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Lucky 7’s Tournament Guide


The Lucky 7’s Tournament is another Ranking Dungeon that will test player’s skill in order to receive valuable rewards. What makes this tournament special is that the top 17% will be able to earn Sleipnir . Sleipnir has wonderful weighted stats along with attribute absorb void. Furthermore, the top 7% of players will also receive a Crown.

In regards to the dungeon itself, it is a fixed team that has No Skyfalls along with a rainbow and leave X number of orbs on the board clause. This can lead to some issues of orb troll but it is possible to sweep several floors without full activation.

This article will outline strategies for improving your score along with combo tips.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Leader skill

Reincarnated Raphael  has an interesting leader skill as it is comprised of two distinct components: rainbow activation and leaving 5 or less orbs on the board along with No Skyfalls.

  • 4/5 colours = 16x ATK
  • 5 or less orbs remaining = 64x ATK
  • Full activation = 1,024x ATK

Due to the scaling component of his Leader Skill, one does not always have to full activate every single floor and it is possible to clear several with only 1 component. Continue reading Lucky 7’s Tournament Guide