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Ruroni Kenshin Collab REM Analysis and Review

Introduction & Overview

Heart-crosses are now a thing whether you like it or are cross about it. However, GungHo has decided to branch out and start creating leader skills that are reliant on colour-crosses to deal damage. This has led to the highest multipliers in the game; however, can overwhelming damage compensate for a lack of survivability? Furthermore, how powerful are the non-6 star rolls? Outside of the colour cross theme at the top, the lower end monsters offer numerous True Damage options to truly let your button teams shine. To top it off, all the following monsters qualify as assistants for Skill Inheritance due to evolving into a 5-star form.

Ruroni Kenshin Collab REM
 6 Star base Kenshin Saito
 5 Star base Aoshi Sanosuke Sojiro
 4 Star base Kamiya Kaoru Misao  Megumi Kamatari Yahiko

Video Overview

I am trying something new here by summerizing all the rolls from the Kenshin Collab via a YouTube video to give you another medium to learn all about your favourite cards and may become a trend moving forward for other Collab/Godfests/major Monster Analysis articles.

6 Star Rolls

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June Bride REM Analysis and Review

Introduction & Overview

Let the church bells ring, hear the fan boys sing. There may be the background wail of countless wallets crying out in horror, but nothing can dampen our spirits for the June Bride Collab! This festive REM features some of the most loved characters in Puzzle and Dragons all dressed up for their big day to tie the knot. Sporting flowing dresses and dashing suits, this event is sure to please every player. Furthermore, the overarching theme for this June Wedding is Light and if you are looking to brighten up your team, this may be a great place to spend your magic stones. In addition to the great value the rare rolls provide, Light Izanami W Iza is perhaps one of the best 4-stars to ever come out of a Collab REM.

June Bride REM
 8 Star base W Escha W Gadius
 7 Star base W Satsilo
 6 Star base W Ra W Bastet
 5 Star base W Akechi W Ruka W Kano F
 4 Star base W Echidna W Cinderella W Sopdet W Iza W Lilith

8 Star Rolls

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Summer PAD Academy REM Analysis and Review

Introduction & Overview

School’s out and summer is in full swing. Does that mean beaches, sunshine, and lazy afternoons? Maybe for most people, but we have Puzzle and Dragons to play! Furthermore, GungHo is spoiling us with some of our favourite characters dressed up in fancy school girl/boy uniforms. The Summer PAD Academy REM features a diverse array of cards that are not only pleasing to the eye, but powerful as well.

Summer PAD Academy REM
 8 Star base Summer Kali Summer Sakuya
 7 Star base Summer Athena Summer Lucifer Summer Isis
 5 Star base Summer Sasuke Summer Theurgia
 4 Star base 2816 Summer Snowwhite Summer Thumbelina Summer Cinderella Summer Sleeping Beauty

8 Star Rolls

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Kiriko, I mean Shinrabansho Collab REM Overview


The Shinrabansho Collab is returning to Puzzle and Dragons with some minor upgrades and evolutions. Unfortunately, it is mostly a story of too little, too late to have any real viability outside of Kiriko 1973 as a powerful sub on the new Xiang Mei Xiang Mei. Even with the introduction of a re-coloured (non-awoken) Sakuya Shin Sakuya, Sonia Shin Sonia, and Athena Shin Athena,  the quality and quantity of the rare rolls is horribly lacking. The cards are quite underwhelming and it would be wise to not roll as you are more likely to pull more Uriels Uriel, Gadius Gadius, or collect enough MP for another Xiang Mei before rolling Kiriko (or anything of real value).

As with any Collab REM, any monster who can achieve at least a 5-star rarity can qualify as an assistant for Skill Inheritance. Therefore, you should think carefully before hastily selling your rolls. If you have not already, I highly encourage you to read my Skill Inheritance Guide.

Valuable Rolls

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[Updated] Final Fantasty REM Review and Analysis


The Final Fantasy Collab is one of the most popular and powerful collaborations available in Puzzle and Dragons. The various cards feature unique actives along with powerful leadership potential. Furthermore, GungHo has significantly buffed many of these cards to keep them relevant in today’s meta along with introducing new characters.

This post will cover all the changes that have been implemented for November, 2016 along with my thoughts and commentary for each of the monsters.

On a different note, all players above rank 50 will gain a free roll in the Final Fantasy Collab and you may get lucky.

Rolls overview
Final Fantasy REM Overview
6 Star Rolls Lightning Cloud Yuna Sephiroth Cecil 3299 3305
5 Star Rolls Squall Rinoa Zidane Tidus Bartz Terra Shantotto
Vaan 3294 3296
4 Star Rolls Vivi Ace Aemo Wol Rain 3303 3301
MP Shop 3306
Gift Fat Chocobo 2763

Note about Skill Inheritance

Any card that comes out of a Collab REM or REM that can achieve at least a 5-star form is able to be used as an assistant for Skill Inheritance. This means all the Final Fantasy cards can be used as assistants and you should think twice before vendoring any of them. For more information about Skill Inheritance, feel free to check out my guide HERE.

 Video commentary

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6 Star Rolls

The following monsters are both the rarest and most powerful cards available from the Final Fantasy REM. However, each day of the Final Fantasy Collab will feature one 6-star having a higher than normal roll rate on a rotating basis:

28/11 (Mon): Tifa
29/11 (Tue): Noctis
30/11 (Wed): Cloud
1/12 (Thurs): Cecil
2/12 (Fri): Yuna
3/12 (Sat): Sephiroth
4/12 (Sun): Lightning
5/12 (Mon): Tifa
6/12 (Tue): Noctis
7/12 (Wed): Cloud
8/12 (Thurs): Cecil
9/12 (Fri): Yuna
10/12 (Sat): Sephiroth
11/12 (Sun): Lightning

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Batman V Superman Collab REM Review and Analysis


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Oh wait, it actually IS Superman! And what is that? What is that sound? Na Na Na Na Na Na BatREM! BatREM! Well maybe it is more of a DC-REM / BvS REM, but BatREM has a nicer ring to it when introducing the second main character. Regardless, all the monsters from this Collab machine qualify for Skill Inheritance and are sure to awaken nostalgia in many of their fans. As a fair warning, all the monsters have different rates of being rolled so it may be challenging to roll some of the golden 5-star monsters. With that being said, Superman 2824 and Batman Armoured Batman are powerful cards to own and can be incorporated into many teams with ease. Furthermore, with the buff to Batman’s leader skill and popularity of heart cross teams, he has gained significant value.

Batlog BvS Collab REM Rolls 2834
jjjjjjjjj5-star base formjjjjjjjjj 4-star base form
 2824 Armoured Batman 1678 2825 Aquaman 1682 1686 1684

Video Commentary

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