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Another Less than Mantastic Health Update


I have shared my diverse health problems last year when I was about to undergo surgery to remove what is presumed to be a cancerous lump inside my right eyeball along with sharing my inability to function normally due to a serious back and neck injury that was sustained in July 2014. Needless to say, the surgery did not go well as they were unsuccessful in removing the lump and my back/neck issues are reaching a somewhat critical moment next week along with a follow up with the cancer specialist at the end of February.

If you wish to read about these in my previous posting, feel free to read my previous post HERE.

Video commentary

—video goes here—

Eye problems

During my last regular eye check up in late 2015, my optometrist found an unusual lump on the inside of my right eyeball. I was sent to a specialist who then referred me to a cancer specialist as it was out of his scope. After further probing and examination, we agreed to remove the lump via surgery as it is most likely cancerous and testing cannot be performed without a biopsy and that cannot be done as it is inside my eye and inaccessible.

I went through with the surgery under general anesthesia and was later informed it was unsuccessful as the surgeon had difficulty pin-pointing the exact location as she did not want to make an excessive cut through my eyeball or pierce the lump (it is very small and in an awkward location). As such, I am to be monitored every few months in case it does grow and surgery needs to be reattempted.

While this is not an ideal situation and my last checkup showed no signs of growth (thus lowering the chances of it being malignant), it is only one of many health problems I face.

Back and neck problems

I have been on Long Term Disability (LTD) since July 2014 and Continue reading Another Less than Mantastic Health Update


A Very Meri Day


I was fortunate to roll Meridionalis 3276 on Mantastic at the beginning of the Heroine REM event and was able to take her for a spin in a solo Arena 3 attempt. Needless to say, she is  an amazingly fun leader to use and I am overjoyed by the fact that I have another viable end game leader to use.

Solo Arena 3 clear

Fantastic rolls

Due to the success with Meri, I was highly motivated to try and acquire her on my Fantastic account in order to take advantage of coop and a playstyle I enjoy. Thankfully, I have some supportive viewers (0apie) and was able to IAP a pack and test my luck.

Continued success

My gamble paid off and I am excited to begin a new era or PAD gameplay with Meridionalis as the no skyfall clause is incredible for stalling/hoarding orbs and damage control. I did a couple of test coop runs of Arena 3 today and was thrilled to have been able to complete both within 45 minutes with one of the runs taking around 15-16 minutes due to the water skyfalls on floor 1.

Arena 3 Meridionalis
Inherit Ryune 2993 3162 Skuld ult evo Susano

3276 Blue Sonia Blue Sonia Bankai Andro 3069
Blue Sonia 3103 Bankai Andro 3069 3276
Inherit Skuld ult evo Indra Awoken Oorochi

Acquiring Meridionalis on both accounts has re-injected a sense of excitement into my PAD life as I now have a new and powerful team to play with. It will also motivate me to try and min-max my team as best as possible to write a comprehensive team building guide for her after they announce her buff/evo in next week’s JP stream.


Now I need to decide if I should start saying MERaculous instead of MYRaculous.

Happy Puzzling!

Mantastic is on Discord!


Discord is Skype meets chatroom/forum for gaming. It is a medium in which you can connect with other players along with finding help with team building and coordinating coop adventures. In order to successfully use Discord,  you will have to download the app/client along with creating a profile and finding beneficial servers. I am in the process of updating my community corner post, but in the mean time, I want to advertise my own Discord server.

Mantastic Icon Mantastic Social Media Mantastic Icon
FB icon Facebook twitter Twitter YT YouTube Twitch Twitch discord Discord
Discord invite link

Video commentary

—video goes here—-

Why use Discord?


Discord is another free resource players can take advantage of as there are many servers that provide a wealth of information. This can range from written guides to one-on-one help from more knowledgeable players along with joining a helpful community.

Within my own Discord, I have a Fantastic Chat section that is always “bumpin” with helpful and friendly users. These people range from beginners to experts who have cleared all the content in the game and are always happy to answer your questions or to simply talk about Puzzle and Waifus. Even if you do not have any burning questions, it is always beneficial to even discuss the latest changes in PAD along with tips and tricks for current and upcoming content.

In addition, my staff/moderation team are also an amazing group of individuals who help keep everything running smoothly and are always willing to help.

Finally, I also try my best to regularly interact with my Discord server through the Fantastic Chat as well as random coops and occasionally playing other game such as Diablo 3, Hearthstone, and League of Legends.

Finding coop partners

It is now widely accepted that farming the guerrilla dungeons (the hourly dungeons) in coop is vastly superior due to the stamina savings as well as ability to button farm. Furthermore, if you are having trouble finding synergistic partners, Discord is a great way to find friends who will gladly coop through your Tan Infestation.

Furthermore, you will also have the opportunity to find like-minded individuals who can help you tackle challenging content as well as providing an additional level of insight/strategies.

Fun emotes and helpful commands

We play Puzzle and Dragons for fun and Discord should be too. Not only do we have a wide array of amazing cute/funny emotes, but helpful commands. Written chat is great, but everyone loves a sprinkling of my face in the strangest shapes as well as Pancaaake drawings. :Yass: :FuckYeah: :ChibiMiru:

Furthermore, we also have helpful commands that range from optimal board set ups to some meme-worthy screenshots of my Twitch Stream:



Discord is both a fun and helpful way to connect with your fellow Puzzle and Dragoners. I highly recommend you do check out my discord Discord server as well as staying tuned for my soon to be updated community post to help you find other meaningful resources.

Happy Puzzling!

Rank 700 Box Tour and Future PAD Goals


I hit rank 600 around July 22nd and it only took me around five and half months to acquire about 121 million more rank experience to unlock my thirteenth team slot. Rank 700 is around 286.5 million lifetime experience and even with the enhanced mediums to rank up, it still take a very long time. In fact, it took me just under 1,200 days to achieve. 


I have never been a player who solely pursed rank as it does not achieve much outside of some personal satisfaction. In fact, the bulk of my rank experience has come from Arena 3 as I was around rank 612 when I achieved my first clear. This has led to an excessive amount of Pys (and a lower dependency on playing Tan Infestation); however, it has left my Maniac Quest log relatively incomplete as I lack the required pluses or Tamadras for additional badges.

This post will take your through a tour of my beloved Monster Box, highlights of notable moments, and my thoughts and goals moving forward.

Rank 700 Box tour

—box tour goes here—

How much playing is rank 700?

Rank experience has less prestige than it used to due to Ganesha, Monday Dungeon, and now the experience boost to Arena. However, it is still a massive amount of play time and here are a few ways to visualize my lifetime experience. Rank 700 is about 286.5 million experience which is equivalent to either:

  • 4,659 Monday Dungeons
  • 2,070 Dual Ganesha Monday Dungeons
  • 2,367 Special Descend Rushes
  • 1,701 Super Ultimate Dragon Rushes
  • 191,000 Tower of Giants – Dragons of the Tower

Notable moments

My Puzzle and Dragons life from rank 600-700 has been exciting as it gave me my first taste of Arena 3 along with a few new cards in my Monster Box. Granted my REM luck is usually on the lower end of the normal distribution curve, I still have some functioning teams for our current content.

Arena 3

My first Arena 3 clear was done with a less than ideal Myr team as I was running two heart breakers along with being unsure as to the ideal set up along with how to actually solve heart cross boards. Despite all that, the sheer potency of her leader skill and gentle team building requirements have enabled me to repeatedly farm Arena 3. Continue reading Rank 700 Box Tour and Future PAD Goals

Reincarnated Ra Farming Machine Zeus Guide


The concept of farming/cheesing Machine Zeus Descended with Awoken Ra Ra is nothing new or original. However, with the release of Reincarnated Ra 3273 and being fortunate enough to finally pull a Ra on Mantastic, I have begun exploring ways to easily clear this normally challenging dungeon. Reincarnated Ra dramatically upgrades your damage potential as you are now able to achieve 225x ATK when using an active skill and matching all 5 colours. This greatly diminishes the burden of one player having perfect subs/inherits as you have more wiggle room for error as the dungeon has a no RCV clause. As such, you are able to easily farm Machine Zeus barring human error or extremely bad luck in terms of board distribution.

The original Dacho Machine Zeus team was where most of the team building inspiration came from; however, you are able to utilize a wider variety of cards through Reincarnated Ra and if both players have somewhat developed boxes, there is even less burden on the “carry” side.

Mantastic video clear/guide

–video goes here—

Original Dacho carry video/guide

Why does this team work?

Machine Zeus is a very challenging dungeon as it has no heart orbs, numerous preemptives, a resolve, skill delays, and a combo shield that requires 8 or more combos to overcome. All of these can be daunting; however, Ra’s kit is well suited to a no RCV dungeon along with almost all the floors being vulnerable to delays.

Thus, the weaker side is able to utilize three Nagas to delay various floors in order to both set up the board and conserve pass turns. Conversely, the carry side is heavily reliant on the correct inherits and Machine Killer Machine Killer awakening to deal sufficient damage. Continue reading Reincarnated Ra Farming Machine Zeus Guide

Puzzle and Dragons Christmas Songs


To get everyone into the festive spirit, I have composed several ballads based on popular Christmas songs and gave them a Puzzle and Dragons twist. I do not use autotune and am patiently waiting for my Grammy nomination.

Dashing through the dungeon

—dashing video—-

Dashing through the dungeon
In a Snowglobe open sleigh
Over the bosses we go
Pew Pew-ing all the way

TPA matches ding
Making damage high
Oh what fun it is to combo in
a PAD wonderland

Hey jingle bells
Shiva smells
Chiyome laid an egg
Yamato lost his sword
and Hino learnt ballet

Oh magic stones
Players moan
with their 3 star eggs
Oh what fun it is to roll
In every godfest now!

A turn or two ago
I thought I’d try to stall
but no hearts did appear
on my little board

The bosses were so mean
And multi hit very hard
but luckily I combo big
and hearts skyfalled in place

Hey magic stones
Red Kali
is so rare to roll
IAP all day now
Just to get Gung-trolled

Hey magic stones
in game gold
doesn’t have much use
sell away your silver eggs
just for monster points!

12 days of Godfest

—-12 day video—-

On the first day of Godfest, GungHo gave to me:

  1. A 3-star Mystic Knight
  2. Two pretty girls
  3. Three plus eggs
  4. Four Sarias
  5. Five Magic stones
  6. Six team slots
  7. Seven Sea Serpents
  8. Eight Best friends
  9. Nine turns of skill bind
  10. Ten-thousand Pal Points
  11. Eleven Gaia Dragons
  12. Twelve latent Tamadras


I wish you all a very Merry Christmas filled with joy and Gold Eggs!

Happy Puzzling!

One Shot Challenge 4 Clear Videos: Gaia & Zeus


As a follow up to my One Shot Challenge 4 Guide, here are my clear videos for Mantastic and hopefully Fantastic (pending recording). Mantastic has to fight Gaia Dragon while Fantastic gets Zeus.

Mantastic clear

Was a pretty much flawless run and the only real hiccup was when I used DQXQ and failed to produce enough heart orbs.

Mantastic team

I used the same core team as I do for farming Arena 3. The only change was adding an enhance component (as there was no inherit there before) to ensure a smoother Gaia Dragon kill. I paired myself with Fantastic to gain access to Wedding Akechi W Akechi.

Mantastic’s Team
Card Inherit Latents Comments
Miru Saria Skill delay resist Skill delay resist Skill delay resist
RCV Latent RCV Latent
Combos with Wedding Akechi
Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ Skill delay resist Skill delay resist Skill delay resist
RCV Latent RCV Latent
Protects against skill delays
DQXQ LL Awoken Loki Fire resist Water Red Wood resist
Light reduction Dark Reduction
Using for recover bind Bind Clear awakening

Burst for Gaia

Venus Saria Skill delay resist Skill delay resist Skill delay resist
RCV Latent RCV Latent
Combos with Wedding Akechi

Using Venus for superior stats

2997 Saria Skill delay resist Skill delay resist Skill delay resist
Imp HP Imp HP
Stronger base

Fantastic’s clear

It makes me sad when the gameplay is slightly choppy as it does make my life a bit harder when matching. Still a Fantastic clear!

Fantastic team

His team is still up in the air, but I am fairly certain it will be nearly identical to my Arena 3 team:

Fantastic’s Team
Card Inherit Latents Comments
Miru W Akechi Skill delay resist Skill delay resist Skill delay resist
RCV Latent RCV Latent
Combos with Saria
Wukong bankai rodin Fire resist Water Red Wood resist
Light reduction Dark Reduction
May inherit something here
Awoken DQXQ Skill delay resist Skill delay resist Skill delay resist
RCV Latent RCV Latent
Saria Saria Skill delay resist Skill delay resist Skill delay resist
Imp HP Imp HP
Skill delay protection
Venus W Akechi Skill delay resist Skill delay resist Skill delay resist
RCV Latent RCV Latent
Venus has a much better body


Heart cross leaders are still the most powerful mechanic in the game and are well equipped to deal with all the mechanics presented in this One Shot Challenge.

Let me know who you used to clear this with and what strategies did you utilize.

Happy Puzzling!