less. For me, I’d like to first mach the most color orb in one corner and deal with other later

    4th floor. 2 light tpa, 4 color and 5c. Use Valkyrie if there is no enough light orb. You don’t need to achieve 5 orb or less left on borad to kill her.

    5th floor, like 3 floor. But this time you can begin to think how to mach when you moving from 4th floor to 5th.

    Final floor. Also, use the time gap between moving from 5th floor to the final stage to learn your borad. Count the max comb you can achieve with the borad. If the borad allow you to achieve 8 comb than go ahead and mach otherwise use hex. You don’t need tpa, 8 comb with full activition of leader skill will be enough to kill the boss.


    1. Very safe for a crown =) I dot not foresee the NA cutoff surpassing 137k

      One thing about f3 is that you can kill with 8c provided 2 are light as the effective dmg plus killer on roots helps

      As for f1, doing a super fast 4c does work =)


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