It’s Morphin’ Time!


In the near future, North American will be blessed with the Power Rangers Collab! This will be the second NA-exclusive Collab to come to us after the disappointing Voltron which was a reskin of a lackluster REM with some of the better/best cards removed.

With this in mind, hopefully GHNA does not follow that same path as it was a massive let down to the community. With that being said, we know nothing other than a the Red Ranger will be featured from their teaser video and everything up to this point is speculation.

This article will mostly serve as a place for me to put down my thoughts and to act as a medium for my readers to express their hopes/dreams for this event in the comments section.

The official teaser trailer/video can be found HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Hopes for the Collab

For myself, I want this Collab to succeed as it can open the doors to future events if it proves successful. GungHo is a business and doing anything like this will cost money. As such, there has to be a positive enough player response for us to continue to receive meaningful events. Thus, there are a few things that I feel can help enhance the chances of Power Rangers being successful in North America.

Reskin a good Collab

Voltron was the first NA-exclusive event which was a reskin of a lackluster JP Collab with the better cards removed. This made no sense along with it having less ideal artwork (subjective opinion).

As such, if Power Ranges copies a high value event, it should be popular and profitable.

Unique Collab

North America is usually 2-3 months behind JP content and some of the hype/build up is lost when it actually does arrive stateside. This is because newer cards have been released in JP which sometimes outpaces the cards NA has just received. As such, we may find ourselves in a continuous loop of waiting for a good event and just as we are about to pull the trigger, something newer and flashier is released in JP.

With this in mind, a unique Collab that has cards we can only acquire in NA would be quite exciting and there are several components that could make it work.

Regular reruns

Voltron Collab came a single time and was almost out of date upon its arrival. Furthermore, it has never returned leaving those outdated cards to collect further dust. As such, in order for any Collab to remain relevant/be a solid Magic Stone investment, it must come back on a regular basis.

This is one reason why things like the GungHo Collab or the Seasonal events are somewhat protected against Powercreep as they do come back with various buffs/changes, especially at the higher rarity.

Follow Up Damage Leader Skill

At this point in time, I feel that the strongest mechanic is built in Follow Up Damage via Leader Skills (eg. Ina ). This ability enables the owning card to ignore Resolve encounters as they will deal a fixed amount of damage after matching specific orbs.

While Resolve has not been impossible to handle in this day and age, being able to completely ignore it is meaningful. It means players no longer have to rely on Heart orbs for later floors which opens up more board/orb changers that can be used. This also means performing a VDP is much easier along with having a higher combo count as a column of Hearts is no longer needed.

Thus, if one of the top rarity cards in the Power Rangers Collab has this ability along with reasonable multipliers and activation requirements, this event would be more successful. Furthermore, they should not be as Dark since we already have Ina.

Value at the lowest rarity

Due to the nature of Gatcha games (must roll for cards), the top prizes/those featured tend to be the most powerful along with hardest to roll. As such, the most common thing players will acquire is the lower rarity cards and by having them provide some value makes the entire event better.

For example, the current Monster Hunter Collab is one of the strongest events simply because their 5-star cards have powerful Weapon Assists . These Weapons are often instrumental for players pushing through challenging content as the 60% Resist (Jammer Resist Poison resist Blind Resist) ones can cancel out dangerous mechanics.

As such, if the Power Rangers Collab had value at the bottom rarity, it would make it much easier to convince players to roll.

Weapon Assists

As mentioned above, Weapon Assists are a truly amazing way to help a card gain relevance. If they provide meaningful awakenings or powerful active skills, it makes it much easier to justify their place on a team and would encourage rolling. Furthermore, if the top rarity cards have a viable base form and Weapon Assist, it encourages dupes (think of the Final Fantasy Collab).

Give Pluses with each roll

Finally, if each card comes with +297 along with the various points listed above, it gives at least some consolation prize for rolling the 7th of a particular 5-star card as they can at least be sold for Pluses along with Monster Points.

Small thing overall but helps lessen the pain of numerous dupes. This should be a free bonus and not increase the Magic Stone price per roll.

Conversely, GungHo could instead give players some Pluses via Mail for each roll. This means players do not have to sell the cards to acquire the Pluses and may give more incentive to roll at least a few times.


The Power Ranges Collab has the potential to be amazing for North American players provided GungHo does not recreate a Voltron situation.

On the other hand, events like these are sign that the game is doing well as GungHo is willing to sink money into it to further expand/appease their player base.

With that being said, let me know what you think about the Power Rangers Collab in the comments below along with your hopes/predictions for what will be featured.

Happy Puzzling!

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9 thoughts on “It’s Morphin’ Time!”

  1. Kaman Rider is the Japanese version of power rangers, and there was a Kaman Rider collab this year in Japan. Aren’t those just going to be the cards for this NA collab?


    1. You are wrong. Kamen rider is not the Japanese version of Power rangers. Power Rangers was created based on Super Sentai. Super Sentai started airing since 1975 with multiple series. The US created Power Rangers based on 1 series of Super Sentai.


  2. What are your thoughts on farming coins for the 3 purchasable options? Are they worth it? Are ANY of them worth it? Needing 15 rainbows means I won’t get all 3 without spending medals no matter how hard I try. Need to know if I am wasting my time and I cvalue your opinion. I don’t see info on them here.


    1. I don’t find them particularly valuable and if I had to pick one to acquire, it would be the Zeo Gold Ranger as a temp light sub

      Main issue with Light is they are already so saturated with strong options that I feel they will be replaced modestly fast but natural Blind and 10c is pretty good


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