Untitled Beach Ranking Tournament Strategies


The Untitled Beach Ranking Tournament has gone live in North America and gives players a chance to play for lucrative rewards along with a 3% Crown.

As a twist, this dungeon will give players fixed leaders and have players build their own subs. This gives the illusion of choice but really boils down to a pseudo Monster Box check as certain cards are far superior. Thankfully, several key cards are actually farmable and some subs are flexible.

To further spice things up, time remaining will be worth twice as much. This places a much heavier emphasis on how fast you go and not fully matching each board will still get you a Crown.

This article will explain my approach to this Ranking Tournament for obtaining a Crown.

254,256 Score

Score breakdown

In Ranking Dungeons, players are scored based on the following:

  • Each Combo is worth 5,000 points
  • Each second remaining is worth 500 1,000 points
  • Hitting 40 Million damage is 10,000 points
  • Each active used to kill a floor (no combo made) is -5,000 points

Due to the fact that the Untitled Ranking Tournament contains only 5 floor, combos are worth 1,000 points (minus animation time) but at the same time, each second is also worth 1,000 points.

This provides an interesting twist as you want to strike a balance between speed and combos. For myself, I have found matching 3-4 combos as fast as possible to be the best strategy and let Skyfalls occur.

Dungeon mechanics

The dungeon itself is not terribly ridden with annoying mechanics and the first major hurdle players will encounter is the fixed leaders.

Full dungeon breakdown can be found HERE.

Fixed leaders

We are given Beach Barbara & Julie as the “friend” leader and her skill up material as “our” leader. This results in only a single Leader Skill and the best approach to is use a Leader Swap active to give yourself a more reliable multiplier.

Thankfully, Beyzul is farmable and requires minimal skill ups to be ready in time. Furthermore, he can gain the Bind Immunity Super Awakening which is needed for Floor 3.

As such, players will use Beyzul on Floor 1 and then continue through the dungeon. Just make sure you have sufficient Skill Boosts (you do get 2 more from “friend” leader).

This new pairing will rely on matching Fire and Water orbs to sweep the dungeon.

Evolution Material Killer

The first floor features three Dragon Fruits who are only and Evolution type. This means one Killer Weapon is ideal to sweep this floor quickly and the best option is Zeo Megazord from the Power Rangers Collab as it is the only Weapon Assist that offers two Evolution Killer 44 awakenings. This is usually placed on Beyzul.


There is a Resolve on Floor 2 and the best way to overcome it is to bring Follow Up Attack and ideally an Urd board of Fire, Water, and Hearts.

Leader bind

Floor 3 will preemptively bind your newly swapped leader and is the reason why Beyzul has to be Limit Broken in order to acquire Full Bind Immunity .


Meimei will preemptively spawn 15 Hearts orbs which will make it essentially impossible to combo. Furthermore she has 13.3M DEF and 31M HP. This forces me to use Beach Barbara & Julie’s active for the bicolour board changer and DEF break.


Goemon will preemptively cause 2 turns of Awoken Binds and will always transform the board into a 22-8 Fire/Water split. It is this reason why the TAMADRA’s Swimming Ring is the ideal choice for this Ranking. Using it will clear the Awoken Binds and produce a perfect 15-15 board which can be easily solved into 10 combos.

This is one of the largest determinants for a high score and owning TAMADRA’s Swimming Ring will give you a noticeable advantage.

If you lack this card, I feel the next best option is to use Light Metatron or Mito as an inherit to clear the Awoken Binds (no additional animation) and then optimally solve the 22-8 board as such:

Damage Stick

Your “friend” leader is able to provide a sizable amount of damage but will require additional help if when matching as little combos as possible. As such, I look for a card with Killers or numerous >80% awakening. For myself, this will be my own Beach Barbara & Julie or more ideally, Tilly .

Regardless, of who you choose to use, inheriting an >80% awakening will provide a sizable damage boost.

My team composition

Taking all of the above points into consideration, this is the team I have chosen to use:

Untitled Beach Tournament
Mass Attack Badge
SA Skill Boost

The TAMADRA’s Swimming Ring is the ideal choice for this Ranking but due to my own mistake, I do not own one. As such, Light Metatron’s revamped active now clears Awoken Binds with no additional animation.

Orpharion and Nergigante bring 8 Skill BoostsSkill Boost  in total along with FUA . Finally, my Beach Barbara & Julie functions as a Damage Stick and inherits Helen to gain a >80% awakening. I prefer Beach Barbara & Julie to most other options (outside Tilly ) due to her damage coming from Killers and not a combo count. This blends well with my strategy for making a few combos as fast as possible.

Active Skill Usage
1 Match Fire + Water after swapping
2 Urd, column of Hearts, Fire + Water
3 Fire + Water
4 BJ + swipe and pray
5 Light Metatron + 22-8 solve


The Untitled Beach Tournament relies on a surprising number of Farmable cards to succeed. This is pleasant to say the least but it is unfortunate the TAMADRA’s Swimming Ring is currently unavailable and not trade-able.

Due to the short number of floors and boosted score for Time Remaining, scores will be quite bottle necked around the Crown cutoff. As such, moving even just a second faster could make all the difference and is the main reason why I only pursue fast, short combos.

Let me know what you think about this Ranking Dungeon in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling and Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers!

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33 thoughts on “Untitled Beach Ranking Tournament Strategies”

  1. It’s nice to see a team without the Tamadra’s Swimming Ring! I’m still trying to tell myself that I don’t regret not farming it because this is the one instance where it has been irreplaceable.

    I’m still screwed though bc I wasn’t lucky enough to roll a Zeo Megazord… Is it better to incorporate Emperor of Palamecia somewhere in my team, or just aim to combo a lot and add the Hello Kitty’s Ribbon (w/ 1 Evo Material Killer) on Beyzul or Wangren instead?


    1. I would have used Tamadra Swimming Ring if I could =P

      Zeo helps for sure and the need to use Emperor depends on your Damage Stick. If it is Tilly, you can just use Puu on your Beyzul (what I am doing on Fantastic)


  2. Any advice on how to farm up a Beyzul? Legendary seaway costs 88 stamina for each run and that seems steep, not to mention that I think Wangren might show up in place of Beyzul sometimes?


    1. Orpharion is a 4 Skill Boost card with a short CD so Whaledor, Tengu work as well

      Light Metatron is any 2 turn awoken bind clear. I chose her due to less animation time


  3. It is essential that your fua card is 4sb nerg, so that your badge can be multiattack, or else the whole thing falls apart. You can skill up beyzul a lot, but you can’t get the inherited Urd up faster than a threshold SB coubt. Orpharion is cd5, so Whaledor^Urd and Orpharion^Urd are equivalent. I have been lacking a Barb and Julie and running the pretty solid dragon type 5 mixed killers baldin with a double killer crimson menace inherit (rare) as damage stick, but he only has 2 SBs, and so even 3SB fua y’sholta is a SB short of Nergs 4, (they’re really aren’t many nerg substitutes at all) and so I suboptimally run SB badge and combo with a five water match floor one. Baldins active is two turn X2 to dragons and fast to activate, useful for f2 f3 damage assurance / low combo count, though arguably in these rank challenges you should just swipe blindly and pray and retry a million time. Ymmv. Because Urd is slow, I’ve been experimenting with whether fire coubterattack cd7 Belial is an acceptable inherit for the f2 fua floor, as Whaledor^belial is cd 13. It doesn’t require a heart column or reset the whole board for quicker mental solving, but it’s not as 2-3 match psuedo-swipe and pray as a tricolor board. (You are sweeping floors, so the counterattack effect doesn’t slow you later.)


    1. Without mass attack badge, f1 and 2 are much much harder

      If you lack a way to get Urd up, a Poison may be best as an alternative

      One thing is Orph has 4 sb, whale has 5 so it may make a difference for you

      Kami with 3SB is another popular option


  4. A second comment that you can, just btw, run macha cd21 as a base sub, instead of bezyul, if you make your other subs cd5 whaledors and 5SB Athena, run the SB badge, and inherit a haste2 on one Whaledor, and a 99 heart box on another card. You haste f1 and swap, and thereafter Macha’s leader ability contributes a solid x12 damage, (x18 if you match 4 colors), no dragon type constraint. The downsides are the extra ability time, and fixing most of the other base subs, the upside is the damage multiplier / alternate team feasibility. You can easily 10-20 rank range with the team. In case someone reading thread lacks a lot of the mantastic proposed cards. It is a bit slower than beyzul on the extra haste invoke and the heart box fua solve, (since you would’ve running beyzul if you had a nerg), so beyzul if you have the subs to support beyzul team. If not, perhaps a fallback option.


  5. If you use tamadra tube, would your subs and assists be the same? Tamadra tube is 10 CD, which doesn’t work well with Nerg, even after using the SB badge and putting an SB resist on B&J


    1. Never mind – just answered my own question.
      Used Kami instead of Nerg – kami gives 3 SB and has a low CD to inherit the tube over. Just needed the SB badge to have skills ready


    2. I would have to use a different team since Nergigante has too long a CD for Tube

      Someone else in the comments mentioned Raizen and he has 4SB, FUA, and 5 turn CD which will work


  6. This is how many days into the ranking and my Beyzul is at skill level 11… I am almost ready to enter the ranking dungeon. XD


      1. Same anon here, I realize this is very true after I remembered that I have Valeria! Now I actually need to worry about too many skill boost. >.>


    1. 22-8 solve for sure

      With BJ board you are losing a few seconds and have to panic match the newly made board

      With 22-8, you get a couple of seconds to plan before you can use your awoken bind clear


      1. Is there any trick to doing that 22-8 solve quickly? Currently, I literally have that pic of the board in front of me as I do this ranking bc I can’t remember it in a pinch.


        1. If you want to see a variety of teams, I think Girth’s ranking guide (which can be found on the Puzzle and Dragons reddit) can be a nice supplement here. Namely, he does provide examples of teams with other damage sticks, though they might hinge on having some other irreplaceable card.


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