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Sonia Elle Ranking Dungeon Guide & Strategies


The Sonia Elle Tournament is now live and gives players the opportunity to chase a crown along with Sonia Elle by achieving a high score. Players are ranked based on Combo Count, Time Remaining, Max Damage, and Skill Only Defeat with the top 6% earning a Crown and top 26% earning Sonia Elle.

This article will explain my thought process for earning a crown along with strategies for maximizing your score.

Dungeon information can be found HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

138,504 score

Skyfalls were quite friendly

No assists

No assists means players will have to use subs that bring a healthy mix of Skill Boosts Skill Boost, Skill Bind Resist Skill Lock Resist, and relevant active skills to succeed. Continue reading Sonia Elle Ranking Dungeon Guide & Strategies


Lucky 7’s Tournament Guide


The Lucky 7’s Tournament is another Ranking Dungeon that will test player’s skill in order to receive valuable rewards. What makes this tournament special is that the top 17% will be able to earn Sleipnir . Sleipnir has wonderful weighted stats along with attribute absorb void. Furthermore, the top 7% of players will also receive a Crown.

In regards to the dungeon itself, it is a fixed team that has No Skyfalls along with a rainbow and leave X number of orbs on the board clause. This can lead to some issues of orb troll but it is possible to sweep several floors without full activation.

This article will outline strategies for improving your score along with combo tips.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Leader skill

Reincarnated Raphael  has an interesting leader skill as it is comprised of two distinct components: rainbow activation and leaving 5 or less orbs on the board along with No Skyfalls.

  • 4/5 colours = 16x ATK
  • 5 or less orbs remaining = 64x ATK
  • Full activation = 1,024x ATK

Due to the scaling component of his Leader Skill, one does not always have to full activate every single floor and it is possible to clear several with only 1 component. Continue reading Lucky 7’s Tournament Guide

Rikuu Ranking, JP Cutoff, and Higher NA Scores


The Rikuu Ranking Dungeon is in full swing and North America has already surpassed the JP cutoff. This is a surprising accomplishment as NA is usually behind JP unless the Ranking Dungeon was so delayed that we gained access to new cards/team compositions.

This article will examine the cutoff curve and what assumptions we can make along with what is the most popular/accessible team players are using.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

JP vs NA Curve

Images courtesy of the Puzzle & Dragons Community Discord Server.

Historically speaking, the crowning score curves for JP and NA look different, but JP usually edges out on top by the end. This is because North American players are able to immediately copy their strategies right from Day 1 and spend less time tinkering or experimenting with teams as they only need to make adjustments based on their Monster Box. Continue reading Rikuu Ranking, JP Cutoff, and Higher NA Scores

Rikuu Ranking Tournament – Crowning with Zeus Verse


The Rikuu Ranking Tournament is an exciting event as it gives players another chance to acquire Rikuu  as well as obtaining a Crown.

Scoring at or above the 26% threshold will yield a Rikuu while 6% will guarantee a Crown. Depending on your personal goals and puzzling skills, both rewards may be obtainable and I wish to share my Crowning strategy with you.

Video clear

Team used

Rikuu Ranking – Zeus Verse
Card 3260 3260
Latent Devil killerDevil killerDevil killer Water Redx6 RCV LatentRCV LatentRCV Latent Devil killerDevil killer

Zeus Verse requires players to have 3 heals/full damage voids to maintain their health at 100% in order to waltz through the dungeon. I do not own an Amaterasu so I utilize the Ganesha to void the 99% Gravity from Hino on Floor 5.

In addition, I use Water Resist Water Red to reduce the damage from the Cat on Floor 8 to ensure I can heal back to full. In hindsight, I could have just used the Light Metatron Weapon Inherit but this also works.

For the most part, you can simply 1 combo each floor and this ensures a faster clear time and a higher score. Of course, there is some luck involved, but this set up helped minimize the failures and my highest score was achieved with only a few runs.


The Rikuu Ranking Tournament is an exciting event as it offers generous rewards at what is arguably the most generous rates possible.

Let me know what you used for the Tournament and how well you have placed.

Happy Puzzling!

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Indigo Tournament – Tips and Strategies


The Indigo Tournament is another chance for players to try and achieve a new high score to unlock various rewards. This include in-game items, cosmetic upgrades, and solo mode badge quest credit along with a Magic Stone for the first clear.

Unfortunately, this ranking dungeon has a fairly rigid set up for success and hopefully you have ample Killer cards at your disposal.

This article will summerize the dungeon along with explaining the rationale behind building a successful team.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Continue reading Indigo Tournament – Tips and Strategies

Hera-Is Ranking Tournament Strategies and Planning


Ranking Tournaments are finally returning to North America and gives players an opportunity to complete their various quests along with earning the highly coveted crowns. This time around, Hera-Is will come with a no Inherits restrictions which will force players to choose very specific subs and can compromise some team building strategies.

The goal of these tournaments is to “test” our skill by imposing a scoring system to determine your percentile ranking.

In these ranking dungeons, we are scored based on 3 criteria:

  1. Average combos made: 5,000 points per combo
  2. Time Remaining: 500 points per second remaining
  3. Maximum damage: up to 10,000 points if you hit 40 million.

However, due to the fact that there has been an exceptionally long content gap between this dungeon’s JP release and NA debut, brand new strategies and compositions will need to be used. I guess you can view a long content gap as a brand new dungeon as tactics of old have become less meta.

Video Commentary

–video coming soon—

My own clears will be published once the event goes live

Dungeon overview

 Floor  Monster HP Comments
Dragon Killer Balance killer
Darken 3 random orbs for 5 turns
Lock all fire orbs
God Killer 37
1,391,806 -99% preemptive gravity
Balance killer
1,877,083 -1s orb movement for 3 turns
Dragon Killer Healer Killer
3,027,031 Absorbs 5 or less combos
50% reduction vs Light
God Killer Balance killer
1,739,028 +10% Jammer skyfall
God Killer Devil killer
3,798,827 Preemptive skill bind

The dungeon is quite straight forward and outside of the first floor, no real mechanics to deal with.

Dungeon summary

  • All floors have a significant amount of health (cannot button)
  • God God Killer Killer has significant value
  • Light and Dark are disadvantaged for hitting damage cap
  • No Predras Fire PreDRA
  • 5 turn actives can be used more than once
  • First floor will spawn 3 fire orbs and lock them which can ruin various board changers
  • 3 orbs are darkened at random (can still be matched away)

Continue reading Hera-Is Ranking Tournament Strategies and Planning

Sphinx Tournament Strategy and Guide


The Sphinx Ranking Tournament uses the loved/dreaded preset teams. With a preset team, it helps even the playing field as no one can gain an advantage via specific cards or combos. However, it does dramatically cut down on creativity and also results in more “luck” when trying to min-max your score as skyfalls/bad boards will play a massive role in determining how well you place. With this post, I will try my best to help give my readers a slight competitive edge based on my own experience running the dungeon.

In these ranking dungeons, we are scored based on 3 criteria:

  1. Average combos made: 5,000 points per combo
  2. Time Remaining: 500 points per second remaining
  3. Maximum damage: up to 10,000 points if you hit 40 million.

Sample Clear

138,000 score

I improved my score off stream to 0.2% as it is actually a lot easier to simply tunnel and not narrate.

Mantastic commentary

—talking about the dungeon itself—-

Your team

Everyone will be using the same team (max skill, max awoken, and +297) and it is important to understand how your leader skill functions along with any combo synergy you may have.

Kaede at a glance

Ult Kaede

Dragon / Attacker
Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Skill Boost Time Extend TPA TPA TPA Enhanced Wood Orb Enhanced Wood Orb
6 star base
Question Orb Arrow Green
Question Orb Arrow Heart
1 turn haste
7 turn CD
3.5x ATK for 2 wood combos. 4x ATK for 3 wood combos. 2x ATK & 50% damage reduction for a heart cross
64x ATK / 75% damage reduction

Kaede’s Scaling Leader Skill
# wood combos 1 2 3
Multiplier No 12.25x 16x
With Heart Cross No 49x 64x

As you can see, there is a modest multiplier when you do not make a heart cross, but in order to deal lethal damage, you must be able to fully maximize the board in terms of the number of combos made as well as squeezing in as many TPA TPA as possible.

Cards and relevant damage awakenings

Continue reading Sphinx Tournament Strategy and Guide