Batman V Superman Collab REM Review and Analysis


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Oh wait, it actually IS Superman! And what is that? What is that sound? Na Na Na Na Na Na BatREM! BatREM! Well maybe it is more of a DC-REM / BvS REM, but BatREM has a nicer ring to it when introducing the second main character. Regardless, all the monsters from this Collab machine qualify for Skill Inheritance and are sure to awaken nostalgia in many of their fans. As a fair warning, all the monsters have different rates of being rolled so it may be challenging to roll some of the golden 5-star monsters. With that being said, Superman 2824 and Batman Armoured Batman are powerful cards to own and can be incorporated into many teams with ease. Furthermore, with the buff to Batman’s leader skill and popularity of heart cross teams, he has gained significant value.

Batlog BvS Collab REM Rolls 2834
jjjjjjjjj5-star base formjjjjjjjjj 4-star base form
 2824 Armoured Batman 1678 2825 Aquaman 1682 1686 1684

Video Commentary

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 jjjjjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjjjjj  Notes
Attacker / Physical
Light Row TPA Skill Boost
Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Light Row
Devil killer
5 star base
All  Arrow Fire Water Light
8 turn CD
1.5x HP & RCV for Physical & Attacker type. 3.5x ATK for Light
2.25x HP / 27.56x ATK
Superman 2824 flies into the world of Puzzle and Dragons within a golden egg from a mysterious dragon’s belly. May not quite be an accurate portrayal of the comic books, but we don’t make the rules. Regardless, Superman  is one the most coveted rolls from the BvS Collab REM. Superman is desirable for his hair, active, awakenings, and leadership potential.

Superman’s active changes the entire board to fire, water, and light orbs. This is similar to the non-awoken Chinese gods and is a great sub on mono-light teams that do not require heart orbs for activation. Unfortunately, the only monsters you can combo his active with is Sun Wukong Wukong bankai and Baal Baal (and the more rarely seen NY Hanzo LD Hanzo, Wedding Akechi W Akechi, and Wedding Satsuki W Satsilo).

As a leader, Superman forms a 2.25x HP / 27.56x ATK team provided your subs are physical or attacker type. This is one of the higher unconditional multipliers that combined with the 2.25x HP can clear a modest amount of content. Granted it will not be able to do every challenge 10 dungeon, but could rival Shiva Dragons Shiva D in terms of speed and efficiency.

Lastly, the Devil Killer Devil killer awakening will provide Superman 3x damage versus devils which are a common encounter.

Overall, Superman 2824 is a power monster and his main downsides are vulnerability to binds, the difficulty in pulling him from the BvS REM, lower value in a heart cross meta, and glasses for a disguise.

 Armoured Batman
Armoured Batman
Devil / Machine
Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Dark row
Dark row physical killer
5 star base
All  Arrow Green Dark Heart + haste
10 turn CD
4x ATK when matching 6+ dark orbs. 2x ATK & 50% dmg red. matching hearts in a cross
64x ATK & 75% dmg red.
*I’m BATMAN* (said in a deep and husky voice). And he definitely puts the MAN in Batman with an amazing 947 weighted stats, synergistic awakenings, and incredible active. Armoured Batman is capable of forming a 64x ATK dark row Dark row team that has the option of forming a cross of hearts to reduce incoming damage by 75%. This has the potential to be quite destructive due to the innate power of the heart cross meta. However, Batman’s main draw back is a natural lack of time extends and you may be heavily pressured when forming your crosses and rows.

As a sub, Armoured Batman shines on mono dark teams with special consideration for Gremory Gremory as one of the only natural devil/balance board changer (others include Cecil and Typhon Typhon)that produces heart and dark orbs. Furthermore, Batman has combo synergy with Pandora Awoken Pandora to produce a 2/3 dark and 1/3 heart board.

In addition to his other awakenings, the Physical Killer physical killer may have situational uses, but is more of a novelty.

Hopefully you do not need to be as rich as Bruce Wayne in order to pull  Armoured Batman , but it may require quite a few attempts as he is a rare 5-star gold egg.

 Super Girl
Healer / Physical
TPA Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost
5 star base
L column Arrow Light
R column Arrow Water
1 turn haste
8 turn CD
1.5x ATK & RCV for Healer & Physical. 4x ATK when match 2 of RBL orbs
36x ATK / 2.25x RCV
Super Girl 1678 is Super cute, but remember, looks are just Superficial: personality is what really counts! Super Girl is also the third 5-star monster from the BvS Collab REM and is the weakest of the three. Her lack of awakenings hurts her in the current meta of monsters having 7+. Regardless, Super Girl is still super useful as both a lead and sub due to her unique active.

When played as a leader, Super Girl has a deep sub pool to draw from and creates an unconditional, hard hitting light teams. Furthermore, you have high recovery and the potential for higher HP due to including physical typing or coop.

With Super Girl’s active you are guaranteed a light TPA TPA match and can also be used in conjunction with other orb changers. You can view her leadership potential as a comparable Superman 2824 with a larger sub pool.

Overall a Super girl to own, but will mostly be regulated to speed farming purposes.

 Wonder Woman
Attacker / God
Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Wood Row
Wood Row Light Row Balance killer
4 star base
Delay for 1 turn
+1s to movement time
8 turn CD
2x ATK & RCV for attacker type
4x ATK / 4x RCV
I wonder if Wonder Woman 2825 is a viable 4-star roll from the BatREM. I am also Wondering why they gave her an ultimate evolution, but is still depressingly weak. Perhaps the delay can be Wonderful for mono wood teams as the dual wood rows Wood Row do contribute a fair amount of damage. However, an 8-turn cooldown for a 1 turn delay is quite weak when compared to Oku Oku who at least enhances dark damage by 1.5x. If Wonder Woman had received the same treatment, she would be significantly stronger and worthy of the character she represents.

I guess 2825 would be the best 4-star roll in the BvS Collab due to the ultimate evolution. However, this is sad as her viability is quite low and active is budget option for Skill Inheritance.  On a side note, the actress who portrays Wonder Woman is very pretty.

TPA Skill Boost blue + orb
4 star base
2x Physical ATK for 1 turn
8 turn CD
2x HP / 2x ATK Physical type
4x HP / 4x ATK
Aquaman Aquaman ‘s viability in PAD is similar to his power and prowess in the comic book world. Kind of like a fish out of water. The main problem with Aquaman and the majority of the 4-star Collab rolls in BvS is that they are severely outdated (maybe 2.5 years?) and with Powercreep and the advancement of Puzzle and Dragons, they are left behind to act as trophies.

In terms of actual usage for Aquaman, he may have a place on Blue Sonia Blue Sonia teams as a budget enhancer as the majority of her team is physical types.

On the bright side, Aquaman’s art is reminiscent of Sharknado and makes a splashing impression. However, if they had used Amberjack Amberjack instead….

 Green Arrow
Enhanced Wood Orb Skill Lock Resist Enhanced Wood Orb
4 star base
Green Heart  Arrow Enhanced Wood Orb +heart
7 turn CD
2x ATK / 2x RCV Balance type
4x ATK / 4x RCV
His name is Oliver Queen. After 5 magic stones and a strange dragon’s belly, he has come to your box with only 1 mission. To provide 3,000 MP. Perhaps the intro to his show is slightly different, but I think this version is appropriate.

Puzzle and Dragon’s wise, Arrow is mostly another trophy or a temporary placeholder for a stronger sub. Enhancing both wood and heal orbs can be beneficial, but he provides almost no awakenings so it will be hard to accommodate him on most teams. Furthermore, Reincarnated (or Awoken) Parvati 3243 does the same effect on a shorter cooldown while generating heart orbs.

Lastly, you have failed this dungeon.

 Batgirl & Batwoman
Dark Orb Enhance Blind Resist TPA
4 star base
2x Balance ATK for 1 turn
8 turn CD
1.5x HP / 2.25x ATK Balance type
2.25x HP / 6.25x ATK
Two is better than one! But sadly they do not double your fun like PAD’s favourite twins, Idunn & Idunna I&I. Regardless, Batgirl & Batwoman 1686 are another 4-star BvS Collab roll who have nearly outside of niche Skill Inheritance uses.

Xin Hua Xin Hua and Gremory Gremory teams requires dark monsters who have the balance typing to benefit from their leader skill. This makes the Bat ladies plausible option for Skill Inheritance if you requires additional burst damage.

 The Flash
TPA Time Extend +light orb
4 star base
2x Attacker ATK for 1 turn
8 turn CD
2x HP / 2x ATK Attacker type
4x HP / 4x ATK
His name is Barry Allen and he is sometimes the fastest man alive. When he was a child, he saw magic stones killed by something impossible. His Visa was falsely charged and declined. But then, an accident made him the impossible: a 5-star evolved monster with only 3 awakenings. He is: The Flash 1684!

The TV show intro sounds a bit more impressive and helped occupy space in this box.

From a Puzzle and Dragon’s perspective, The Flash will be another trophy who appears to be running away from a giant piece of bacon.


The Batman V Superman Collab has poor value overall. Aside from the top prize of Batman, none of the other rolls are really worth pursuing due to their lackluster kit. Nearly any other Godfest will provide better cards and with PCGF and Christmas around the corner, your Magic Stones are almost better to be saved.

Let me know what you think of Batman V Superman Collab and whether or not your are rolling.

Happy Puzzling!

34 thoughts on “Batman V Superman Collab REM Review and Analysis”

  1. since DQXQ is having their awoken form coming up, what do you think of having supergirl as a sub in her team ? is it worth aiming to get supergirl at all for optimizing DQXQ team ?


    1. My main hesitation of using an active that overrides orbs on rainbow teams is the risk of orb troll from insufficient colours. Of course with DQXQ your chances are significantly lower.

      With all that being said, Supergirl does not bring too much to the table as the columns of orbs are 2 beneficial colours, but don’t assist in making a row and her awakenings are quite poor considering how most have 7+ awakenings (also TPA is largely mute when attempting to make 8 connected orbs for for and full 100x). Also, the column generation can diminish your DQXQ’s active potential. Better off with a Kali -> DQXQ

      I will be doing a DQXQ write up in the very near future and there I will try to list what you should bring to the party.

      You can still roll for Supergirl if you have a nostalgic reason to do so, but unless she gets an ult evo (and better awakenings), you will have stronger options for DQXQ


  2. “Enhancing both heart and heal orb”
    Heads up on the green arrow description, shouldn’t it be heart and wood?


  3. I decided I would do a single roll to see what I’d get. Guess what, I got the same card as the last batman collab: The Flash, yeah 3000mp closer to Links.


    1. Writing this Collab review I kept thinking: If you have nothing nice to say, be funny, make bad puns, and amusing references =D

      Glad you managed to spot some of my humorous moments!


  4. Hi, so i recently pulled 2 superman and a supergirl and was wondering if you could build me a team template to use both supermen and maybe the girl. Thanks !


    1. Superman is a fantastic sub on his own team and it is hard to construct a team when I do not know your box/options.

      Superman is the stronger lead but is more challenging to optimize as his sub pool is smaller


      1. I see.. as of now I have superman as a lead with Superman, awoken Apollo, Wukong and Supergirl as subs. But Supergirl is kind of weak so I want to replace her, I have Baal and Saria. However, I don’t know which would complement my team more. Additionally, I’m not sure if Baal skill is worth the effort to skill up.


        1. Saria is powerful as she can combo with Apollo, but Baal is amazing with Superman provided he is max skilled.

          However, Baal is usually not worth the effort, but superman teams are an exception because of his synergy. The reason I say it is usually not worthwhile is because after painfully max skilled, he only converts a single orb into light on a 7 turn cooldown (with very niche counterattack mechanic). If you are truly passionate about Superman, Baal is worthwhile


  5. There’s actually one other natural Devil board changer who creates hearts and darks: G/D Ishida Mitsunari. He’s off-color, but I’ve actually been using him as a poverty replacement for Batman!


  6. Horrible, horrible REM, for anyone but the most die-hard batman Batman/Superman fans. You could almost certainly pull a leader of comparable quality, if not certainly better, with far better collateral pulls, from pretty much ANY Godfest. And with PCGF right around the corner and something for Christmas soon thereafter.. I can’t see anyone but the most uninformed newbs, antsy bored veterans, or a very, verrrry narrow clientele rolling this machine.


    1. In order to entice players, they need to improve the value of silver eggs (so more people can acquire them, eg. Wedding Izanam/Nami) along with having top tier prizes in gold which aside from Batman, BvS doesnt have

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Minor point, but Superman combos with Wedding Satsuki (Water -> Light) and to a lesser extent Wedding Sopdet (Water -> Heal) as well.


    1. Pandora, Cecil, Plum, and Akechi, and then light Apocalypse’s active as an inherit. You also need a bind clearer, so Tsukuyomi Dragon is absolutely a staple sub as well, probably even moreso than Plum.


      1. Yomi Dragon is generally a better choice than Plum due to the bind immunity and recovery awakening. Furthermore, with her new ultimate evolution, she will become significantly stronger.

        Keep in mind the combo synergy with Pandora and Batman =)

        Liked by 1 person

  8. I don’t think green arrow is all that useless. Many ALB teams require an inheritable enhance for a high HP boss stage (SDR), and this provides a easily obtainable alternative to something like yomi, parvati, ganesha, cameo, or freyja in this situation.


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