Chillin’ With Qilin Tournament Video


The Chillin’ With Qilin Tournament has gone live today and may catch some players off guard as there was very little lead up time/announcements. Thankfully, this Tournament is straight forward in the sense that it is a Fixed Team along with it primarily testing pure matching skills.

As such, there is not too much to really say outside of max comboing each board as fast as possible due to the 1.5x bonus for Time Remaining.

On the bright side, the top 7% of players will receive a Crown but there will be a sizable amount of “bottlenecking” around the threshold due to the No Skyfalls and Fixed team.

Video clear 176,752

Leader Skill

Qilin’s Leader Skill relies on matching combos along with bonus damage if 5 or less orbs remain while having a No Skyfall clause. This no Skyfall clause will impose some luck on having nice boards but will even out over time. Either way, the key is to match as fast as possible.

Due to the scaling Leader Skill via combos means players do not always have to Fully Activate on a given floor and simply brute forcing combos will work.


Out of the 7 floors, Floor 1, 2, and 3 can be killed with just comboing a board and hitting 7 combos.

For floor 4, you can kill without Full Activation but it will require 2 Water combos. Due to the presence of 2 Orb Enhances blue + orb, damage calculations are wildly inconsistent and hard to do on the spot. As such, if you see yourself without 2 Water combos, I would aim for Full Activation.

Floor 5 will require Full Activation whereas Floor 6 will die with high combos and Guard Break proc.

Finally, the final Floor will require Full Activation with many combos and Water matches. As such, just use Suou as it will be far more consistent and easy to solve.


The Chillin With Qilin Ranking Tournament is fairly straight forward and there is not much “strategy” to be used as it is primarily a test of puzzling skills.

With that being said, there will always be some luck/variance due to lower combo count boards and whether or not Guard Break can be activation.

Either way, let me know what you think about this Tournament in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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10 thoughts on “Chillin’ With Qilin Tournament Video”

  1. Too bad the title of this tournament doesn’t rhyme if you pronounce Qilin as it is in Mandarin.

    How do people pronounce it in English? I’ve heard someone say it like “kill’in”?


      1. Really? I speak Mandarin though so I guess the tones sound too different to me, but it might be actually similar to ppl who don’t speak it?


    1. I do not know the cutoff but your score should be quite safe. I feel most of the movement happens much Lower down and this is a 7% crown and you are reasonably high up several days in


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