June Bride REM Analysis and Review

Introduction & Overview

Let the church bells ring, hear the fan boys sing. There may be the background wail of countless wallets crying out in horror, but nothing can dampen our spirits for the June Bride Collab! This festive REM features some of the most loved characters in Puzzle and Dragons all dressed up for their big day to tie the knot. Sporting flowing dresses and dashing suits, this event is sure to please every player. Furthermore, the overarching theme for this June Wedding is Light and if you are looking to brighten up your team, this may be a great place to spend your magic stones. In addition to the great value the rare rolls provide, Light Izanami W Iza is perhaps one of the best 4-stars to ever come out of a Collab REM.

June Bride REM
 8 Star base W Escha W Gadius
 7 Star base W Satsilo
 6 Star base W Ra W Bastet
 5 Star base W Akechi W Ruka W Kano F
 4 Star base W Echidna W Cinderella W Sopdet W Iza W Lilith

8 Star Rolls

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
W Escha
Machine / God
+light orb +light orb +light orb
+light orb +light orb +light orb
+light orb Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost
8 star base
Jammer Poison Green Heart Arrow Light + 4 turns light skyfall
10 turn CD
1.5x HP / ATK God & Machine types. 4x ATK maching 5o1e
2.25x HP / 36x ATK
Look at all that enhancement! And I am not talking about her assets, but rather the 7 light orb enhance +light orb awakenings! It is no surprise that one of the most popular monsters in Puzzle and Dragons is the the rarest roll from the June Bride REM. Saintly Bell Bride, Eschamali will be a fantastic sub on essentially every mono light team even if they are row based. This is because row enhance Light Row awakenings begin to lose value once your team has 10 of them. At that point, you should switch to enhanced orbs as they will add more damage. Furthermore, with a total of 7, Wedding Eschamali will ensure every single light orb that appears will come enhanced along with having perfect synergy with her skyfall active.

Wedding Eschamali’s active is phenomenal as she grants a double orb change AND 4 turn skyfall buff for only a 10 turn cooldown. In addition, she can be used to remove jammer and poison orbs which can alleviate team building constraints as you will have less dependency on a full board changer. This ability to overflow the board with light orbs will be most beneficial on row based teams as they are able to match the clumps more easily than a TPA based team.

Looking at what teams Wedding Eschamali can fit on include, but not limited to: Saria Saria Thor Thor, Machine Zeus Awoken Zeus, Light Kali Kali, Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ, Linka Linka, and the future Xiu Min Xiu Min. The only caution for rainbow teams is a lack of a sub colour so you will need to carefully plan out your team composition.

As a leader, Wedding Eschamali forms a modestly strong God & Machine type team that has more damage output than a Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon team who is similarly designed. However, Wedding Eschamali will be much more susceptible to dungeon mechanics as she can be bound and does not offer a passive bind clear. Furthermore, the HP boost is largely moot in coop as you will have more than enough health to survive every reasonable mechanic. At that point, recovery will become more valuable and healing may become an issue. Regardless, a simple 5 orb match will deal tremendous damage and you will have a nearly permanent access to the skyfall buff.

Overall, Wedding Eschamali is a fantastic card to roll and has relevance on numerous light teams. Her main drawback is her rarity as she is an 8-star monster. Hopefully she will not not cost more than a  dowry to win her over to your box.

W Gadius
Dragon / Healer
Light Row Bind Clear awakening +light orb
Time Extend Light Row Bind Immune
Bind Immune Skill Boost
8 star base
All Arrow Fire Light Dark Heart + 1 turn haste
10 turn CD

1.35x HP Dragon. 3x ATK 1 heart combo. 6.5x ATK with 2 heart combos
1.82x HP / 42.25x ATK
Gadius is handsome hunk and is the male star of the June Bride REM. Featuring a stylish suit and Saria by his side, he will satisfy the husbando craving in all of you. What sets the Scampering Newlywed, Gadius apart from his regular GFE form Gadius is replacing all the fire with light awakenings and inverting his colours. His active remains the same, but Wedding Gadius now boosts 1.82x HP for dragon types for his leader skill. This forms and interesting/weaker Xiang Mei Xiang Mei team. Unfortunately, Gadius still suffers from a lack of Skill Bind Resistance Skill Lock Resist and his teams will require a sub with two to achieve 100% immunity. However, one shining point Gadius brings to any party is his ability to provide a pseudo bind clear via his bind immunity and recover  bind Bind Clear awakening awakening.

Having Gadius as a light primary card opens up interesting team compositions while keeping the dragon typing in mind. He will immediately become best friends with Indra Indra row due to their double SBR awakenings. Other dragon-type subs include: Wedding Satsuki W Satsilo, Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ, Kanna Kanna, Saria Saria, Sakuya Sakuya, Shedar Shedar, Nordis Nordis, and Apocalypse Apocalypse. You can still use any light based sub who does not remove heart orbs, you just won’t benefit from the extra health. The nice factor about Wedding Gadius as a lead is the ability to clear binds while being bind immune. His playstyle will feel like an easier to activate Xiang Mei and will be able to clear modest amount of content.

However, Wedding Gadius will truly shine as a sub on various mono light teams. His active is fantastic as you are able to generate the valuable heal orbs and are able to combo off various subs to form light heavy boards. Some stand out options include Miru Miru, Awoken DQXQ (must bring a dark attribute sub), and Saria Saria / Thor Thor teams if you bring someone to combo off of. You of course run the risk of a light-trolled board, but Wedding Gadius is a viable option and also covers the elusive fire attribute for DQXQ.

Overall, Wedding Gadius is a powerful card as he brings more versatility and variety to mono light teams while forming a fun to play leader himself. But the question is “will you say, I do?”

7 Star Rolls

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
W Satsilo

Dragon / Attacker
TPA Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist
7 star base
Jammer Poison Water Arrow Light
1 turn haste
7 turn CD
3.5x ATK, 1.5x RCV Dragon & Attacker types
12.25x ATK / 2.25x RCV
Innocent Newlywed, Satsuki may not be so innocent as she appears to not be wearing underwear. Questionable attire aside, Innocent Newlywed, Satsuki is amazingly pretty and features triple Two Prong Attacks TPA and 1,703 base attack. This allows her to easily pierce the highest defence monsters. She functions the same way as her dark REM equivalent Baby Satsuki as Wedding Satsuki  has the ability to convert jammer, poison, and water orbs to light along a single turn of haste. Unfortunately, this has no easy combo-board change option outside of Superman 2824 and can place constraints when trying to place a TPA sub on a mono-light row based team. Granted the ability to remove jammer and poison orbs can alleviate the need to bring a full board changer, Wedding Satsuki may be passed over for better options.

However, Wedding Satsuki has the highly desired dark sub attribute and would make a Fantastic sub on Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ teams. As discussed in my Analysis and Arena Guide, you can match 7 connected water orbs for 100x damage along with a light TPA to sweep most floors. Satsuki will help ensure you are able to do so while providing dark coverage should you not have a skilled up Baal Baal. Sadly, removing water excludes Wedding Satsuki on other rainbow teams who could have made great usage from her dark attribute. In addition, Satsuki can shine on future Miru Miru teams as the 49x damage paired with their triple TPA will allow you to achieve amazing numbers.

With all that being said, you may find yourself using Wedding Satsuki as an assistant for Skill Inheritance as the active is reasonably powerful under the right situations. Unlike Pollux Pollux, Wedding Satsuki does not remove your hearts so you are able to heal and deal damage at the same time.

Overall, Satsuki is an okay roll from the June Bride REM as her usage is more niche and does not feel worthy or worthwhile of being a 7-star base monster.

6 Star Rolls

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
W Ra

Devil / God
Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist
Blind Resist Time Extend Skill Boost
Skill Boost Enhnaced Fire Orb
6 star base
77,777 True damage to all enemies. +3 seconds to move orbs
7 turn CD

5x ATK for 5 colours. 2x ATK God & Devils when skill used.
100x ATK
This passionate Ra has far nicer artwork than his REM equivalent Ra. And equivalent is nearly the correct word for this Passionate Sun Diety, Ra because they share nearly identical stats and awakenings and only have their primary and sub colour reversed. This causes Wedding Ra to had a more ideal fitting on mono fire teams if you choose to use him as a sub along with prioritising fire cards if you chose to use him as a leader.

As a leader, Wedding Ra is capable of forming a relatively easy to proc 100x lead as you only need to match all 5 colours and use an active skill. Unfortunately, the Awoken Ra has a more favourable light primary colour as most of your best rainbow subs are already light and you wish to stack light damage as 100x is great, but may not be enough for current end game content. By having your leads be a different colour than the majority of your subs, you are already diluting the rainbow style damage. With that being said, 100x is more than enough for mid-late game content and if you are fortunate enough to pull him early on, you have essentially saved yourself the effort of acquiring an Awoken God.

Looking at Wedding Ra’s active skill, it may not seem too impressive in most situations. However, the time extension component allows you to override time debuffs imposed by various bosses. In addition, the true damage aspect allows you to instantly kill high defence monsters including PreDRAs Fire PreDRA, Latent Tamadras Dark Resist, or the Extreme Metal King. In addition, many push button teams love the 77,777 nuke as it can bypass numerous trash floors as a means to clear a dungeon faster. As such, you may find yourself using him as an assistant for Skill Inheritance.

Branching away from his active, Wedding Ra has a very powerful unbindability component and a short 7-turn active. This allows him to be used as a base for Skill Inheritance as a means to inherit a bind clearing active to create a way to get you out of problematic situations. Granted mono fire teams are somewhat far and few; however, the devil typing would allow you to use Wedding Ra on Raoh Raoh teams.

Overall, Wedding Ra is very similar to Awoken Ra and if you are fortunate enough to roll him, you would have saved yourself the effort of creating an Awoken God along with a new player on a push-button team. His value is only augmented the earlier you are able to roll him (rank wise).

W Bastet
Devil / Balance
Poison resist Time Extend Poison resist
Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Time Extend
TPA +light orb
6 star base
Mass attack for 3 turns. +2 seconds to move orbs
5 turn CD
3x ATK 5 combos, 4x ATK 7+ combos
36x ATK
Lovely Bride Bastet may still look too young to get married, but that will not stop the various marriage proposals from flying in. Like Wedding Ra, Bastet rolls out already in her Awoken form Bastet with a light colouring swap. This can allow new players to catapult themselves very quickly in the early game as you have access a 36x combo based lead. Granted there may be a skill gap between a new player and achieving 7 combos, but you also do not have to go and clear 2 descends and acquire all those materials.

Awoken Bastet has long since passed her heyday when she was a top tier lead. Her power did not get diminished, she simply did not keep up with the current pace of powercreep and has been benched for stronger and more durable options. However, Wedding Bastet will still be able to clear plenty of content as light has a much deeper pool of utility along with numerous TPA oriented subs such as Apollo Awoken Apollo, Elia Elia, and Kanna Kanna. By being able to draw upon various shields and gravities, you will have more versatility when team building. Only drawback is that Light has nothing on par with Vishnu’s Vishnu power level.

Unfortunately, Wedding Bastet has nearly no use outside of a leadership role as her active is quite underwhelming and her awakenings are average as a sub. Some may make an arguement she can be used as a base for Skill Inheritance; however, she has no shining aspect to justify her presence. With that being said, you are able to use Wedding Bastet’s active to override time debuffs as well as triggering bosses status dispell mechanics.

Overall, Wedding Bastet is a useful leader up to mid-game and will begin to hit a wall due to powercreep as you start to enter end game content.

5 Star Rolls

 jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj Notes
W Akechi
God / Devil
Light Row Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost
Light Row

5 star base
Fire Arrow Light
Water Arrow Heart
Light Arrow +light orb
8 turn CD
1.5x HP for Devil. 4x ATK for matching 5o1e
2.25x HP / 16x ATK
I may be a guy, but I am in love with this reskinned version of Akechi Akechi. Akechi has been one of the most desired cards in the game since his release due to the sheer power of his active. Being able to generate your primary colour, hearts, AND enhance your damaging orb is simply incredible considering it shares an 8 turn cooldown with various other double orb changers. Furthermore, being able to combo with various board changers to produce a primary colour-heavy board secures his place as nearly indispensable. Despite not having an ultimate evolution and only 4 (but 4 relevant) awakenings, Akechi is a dream card to own. And all of that applies to the Wedding Akechi featured in the June Bride REM.

Wedding Akechi is a favoured sub on nearly every Light-based team as he can be combo-ed with Saria Saria, Ilm Ilm (full board enhanced light), Superman 2824, and inherited Leilan Awoken Leilan. As such, you utilise wedding Akechi on Saria Saria Thor Thor, Machine Zeus Awoken Zeus, Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ, and the future Xiu Min Xiu Min and Miru Miru teams. Furthermore, if you are not able to use him as a sub due to whatever constraints, his active can still be used as an assistant for Skill Inheritance.

It is hard to find fault in Wedding Akechi and he will be much more common than Wedding Gadius or Eschamali and hopefully you roll him early on. Perhaps what we could hope for is an ultimate evolution sometime in the future.

W Ruka

Healer / Attacker
+heart Skill Lock Resist Bind Clear awakening
Water Row Auto heal Auto heal
Auto heal Auto heal Skill Boost
5 star base
Dark Fire Arrow Heart
7 turn CD
2.5x HP Healers. 3x ATK clearing 6+ linked hearts
6.25x HP / 9x ATK
I am not quite sure how Ruka has managed to get dolphins to attend a land based wedding, but then again there are many things about Puzzle and Dragons I do not understand. Sadly, Saintly Ocean Newlywed, Ruka is not a splashing success as she serves very little porpoise, purpose, outside of a box cheerleader. The numerous auto heal awakenings do not justify her presence on most teams as her active does not accomplish very much. You are far better off with a double orb changer who creates hearts and water orbs such as Andromeda Bankai Andro or Gabriel Gabriel. Perhaps Wedding Ruka gain the most viability as a budget Lakshmi Awoken Lakshimi sub.
W Kano F

Healer / Attacker
+heart Skill Lock Resist Bind Clear awakening
Wood Row Auto heal Auto heal
Auto heal Auto heal Skill Boost
5 star base
Water Light Arrow Heart
7 turn CD
2.5x HP Healers. 3x ATK clearing 6+ linked hearts
6.25x HP / 9x ATK
The Tamadra is very cute. Unfortunately, that is nearly the extent of the benefits as Kano is nearly identical to Ruka in terms of viability. The leader skill has no merit beyond mid game and she is easily overlooked for better sub choices for mono wood teams.

4 Star Rolls

The four star rolls have a surprising number of reasonable cards; however, because they do they not evolve, you are unable to make use of their active as an assistant for skill inheritance.

 jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj Notes
W Iza
God / Balance
+light orb +light orb +light orb
+light orb +light orb Dark Reduction
Dark Reduction Dark Reduction Skill Boost
4 star base
35% damage reduction for 3 turns
6 turn CD
4x ATK God & Balance. 0.5x RCV
16x ATK / 0.25x RCV
As a general rule, I essentially never roll in Collabs. However, if I were to and rolled Dawn Bride, Izanami, I would be happy. Dark Izanami Diza was once heralded as a top tier sub and was found on nearly every team that could accommodate her due to the sheer power of her active. Over time, we have shifted away from fragile burst teams into tanky burst teams and the dependency for a shield has been lowered. However, this does not take away from the power to have a 35% damage reduction shield with a 50% uptime.

Dawn Bride Izanami has similar awakenings to the Wedding Eschamali as she offers an amazing 5 light orb +light orb enhances along a passive 15% reduction from all dark damage. 5 enhanced orbs ensure every light orb that appears comes enhanced and is a fantastic way to add damage to any light-based team, whether they are row or TPA based. Furthermore, Wedding Izanami covers the sometimes difficult fire attribute on rainbow teams. This is especially important for Awoken Sakuya Sakuya and DQXQ Awoken DQXQ teams who do not naturally cover fire.

The four-star rarity helps ensure you will pull Wedding Izanami relatively quickly and her weighted stats are respectable as they just pass 700.

Overall, Wedding Izanami is one of the best silver eggs to be released and her only drawbacks is that you still cannot use her active for skill inheritance and the dependency on a 35% damage reduction shield is lowered with tankier teams and coop dungeons. However, she is still one of the big stars of the Collab and it is worth rolling a few times just to get her.

W Echidna

Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Skill Boost
Fire Row
4 star base
3 turn delay
10 turn CD
Crimson Lotus Bride, Echidna is simply overflowing with excitement for this festive wedding! Her artwork is lovingly detailed and a sight to behold. Unfortunately, the time for Echidna has long since past (I believe I fed away my hyper max one almost a six months ago) due to skill inheritance and other/stronger options for delays. The three turns is powerful, but you are able to use a real monster as a sub and simply inherit a delay instead of using someone with weak awakenings/stats as Wedding Echidna.

However, players may still find value in rolling Wedding Echidna because she is stronger than her farmable form along without having to go through the hassle of evolving her. It is just a shame we cannot use her as an assistant for skill inheritance.

Lastly, Wedding Echidna can be used as a budget Xiang Mei Xiang Mei sub due to her healer typing and beneficial awakenings. The two enhanced fire orbs add modest damage to a team that is largely row based and her delay is valuable when dealing with bosses with resolve or Vishnu. Granted players may simply choose to inherit someone like Orochi Awoken Oorochi, but at least you are given the opportunity to utilise your Crimson Lotus Bride.

W Sopdet

God / Devil
TPA Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist
+light orb +light orb Light reduction
Light reduction Light reduction Light reduction
4 star base
Water Arrow Heart + mass attack for 1 turn
6 turn CD
3.5x ATK with Light, Dark, & Heal. Extend time to move orbs by 5 seconds
12.25x ATK
For those who missed out on the the Halloween Sopdet, now is your chance to acquire a less spooky version of this lovely lady. It is strange how a 4-star monster has 9 awakenings along with a passive 20% resistance to light damage. Pure and Innocent Bride Sopdet’s main benefit will be as a leader for no awakening dungeons as her time extension component of her leader skill will still allow you to comfortably match orbs. In addition, you can utilise her as a leader for S-ranking various dungeons as you should be able to hit 8+ combos every turn and receive a free Tamadra. You can read more about S-ranking dungeons via my guide HERE.
W Cinderella
Physical / God
+light orb Bind Immune Bind Immune
Time Extend Skill Boost TPA
4 star base
Water Arrow Heart + 3 turn bind clear
6 turn CD
Miracle Heroine, Cinderella is happily enjoying her cake while still squeezing into her slim fitting dress. Perhaps that is the miracle her name is refering to. Regardless, Wedding Cinderella is similar to her REM form, but has the wood subtype instead of light. This can open up opportunities for Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ teams as her water orb removal will not impede activation. You are also able to inherit a different active onto Cinderella (you cannot transfer her skill, but she can act as a base) to gain extra utility. However, you may have stronger options for bind clearing and this would mostly be a placeholder until you pull something better.
W Lilith
Healer / Devil
Auto heal Skill Lock Resist Time Extend
Dark row
4 star base
1.5x Devil ATK. 1 turn 1x ATK poison
10 turn CD
Covenant Witch, Lilith is nearly identical to her farmable sister D/L Lilith Lilith and there are simply no additional benefits to owning Wedding Lilith outside of the unique artwork. The poison aspect can only be used to kill high defence monsters such as PreDRAs Fire PreDRA and the 1.5x devil boost has situational benefits. However, you are able to use a trio of Liliths to quickly farm PreDRA Infestation as I showcased on one of my future postings.


The June Bride REM has a wonderful array of cards to roll for ranging from the lowly 4-star (but immensely powerful) Izanami all the way to the top trophy of Eschamali. If you are an avid collector or have a powerful light box, this may be the collab to roll for you. Furthermore, for all of you who are enjoying the hype train of Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ or preparing for the future Miru Miru, many of these cards will be fantastic additions to your roster.

I normally do not roll Collabs, but I actually pulled a few times just to get Light Izanami. Her power and utility for Awoken DQXQ or any non-tank mono-light team is amazing. Lastly, if you are a new player, the chance at pulling already Awoken level Gods is too good to pass and the consolation prize of Light Izanami makes it worthwhile.

What do you hope to roll and how many stones have you saved?

Happy Puzzling!

40 thoughts on “June Bride REM Analysis and Review”

  1. Eschamali would be a fun card to have, but I’m not holding my breath. Wasted all my REM luck for a year after rolling an Eschamali on the pcgf, and then Academy Sakuya in one yolo roll. Satsuki would be pleasant to have in my dqxq team, although I’ve got Loki and NY Hanzo to cover the dark element already. Other than that, wouldn’t mind a Ra for inheritance, or more realistically Sopdet, since she refused to drop back in halloween. At least everything’s real pretty to look at.


    1. or instead of thinking of your luck as something that has a certain capacity that you’ve reached, you could think of this luck of yours as a streak that you should keep at. but damn, eschamali and academy sakuya? good for you


      1. Haha, maybe. If I go in with little expectations however, then getting burned hurts less, and hitting gold feels great. Not gonna lie, still wishing to get Eschamali with my measly two rolls, but given the godawful collab rates, I can look at two cute silvers and go “this is normal”


        1. Yeah your luck is quite uncanny for both Eschamali and Sakuya! In theory, you are not less likely of rolling something nice as if you flip a coin, the next time has an equal chance of either heads or tails regardless of the previous outcome

          At least Izanami is useful =P


          1. Got Lilith and Ra, could’ve been worse. Gonna grab enough stones for one last roll, and that’ll be it. My heart goes out to everyone that’s spending their wallet to grab that one card they want.


            1. Ra is pretty wonderful as you do not have to go through the trouble of awakening him and an extra push button character is always wonderful!

              Hope your last roll is Fantastic =D


  2. Urgh, I shouldn’t have read this analysis. I was perfectly content with a souvenir roll before but, now I really want to aim for Akechi after being reminded how he pairs with Supes. Here’s hoping I can either resist the temptation or pull one of my desired rolls(Escha, Akechi, Iza) on the first go.


    1. Well Iza and Akechi are relatively easy to pull compared to Eschamali so you have a reasonable chance =P And how could you resist all those pretty girls in fancy dresses!?


      1. I might have been more enthralled had it been a blue wedding. X3 Anyways, picked up Izanami on my second roll. First was Lilith. Glad to finally have something besides Kali to cover red on my DQXQ. You know, when I get around to them, after You Yu and Nut and Miru and Liu Bei and 3x Dios and…


        1. I also picked up a Wedding Izanami and I am quite happy. I never roll collabs, but the prospect of a light shielding sub with fire is too good to pass up on


  3. What’s the math behind rows after 10+ not providing as much damage as + orb enhance? I’m running 15 light rows and 3 + orb enhance awakenings right now on my Thor/Saria team


    1. It just means that with 10+ rows, orb enhance will contribute more damage than more rows, up to 5. But at 10 rows and 5 OE go back to stacking rows. 15 rows and 3+ OE on a row team is really nice.


      1. Essentially what Ryu said. With 5 orb enhances, you will have every single primary colour orb that appears to come enhanced. However, your team has incredible damage potential and would probably not benefit too much from dropping rows for orb enhances etc.


  4. Nice analysis as always! 🙂

    I’ve seen Kano used on ult Kaede teams, but it’s really sad all she and Ruka gained were autoheals. At least the art is really nice!


  5. Minor irrelevant corrections >.>

    “Moot”, instead of “mute”.

    Not sure that “cost you more than a dowry” makes sense. Dowries aren’t really fixed in value, and are given by the bride’s family to the couple. “Too high of a bride price”?

    “Satsuki may not be so innocent as *they* appears to not be wearing underwear.”

    Instead of starting a paragraph with “Overall, …” at the end of each block, I think it’d be better to have “Summary:” (bolded, or bold the main sentence, or the whole paragraph).

    Less-irrelevant correction: GFE Gadius will also get the HP bonus.


    1. Thanks for the feedback, I will keep those in mind =)

      As for GFE Gadius, you would be running a very risky team due to 3 cards not having SBR awakenings and also gambling with too many 4-colour board actives that may require comboing to work


  6. I just max skilled my Echidna two days ago (after 5 months being 5/6 >_<).
    Anyway…I am just planing on rolling ones…and I just want a Echidna (Silver) so…even if I don´t get Echidna, having expectations only for a silver will make any roll a win-win xP.


      1. It was just because she was one of the first drops when I started the game.
        In the end I just roll once and I got Izanami. With the Tamas yesterday she is full awoke. Now I will wait for the Izanami dungeon ad try to max skill her in coop.


  7. Great analysis Jonathan. I plan on casually rolling in it regardless because all the monsters even 4 star will benefit me in some way and as collectibles. Maybe like 3 rolls max I’ll do.
    Anyways there’s a typo on your analysis of Eschamali where you make your pun at the end haha.
    “Hopefully she will not not cost more than a dowry to win her over to your box.”


  8. One roll. One Akechi husbando4lyfe. SCREAMS INTERNALLY

    Now I’m wondering if I’m brave enough to go back to roll for Izanami, who I was trying to get anyways. But if it’s anything like NY REM where six rolls got me everything but (I walked away with 1 NY Hanzo and 2 NY Leilan instead…) then I’m not holding my breath.

    How good is Izanami for ADQXQ? Really good? I feel like she is…god I realy want her!


  9. One roll. One Akechi husbando4lyfe. SCREAMS INTERNALLY

    Now I’m wondering if I’m brave enough to go back to roll for Izanami, who I was trying to get anyways. But if it’s anything like NY REM where six rolls got me everything but (I walked away with 1 NY Hanzo and 2 NY Leilan instead…) then I’m not holding my breath.

    How good is Izanami for ADQXQ? Really good? I feel like she is…god I realy want her!


    1. WOW Congrats!!! Arguably one of the best rolls from this collab and a dream for skill inheritance as well as a sub on light teams

      I would honestly say go for Light Izanami. She is very powerful on any rainbow or light team due to those 5 orb enhances along with a 35% shield (50% vs dark) and fire coverage.

      I rolled in hopes of getting her and I got her first try on Mantastic and already +297 her. Fantastic is 3 rolls in and no Izanami and I’m debating how many is worth investing but I may not due to the fact I coop and don’t need 1 on both accounts.

      Izanami on DQXQ is powerful for the above reasons and is a great way to diversify your damage output


      1. 4th roll netted me my Izanami! a good thing too because I was planning on stopping around there otherwise. My end results were 1-Akechi, 2-Kano, 3-Sopdet, and 4-Izanami. I’ve heard Sopdet is quite good as well although I would have preferred Halloween’s incarnation due to dark resists. SO HAPPY about Izanami though, thank goodness!

        And of course, overjoyed to see Akechi join my box. His LS makes me smile every time. I’m glad this REM didn’t play out like the New Year’s REM did (6 rolls: 2 Leilan, 1 Hanzo, 0 Sandalphon) but I think this year’s allocation of REM luck is gone…

        Could you potentially give me some advice on DQXQ teambuilding? I’m going to jump on the ADQXQ bandwagon soon. I currently have in mind after a few EEC experimentations…

        Amaterasu / NY Hanzo / L.Akechi / L.Kali

        I’m thinking of inheriting L.Akechi onto either Hanzo or Bride Izanami, which would lead to

        Amaterasu / NY Hanzo / B.Izanami / L.Kali

        I also have at my disposal Pollux and chibi valkyrie. Wish I had Apollo *sob*. Aaaaaand I also have other off-color options as well (A.Orochi, A.Susano, etc.). You seem to know your way around ADQXQ so I’d love it if you could help me a little :3 Thanks in advance!!


        1. Wahoo! 20 additional stones for such a powerful monster plus 3 pretty girls is a solid investment =)

          That is a pretty spectacular haul considering it was only 4 rolls. Sopdet is mostly for easy S-Rank scores as you have excessive time to move orbs and make combos.

          Your core team should consist of Orochi/Ama for wood, NY Hanzo, and any two of B Izanami/Akechi, Kali, or Pollux. When deciding between your last 2 slots, you need to decide what you feel works best for you/dungeon requirements.

          Akechi is burst oriented, Pollux is passive damage and healing (enhanced heart orbs), Kali is mostly for board refreshes which are largely unneeded, and B Izanami is for passive damage and 35% shield uptime.

          Hope this helps and congrats again =)


          1. Thanks so much for the feedback! You were SO helpful, you’re the best

            I just need two dub mythlits and then ADQXQ here I cooooommmee!!!!

            …oh wait I only have one Shynpy *headdesk*


    1. Congrats! Unfortunately, it may be difficult to utilize Eschamali on Lightning teams due to no sub colour and only allowing you to proc 4/5 colours. This is still 100x damage with rows which should obliterate content, but its the lack of sub colouring that may be the most challenging.


  10. I rolled 16 times because I wanted a go at making a light team and because I have very few “good” monsters and I’ve kind of stagnated outside of my okayish zuoh dark team. And because I am dumb.

    I got sopdet 6 times.

    I also got akechi, two izanamis, two kanos, two cinderellas, ruka, and two liliths.

    I want to die.


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