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Dragonbound & Dragon Caller Egg Machine Review and Analysis – December 2017


The Dragonbound & Dragon Caller Egg Machine is one of the most highly anticipated events to come to NA/EU as it features brand new and powerful monsters who will shift up the end game meta.

There was a great deal of wonder and worry as to whether or not we would be receiving this REM but thankfully, this event somewhat mirrors the Heroine one. This is because both the Heroine and Dragonbound/Caller machines are part of a Collaboration or seasonal event as well as costing 10 Magic Stones per roll.

While 10 stones may seem steep compared to the norm of 5, the Dragonbound and Dragon Caller REM contains incredible cards overall at all rarity values and is worth rolling (heavily) in.

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Cards at a glance

Dragonbound & Dragon Caller REM Rarities
7-Star Base
6-Star Base     
5-Star Base     

The evolved forms of Ney  will also be available during this event. Full Ney article can be found HERE.

Rankings are in no particular order within each tier

Dragonbound & Dragon Caller REM Rankings

Artwork Rankings by Pancaaake
S coming soon?
A  still moving
B so probably not
C  but her ideal roll is

Perhaps the most important ranking table in this whole article. This is just for fun and should not be the reason you roll.

Powercreep and timing

Powercreep is the notion that newer cards/evolutions tend to outpace/replace older or existing options. This is an essential aspect of any longstanding game and the key to success is releasing it at a steady rate instead of leaps and bounds.

Thankfully, one unique and wonderful aspect of Puzzle and Dragons is that cards go through cyclic patterns of dominance and inadequacy. Thus, a strong card of the past has a decent chance of becoming relevant again in the future. Continue reading Dragonbound & Dragon Caller Egg Machine Review and Analysis – December 2017


Halloween REM Review and Analysis – October 2017


I am not sure which is scarier: Halloween or the fact that we got these new cards and evolutions essentially at the same time as JP. This just goes to show that NA/EU can have content released on par with JP but we continue to remain 2-3 months behind as the norm.

Regardless, the Halloween REM features three new cards, a brand new evolution, and two new and Collab exclusive awakenings. This article will review all the cards found within the REM along with a brief review of the two new awakenings.

Just bear in mind that the Halloween REM is features mostly older cards that have not been updated and have subsequently fallen behind due to Powercreep.

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Halloween Collab at a glance

Halloween REM Rarities
8-Star Base 3222  HKali 
7-Star Base 2406  
6-Star Base 3224 3225 2409 H Vampire Halloween Alraune
5-Star Base 3226 3227
4-Star Base
Halloween Izanami 3230 3228 2412 3229

Rankings are in no particular order within each tier

Halloween REM Rankings
B 3222  2406 3226 3227
C 3224 3225 2409 H Vampire Halloween Alraune Halloween Izanami
HKali 3230 3228 2412 3229

Costume Rankings by Pancaaake
S coming soon?

Perhaps the most important ranking table in this whole article. This is just for fun and should not be the reason you roll.

New awakenings

The Halloween REM will feature two brand new awakenings: Skill Charge  and Super Bonus Attack . Both of these will hopefully pave the way for future cards possessing these new mechanics as they will greatly influence your team building decisions and compositions. Unfortunately, they are only available attached to rare Collab rolls so it may be a prolonged period of time before REM cards begin to acquire them. Continue reading Halloween REM Review and Analysis – October 2017

Beach REM Review – September 2017


The Summer Fall REM has finally returned to North America in September. While it may not be beach season for most of the Northern hemisphere, I am certain more tropical destinations are having fun in the sun. Regardless, the Beach REM has been significantly revamped to include 3 new cards along with a brand new evolution to one of our favourite busty girls.

Historically, having strong silvers present was what helped define a powerful Collab REM, but unfortunately, GungHo has been steadily shifting towards unique cards/abilities that cannot be mimicked through the regular REM. This has begun to force players to use their Magic Stones in these seasonal events even if the value is poor at the bottom.

I personally am not a fan of this trend as Magic Stones are already spread thin enough for the average player, but the Beach REM does offer incredible value at the very top. While it contains one of two colour absorb voids, the awakenings that the Beach Fujin carry enable her to be utilized beyond that of an inherit.

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Beach Collab at a glance

Beach REM Rarities
8-Star Base Beach Myr B Claire  
7-Star Base B Meta B Sonia B Pandora  
6-Star Base summer urd B Chester Meimei B Lakshmi
5-Star Base B Kurone B Fuu
4-Star Base B Awilda B Goemon B Navi Armadel

Rankings are in no particular order within each tier

Beach REM Rankings
A B Goemon B Claire
B summer urd B Pandora Beach Myr B Sonia 
C B Navi B Awilda Meimei B Lakshmi B Meta
D B Chester Armadel B Kurone B Fuu

Swimsuit Rankings by Pancaaake
S     B Claire
A B Meta summer urd B Pandora Beach Myr
B B Navi B Kurone B Fuu
C B Awilda Meimei B Lakshmi   B Sonia
D B Chester Armadel B Goemon

Perhaps the most important ranking table in this whole article. This is just for fun and should not be the reason you roll.

8-Star base

Beach Myr Beach Myr – B
Pros download
Cons x
  • Can still clear content as a leader
  • Lowest cooldown to produce 6+ heart orbs
  • Comes ready to use
  • Outdated as a leader
  • Heart Crosses are far less viable
  • Poor active outside niche farming

Beach Myr has suffered heavily from Powercreep and the Continue reading Beach REM Review – September 2017

Quick Thoughts on Final Fantasy and Void Damage Penetration Awakening


I have been dealing with a lot of real life stuff including a problematic PC so content has been delayed/put on hold. Regardless, I wanted to share my thoughts on the new Final Fantasy evolutions but mostly the brand new Void Damage Penetration  awakening.

The Void Damage Penetration awakening will grant players new and efficient ways to deal with troublesome encounters and will join the ranks of my Holy Trinity of awakenings by replacing Guard Break .

Video commentary

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Void Damage Penetration

Void Damage Penetration is often referred to as the Box awakening as it requires you to form a 3×3 box of that card’s colour to activate (must be exactly 3×3 of that entire colour, no more, no less). When activated, you will ignore damage void shields as well as provide 2.5x ATK to the Box awakening owner. This damage buff can stack with multiple boxes and will occur even without a Damage Void to break. Thus, you can utilize this as a way for a specific card to burst even higher against high defense spawns. Just be aware that this will not have an effect against absorbs, thus Sopdet. Parvati, Hera Dragon, and Vishnu will not be countered. Continue reading Quick Thoughts on Final Fantasy and Void Damage Penetration Awakening

June Bride Collab Overview – August 2017


I spent the past (BC long) weekend with my family and did not have access to a desktop to write a review for the June July August Collab. As such, this will mostly be a quick summary of the cards and what to expect when rolling.

This post will be significantly more brief compared to other reviews due to time constraints.

Last year, the main focus of these cards was to help bolster your Myr Miru teams. However, Myr has been steadily falling out of favour, but thankfully, Yog-Sothoth  is the new premier light leader who can benefit from many of the featured Monsters.

Video commentary

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Pancaaake’s rolling adventure

I also deliver one of the best puns of 2017

Rolls at a glance

June Bride REM
 8 Star base  W Gadius 
 7 Star base W Satsilo 
 6 Star base W Ra W Bastet
 5 Star base W Akechi W Ruka W Kano F
 4 Star base W Echidna W Cinderella W Sopdet W Iza W Lilith
June Bride REM Rankings
A W Akechi 
B W Satsilo W Iza
C W Ra W Gadius
D W Bastet W Echidna W Cinderella W Sopdet W Lilith W Ruka W Kano F

Waifu/Husbando factor

Because looks matter and I chuckle every time I see the Innocent Newlywed as part of the card’s name. Should not be a motivating factor in rolling

June Bride REM Artwork Rankings
A W Akechi W Echidna W Satsilo
B W Sopdet
C  W Bastet W Ruka
D   W Cinderella W Gadius W Lilith W Kano F W Ra W Iza

S = Need a new box of tissues
A = Makes an acceptable wallpaper
B = 5/7
C = Has a porpoise and will get asked out on dates
D = Why are you in this Collab?! Continue reading June Bride Collab Overview – August 2017

Male and Female Hunter Review – Monster Hunter Collab


The Monster Hunter Collab is in full swing along with a flurry of questions as to which Male and Female Hunter you should pursue. While there will often be a best option from a general point of view, you have to take your own Monster Box into consideration as each scenario is unique. As such, you should take my recomendations with a grain of salt and pursue the path that helps you the most.

All players above rank 50 will receive a free Male Hunter and by completing the special dungeon with the smaller team size, you will also gain a free Female Hunter.

If you wish to read the full REM review, please check out my previous posting HERE.

Video commentary

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How to acquire Female Hunter

Breezing through 3-Player mode

Hunters at a glance

There are plenty of valuable resources floating around the interwebs with the Reddit community leading the charge for countless Puzzle and Dragons content. This helpful chart will essentially give you a TLDR version that was created by tb_ax:

Generally speaking, this flowchart will apply to the majority of players; however, I do want you to still exercise your own creative judgement based on your personal scenario (I personally disagree with the Female Hunter flow). Additional Male and Female Hunters can be purchased for 200,000 Monster Points.

Male Hunter
Hunter Priority
Female Hunter
Hunter Priority
1 / 2
1 / 2 /3
2 / 3

Despite the fact that all the Hunters have low weighted stats, they are actually quite well rounded due to the fact that Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus will provide you with 50% more HP/ATK/RCV. Furthermore, some of the Hunters require coop mode to optimally function through their leader skill.

Finally, all Hunters can be used as assistants via Skill Inheritance. Continue reading Male and Female Hunter Review – Monster Hunter Collab

Monster Hunter Collab Review and Analysis

**All pulls will cost 10 Magic Stones**
Review of the Hunters will be done separately


The Monster Hunter Collab is one of the most highly anticipated Collaberations to come to NA/EU as the cards push the envelope of Powercreep along with having stellar artwork.

However, Monster Hunter Collab comes with a higher price tag of 10 Magic Stones per roll along with having distressingly low rates for the top prizes. With that being said, the strongest leader from the Monster Hunter Collab is best when paired with existing Pantheon cards so you don’t technically need to roll him.

Generally speaking, you can measure the overall strength of a Collab by the value the lowest-tier prizes as they will be the most common cards you will acquire when playing as Non/light IAP. As such, you should examine the 5-star rolls as that is most likely what you will be blessed with.

Taken from Padx which was based on 1276 players and 4770 rolls.

This article will review all the monsters featured in the Collab REM while the Male/Female Hunters will be covered in a separate posting.

All of the cards in the Monster Hunter Collab have exceptionally high base stats for their rarity and that is taken into consideration as they have some sort of offset to keep them balanced compared to other REM cards. Finally, all the 5-star cards will sell for 15,000 Monster Points and is tied for the most efficient Magic Stone to MP ratio alongside the Heroine and 10-stone REM.

On the bright side, Monster Hunter will put the Dragons back into Puzzle and Waifus Dragons.

Video commentary

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Monster Hunter REM
 7 Star base
 6 Star base   
 5 Star base
Monster Hunter Collab Rankings – July 7, 2017

Order shown is not reflective of ranking and you should only look at the tiers

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them

Continue reading Monster Hunter Collab Review and Analysis