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[PSA] Open your Expiring Mail

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Happy Puzzling!

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One Shot Challenge Rewards: Whaledor, Raguel, and Drahklist Analysis


This current set of One Shot Challenge (OSC) is one the easier side compared to previous incarnations. This is due to both Powercreep of available cards (think Monster Hunter and pairing everything with Diablos ) and easier spawns overall. As such, many players may be completing their first OSC and will now be the proud owner of one of three new cards.

Each of these cards has tremendous value and you will be able to acquire all 3 over time through future OSC. Furthermore, there will be limited time Guerrilla dungeons that will allow you to skill them up and farm as many as you are humanly able to.

This article will highlight how all three cards can be used and why they are worth pursuing.

Video commentary

—video coming soon—

Anubis x Diablos Whaledor clear

Whale-done me. Pretty much any combo leader with Diablos will waltz through this OSC

3 new cards

All three new cards feature majestic artwork along with niche applications that can dramatically enhance your gameplay. Continue reading One Shot Challenge Rewards: Whaledor, Raguel, and Drahklist Analysis

How to Keep up with Powercreep


Puzzle and Dragons is a massive game that has unrivaled depth in the mobile game industry. In fact, it really does not feel like you are playing a mobile game and are instead playing a complex RPG that would not be playable without third party websites/databases as there are thousands of monsters and hundreds of different dungeons with diverse spawns and mechanics. This is partially why this website can exist as there is simply so much content to potentially write about.

As such, it can sometimes be overwhelming to stay “meta” or keep up with the rate of new content being released, especially if you are newer to the game and/or non-IAP.

However, these past few months have really felt like a period of catch-up due to the lack of new content actually being released from a gameplay perspective (outside of 3-Player Coop). We have been given an excessive number of stones, 5-coin cost coin dungeons, unlimited rank ups through Legendary Earth, and climaxing with one of the best Player’s Choice Godfests to date (full review can be found HERE).

This article will examine what exactly is Powercreep/meta, how to try and stay abreast or current with the changing landscape, as well as suggestions for fighting off boredom.

Do note that this was in my drafts for a month or two so forgive any dated content as 3P was not released then. I somehow forgot about this and ideally should have been published a few weeks ago.

Video commentary

–video goes here—

What is Powercreep

Powercreep can be best defined as progressively advancing rate of mechanics from both a monster collection and dungeon difficulty perspective. This is important for any longstanding game as it would quickly grow stale if content did not evolve over time as you would run out of things to actually play. Continue reading How to Keep up with Powercreep

Creature Quest June Updates


Creatures Quest has a major update in-store for the month of June that will feature various balances/buffs to existing Creatures, Guild enhancements, new Events(!), plus more hidden gems.

There is no specified date for this update, but it will come out soon

Video Commentary

—video goes here—

Creature changes

The developers at VCME are continuously fine-tuning the various Creatures available to ensure all of them have a place in the current meta. This update mostly consists of various buffs/balance reworks to various Legendary Creatures. Continue reading Creature Quest June Updates

Have a MOMtastic Mother’s Day!


Mother’s Day is upon us and hopefully you have not forgot and are last minute scrambling to find an appropriate gift/gesture on this Fantastic occasion.

For many of my long term readers, you may already know that my mom is an avid Puzzle and Dragoner who is nearing 1,300 days and is rank 573. This was done on her own with only minor assistance provided to help her clear the occasional Ch10 or Arena 3.

MOMtastic’s history

Despite the fact that video games were never a part of her life, she has taken a shining to PAD and loves the idea of puzzling her way to victory. She was initially drawn to the sophisticated orb manipulations as it offered a new dimension of thinking and strategy to master. For this reason, it felt less like a video game and more of a mental exercise not unlike a crossword or Sudoku puzzle.

She is against heart crosses and has no real interest in speed coop-button farming and has been quite content with her Shiva team for several years. However, she has diversified her PAD portfolio through Meridionalis, Yomi Dragon, and now Dark Athena.

Amazingly enough, we have wonderful overlap in viable leaders across both my accounts and our bonding time is often done through coop. I feel that is can be challenging for a parent to connect with a child in their mid 20’s, but Puzzle and Dragons has proven to be the perfect medium. Our text messages are often sprinkled with PAD talk and it helps open the doors for communication as it is a wonderful icebreaker.

Puzzle and Dragons has helped bring my mother and I closer together over the years that would not have been possible otherwise. I probably never thank her enough for all that she does for me and I am truly blessed to have her make the effort to play Puzzle and Dragons all those years ago. She made the effort to bond with her son through an activity that is somewhat foreign to her and it has had a resounding impact on our own relationship.

Essentially what I am trying to say is thank you Mom for all that you do for me and I hope that you have a MOMtastic Mother’s Day!

MOMtastic videos

My mom occasionally joins my stream or offline recording and here is a sample of her various clears and rolling videos:


Have a MOMtastic Mother’s Day and go play some coop with your own mother!

If you wish to try and add MOMtastic, here is her ID, but beware, she deletes people after only 1 day of inactivity (best friends she is nicer).

Happy Puzzling!

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– Azazel Descended – Dios Leader Farming Guide


Coming up on Friday, April 21, 2017, a new Descend Dungeon will come to NA. Azazel Descended will feature Azazel , who is another farmable card whose active is inheritable. His active will boost your ATK for 1 turn by 70% for every Resistance-Dark Blind ResistAwakening (better known as Blind Resist) on the team. In other words, your ATK will be enhanced by 1+(0.7*n) where “n” is the number of Blind Resist awakenings you have on your team. Some of you may find a use for Azazel, others may be looking to farm for the additional dungeon drops, but regardless, here’s a Dios-lead guide for farming this dungeon! Continue reading – Azazel Descended – Dios Leader Farming Guide