Kingdom Collab REM Review


The Kingdom Collab makes a debut in North America and comes with a 10 Magic Stone price tag. While this on the more expensive side, all cards feature Weapon Assists which can help offset the pain of rolling a bottom rarity. Furthermore, due to the fact that this is a debut event of a newer Collab, many of these cards feature the newer awakenings and are better suited towards current content compared to older machines.

With this in mind, I would be inclined to do at least 5 or so rolls (plus free Memorial pulls) as the chances of acquiring a duplicate are reasonably low due to the large rolling pool and the fact that we have never rolled this before.

Due to continuous wrist pains, this article will be mostly an overview of this event.

Video commentary


All Monster information gathered via Tsubaki Bot (Discord Bot) and monster icons come from PADx or Tsubaki Bot

Kingdom Collab REM Pros & Cons – August 2022
  • Weapon Assists on all cards
    • All cards have some value
    • Many come with Type changing or Sub Attribute changing awakenings
      • Relatively new and may be rare in your box
  • Can Monster Exchange for both top rarity cards (7*)
  • So many cards featured
    • Lowers chance of a duplicate
  • 8 Latent slots on each character
    • More flexibility with Latent awakenings
  • 10 MS price tag is pricy
    • Will limit number of rolls
  • Large rolling pool lowers chances of acquiring a specific card
  • Bottom rarity (5*) can feel underwhelming
    • Less value for more developed boxes
  • The new awakenings featured will become more common moving forward
    • Kingdom cards lose some of their unique edge
Kingdom Collab REM
7 Star base
(5% total)
6 Star base
(34.5% total)
5 Star base
(60.5% total)
Icons show Base form

All cards have value in some way, shape, or form and players should always keep at least 2-3 copies at minimum as future buffs can greatly revitalize a card’s value.

Order below is random within each tier

Kingdom Collab Chase Cards – August 2022
Weapon Assists


The Kingdom Collab has several strong cards available but the 10 MS price tag greatly hinders the number of rolls we can do. While this event does feature many of the newest awakenings, this novelty will most likely not last too long as GungHo has a tendency to constantly churn out new cards on a regular basis.

As such, I still strongly stand by rolling only a little bit in this event as it is just too pricy to justify a large number of pulls.

Let me know what you think about this event in the comments down below.

Happy Puzzling!

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8 thoughts on “Kingdom Collab REM Review”

  1. I’m giving up on rolling a non-gold egg I think. Might just trade for Wang Yi since he’s got value in two forms. Gold eggs in a 10 stone event is just wrong.


  2. FYI: PaD apparently does NOT like Android 13. I have multiple devices PaD disabled, except for a 1 second splash screen. Might want to avoid updating android until G’Ho addresses issue.


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