Turning Spinners into Winners


Spinners or Roulettes are one of the better designed mechanics in the game simply because they can be overcome by strong Puzzling Skills. Of course, we can Lock the Board, have excessive Movement Time, Roulette Clear Super Latent, or make our own Spinner but the fact that they can be purely overcome via intelligent matching makes it a rewarding challenge.

For myself, I am confident in my own Puzzling abilities to turn Spinners into Winners and I wish to share my thought process of how I approach them.

Video commentary & examples

What are Spinners?

Spinners or Roulettes are fixed positions on a given board that cycle/rotate between all 6 elements. For the most part, the vast majority of Spinners will be on a 1 second interval time which means it will take 6 seconds to fully cycle.

(Jammer Poison) Arrow Fire Arrow Water Arrow Green Arrow Light Arrow Dark Arrow Heart Arrow Fire Repeats

Just be mindful that Locked Orbs will not change in Spinners and can be a counter if overwhelmed.

Ways to take advantage of Spinners

Due to the fact that Spinners cycle through all 6 elements means players can take advantage of the various colours they can generate.

Tap and Hold

If you tap and hold onto an orb within a Spinner, it will stop Spinning as long as it is held down. This is important when playing with multiple Spinners as you can synchronize their cycles. Furthermore, if you are using any orb generator that spawns X number of a certain orb, always use it when the Spinners are that particular colour so you get maximum orb generation.

On a side note, if you are planning on using your own active to generate Spinners, Tap and Hold all original Spinners so that they become your desired colour. Thus, when using your own Spinner active, you will have “made” additional key orbs.

Fishing out key colours

You are allowed to move through Spinners which means the orb that was originally sitting there will be pushed out and stop Spinning. Thus, if your goal was to acquire more Dark orbs, waiting for the Spinner to turn Dark and then moving through it will push it out and you now have +1 Dark orb.

In theory with enough Movement Time, players can fish out as many key orbs as they desire. This approach is vital to leaders such as Mikage who need 3 Dark combos while also generating Spinners and copious amounts of Movement Time.

Removing Hazards

Bombs, Jammers, and Poison orbs can all be pushed into a Spinner which will then be changed into a Fire orb and the continue on the normal Spinner cycle.

Strategically timing Spinners end colour

End game content is flushed with numerous spawns who can create multiple Spinners at the same time. While this does look intimidating/overwhelming, you can apply the Tap and Hold method to synchronize them and then begin timing their end colours.

What this means is you are going to start moving orbs based on your desired end colour while taking into account your Movement Time. With this approach, you do not move through the Spinners in order to preserve their planned ending colour.

If done correctly, all of the Spinners will be your desired colour when you have used up all your Movement Time. This can be used to secure Rows Water Row, VDPs , or specific combos and tends to work best when faced with multiple Spinners. Just remember to fully use up all of your Movement Time otherwise you will not be at your desired end colour.

6 seconds to fully cycle on 1s Spinners

Fire Arrow Water Arrow Green Arrow Light Arrow Dark Arrow Heart Arrow Repeats

Colour to start moving on = End colour – Backtrack #

Subtract multiples of 6 from your Movement Time = Backtrack #
14 seconds Movement Time = 2 for Backtrack #

Eg. You want to have the Spinner end on Dark with 14s:
Colour to start moving on Green = End colour Dark – 2 (Backtrack #)


Spinners may feel intimidating at first but they are able to be overcome by careful planning and strong Puzzling skills. As such, I feel it is one of the better designed mechanics as you solve them via matching or actives.

With that being said, let me know how you approach Spinners and if this article was helpful.

Happy Puzzling!

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2 thoughts on “Turning Spinners into Winners”

  1. Spinners are one of my least liked mechanics but expletive expletive expletive it would be nice if the game told you about the “tap and hold” feature. This is the first I’m hearing of it, so add that to the giant list of things that are poorly communicated to the players.

    So thanks for the insight.


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