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Best Friend Reset is Coming and how to Improve Your Chances of Being Selected

If you have not used your BFF token or hit 150, 250, or rank 500, you will lose them after the next maintenance on
4/17 (Wed) 6pm (UTC-8)


After the next maintenance, all players will be able to select a new Best Friend (BFF) along with the various Rank Machine resets. This is wonderful as it gives all players various benefits for free but you must use it or lose it. This is because the reset will give players another Best Friend selection that will not override your existing ones but failing to use a current selection will not carry over after the reset.

Best Friends are a vital part of your PAD experience as it will enable you to expand the leaders available as well as gaining additional Pal Points.

This article will explain the Friend and Best Friend System along with how you can improve your chances of being selected by strangers as well as how to form BFF Triangles.

From the previous reset, I was the first player on any PAD server to achieve 300/300 Best Friends on my Mantastic account and wondering if I can achieve that same status on Fantastic as I am around 175. With this in mind, if you wish to Best Friend Mantastic or Fantastic, please leave your ID number, your in game name, and which account you want to Best Friend. Mantastic can only accept a handful of players as I can only delete a few inactive BFF.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Finding Friends

The first step to Pal Point domination is to find friends to populate your list. As you rank up, your friends list will max out at 50 players. You can add 5 additional friend slots for 1 magic stone, up to a maximum of 300 friends. Continue reading Best Friend Reset is Coming and how to Improve Your Chances of Being Selected


REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon Strategies [Round 1]


Do you like Crowns? Do you like Grinding? Are you tired of only the top 3-7% getting Crowns? Do you enjoy painful time constraints? If you answered yes to all of the above then you will love the REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon! In fact there are two parts which means players have the chance to earn two Crowns!

The REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon is completely different compared to previous Ranking tournaments because Crowns are not just awarded to the top X% of players. Instead, we receive a score for every successful clear of the REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon and this will be added to all other clears. This cumulative total will then be used to determine our rewards but the most important aspect is players will secure a Crown if they hit 999,999 points. This Crown is guaranteed regardless of how much of the player base achieves this score.

This concept of a “free” Crown sounds almost too good to be true and it somewhat is. We only have a very limited amount of time to play these dungeons and if you are busy for those few days, you will be out of luck. Furthermore, the 999,999 score cap will be difficult/impossible to achieve without ranking up or refilling stamina.

[1st REMDra Duration]: 4/11 (Thu), 12:00 AM – 4/12 (Fri), 11:59 PM (UTC-8)
[2nd REMDra Duration]: 4/13 (Sat), 12:00 AM – 4/14 (Sun), 11:59 PM (UTC-8)

This article will explain how the new rules for REMDra Fever work and how to maximize your score potential.

Video commentary/clear

–video coming soon–

New scoring system

The REMDra Fever Ranking Tournament values players in significantly different ways and we must alter our play style accordingly. Continue reading REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon Strategies [Round 1]

Monster Exchange Survey Advice


On Monday’s GungHo NA stream, it was announced that the Monster Exchange Survey will be available to North American players.

This event allows players to vote for a Godest Exclusive (GFE) to be featured in the Monster Exchange System and gives us the opportunity to potentially acquire a valuable card.

Unfortunately, the trading ratio was quite unfavourable in Japan and resulted in few players actually being able to take advantage of it.

Voting can be done HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

JP results

Due to the fact that the JP server is 2 months ahead of North America, we are able to see what events/goodies are being released a head of time to better plan our PAD future.

Thankfully, this included the Monster Exchange Survey where Zela was the number one voted card. The reason for Zela winning is largely due to her incredible sub potential as she is arguably the strongest wood card in the game due to her incredible kit. Furthermore, duplicates are used for luxury farming teams along with leader we do not have in NA (JP-exclusive Collabs).

With this in mind, I do not foresee Zela winning our survey as she has less applications for NA players. Continue reading Monster Exchange Survey Advice

NA Stream Recap +100 Free Stones and Where to Spend them


Yesterday’s GungHo North American Stream was jam-packed with variuos goodies and surprises and i want to take this time to address all of the upcoming content.

Firstly, all North American players will be receiving 100 Magic Stones for just logging in. This is wonderful and will give players more flexibility in rolling and improving their Monster Box. With that being said, there are more “optimal” ways to spend your Magic Stones and I will be providing my perspective and where I plan to spend them.

In addition to this, numerous new evolutions were released along with buffs to existing cards as well as announcements for future Collabs. Furthermore, North America will enjoy various resets including Best Friends so try to use them before the next update (date is to be announced).

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

100 Magic Stones

In the past, we have received 200 Magic Stones spread across 2 months but there will still be players who are new to the game and this may be the most they have ever had at any given time.

With this in mind, I want to stress that one does not have to spend them all at once and these can be held for an ideal event as there is no cap on Magic Stone count. Continue reading NA Stream Recap +100 Free Stones and Where to Spend them

PadBox is Coming Soon


Puzzle and Dragons is a game that is heavily reliant on third party resources/content creators due to the numerous mechanics, cards, and lack of disclosed information.

While this is approach works well in Japan where the player base and culture is bigger and more accepting of mobile gaming, North America sometimes struggles to have the required resources to play optimally.

With this in mind, Izenn has taken it upon himself to create PadBox to function as a successor for padherder.

In essence, PadBox will be used to help better manage and plan out your Monster Box and team building but will require some community support to keep it afloat.

Video commentary + demonstration

–video coming soon–

Message from Izenn

The following is Izenn’s goals for this project along with how one can help:

PadBox is released in beta form on github and the program will take your json file to output a web page for you.

The sample output is here:

The code is available here:

Currently it is just saved to your computer; however, I have started a gofundme to pay for 3 years of server costs:

Once the web hosting has been purchased, phase 2 of the beta will start where people will be able to submit their json to a web page and the output will be available online.

The project is and will remain open source.

Issues should be opened on the github site here:

Web Developer help would be appreciated for phase 2, especially with creating a login framework.

Full Documentation on how to use will be released the week of April 8th, a quick howto will be released today (Apr 5) via the readme file at the github site


PadBox is a passion project made by Izenn where the goal is to become a successor to the original padherder. This community-driven venture has already broke ground and right now, Izenn requires funding for 3 years of server costs future Web Developer help during phase 2.

If you require more information, feel free to comment here or contact Izenn via Discord at Izenn#0173.

Happy Puzzling!

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Score Challenge – Aim for the S Rank! Strategies + Monster Experience


Today marks the first day of the Score Challenge – Aim for the S Rank! dungeon in which players will strive to achieve an S-Rank score to unlock lucrative rewards including a free Dragonbound & Dragon Caller REM roll. Furthermore, players are able to repeatedly clear the dungeon to acquire a lil’ Snow Globe, Monster Experience, and possible chance of a Killer latent Tamadra.

Score Challenge follows the same formula for the current S-Rank system and is quite forgiving as it only requires 140,000 to secure the top rewards. This can be achieved through various means and there are countless different team compositions for success.

In addition to securing an S-Rank, this dungeon can offer an alternative to Training Arena for leveling up monsters.

Video clear

Ways to improve your score

S-Ranking dungeons is significantly different compared to Ranking Dungeon as the formula for score calculation is more forgiving. We are scored based on Average Combos, Total Turns taken, and Average Rarity. Continue reading Score Challenge – Aim for the S Rank! Strategies + Monster Experience

Chuan is not Worth the Effort


The Dragonbound & Dragon Caller event is in full swing and alongside the exciting REM (full review can be found HERE) is a limiting time Monster Exchange card that is acquired by repeatedly farming the DBDC dungeon.

In essence, players have to continuously play the event dungeon over and over again for the Event Tickets which can drop in Bronze, Silver, and Gold variants. Sadly, GungHo has increased the cost to acquire these cards as they now require 5 Rainbow (worth 5 Gold) Tickets instead of the original 3 when these types of exchanges first came out.

This means players will have to spend 60% more time farming and results in a massive stamina sink. While Eugeo and Saber Assassin were must-have cards (also only requiring 3 Rainbow Tickets) the most recent events have had lackluster options that take longer to farm.

As the title implies, it is not worth farming for Chuan as it is both a massive stamina sink combined with her low usability and possessing no natural Skill Ups.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

You may already have Chuan

Chuan was available in the past from a previous One Shot Challenge so there is a possibility you may already own one. Furthermore, she has no real merit in dupes so the desire to actually farm second one is quite low.

Limit usability

I own Chuan on both of my accounts and have only used her a single time last December during the Courage Ranking Tournament (video can be found HERE). In essence she functioned as an alternative to Zeus Verse as she can quickly sweep floors. This is helped by 4s movement time and No Skyfalls but also requires players to make several combos to deal damage. Furthermore, Chuan does not have to be full health to function so she gains an edge in that sense.

With that being said, Zeus Verse has significantly more universal usability as he has more team building options while also acting as a farming leader and niche cheese gravity option.

Outside of the occasional Ranking Dungeon uses, Chuan does not fulfill any meaningful role as she requires too much effort for farming (cannot swipe boards) and is a very high skill Glass Cannon leader otherwise.

No natural skill ups

Chuan requires 30 Skill Ups and has no natural way to do so. Thus, players would have to spend 30 Pys (15 Rainbowpys) which is a massive investment for little return. Those same Badpys could have been spent on Eir (which I did on both accounts) who has significant value with the 4x HP meta.

Perform the one time Rainbowpy/Super Snow Globe trade

During the DBDC event, players will be able to perform a one-time trade for both a Rainbowpy and Super Snow Globe for 1 Gold Event Ticket each. It is possible to acquire these by naturally clearing the dungeons for a Magic Stone and are worth replaying a bit after to complete these trades.

Go farm Pluses instead

Occurring alongside the DBDC event is the +99 dungeon for 99 stamina. This is one of the most time and stamina efficient ways to farm plus eggs in solo mode and will give you significantly more value compared to farming for Chuan.

If you ever find yourself with excess stamina, dump it here.


Chuan is available through the Monster Exchange system but has limit value/usability while also requiring 5 Rainbow Event Tickets to acquire. This translates into a massive stamina sink for a card that will most likely become a Box Cheerleader.

Let me know what you think about Chuan in the comments below along with your plans for farming or not farming for her.

Happy Puzzling!

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