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Turning Spinners into Winners


Spinners or Roulettes are one of the better designed mechanics in the game simply because they can be overcome by strong Puzzling Skills. Of course, we can Lock the Board, have excessive Movement Time, Roulette Clear Super Latent, or make our own Spinner but the fact that they can be purely overcome via intelligent matching makes it a rewarding challenge.

For myself, I am confident in my own Puzzling abilities to turn Spinners into Winners and I wish to share my thought process of how I approach them.

Video commentary & examples

What are Spinners?

Spinners or Roulettes are fixed positions on a given board that cycle/rotate between all 6 elements. For the most part, the vast majority of Spinners will be on a 1 second interval time which means it will take 6 seconds to fully cycle.

(Jammer Poison) Arrow Fire Arrow Water Arrow Green Arrow Light Arrow Dark Arrow Heart Arrow Fire Repeats

Just be mindful that Locked Orbs will not change in Spinners and can be a counter if overwhelmed. Continue reading Turning Spinners into Winners