State of the Game – April 2022


Puzzle and Dragons is a constantly evolving and changing game that has gone through numerous ups and downs. Presently speaking, PAD is in a great place due to the high volume of new content being released on a regular basis. Furthermore, we have a steady stream of free Magic Stones along with a wider variety of content to actually play.

With that being said I want to take a look at the current state of the game for April 2022 by providing my thoughts and commentary on this highly addictive game.

Due to continuous wrist problems, this article will have the meat of the content done via video but my commentary notes are all here.

Video commentary

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii cool people

Magic Stone Economy

  • Free vs Paid stones
    • 5 vs 10 MS REMs
  • IAP shifting more towards Bundles
    • Mitigates higher rolling cost by directly giving valuable card
  • Purtle spreadsheet
    • So many free stones acquired each month
    • +175 in March

Current dungeons

  • Fantastic rate of content being released
  • More variety of content to play
    • Machine versus Peacock title
    • Event medal farming
    • Monthly quests
    • Ranking Dungeons
    • High difficulty descends
  • MD3 vs No Assists
    • No assists has significantly less mechanics

No longer pick up and play

  • Modern dungeons require extensive research
    • No in-game resources
    • Going in blind does not truly work
  • Harder content has become more of a Box-check
    • Incredibly mechanics heavy
    • Unforgiving
    • Punishing if missing some key cards

Rate of Powercreep

  • New content being released regularly
  • Rate is reasonably high
    • Offset by increased Magic Stone generation
  • Wide range of viable leaders
    • Rainbow is making a comeback

New evolutions locked behind difficult dungeons

  • Need to beat difficult dungeons to get the evolution material but may need those evolved cards to actually clear the dungeon
    • Valkyrie Ciel vs Atens
  • Daily Arena invades are terrible
    • Eg. Zaerog Core/Miada
  • Low spawn chance for various cards
    • Eg. Blue Albrecht
  • On the bright side, older cards do receive new evolutions
    • Oftentimes propels them back into relevancy

Collaboration/Event REMs

  • Still receiving new events
    • Indication the server is doing well
  • We do miss out on some

Chase Event/Collab cards are less likely to be tradeable

  • Significant shift to making Orb Skin cards the strongest
    • Can only roll or directly IAP
  • Structuring the event to have most cards in the middle rarity
    • Can only be rolled, not traded or purchased
  • Monster Exchanging has lost some of its luster

Watch Video Ad for reward

  • Two stamina refills every day
    • Allows for an excessive amount of playtime
  • Grants 2 box space every day
  • Four free roles that may be useful (Video Egg Machine)
  • Watching these does support GungHo


Puzzle and Dragons is still a fun and addictive game to play with GungHo doing a Fantastic job of continuously releasing new content. This steady stream of things to play also comes in a wider variety of difficulties which enables more players to actually enjoy the game.

While the rate of Powercreep does feel like it is quite accelerated, the fact that we receive so many free Magic Stones allows us to actually roll on a regular basis. As such we are able to heavily bank/save our Stones and then roll in lucrative events which can help us quickly catch up with Powercreep.

With that being said, let me know what you think about the current state of PAD.

Happy Puzzling!


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3 thoughts on “State of the Game – April 2022”

  1. Thx for the reminder.
    Just want to underline that evoltion of the game is not for the casual/just regular player anymore.
    I am personally still what we can call a casual player who see the new dungeons like a mountain I won’t be able to climb (moreover since padx is down). What I mean is new dungeons are too challenging, and I don’t really know what to do now. Monthly quests are not challenging enough, I just find fun with lvl 8 fixed team and lvl 9.
    Blog like yours are still a great help and I really hope it will last for long (many thanks again for keeping it up-to-date despite your health problems, hope you can feel better ASAP)


  2. Hey man, how are you?
    I hope u r ok👍
    Well… I believe that many old players are now casual players.
    I play pad when I’m waiting for something, to kill time or before bed sometimes.
    I blindly enter any Dungeon as I have a team that covers most of the mechanics, when I die or come across something I know I’m missing a keycard I just don’t back there anymore 😂
    But pad definitely still a fun game.
    I’ve never played the same game for so long…
    Damn 10 years😮
    Happy Puzzling Guys, Love from Japan🇯🇵🙏


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