PAD Harvest Ranking Tournament Strategies


The PAD Harvest Ranking Tournament has gone live in North America and gives players a chance to play for lucrative rewards along with a 7% Crown.

As a twist, this Fixed Team will only have to face a one floor but is nearly impossible to kill in a single turn. In fact, killing in two turns is difficult and if players are able to do so, they are almost always going to obtain a Crown.

This article will explain my approach to this Ranking Tournament for clearing it in two turns.

Score breakdown

In Ranking Dungeons, players are scored based on the following:

  • Each Combo is worth 5,000 points
  • Each second remaining is worth 500 points
  • Hitting 40 Million damage is 10,000 points
  • Each active used to kill a floor (no combo made) is -5,000 points

Due to the fact that the PAD Harvest Ranking Tournament contains only 1 floor, combos are of the highest priority.

Killing in two turns results in 2,500 points per combo whereas three turns is 1,667. Either way, you want to maximize your combos. Furthermore, if you are able to max combo a board twice in a row, there is a strong likelihood you will finish in two turns which also saves precious seconds.

Just be aware that damage numbers are tiny due to no ATK multiplier so there is no hope in coming close to the 40 million mark.

Dungeon mechanics

Kaguya-Hime is the only spawn in the dungeon and will preemptively change the board to all colours plus Hearts. This makes it significantly harder to plan your board and players must react quickly. She will continue to utilize this move set when above 30% HP and will then switch to forming 2 Light columns.

In addition to this, she will cause no Skyfalls for 5 turns along with a orb movement time buff.

No leader skill

Tengu Tengu is our glorious leader who has no ATK multiplier which also means there is no specific matching pattern one must pursue. Furthermore, the Style Points (eg. TPA TPA) should largely be ignored due to the two or three turn duration and the massive weight being placed on combo count. With that being said, if you find yourself with 4 leftover orbs, make the TPA.

Active skill usage

Tengu also offers no active skill so we are only playing around with 4 subs with one being ready on turn 3. With that being said, you will want to utilize them in order to gain additional Wood orbs as damage is an issue.

Turn 1

On your first turn, you will want to use Enola followed by Parvati 3243. This will produce 12 Wood orbs in a 3×4 Box in the top left corner along with changing Water to Hearts and enhancing all Wood orbs.

This will be where the majority of your damage will occur and it is vital to match as many wood orbs and combos as possible. Hopefully you are able bring her to just above 30% and finish on turn 2.

You can change the 3×4 Box into a VDP but you will score more points if you can break it up into natural combos.

Turn 2

On turn 2 Kaguya-Hime will most likely perform the full board change which will result in a full Rainbow board with not many Wood orbs (left over Wood from Turn 1 are lost). Your only orb changer is Sericha who will only produce 2 Wood orbs and give one second of additional movement time. This will overwrite the buff from Kaguya-Hime but the additional Wood orbs justify this.

In an ideal world, you are able to finish here after matching on turn 2 and if you are able to do so, most likely to secure a Crown.

Turn 3

On turn 3, the Wood Wise Dragon will have finally charged up and will provide 5x ATK for a single turn along with 2 turns of Haste. This Haste will recharge Sericha so they can be used again for +2 Wood orbs and a second of movement time.

You should be finished here and while your score will be lower compared to a two turn clear, it is still possible to secure a Crown.

Regardless of which turn you are on, match as many combos as possible.

7×6 matching

I wrote an article on my approach to matching on 7×6 which may prove helpful if you have less experience on a larger board.

You can find this article HERE.

2 turn clear

Currently at 0.3% as of Monday morning.


The The PAD Harvest Ranking Tournament puts an interesting twist on Ranking Dungeons but may also feel frustrating due to the random board spawns and 7×6 board which I find difficult on smaller phones.

Either way, the key to succeeding in this Ranking is to match as many combos as possible and pray you are able to finish in two turns.

Let me know what you think about this Ranking Dungeon in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling and Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers!

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4 thoughts on “PAD Harvest Ranking Tournament Strategies”

  1. Not fast enough to combo full board on first floor so went the vdb option got total of 11 combos 10 with the 11th falling on it’s own and almost blew it on second floor but 8 combos took it down. 172600 1.6. Percent. Nice to steal a crown instead of losing it. Thank for your help


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