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Power Rangers Collab REM Review & Analysis – October 2019


The Power Rangers Collab is the second NA-exclusive event and is a significant improvement compared to Voltron. Despite the 10-stone cost, many of these cards are powerful or possessing kits we have no way of replicating. In addition to that, every card has a Weapon Assist which helps provide merit to most Monster Boxes.

In fact, I plan on rolling a modest amount in this event due to the plethora of useful 6-star cards I could acquire. Furthermore, the fact that it is a new event should help in avoiding dupes, at least initially.

Regardless, this article will cover the strengths and weaknesses of each card to give players a better understanding of what to expect in the Power Rangers REM.

Video commentary

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Power Rangers REM Pros & Cons – October 26, 2019
  • Debut event
  • All cards have Weapon Assists
    • Some are unique
  • All cards are 6/7* base
    • Higher weighted stats
  • Worth rolling in
    • Unique value at the 6*
  • 6* cards have rarer awakenings via Weapons
    • Cloud
    • Full Bind Immunity
    • Double Evo Killer 44
    • <50%
  • 10 Magic Stones per roll
    • Higher Exchange costs
  • No Voice Awakenings ,
    orb skin, animation, or IAP bundles
  • May not return?
    • Voltron?
Power Rangers REM Rarities
7-Star Base  
6-Star Base
Power Rangers REM Rankings – October 26, 2019

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

All Green Ranger evolutions are discussed in his section

All icons show Base form

Use these rankings as starting points, not absolute truths

Regardless of a card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them.

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It’s Morphin’ Time!


In the near future, North American will be blessed with the Power Rangers Collab! This will be the second NA-exclusive Collab to come to us after the disappointing Voltron which was a reskin of a lackluster REM with some of the better/best cards removed.

With this in mind, hopefully GHNA does not follow that same path as it was a massive let down to the community. With that being said, we know nothing other than a the Red Ranger will be featured from their teaser video and everything up to this point is speculation.

This article will mostly serve as a place for me to put down my thoughts and to act as a medium for my readers to express their hopes/dreams for this event in the comments section.

The official teaser trailer/video can be found HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Hopes for the Collab

For myself, I want this Collab to succeed as it can open the doors to future events if it proves successful. GungHo is a business and doing anything like this will cost money. As such, there has to be a positive enough player response for us to continue to receive meaningful events. Thus, there are a few things that I feel can help enhance the chances of Power Rangers being successful in North America. Continue reading It’s Morphin’ Time!