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Ruroni Kenshin Collab REM Analysis and Review

Introduction & Overview

Heart-crosses are now a thing whether you like it or are cross about it. However, GungHo has decided to branch out and start creating leader skills that are reliant on colour-crosses to deal damage. This has led to the highest multipliers in the game; however, can overwhelming damage compensate for a lack of survivability? Furthermore, how powerful are the non-6 star rolls? Outside of the colour cross theme at the top, the lower end monsters offer numerous True Damage options to truly let your button teams shine. To top it off, all the following monsters qualify as assistants for Skill Inheritance due to evolving into a 5-star form.

Ruroni Kenshin Collab REM
 6 Star base Kenshin Saito
 5 Star base Aoshi Sanosuke Sojiro
 4 Star base Kamiya Kaoru Misao  Megumi Kamatari Yahiko

Video Overview

I am trying something new here by summerizing all the rolls from the Kenshin Collab via a YouTube video to give you another medium to learn all about your favourite cards and may become a trend moving forward for other Collab/Godfests/major Monster Analysis articles.

6 Star Rolls

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