Byakko Haku: Which Waifu is Best for You?

Keeping with the theme of analysing monsters with numerous viable evolution paths, Haku is the next card to be put under the microscope. With the advent of the awakenings buff, all 3 of her final forms can now be used to great success on various teams and I wish to examine who fits best and where.

At a glance

Haku DD Haku  D.R Haku
Type  God / Healer  God / Devil  God / Dragon
Stats  810 Total
 737 Total
 736 Total
Active All  Arrow Fire Water Dark
+ haste
9 turn CD
 All  Arrow Fire Water Dark
9 turn CD
 All  Arrow Fire Water Dark
9 turn CD
12.25x, match 3
of RBDH. 51%
dmg reduction vs RBD
12.25x, match 3 of RBD 12.25x, match 3
Awakenings Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance blue + orb TPA
Skill Lock Resist TPA Skill Boost Time Extend
Dark Orb Enhance Enhnaced Fire Orb blue + orb Dark row
Dark row TPA Skill Boost
Dark Orb Enhance Enhnaced Fire Orb blue + orb Dark row
God Killer Dragon Killer
Fits on
Yomi Dragon Yomi D
Castor Castor
Awoken Yomi A Yomi
Awoken Archdemon Lucifer A Luci
Awoken Pandora A Pandora
Awoken Archdemon Lucifer A Luci
Red Sonia Sonia
Awoken Archdemon Lucifer A Luci
Orb troll
on boss
Without a doubt For sure 10/10 will make
3 dark orbs

Awoken Haku Haku

Awoken Haku is the most versatile of all 3 evolutions and her awakenings provide a wide range of utility and defensive mechanisms. Naturally, her enhanced dark orb Dark Orb Enhance and two prong attack TPA awakenings synergize with non-row Dark row based teams. Unfortunately, dark row Dark row teams are some of the strongest at the moment and her lack of beneficial offensive awakenings make her a less suitable sub. Haku is still a powerful candidate on Awoken Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer teams as her utility including skill bind resist Skill Lock Resist and time extend Time Extend combined with high RCV may be needed for some players. Lastly, Awoken Haku Haku is the strongest leader of the 3 evolution paths as she provides both a damage reduction component and an easier to use proc leader skill.

D/D Haku DD Haku

D/D Haku is the only Haku evolution to have devil typing to benefit from Awoken Pandora Awoken Pandora ‘s leader skill. Unfortunately, with the newest evolution of Zuoh Ult Zuoh , DD Haku ‘s viability has decreased as her awakenings are inferior and requires Akechi Akechi to combo with her board changer. Zuoh Ult Zuoh already forms a 2/3 dark board with Awoken Pandora ‘s active skill so most players will choose to bring the black beast of Haku if given the choice. As a further note, DD Haku ‘s devil typing will also benefit from Red Sonia Red Sonia / Lu Bu Lu Bu teams.

D/R Haku D.R Haku

D/R Haku has regained popularity due to the awakenings buff that gave her both God God Killer and Dragon Dragon Killer killer awakenings. Each Killer awakening grants her 3x damage to bosses with either god or dragon typing and an astounding 9x if both god and dragon. Killer awakenings are powerful provided you face bosses of those types and the most notable god/dragon boss that comes to mind is Dark Kali in Arena. D.R Haku will generally be outclassed by Awoken Haku Haku on the 5 orbs, 1 enhanced (5o1e) teams due to less synergetic awakenings, lower stats (most notably RCV), and no TPA TPA . However, on Awoken Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer teams, the row enhance Dark row awakening outweighs the 2x TPA TPA and if your goal is Arena, the Killer awakenings may be more valuable compared to Awoken Haku Haku .


Each evolution of Haku fills a different role and grants this Chinese Celestial numerous great flexibility when trying to use on various dark teams. However, each evolution is prone to creating terrible boards as the distribution of orbs is random and could leave you with insufficient dark orbs when it matters. As such, Haku has built a somewhat dependency on having Akechi Akechi on the team with her to manufacture additional dark orbs and unleash explosive damage. In lieu of Akechi, you can use Hanzo Hanzo who has a single row Dark row and TPA TPA . Failing both of those, your farmable option is to use Chaos Devil Dragon Cyclone Devil Dragon . Lastly, both Hanzo and Cyclone Devil Dragon have devil typing to further increase their value.

Let me know which evolution path you will be choosing and Happy Puzzling!

21 thoughts on “Byakko Haku: Which Waifu is Best for You?”

  1. Note that while Akechi is easily the optimal choice, Haku also combos with Hanzo (better rcv/atk, faster orb change if you need to use it twice or more) and Cyclone Devil Dragon (farmable).

    Hanzo in particular is a fine choice if you don’t have an Akechi skilled up; a 5-turn orb changer is very useful in many dungeons, especially in combination with hastes.


    1. She is powerful (arguably the best for Yomi D) but you do not need to choose her evolution path and this post was aimed at players who are trying to decide which way to go =)


  2. I have to admit, I haven’t read the rest of the post (yet!) but the last row of the chart was wonderful. (And oh so painfully true. Oh Haku, why do you live to trample my dreams?)


      1. It was indeed worth the read! I went back and read as soon as I commented here – I just had to share my laughter (and pain!) around Haku’s tendency to flood the board with all the wrong orbs.


  3. Can a second Haku Haiku Waifu replace Pandora on any of the above teams? Pulled my second Haku a little while back while Pandora teases my wallet with her disappearing tricks every GF…I was thinking making her D/R for my Yomi D Arena team for the “killers”, but can’t decide if it’s worth it…I have the other staples, A Haku, A.Loki, Akechi, Okuni..just no Panda 😦


    1. I am glad you have Akechi as my main fear of using Haku (let alone a second one) is that you are taking a gamble in what kind of board you get. Especially on Yomi Dragon teams, you need to pray one of the spawned dark orbs is enhanced (if you run an orb enhancer it can work).

      Your team could be Yomi D, A Haku, Akechi, Oku, D/R Haku and you are only gambling on the single Haku. In theory, the D/R Haku is Zeus Stratios and that is the staple Arena team


  4. I’m wondering if D/R Haku is now a serviceable (non-ideal, to be sure) sub on Ana-Typhon teams due to the Dragon typing, killer awakenings and Akechi synergy. Throw on the right inherited skill (Pandora? Grape Dragon? Orochi? Okuninushi?) and she looks ok in the right context, even if she’s not making the A-list of Anaphon subs.

    Since I don’t have the MP for a YomiDra and/or Plum at this time, I’ll be performing science with her shortly in an Anaphon-Typhon/Satsuki/DL Akechi/DR Haku-Anaphon team.


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